Saturday, June 13, 2009

[ADV] One TVXQ! - Project Stand By You

One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! Presents:


Fansigns of Encouragement

A new, very quick project thought up by the staff of O! forums. We all know that the boys are going to be performing at the Tokyo Dome which was their dream and now it's coming true, so we want to show them that we are 100% behind them, hence the predictable name 'Stand By You.' This project is very simple and must be done very quickly... Why? Because we're giving this along with the Yoochun birthday project to the boys at Bangkok and the concert is June 27/28 so it must be done soon!

What you need to do is make fansigns with words of encouragement like 'DBSK fighting,' 'Congrats for Tokyo Dome,' anything that's encouraging as long as it can fit your signs and make sure it's all in ENGLISH. Make sure when you take a picture, the message can be seen! Also make your fansigns stand out and that the picture you take is 900x600px, no more, no less or your fansign will not be accepted.

We're creating a DVD so your pictures will be shown in a slideshow sort of way (together with a video that will be done by the staff), something simple but still meaningful and I'm 100% sure the boys will love it!

As for the delivery of the gifts, we have Plan A and Plan B. Both are guaranteed to work, but we’re still deciding on which plan to use / waiting for more confirmation. We’ll keep you guys posted (:

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Anonymous said...

THSK is seem getting more bz..
love them..(o^.^o)

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