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Beautiful You - Oricon Chart Ranking

YAY!!!!!! Isnt it awesome?!! Hope they can maintain that position for the weekly chart. ^_^

*edit* They did get first for weekly as well!!! YAY!

Keep track here -

Full single is available for download in the archive. But do support DBSK by buying the original!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


(Original Article)

21 years old, Zhuang Xiao Han is a die-hard fan of Korean famous boyband, TVXQ. Last year, she got into an accident and was seriously injured. The doctor announced that she will not be able to live more than 3 days. Zhuang's mum did not give up, she played TVXQ songs 24 hours everyday, and her daughter woke up! Zhuang's mum said, "I really thank TVXQ for letting me see a miracle."

Doctor expresses admiration.

Last year March, around 11pm at night, Zhuang Xiao Han was riding her bike home and got into an accident. She was sent to the Xiao Gang Hospital (小港醫院), doctor said that her head was seriously injured and she will not be able to live more than 3 days.

Zhuang's mum sobs and said, " I know she really likes TVXQ, so I played TVXQ songs everyday, in hope that she will survive. I don't care if she will become a vegetable, as long as she survive." Alas, she survived the 3 days, and was in a coma for 7 months, until one day, she miraculously woke up.

Zhuang's mum smiled and said, "I played TVXQ songs everyday, until the cd player spoilt. When she woke up, the first thing she said to her Dad was, to help her buy TVXQ's new album."

TVXQ will be having a concert at Taipei next month, 10th May 2008. Xiao Han's story spreads around Cassiopeias online. When the organiser of the concert heard of this news, they gave Xiao Han VIP tickets to TVXQ concert, a voucher to stay at Wang Han Hotel (王朝飯店) and a TVXQ album. During the period of her coma, Xiao Han went through a total of 5 operations.

When she received TVXQ Concert tickets, she was so happy and she tried her best to say, "Thank You."

Credits to:
amenoireis @ lj
vanny92 @ lj (for the original article and picture)
yoonjae @ multiply
Apple News + CassiopeiaHK + capri-shiqi @ Soompi
Translation credits to: capri-shiqi @ Soompi


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

[Featured] DBSK and Super Junior on CNN (Thailand fans craze)

Though the news reporter talks about Super Junior, the video footage of fans in red, waving signs and red balloons, hundreds bombarding the starts coming to the airport are all of TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki.

In this clip, the Thailand fanclub is featured. Go Thai fans!

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TVXQ to Release Brand New Single Album

The popular idol group TVXQ will release its 22nd single "Beautiful You" on April 23.

After releasing its third studio album in January, the group has been releasing a series of singles with the member taking turns as the main vocalist. "Beautiful You" will be TVXQ's seventh single album this year.

The latest single features the theme song from "The Story of the First King's Four Gods," a historical drama series starring Bae Yong-joon, which began airing in Japan on NHK on April 5.

According to the April 12th edition of Japan's Oricon News, female music listeners in their 20s and 40s were most interested in the soon-to-be-released single album. Compared to the seven singles that were released last year, the six singles that were released this year as of March had a recognitiion rate of 69.8 percent versus 56.7 percent.

Oricon News said the consecutive releases of the single albums as well as the popularity of the historical drama series are expected to boost the sales of the latest single.

TVXQ included Korean and Japanese versions of the drama theme song "Cheonnyeonyeonga." The single album contains a total of five different versions of the song including a karaoke version and an instrumental version.

c: KBS Global


Okay.. So this isn't exactly DBSK related nor am I sure how many of you out there that knew Kayem7289 that purported to pass away on December 2nd, 2007. Just an interesting read to those of you who knows or came in contact with her..

Here's are links that work. With people leaving RIP messages, I guess most of you don't know yet that KAYEM is actually a FAKE person created by a GUY. Read more in the link.

Boajjang Forum Link
BWW2 Forums Link

Honestly, I'm a little taken aback having dealt with 'her' personally in some projects. Shocked and astounded would be rather good words too..

Monday, April 07, 2008

[TRANS] TVXQ Interview - OK Magazine 2008

TVXQ Interview - OK Magazine 2008

Insured secret
For those who were wondering when did TVXQ have time to shoot CF for YAMAHA when they are so busy. We can answer this to you now that when everyone was busy looking for their tickets to TVXQ 2nd asia concert 'O' in Bangkok. The boys spent 5 days shooting this CF. Company Crew had contract that if there was no CF shooting secret leak out to fans then the company crew would get 7 digits pay to insure. However, if the news leaked then the company had to pay SM back 7 digits insurance as well.

Superstar Spirit
There were rumors about TVXQ needed special treatment, arrogant, unfriendly, and diva-like so the crew was at first feeling uncomfortable working around them. The first 2-set of still photo-shooting went well on the first day and next day for CF shooting they went to outdoor location and while TVXQ was having lunch together, the director said that U-Know must got into the shooting because of the sun light was not going to be enough for shooting. And at that very point of time, yunho was just put the spoon in his mouth, and every crew member was holding their breaths. Then yunho right away put down the spoon and get ready to act. No drama and the man called Yunho had just won the hearts of the crew just like that.

Super Koreans
Of course, this CF shooting was all about Motorcycles so it required TVXQ to ride on actual motorcycles. The problem was that they are not very good on riding on motorbikes so the crew had to be extra cautious. But to stop them from riding was not possible since every time they were free they hopped right on the motorbikes and rode on. But most worrying incident was when Xiah who was not good at riding at all had to ride into the scene. We didn't know how he did it but out of nowhere Xiah got himself riding one wheel (on the back) with the front wheel up so high in the air and the bike kept moving. This unintentionally stunt skill got the crew half heart attack before they all went in and caught Xiah AND his bike. Oblivious to what happened, Xiah didn't share the panic attack and instead said 'I'm sorry' in Thai to the crew.

Thai Foods 'Sab mark mark' (local dialect for very very spicy)
At first, the boys only ate korean foods every meal so the crew thought that they probably didn't like that foods because its spiciness (spiciness for thai and korean are different - not on level, but the taste). Everyone should know that in one scene, Max would be eating 'som tam' and since it's for the shooting the crew needed to make somtam really red so it looks good on TV so they put tons of chili. Being playful, Max actually put a mouthful in his mouth during the scene and he had to spit it out. Then Jaejoong wanted to try, but the crew tried to stop him because the somtam was not for eating purpose but he insisted that he eats more spicy things in Korea.

Favorite foods
Because they are growing up.. the boys appeared to need a lot of food. Eating is very important to them. Besides thai sukiyaki that has become their favorite, the local snacks in bags are their most favorite as well. They ate so much that they got mouth ulcer (canker sore) but this didn't seem to effect them. And the more they were told to stop, the more they wanted to eat.. the other thing that they could not live without was thai energetic drinks (caffeinated). It was said in the crew team that the boys liked them very much that they drank the crew's. For those who thought that TVXQ would only drink or eat expensive stuff had to be sorely disappointed. The boys eat everything; instant noodles, snack in a bag (5 baht a bag = approximately 16 cents US), normal bottle of water (7 baht a bottle = 22 cents) instead of 2 USD a bottle of mineral water prepared for them. The crew was found drinking local energetic drinks (caffeinated), the boys asked them what it was and tried them. Apparently they loved the drinks so much they kept drinking them even though they know it'd keep them up at night. This is why the crew was so impressed with TVXQ. But that's not all yet, the main activity that the boys live for was getting thai massage. No matter how busy they were, they always found the time for massage.

Message from the crew to TVXQ
U-know Yunho - leadershi, always highly responsibility, taking care of members all the time, and give importance to everyone in the crew. He spent his free time warming up his voice, and singing. He has extremely high confidence but the only thing worries him is the future of TVXQ and the band development. How suitable for his role as leader.

Max Changmin - the man who comes with the words 'anything/whatever'. He's quite quiet and shy person. Spent all his time with iPod and Laptop. He likes to live in his own world playing games, surfing internet, watching movie. There was once that everyone was shopping at duty free except Changmin. He said he wanted to play computer. After everyone was done shopping, the crew had to go back and pick up Changmin to board the plane. The crew said to OK! magazine that whenever the crew asked Changmin if he would like this or that, he always replies 'anything/whatever'.

Xiah Junsu - the first time the crew met Xiah, he was very very lively person but at the same time it was very difficult to predict his mood. He sometimes seemed difficult to reach and the crew think he is the most mysterious member of the team. However, when he's in playful mood he would pick on every single person!

Micky Yoochun - Extremely gentleman and very observant! Micky is very curious person and very observant. If two crew members walked together, Micky would ask if those two were dating and we got all confused as of why in the world would micky want to know about that. He always changes his hairstyle by the time you read OK! magazine he would probably already changed his hairstyle. Which is true, during press conference for YAMAHA on feb 2nd, 2008 he already sported very short bang on the forehead.

Hero Jaejoong - He is the person that the crew loves so much. Even though during the first meeting he was the only one that everyone tried to avoid. Everyone would go to Changmin, Yunho, Micky, and Junsu but nobody would talk to Jaejoong. And this was the question Jaejoong asked the crew about why nobody talked to him. The crew said because Jaejoong you don't smile, everyone got scared thought you were moody. Jaejoong jokingly said no he didn't want to smile because he wouldn't look good when he smiled. Then he tried to share jokes and everything. The crew said Jaejoong won their hearts with his charisma.

Credits: OK!magazine, 4nologue co., Ltd, for sources
Translation credits: ajumma @ LJ

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Beautiful You PV

You can download it HERE now for the moment. Its a MQ file but I'l add a HQ one as soon as it is up. Enjoy..

Also.. an audio file ripped from the HQ PV
Download HERE


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Event #1
MC: YooChun, I heard you guys always share underpants, is it true?
YooChun: Yes!
JunSu: Can I answer for him? Actually when we can't find our underpants, we just grab one and use it.
JaeJoong: Especially JunSu and I, not only underwear even toothbrush!

Event #2:
MC: I heard JunSu has a S-Line, did it bother you in some way?
JunSu: Bothers me (Thinking)...No!
JaeJoong: But I do!...Every time I wear JunSu's underpants, it's always so big.
JunSu: Hyung~ so embarrassing... (His face turns red)

Event #3: Once during a fan meeting..
The day before debut, all the members are very nervous, and all of them slept very early.
One hour later..
JaeJoong suddenly screams: Ah! Can't sleep!
A while later YooChun screams too: I really can't sleep!
JunSu too: Yea, I don't know why, I just can't sleep!
ChangMin: True...
SO, an hour passed, the members finally wanted to sleep, but YunHo suddenly screams out: Hurry and go to sleep!
then... he was getting lessons from the other members.

Event #4: Second day, right after the concert.
JaeJoong: So excited.. A lot of people came to day, my middle school English teacher came too...
ChangMing: Really? Hyung must have been excited...So, what does he teach?
JaeJoong: English...

Event #5: TVXQ's first live tour was very successful, the members and their manager decides to go eat BBQ, but JaeJoong is picky on food...
JunSu: Hyung, why don't you like pork tongue?
JaeJoong: Think about it, the tongue is inside the pig's mouth, how dirty would that be!
JunSu: Then what do you like to eat?
JaeJoong: (smiles) Egg...
(Manger and the other four members: lmao-ing)

Event #6: SM's trainees have really hard times, once during a interview show the members flashback to their trainee times...
MC: I heard it was really hard during trainee time right?
YunHo: It was really hard, we sometimes don't eat so we don't gain weight.
YooChun: Our stomach often growl when we sleep..
JunSu: We can't sleep because of the sounds of our stomach.
JaeJoong: Yea, once me and ChangMin was so hungry that we can't sleep, so we went jogging on the streets..
ChangMin: I was so hungry that day it feels so bad, and when me and JaeJoong hyung jog pass by a restaurant, the smell of food passed by our noses. Then JaeJoong hyung asked me: "Do you like it?" I nod. Then Hyung looked at me with sadness in his eyes and said, "Okay, then let's walk by it again."
MC: Then what...
JaeJoong: Then, we stayed there till the restaurant closes.


MC: TVXQ's members are like a family, but what about the times when you guys first met? What was it like?
YunHo: I am the leader, therefore, when everyone gathered, I demand everyone to say "Ours" instead of "My".
MC: Really? It must've been happy right?
YooChun: (Smiles) Yeah.. I remember once JaeJoong hyung took a long time in the showers, YunHo hyung then asked him: "What are you doing in there? You took so long!" Then JaeJoong Hyung said: "I am shaving our beard!"
MC: ...

Event #8: On the radio show.
MC: YooChun, I've heard you have a habit of begging presents from the other members, can you explain that?
JunSu: He's always like that.. He always takes the best ones too!
YooChun: Oh, when it's near my birthday, I always ask for presents from the members, but I don't do that anymore.
JaeJoong: Yeah, he doesn't want presents anymore.
YooChun: Actually...Actually, I wanted for a day you guys would automatically give me a present.
Everyone faints.

Event #9: JaeJoong like to record every moment of TVXQ... And this is one of the scene..
During a hot summer night, the members are in their apartment eating watermelons, then their manager came.
Manager: Can I eat with you guys?
YooChun: Hyung, You the seeds, and leave the melon.

Event #10: Super Junior's HeeChul went to TVXQ's apartment to hang out, right was he was about to go.
JaeJoong: Eat first before you go!
HeeChul: Nah, I have a important thing to do.
JaeJoong: What's got you rushing? it can't be more important than dinner.
HeeChul: Dinner!

Event #11:
MC: Saw our photo album from last year, everyone changed so much.
YunHo: Yeah, everyone is slowly changing, but ChangMin is growing fast.
ChangMin: Really? I grew more mature?
YunHo: Not that, but you did grow taller!
ChangMin: ...

Credits: RaRachan @ imeem

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Cute Micky imitating Linus from Snoopy

Just a random post on Micky's cuteness...

FULL CREDITS: DNBN+ & lolly88@soompi

DBSK concert-sudden price increase for tickets

‘A few days ago the price tickets for the Shanghai concert suddenly went up catching the fans off guard. The organisation explained that because changes had to be made for the stage, production costs increased resulting in the price change for the tickets. However, the fans don’t understand why the most important – stage design – would change now, just as tickets are about to go on sale.

Fans claim that it appears prices are getting cut, but in reality, they’re ‘stealing’ money.

On the 31st of May, DBSK will be holding their concert in Shanghai. Because of the number of fans, demand for tickets exceeded earlier expectations. Some fans were afraid they could not get desired seats so, in groups, they ordered their tickets and remitted money in hopes of getting seats close to the stage.

Tickets are supposed to be on sale on the 2nd of April. Fans were highly anticipating this day but then an accident occurred. The organisation announced on the 26th of March the price changes which would occur.

[assuming these are in RMB Yuan]

From 1880 -> 1580 { I think this is the most}
1280 -> 980 { ” ” }

180 -> 280 {’proper’ seats ie not close to stage}
380 -> 480
480 -> 680
580 -> 980 [so now these seats are the same price as the ones close to the stage]’

{credit: momoko_izaki @ TVXQ Cassiopeia Club HK; source: 晨報記者高磊; translation: candychu @ let’s all eat candy}

TVXQ Dreamer Forum