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Yunho's Top 10 Unforgettable Moments

1. 2004 DBSK got into a car accident. A sedan hit DBSK’s van, the driver was pronounced dead on the spot, the van was completely crushed, each member was hurt in different ways. Yunho’s neck was very injured.

2. 2005, Nov 18 to 19th, he was running schedules non stop. The minute the camera shuts down, he fainted.

3. 2006, before his concert, his wrist was injured, but he removed the cast for the sake of the performance, during the performance he was bleeding, but he kept on singing. After the performance his hand was completely swollen.

4. 2006, march, barely 20 years old, fainted due to dehydration. His stomach isn’t strong, members always stick little reminder notes in his pocket reminding him to eat. Whenever he was trying to care for other members, they would say “ you should be the one resting right now”.. they flew between Korea and Japan every week.

5. For the sake of having a better pitch when he sings and a better, more mature image, he got procelin veneers on his teeth, PV needs to be changed every 10 years, he has gone through numerous discomfort and pain after his procedure. May of 2006, because he was in such pain (his teeth), he was rushed to the hospital right after his performance one night. June, he experienced eve more pain because of it, he could barely eat, his face was so swollen he had to start wearing a mask

6. 2006, July. Concert in Malaysia, knowning his fans have waited forever for him, he gave a perfect performance that fooled everyone, no one could tell that he was trying all his might to hold the pain that was caused by dislocation of his ankles. He insisted on performing for his fans, he had to be carried out after the performance. That performance caused him to be away for one month so he can rest.

7. 2006, October, around 10pm. Something horrible happened, emergency room, different hospitals, cleaning and pumping out his stomach. The suspect has turned herself in. Yunho said “ she’s about my age, I have a sister, so I hope she will receive forgiveness. As for me. No worries. I’m fine. I’m sorry I’ve made you guys worry”

8. At an award ceremony, all the members were crying their eyes out, Yunho stayed strong, he held his tear in, he smiled, he kept thanking everyone, but backstage, he shed more tears than the rest of the members combined.

9. At another award ceremony, everyone could tell his eyes were watery and red, but once again, held in it. He bit his fingers.

10. The famous 18 continuous bow. After the MBC dance battle special, he was sick, but he held himself together for the show, backstage, he bowled to every single performer and crew members, the fans captured the total number of times he bowed. 18 times.

Credits:ILikeJelly@soompi & baidubar

ps:This is a fan cam of Yunho's famous 18 continuous bow

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A Touching Story....

*Its a long post but do have some patience reading it,definitely worth reading...*

Long time ago, somewhere in Korea, a 15 year old boy bid goodbye to the city that had raised him, he gathered up a few pieces of luggage, said goodbye to 8 sisters and 2 parents who loves him deeply, he got on the train to Seoul, his family cried at the sight of his back walking away, the boy heard his loved ones crying for him, but he was afraid to look back, because he knew if he looked back, he wouldn’t have the heart to leave, but he didn’t want to throw away his dream, plus he didn’t want his family to see his tears. Just like that, with a very thin jacket in a freezing winter, for the sake of his dream, the boy left his home town for the first time in 15 years, to a big city he’s only seen in his dreams.

Finally, the train has stopped, the boy got off of the train, as he looked at this strange yet fancy city and all its glory, busy streets, limelights, he’s never seen anything like this before. He felt his heart grow weak because it was so overwhelming. Really.. can he really find his place in a city like this? The boy hesitated, his faith was shaken.

But, the dream he has in his heart can’t die, if he just goes home like this, he’ll never forgive himself for being such a weak coward, so, without any help or anyone, the boy found himself an apartment the size of a tuna can.. and call it home.

SM Entertainment, the biggest music entertainment company held its second singing contest, the boy went, in the lobby, he saw so many other boys are that just like him, hoping to get picked through his contest so they can be on their way to a great singer, all the boys were well dressed, they were wearing the hippest clothes, with high-end mp3 players in their ears as they practice. The boy looked down on his plain grey tshirt and jeans, he felt like he has already lost half of the battle.

He was contestant number 12, he walked into the audition room, there sits 5 stone cold expressionless judges, he was a nervous, until a judge asked him to open his mouth and sing.

Just like that, his voice touched everyone in the room, that voice, was by the far the purest, the softest they’ve heard, when you listen to his voice, you can’t help but feel this sadness and tons of emotions, but even so, you want to continue to listen to his voice, forever and forever, just be loss in the sound of his voice. But still, his voice was too soft, too weak.

The reason the boy won the contest because he has a flawless face, perfect skin, long eyelashes, delicate features that are even prettier than a girl’s, big watery eyes, pouty lips, and that white as snow skin. They said his face was born to be in the entertainment business.

He got signed by SM, with a 7 year contract, two years of training, he has to pay for all of his music, dancing and other classes. The next five years he would actually become an entertainer, seeing himself that much closer to his dream, the boy signed the contract, knowning in the next two years, his life will be extremely hard, hard like he’s never experienced before, but he knows this is his dream, so he can not give up.

So he begun those two grueling years, he knew his family isn’t well off, so he’s never asked his parents for a penny, everyday he jumped in between 3 different jobs, when everyone else was still sleeping, the printer will drop off a stack of newspaper that are as heavy as he is, he would ride an old bike and deliver those newspapers door by door. In the afternoon he would jump from construction site to construction doing temporary work, that gorgeous face is being covered those pounds of cement and dirt, he had to suppress his beautiful voice because he wanted to be liked by his superior. After his music lessons early afternoon, in order to save a few dollars, he walks 3 hours to his waitressing job at a restaurant, he quietly does his job, quietly takes on everything a 15 year shouldn’t. quietly doing everything he can to get through these two rough years. All for the day he will be surrounded by bright lights.

The boy did everything he could, but he still couldn’t manage three meals a day, every time he gets his salary, the first he does is pays for his lessons, even if the left over isn’t nearly enough for him to eat or buy any clothes. Finally one day, the boy realized he didn’t have any money left for food, he had been starving for two days, his weak body shouldn’t even be walking, but with the pressure of he has to pay for his classes, he still went to work. That night, when he was cleaning a table at the restaurant, he saw a customer has left more than half bowl of his noodle soup, it was still hot, he couldn’t take the hunger anymore, his hands were shaking.. he picked up a spoon and started to eat the left over noodles.. huh. He wonders why it starts to taste so salty.. then he realized it was his tears.. has dropped down in the bowl w/o him realizing.

One the day, the boy got sick, he was running a high fever, he laid in his tiny little apartment for three straight days, thank god he already paid for his lessons, but he’s short 3 days worth of pay, so once again, the boy dragged his fragile body, walked three hours to his restaurant job.

On the way back, he saw a blood donating booth, his stomach growled at him, the boy once again did something he didn’t want to.. he walked inside.. after an hour, he came out with a few bills in his hand, dragged his lifeless body into a store and bought the cheapest pack of cracker there is.

Finally, he got through these two years, he was chosen to be in a group of five, the company have announced that this is going to be one of the best group of all times. Even though the five boys are very different, but the company believe that together, they will be perfect. The boys thought he was so lucky to be chosen in such a group, at the same time, being the oldest, he got four younger “brothers” who adores him.

When they put out their first EP, even though there are only two songs on there, they topped the charts in Korea, also broke the fact that EP doesn’t sell well in Korea, the boy finally got a taste of success, as he sees more and more fan letters everyday, he knew everything in the past two years was worth it

But nothing’s perfect, good times are always short, it’s cruel actually. The first time they held their fan meeting, the people that came were fans of other members, watching lines of fans lined up in front of other members, there’s not even a single soul in front of him self, he wanted to scream and cry, The crew members didn’t want to make things weird, so they dragged a few fans in front of the boy. The boy held his sadness, starting talk to the female fan girl. But the fan girl coldly threw him “ I was forced to stand in your line, I don’t even like you”.. his heart was shattered again. But he didn’t cry, he rather bit his lip and let it bleed, but he doesn’t want to cry in front of anyone. Esp himself. The boy didn’t know why the fan didn’t like him, but what he doesn’t know is that his fans were still waiting outside the building b/c the meeting room was full.. their hearts were shattering along with his.

Once he found out online that it’s not that others don’t like him nor he did anything wrong, but because he’s just too pretty.. even the girls are jealous.. reading this silly gibberish, the boy chuckled. He never gave up, everyday he puts on his sincere smiley face to public, hoping and praying that others will see him for who he really is, hear his voice. But the harder he try the more pressure he felt. Whenever he makes a mistake during performances, it makes him nervous, because he’s scared that others will dislike him even more b/c of it. So little by little. The boy stopped smiling in front of the camera, watching his every action and words.

But because of it, the fans were chatting he’s pretending to be too cool, so the company should consider switching him out.. he was seriously scared, he didn’t want leave this place that was practically his 2nd home, but he understand that he’s just a "body" that makes money for the company, if the consumers are tired of this body, then the company must switch the body out for new one.

He didn’t get switched, he found out that his fans roamed the streets in his honor for days, begging the company to keep him in the group. Also, the maknae of the group, changmin, despite what the manager forbids him to do, begged in front of the camera, that if the company takes the boy away, he will tear up his contract and go back to being a high school student.

The boy cried, he knows that everyone in this group has a passion for music, Changmin the youngest, just like him, has gone through hardship to get to where he is today. The boy cherished everything he has even more, he begins to practice harder and harder, to thank his fans, also he wanted to show his best to his fans that loves him. During concerts, the boy always looks around in the audience, the director said that looks funny when he sings, the boy said it’s better for the singer to stare at one particular spot when he sings, but he can’t do that, because he wants to see the face of every single fan out there, even if the picture captured of him was ugly, he doesn’t care.

Once during dance practice, the boy fell.. he thought it was normal to fall when dancing. But this time he couldn’t get back, his knees was hurting like crazy, he balled up and started shaking in the corner of the room, the leader, Yunho, w/o saying a word, carried the boy on his back and took him to the nearest hospital, at the split second that the emergency room door was closing, the boy saw four familiar figures on the other side of the door. Worrying for him, praying for him.

The doctor said his right knee is pretty much gone, he needs surgery asap and it’s a major surgery so he needs to rest for a long time post-op, but the boy refused, the 2nd day after his surgery, he arrived at the Seoul Olympic stadium with the rest of the members, like his schedule, he met with his fans, before the meeting, Yunho was by his side all the time, didn’t leave his side for even a second. During the fan meet, they asked what does Changmin want for new years, Changmin’s answer “ I wish for hyung to get better soon”

The boy hates crying, he looked down, tried his hardest not to let his tears fall, he finally looked at the fans, he saw them crying for him, his heart was breaking, he picked the microphone and said “ I’m not hurting at all, really, please don’t cry for me, let’s face each other with smiles, please?” this is the first the boy has lied to everyone, it was within 24 hours of his surgery, how can it not hurt? But he toughed it out, for the love he has for his fans.

He finally recovered, he celebrated with his friends, on the drive home, he was pulled over by the police for drinking and driving, Yunho came to pick him up at the police station w/o a word, but the boy knew he has disappointed Yunho and others.

The boy was kept in silence by the company for two weeks, he knows that this is actually the lightest punishment for his foolish actions, and he knew his member have begged the company many many times, so that he’s not going to get kicked out. Because of it. He insisted in the next fan meet, he will apologize to everyone. That was the first time the boy has shed tears in front of his fans, .. when his fans said that they forgive him and they still love him.

The boy started to get more and more popular, people started seeing him for more than just a gorgeous face, he’s a passionate musician with a beautiful voice and he’s a brave soul who isn’t afraid to face his mistakes. Three simple words “ we forgive you “ from the fans gave him all the faith he needed to carry on.

This boy, is Kim JaeJoong, a member of the hottest group in Korea. DBSK. The company gave him the stage of name of YounWoon Hero JaeJoong. So whenever the boy wants to cry, he reminds himself he can’t.. because he’s Hero JaeJoong and a Hero doesn’t cry.. a hero will fight 'til the end and win the battle.

Once a DBSK fan said that the first time she saw JaeJoong, she thought his name couldn’t possibly be Hero because it didn’t suit his fragile image, but she knows now why his name is Hero, because underneath his beauty, lies the soul of a true hero.


DBSK Sings Theme Song For Upcoming Drama "Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi" (a.k.a. Legend)

DBSK will sing the theme song "Chun Nyun Yun Ga" (A thousand years love song) for the upcoming MBC drama "Legend" starring Bae Yong Joon, which will premier on September 10th.
The song was composed by Joe Hisaishi who made the songs for "Futureboy Conan" and "Howl's Moving Castle" by Hayao Miyazaki.
It is a ballad song which expresses fate and heartbreaking love, and there is speculation that there will be a Japanese version.
Kim Jong Hak PD added, "The value and musicality of DBSK's music matched with the production".
Meanwhile DBSK revealed, "We are very honored. It's being made into a song that will stand up to the drama's magnificence", and that it will be included in the OST to be released at the end of the year in Japan.

a short preview of the song-
Credits: Naver + jajaja@ soompi

2nd Artist Book From TOHOSHINKI

BTW, I have a link to add. A preview clip of Shine and 2nd Artist Book.

[Promotional Video] a short clip of images of them in black & white suits from the next single "shine"/"ride on" (release date 9/19). these and the images in sweaters & plaid shirts from the "2nd artist book" (release date 9/11). i've pre-ordered both and can't wait!! esp. the new single. they all look so hot in the suits!

- video captured & edited by 3asian 黒猫
(btw, the music used by 3asian 黒猫 in the video is a "dead end" demo version ("get ya") by a dwb ( ). i had never heard of dwb before, but they're songwriters/ producers. i thought it was a cover at first, but dwb wrote it and gave to avex/thsk. the song suits thsk well as "dead end", so a nice choice!)
Credits: yoochunsa64 @ youtube

credits to soompi and bz

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Dong Bang Shin Ki requested to pretend being with their girlfriends, embarrassed

Korea's famous boyband, Dong Bang Shin Ki, visited Taiwan for the fourth time yesterday (Aug 23) to promote their "2007 TVXQ World Tour Concert '0' in Taipei" which will be held at Zhongshan football stadium on Oct 5 and 6. This is the first time that five of the boys will be interacting with the fans in such close proximity.

The boys revealed that for their Oct concert, the guest list will include Jang Ri In and Dong Hae of Super Junior. It is also revealed that they will be hanging from the steel wires and also will be driving mini cars to be in as close to the fans as possible.

Jaejoong said that during the rehearsal for the concert, when they were hanging from those steel wires in mid air, he nearly fell. Thinking on it, he feels a bit worried. But the boss said that it is very safe and asked him to be calm about it.

Junsu used simple Chinese to reveal that Micky is a cry baby at the end of the concert. Micky quickly explains that he's the type of guy who is very easily touched.

When asked if they will show off their bodies in the concert, they hesitated except for Changmin who has been working out thus having some muscles. As for the others, all they had been working on were just jogging and cycling.

Changmin continued on shyly saying that he's not even 20 years old yet. Junsu admitted that he really wanted to show off his body but once the stylist saw my body, the stylist kept adding clothe to my costume. This caused a row of laughter from the audience.

A stamp fanmeeting was held in Taipei International Convention Center was held in the evening. The fans lined up till night time because there's only 500 signed cards from the boys. This causes some dispute. Although only 500 fans were given the chance to received the 500 signed cards from the boys on stage, another 1200 fans were allowed to witness the whole session.

When the boys arrived, everyone started screaming for the boys. Everyone is excited and nervous. Their screams filled the whole convention center. The fans requested that the boys pretend to be like a kid in front of their girlfriends causing the five of them to feel a little embarrassed.

Changmin said that he'd always acted matured in front of his parents all these while. But five of them pulled a cute expression to satisfy the fans.

After the fanmeeting, the boys went to KIKI restaurant to have a taste of the spicy Szechuan dishes. Along the way, there were quite a number of fans who followed the car of the boys to the restaurant despite the rain. They flew back to Japan today at 8:55am on the CI100 flight to continue with their promotional activities there.

Translation: YingLing@AF

[TVXQ] Taiwan Press Conference (pictures)


S-magazine September Issue - DBSK's 3 Staffs Talk

Hidden Support 01. Stylist, London Pride head, Jung Bo Yoon

Is there a secret method to enhance each member's assets?
Junsu pays a lot of attention to his choreography moves. So we talk a lot about dances moves, and I try my best to prepare an outfit that isn't uncomfortable. He became a lot more manly and mature than before. These days he exercises so he wants to wear sleeveless shirts, and I dress him in sleeveless shirts often because he suits it. For Yunho, I pay a lot of attention to his shoulder line, so that his face doesn't look too small. Changmin has a very good figure to be even called "Model Shim" and suits all kinds of outfits. Before, I matched according to his maknae image, but now he has matured so there has been many changes. Jaejoong usually has a lot of interest in fashion. He prefers stylish clothes that have strong design, and likes the "Japan look" so likes to wears skinny clothes. Yoochun also has a lot of interest in fashion like Jaejoong, he has the sense to pick out the outfit he wants to wear. Also, Yoochun has a pretty collarbone so he shows a lot of neckline.

Which member is usually the most stylish?
All five members have many interest in fashion. Each have different taste, and has the amazing sense to coordi themselves. Most members prefer easy casual. Jaejoong likes the natural "Japan look" style, and Junsu likes semi-formal look. When the members have no time to go shopping due to their busy schedule, there are many times they purchase the outfits from sponsors. Sometimes we buy them clothes ourselves. They don't prefer expensive brand names so they use the Dongdaemoon bond, and buy things themselves too.

Which member had the biggest change in fashion from debut to now?
At first they were like male students, but now they're all manly and suits all kinds of style. Not only one but all of them have equally changed. When you see they even do these things together, DBSK's good teamwork is obvious. (laughs)

From the many outfits until now, which style suited them the most?
They're already good visuals so they suit everything well, to the point I feel lacking. Personally I think that "Rising Sun", "O", and "Hug" suited them well.

What do you think has made them what they are today?
DBSK doesn't forget to practice even after the schedule ends at 2~3a.m. They try their best. Also, their great teamwork is one of their strong points. Yunho does his part as a leader greatly, and the members follow the leader's opinions well.

Please say something that you've wanted to say to DBSK but haven't had the chance to
Health is always the most important issue. Whenever the members say, "Thank you for always taking care of us.", I am moved. I want to say that I'm thankful.

Hidden Support 02. Hair Stylist, the red carpet head, Kang Ho

Is there a hair method to enhance each member's assets?
All five members of DBSK suit all kinds of hairstyles. Whenever an album comes out, we choose the hairstyle to match the concept from a tentative plan. When the staffs that organize DBSK understand the concept well, I think a good style can be made. Rather than a style that others have done, we try to find a new style that hasn't been done. Actors sport the most natural hairstyles. But singers can make a splendid image that matches the concept. DBSK is a team that has its own strong color unlike other groups.

What does the members do while getting styled?
When there's a new album, they practice singing their own parts. When they have been doing activities for a while, they catch up on their sleep.

What hairstyle does each of the members prefer?
Yunho usually goes for straight rather than wavy hair to accent his sleek and sharp image. Jaejoong usually suits any hairstyle, and Yoochun is especially concerned about hair. So then he says his opinions often and recommends hairstyles for the other members. Changmin is currently growing his hair. It may be good if you look forward to Changmin's new look.

What do you think has made them what they are today?
They have currently risen to the top spot in Korea but their genuineness hasn't changed since the beginning. The way they always take care of each other makes their surroundings warm. It's not only one person that takes care but everyone takes care of each other. Currently I'm working with many artists, but these friends are the ones I've worked hard with since the beginning so I'm attached to them.

Please say something that you've wanted to say to DBSK but haven't had the chance to
I wish that the activites in Japan go well. I'm waiting for the day they succeed in Japan and have a world tour

Hidden Support 03. AtoZ dance team head, Shin Hyung Joon

How is the harmony with DBSK members?
DBSK members are the type that practice very hard, and it has been such a long time so even if we do a little bit, we are in sync.

How long is the practice period usually?
We would practice for about a month before broadcast, but DBSK has a lot of schedule so we practice very hard during the short time given. We practice twice as much as other teams (laughs). When we're spending all our time practicing other than meal times, we are concentrating greatly.

Which member does the choreography the best?
All five members have learned the basis of dance during trainee days, so there's no problem when it comes to choreographing. Junsu is the best at the given choreography, and Yunho is excellent in his individual skill.

Is there anything you always do before going on stage?
We shout "DongZ DongZ fighting!".

What do you think has made them what they are today?
DBSK hasn't changed since the beginning. Usually when you reach a high place, your actions and words change, but DBSK has no scatterings. I think how they always try their best, and how they care for the staffs has made them what they are today.

Please say something that you've wanted to say to DBSK but haven't had the chance to
Be healthy, let's do our best always.

Translated by: jajaja@soompi

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DBSK in Taiwan

Some links and news of the DBSK's recent events in Taiwan plus a fan/staff account of the boys' experiences.

Two links where Junsu called Yoochun "Ai Ku Gui" (crybaby), much to the surprise of the interviewer. The interviewer commented that he must have secretly learnt the word.

Two links of the Fansign Meeting in Taiwan where DBSK attempted to speak in Mandarin much to the delight of the Taiwanese fans who screamed after every phrase. Some translations provided.
(Credits to: yoochunsa64 @ youtube)
Part 1
JS: "please support dbsk forever~"
YC: "i'm micky. how are your mom & dad?" (in chinese) lol!
"well, there is no problem." (in english when the mc asked, "are you willing to marry a taiwan[ese] girl?")^^
JJ: "hi! i'm hero. wo ai ni (i love you). save me." ^^
CM: "hi! i'm max. i missed you all~"
YH: "hello! i'm uknow. taiwan fans are pretty." ^^

Part 2
Q: say / do something to the fans that you would to your girlfriend.

YH: "i love you." (wo ai ni~)
CM: at first he says (in korean) that he hasn't done 애교 [aegyo: act of charm, usually baby-like] even to his parents since he was little. (aw...) then he does the 2 cute gestures. ^^
JJ: he asks (in korean) if he could do it with a song, then sings "wo ai ni"~
YC: "a-a-a-ang~" (in 애교 voice) ^^
JS: "dote on me (yao teng wo yo)!" (?) then "pretty."


TVXQ Left Taiwan like a hurricane after staying for 32 hrs

300 passionate fans sent them off .

[Korean Top Idol Group] TVXQ stayed in Taiwan like a hurricane for 32 hours, since they’ve arrived on 23rd’s daybreak, they’ve set a record of Taoyan Airport for having the most people to pick them up. Yesterday morning (24th), the five boys left Taiwan to bound for their schedule in Japan. The airport was once again packed with loads of fans. The passionate fans had also given the travellers that were about to leave the country a chance to experience the boys’ absolute popular charisma. TVXQ who spared their time on rare occasions had fully shown their sincerity, they even suggested to arrange a close up contact with the fans by having a “Thank you-stamping” activity, in order to show their gratefulness towards their long supporting fans. The 1000 plus fans showed their gratitude with their loud cheering. Max ChangMin, who has always been the shyest among the boys, even flirted according to the audiences’ request for the first time, which pushed the “stamp meeting” into a high tide. Towards everyone’s passion, TVXQ’s 5 members were so touched, and also hoped that this passion can continue on to the 5th and 6th of October’s concert, having a high night with them.

After TVXQ finished their stamp meeting’s schedule, they went to KIKI’s to have their meal with the staff members. Within a short period of time in Taiwan, they’ve tasted Bubble Milk Tea, and also Taidong’s Chishang lunch box that Hero JaeJoong had when he was here in Taiwan for the Golden Melody Award for the first time. This had made Max ChangMin, who was being teased by the fans of not being able to feel full, even happier. He set a record of eating 8 meals per day, which has scared the crap out of most people. There was one period when Max ChangMin wanted to keep fit, but he still managed to eat 3 meals per day. However, the staff members said that everything Max ChangMin ate will only let him grow tall but not fat, which made lots of people being envy towards him. Towards the Taiwan fans’ passion, the 5 boys were very touched and promised to show the fans an unusual performance on the 5th and 6th of October.

Sources: Yahoo! Taiwan
Translator: Millie -TVXQSoul Staff-

Credits: CrazyYochy@soompi


Account of Shanghai’s experiences by an SM worker.

NOTE: Cindy is a worker from SM, she is a Chinese and apparently she is a fan, or has friends who are fans from the Yunho Baidu bar. This was originally written for the fans at his bar and she mentioned how he almost wore the present they gave him. She sincerely expresses her feelings at the Shanghai event, having been with the boys throughout the whole expererience...


Orignal source:

Translation by: Cynsinnn @ Soompi/LJ

Actually I don’t know where I should start writing from… After the Mnet 20s Choice Awards, the boys returned home to rest, they were all in good moods. On the morning of August 22nd at around 6am, I went with their manager to wake the boys up. Yunho had already taken out the shirts sent by his Baidu bar fans but they were all long-sleeved and unsuitable for the weather so unfortunately he had to place them back again (send him short-sleeved shirts next time =.=). After that, they were sent by their managers to the airport. After going through immigration checks the boys immediately rushed to the eating place =.=

Breakfast was noodles, they really had big appetites, I could only chew on bread at the side. Jaejoong was so tired he leaned on the side of the chair to continue sleeping, Yunho wore sunglasses and sat behind Jaejoong, Yoochun was playing games on his handphone opposite Yunho, while the two youngest were still battling with their noodles… We found that there were two fans who kept on following us, the fans now are really incredible, as long as they can follow, they will follow. After eating, we prepared to board the plane. This time’s seating in the airplane unexpectedly separated us and we were put in different classes, the boys were on business class while we took economy class, this really was… the first time. Because I had been wanting to give a surprise, the word “autograph” was written all over my face. Yunho saw me and asked a line: “What?” I was discovered… I could only take the chance while the manager wasn’t looking to take out the picture I wanted Yunho to sign and pass it to him. After speaking a few simple lines to him, I had to board to economy class with the manager, and those two fans followed the boys into the business class =.-=

Once the plane landed, we followed the passengers and walked slowly out of the plane, to see the five boys standing obediently at the side waiting for their manager =.= Good kids...Yunho took the chance when the manager was talking to Junsu to pass me the signed items, but his autograph is… “Yunho ah, why is it so shaky?” “Noona, when I was signing the plane was really shaky….” He said innocently. However the Chinese characters were really written, or rather drawn, very well. After a trip to the men’s, we reached the immigration checkpoint and Jaejoong had his passport in between his lips, his hand holding a pen. At this time I could already hear chants of “Dong Bang Shin Ki” coming from the fans, it was absolutely clear.

Because I cleared the checkpoint first, I sneaked out to have a look at the scene outside 0_0 There were so many banners… But the first I saw wasn’t the one from Yunho Baidubar but Changmin’s banner from his fans, it was really gigantic… It was comparable to the banners at Korea’s Dream Concert, and there were so many. This outshone Korea, at the very least, I had never seen so many Changmin banners in Korea. When Cody unni called me back, I ran to Changmin’s side and told him about the banners, he smiled really happily. But later on the security at the airport told the manager that there were too many fans outside, they were afraid that it might result in a clash between the fans and the other passengers, so they hoped that we would be able to walk through the VIP exit. Looking at the fans outside, I felt really sorry for them, waiting for so long but still unable to take a look at the boys. The smile on Yoochun was wiped off and Yunho turned his head to look at the banners at the exit, before following the airport security through the VIP exit to the car that was waiting outside.

But the fans were still really incredible, some managed to follow our car. The manager asked the driver to find a way to lose the fans, he was speeding, it was really dangerous. So please don’t try to follow the car anymore next time, because this is really dangerous for the boys, especially when we meet with roads without speed limits. When we reached the arts hub, we actually wanted to go in straight, but we didn’t realise that there were so many fans. Once they saw our car they practically mobbed us. The fans were banging on the car windows and you can hear the sound of the banging, it was really scary. I was absolutely worried that the glass will break ~ Changmin and Junsu looked really shocked and scared and looked out of the windows not knowing what to do. The manager could only ask the driver to drive away fast. From the window I could see many fans following the car, really worried for them, but I’m even more worried that people might do reckless actions.

After the car reached the carpark, we could only wait inside the car without coming out. But as the time drew nearer, we still could not find any safe way out. In the end we changed the car and the staff used the first car to draw away the fans, and changed and did make up inside the new car. Speaking of changing, I could only sit inside the car, using the manager’s jacket to cover myself (so she wouldn’t be able to see anything). My imagination was really running wild as I could hear the rustle of clothes all over.=.=

We continued waiting inside the car for very long, really had no choice. In the end the boys entered the arts hub so tiredly. While resting in the waiting room, I heard that this fanmeeting actually had entrance tickets, and the prices were shockingly high. Why is it like that? The version I heard at first was that the fans got in by a lucky draw, why isn’t it like that? The workers from the Korea branch all heard of the news and were discussing whether anyone even came when the prices were so high. At this time the manager came over and warned us not to tell the boys. How could we tell them, it was too much for them to handle… But I still felt that Jaejoong knew, because when we were about to enter, I saw him using his hands to pat his cheeks lightly. I thought that he felt uncomfortable, so I went over to ask him, but he said that he was just nervous.

But later on what I discovered made me confirm that this kid knew the truth.. .Aish… Later on, amidst loud calls of “Dong Bang Shin Ki”, the boys finally met the 200 fans. I stood at the side looking at the crowd and finally felt touched. The fans were really great and orderly and followed well when the media was taking photos. The five boys really gave the organizers face, and drank the 7% drinks on the table, Yoochun and Junsu were investigating the packaging and looked quite happy. Yoochun even asked me backstage why they printed Hangul on Chinese products, and told me that their picture was too small… For this I was unable to explain why. When I was thinking that everything was going smoothly, I found out that not everyone who came was able to get an autograph and things weren’t going as they hoped. What were the organizers thinking? In a scene of confusion and noise, the boys left, Jaejoong who was at the backstage had red-rimmed eyes, but told me that he was just touched by the fans… Hope that he won’t blame things on himself, because this isn’t his fault…

We returned to the manager’s car and drove to the airport again. It was quiet in the car, the boys were tired, but maybe they could also have felt the fans’ disappointment. I sighed unknowingly and Yunho turned around to look at me, I could only smile and turn away… After seeing them enter the airport, I returned home alone in the car…

I want to say here that, as a person who has gone through the same experience as the boys in Shanghai, everything at the airport really left a deep impression on me. I could really see your love for them, it is a really deep love, all the preparation and hard work put in, we all understood, the boys also understand. But despite the deep love you have for the boys, please consider the boys’ feelings, don’t try to follow them in the car, and even more so, don’t surround their car, it is dangerous for both parties. Although the organisers’ arrangement made all of us tired, we understood everyone’s intentions, the boys’ have also told me that they really want to come to Shanghai to hold a concert, but we can’t decide everything, so please be more patient alright? Don’t hate the boys just because of this event or say pessimistic words, your support is extremely important to them!

Okay.. Sorry for the MEGA LONG post. Was a little lazy to do multiple posting.. Hehee..


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jaejoong is Most Gorgeous Male

TVXQ's JaeJoong beats Jerry Yan in Becoming the World's Most Gorgeous Male

Korean top idol group [TVXQ]'s member Hero JaeJoong was highly voted as the 'Most Gorgeous Male On Earth' by China's net-pal with his smooth skin and gorgeous looks, beating Jerry Yan from [Meteor Garden]. Another member of the group, U-Know YunHo came in third for the votings. It's no wonder TVXQ is being called the most good looking male group.

"The Most Gorgeous Male" voting campaign was being held in order to commemorate the lauching of [Meteor Garden 2] in China. The voting campaign started off on the 9th of July and lasted for a month. Earlier, the broadcasting station [Star World] in China had selected 80 gorgeous male artists recognised by the whole world to participate in the voting campaign, and JaeJoong had won 4180 thousand votes from the people in China as being the most gorgeous looking male.

There are some net-pal saying that, JaeJoong is the prettiest male on earth. There's also net-pal from Vietnam saying that JaeJoong is also recognised as the no.1 most gorgeous male in Vietnam. As for the Thai fans,"I've also voted my sacred vote for JaeJoong, Young Woong JaeJoong who is a male prettier than a female HWAITING!" (*NOTE:The fan didn't actually said hwaiting but I have no idea how I should translate that 'hwaiting' phrase in English " *)

TVXQ will be holding a concert in Taipei's ZhongSan Soccer Stadium on the 5th and 6th of October. The boys will also be arriving in Taiwan tomorrow to help promote their ticket. On the 23rd, they will be having a press conference in YuanDong Hotel. They are estimated to be having a "stamping" meeting (?) (*NOTE:no idea how I should translate it,but I think it's when the boys stamp their signature rather then signing them*) around 6pm at Taipei's International Convention Center's Conference Hall, there are sure to be interesting performances by the boys then.

SOURCE: Yahoo!Taiwan
Translator: Millie! from TVXQmate forum

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A SM insider talks about the fabulous five

" Leader Jung Yunho: A perfect socialite, he handles social scenes very well, not only it's due to extensive training from SM, but also has a lot to do with his personality and his family surrounding. SM was focusing on him since the begining of days because they knew he was something special. The whole : " I only became leader after JaeJoong hyung said he didn't want to be one" talk is all garbage, JJ's personality isn't suitable for a leader, which will be explained later on in this.

Yunho's very well rounded, and he knows what to say and what to do at places, even when he absolutely has to critize someone, he does in a low-down way that it's not dramatic, once back stage, this big time celebrity was upset about something, so he was basically cussing everyone out, no one had the guts to say anything because he was such a big shot, but Yunho came into the room, greeted the big shot and started some casual chit chat, they both ended up engaging in a light hearted conversation.

All five boys have great professional attitude, esp the leader Yunho, he's not the type that comes, does the gig and leaves, he will make sure all details with the crew, anything related to DBSK, he will and wants to know. he often cares for others, see how they're doing, perhaps that's why being the leader gets so exhausting sometimes. But he's really smart and very detail oriented, not to mention he pays attention to others, even when a crew member hurted his hands during a photoshoot, Yunho saw it and asked him if he was alright and if he needed help. Everyone truly likes Yunho. He knows the importance of his place yet he's very modest.

He's very caring toward the members, professionally, he does everything in his powers to make sure others work smoothly, so that's a load off of the manager's shoulder. Once half way through a schedule, he asked a crew member to bring a pair of shoes, I first thought Yunho just want to wear another pair of shoes, but turns out the shoes were for junsu, because Junsu had mentioned his shoes were too slippery and they had to dance later in the schedule. Yunho immiedtely thought of taking care of the problem for Junsu.

Yunho plays it tough in front of others, but there are times it's hard for him to hold back his emotions, behind the glam, he's a very sensitive, passionate guy, not after they debuted, once I saw Yunho cry, it was in a small room, his back was facing the door so I didn't see his face, but I saw his shoulders shiver, the members were around him. Changmin gave him tissues and Jaejoong was holding his hand and comforting him. The entertainment circle is a cruel place where people learn to toughen up, the tough will get tougher and the weak will only grow weaker.

Yunho's a nice guy, but he absolutely will not allow it when people attack jaeJoong, whether as a joke or not, once someone was talking about JJ in a way bad, Yunho stared the person down for about 30 seconds.. that sent shivers down my spine

Fun fact: Yunho does most of the socializing in DBSK, so he often had to drink.. his limits is 4 bottles of soju~~
Yunho does not have a girlfriend at the moment, because the company simply does not allow it, there are quite a few girls in the field that likes him, but that would kill DBSK's career and SM will never let Yunho gets away with it.

The five are extremely close, they're always playing together, once Yunho asked JJ to do something, JJ jokly said " if you dare to go kiss _____, i will do it right away.." . that person was a girl. then there was a time where everyone though Yunho liked her, Yunho laughed and said " what the heck are you smoking" then he hugged JJ .. the ending? all five hugging together on the floor

JJ likes to talk a lot, esp with people he knows well, no matter what he's taking about, he likes to describe it to the fullest, once telling a joke, he used 22 adjectives to describe a ballpen. haha. so sometimes he drags his stories, often in the progress of describing things, he totally forgets what he was going to talk about.. yet he's still loves it! at times like this, changmin would try to get to the point for JJ, and JJ won't let him. Even on shows, unless it was scripted prior to the show, JJ will often gets lost in his own chatter and completely forgets the fact that he's even on a show... makes the MCs so dizzy! but no one hates him for it, he has a good heart, friendly and easy to get along with. even to strangers. but he has his guard up when it's necessary and he knows how to protect himself. He'll chat your ears off, but never things he knows he shouldn't say. he has a habit of cooking.. then eating while cooking, so by the time he's done.. there's not much left.. JJ's smile is elegant and soft, yet the minute he opens his mouth he's a complete jokster, I don't think he smokes too much or too often. not sure about his alcohol tolerance, he seems that he likes to drink. once he was drinking for 4 hrs and came out looking totally fine. Yunho on the other hand, gets really red after drinking.. so does Yoochun.

JJ's really close to Yunho, often helps Yunho with any problems he has, sometimes Yunho feels bad lecturing the members, so JJ does it for him. JJ's the type that base everything on first impression, if he likes you first, then he'll like you forever, otherwise, he never will for as long as he livse. Not like Yunho, who likes everyone.. that's why I said before JJ's personality isn't suitable for a leader.

Yoochun's a true gentleman, he always opens doors for female crew members, let the girls go first when riding the elevator, through little gestures you can tell he's very much of a gentleman, sometimes he acts goofy around team members, but I think that's because he lacks confidence sometimes, he has lots of stupid silly requests, to get attention from team members, he needs to know that others loves him to feel secure.. ,maybe because he barely has any family in Korea, so he feels a little lonely and insecure. he's the quitest one out of the five, sometimes he's deep into his thoughts for hours, and he tend to let his emotions effect his work, that's why the manager's particuarlly worried about him in case they go solo one day.。

Junsu's personality is more edgy.. when he's cold he's very cold, when he's mad he's really mad, when he's playing around he play hits you hard, even though he was serious, but it still hurts! but he never hits yoochun because yoochun's really sensitive, once back in training days, he play hits yoochun, and yoochun cried.. so ever again after that. Junsu went through a lot of tough times during training days, despite the fact that he was one of the best trainees. once his voice went away, a lot of people who were jealous were all stumping on him. that was his darkest time.

Junsu's very strong and independent even though he acts cute in front of the camera, but off the camera he's much more mature than he appears to be on camera, it's said that if SM has plan for them to go solo, Junsu would make the first solo debut. Junsu holds himself and others to very high standards when it comes to music, he doesn't allow himself to make any mistake.. a perfecionist. Eun Hyuk of SUJU is Junsu's best, he will kick others butt for Junsu. once during trainnee days, someone was making fun of Junsu, Eun Hyuk came in and slapped him.

Changmin's the youngest, but he doesn't let the members spoil him, he's more low key.. even a shy changmin still gets into fights.. you wouldn't think. right? he's a good person to admire, because he's mature and he's deep, if he's not a singer, he is really capable of doing politics, he's young but he knows sometimes you just gotta hold your anger, fight for what you want. sometimes he's too mature almost, he thinks a lot.

Changmin's the one that the manager nags the least, whether it's school, work personality he takes himself the best, he phones home the most, but keeps it short, even though he's the youngest but he really takes care of other members."


S Magazine

S Mag Calendar

S Mag Calendar comes with the latest S Magazine.Here are some pics from the calendar

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