Saturday, December 30, 2006

Clean Sweep

CONGRATULATIONS once again to DBSK! They won the 4th and final Daesang of the Year at the SBS Gayo Daejeon Awards on the 29th of December. With this win, DBSK has made a clean sweep of Daesangs this year. They truly deserve it.. GREAT JOB DBSK! HWAITING!

Pictures from the Awards

Watch DBSK at the Gayo Daejeon Awards

Bonsang Award
O Jung.Ban.Hap Performance [Part 1] [Part 2]
Balloons Performance
Winning Daesang [Part 1] [Part 2]

credits: icetea987 @ youtube

Thursday, December 21, 2006

To You - U-Know Yunho

U-Know Yunho, the respected and capable leader of DBSK. Finally the long awaited post dedicated specially to the dedicated person you are. If I had to pick one member in Dong Bang Shin Ki that I respect and salute it would definitely be Yunho. Sure, the others are a dedicated hardworking bunch of people too. But I feel that Yunho handles his responsibilty as the leader very professionally, for a guy his age. Therefore the credit goes to him here.

For instance, in interviews, when being asked questions, the other members will be busy crapping away talking nonsense and giving hilarious answers. Yunho will then jump in to save the day or rather, the other members with his polished and sensible answers.

Not only that, Yunho seems to always take care of them. He acts like such a daddy to all of them, showering his patience and care. As in a few posts back, Yunho helps Junsu with his polaroid (Click HERE for related post), he worries that they fall sick, he gives encouraging words and acts cute upon request, just to entertain them. DBSK's care for each other has never failed to amazed and touch me.

Yet though he worries for others, misfortune has hit him only too many times. Recently was the fainting from overwork (Click HERE for related post). And to name a distinct one, the super glue incident will definitely be etched in our memories. But, Yunho however chose to be forgiving and understanding. A truly noble and professional guy.

Being leader, he has always put forward his serious and professional side. As much as I admire that character of his, I miss his "cute" moments. We all know that he's capable of being just as cute, adorable and mischeivious as the others but often times, it is probably suppressed to portray a cool and stable image. I miss those little crooked teeth he used to have. I know I've posted this picture in an earlier post, but I can't help posting it here again as it is my favourite picture to portray his happy smile and cute teeth.

Could almost kick myself for forgetting this part. No Yunho post can possibly be complete without some high praise on his awesome dance moves. A good example would be the solo dance at the start of O Jung.Ban.Hap MV which he personally choreographed. Whether executing choreographed moves or just plain free style, Yunho does them with a confidence and flair not many can match. Just watch..

U-Know Yunho.. Take good care of yourself and Dong Bang Shin Ki. We're counting on you to be healthy and safe for that. Finally, I salute you for being the BEST LEADER ever. Saranghae!

For more pictures of U-Know Yunho, click HERE.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Small Announcement

I've just updated the Download Post with Step By Step MQ MV. So do head there and download if you're looking for it. I just love all their hair in that MV. All of them look decent now. YAY! For those who don't know where to go, Click HERE.



Finally I have some screen caps of Step by Step.
Credits to yamarin @ LJ

NOTE: Also Available at the Download Post is the new Snow Dream MV by SM Town and mp3s featuring DBSK in the Winter Album 2006.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Xiah Junsu!

Its today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNSU! All the best wishes from all of us here at DBSKer. I think yesterday's Daesang Award must have been a great birthday gift for Junsu. Nevertheless, what I would really wish for him would be a good rest. A week maybe.

I really hope the management will allow them sufficient time to recover and rejuvenate before they all collapse from exhaustion. It just breaks my heart to see them sick. Thankfully I read somewhere that they had the day off and some of them even went for a movie. I really hope they'll get more rest days in the future especially Christmas.

Well, I dunno if many of you have observed this fact. But I'm a Junsu Fan here. I sometimes feel that this blog is pretty biased. I totally apologised for that but I can't help myself! Haha... So in conjunction with Junsu's birthday, I'm in a mood for a picture posting GALORE of Junsu. Bear with me ya? HAHAHA..

Click HERE for the Junsu Picture Post

To End the birthday greeting I'll post 2 videos here. The first one is Xiah singing Resignation at the Rising Sun Showcase. The song was so sad, that I was moved to tears. The second one is a more recent performance of what I call the flashlight/laser dance at Heroine 6. Enjoy!



Thursday, December 14, 2006


Take a deep breath...

OMG...I'm so excited!! I can't believe it! THEY WON A 3RD DAESANG! Actually its not that I don't believe it. Its just that, its just so amazing! They're just so amazing. To me, it just proves that they are the truly the best ever and all my support for them have all been worth it. Here are some pictures from the awards.

credits: bestiz + deppstar@soompi

Watch DBSK receiving Bonsang and Daesang and the performances at Golden Disk Awards

Receiving Bonsang
Performing O Jung.Ban.Hap
Winning Daesang
Encore Performance


Step By Step - 9th Japanese Single

1.Step by Step
3.Step by Step (Less Vocal)
4.PROUD(Less Vocal)

1.Step by Step(Video Clip)
2.Off Shot Movie

1.Step by Step
3.PROUD(アカペラver.)[Acapella ver.]
4.Step by Step (Less Vocal)
5.PROUD(Less Vocal)

+ Special booklet - 12 pages

Credits: 4 leaf + Mei_Yee_Chan@Soompi + Forever_Charmed@AF


Sunday, December 10, 2006


Its really sad to see them falling sick one by one. Not that I'm cursing another member to get sick. Its just that at the rate their going, I feel that its really only a matter of time. As the title of the post suggests, its Yunho this time. Here's the Article.


attention: this message has not been translated from the
original language

good morning, afternoon, night
the people who are always with them (JiniChun's note: i dont know
them o.o)

Yoonho's very sick
Since 1 month he's got a cold
Yesterday at
the Sponge Filming, he didn't want anyone
to notice it,
because of that, he
was smiling, but truly
he was very tired.
He had
high fever, and
and yesterday after going back to the hospital
they started to
Sponge. When he was at the hospital, at night he
couldn't eat
even now.

Though he was at the hospital,
he decided to go
out today,
for practising the dances and songs.
Being hospitalized, he
was sent to another room,
for him to rest
better, but yoonho
righ now,
doesn't want to accept the fact he's

Even though he's sick, he
denies it, and says he isn',
that he isn't a baby for being said how to eat
and when.
He's very
tired as well because of all those performances
had these days.

As all of you know, they'll perform at a surprising
because of this, i guess, yoonho won't attend,
he doesn't
want to accept
it, because it's very hard for him
to accept the fact he's
sick and he
won't be able to make it,
he won't attend, and he'll be resting
at the
hospital though.

Now, he sees the situation in a better way, and
seems to know
the reason of why he won't attend.
He can't eat
like a baby,
he's exhausted.
Please, like this, being at
the hospital,
he rests well,
please take care of him.

Credits: DongHaeng/
Nomang / Tri-Angle Forums
Translation korean-spanish: kandy0206@Tri-Angle
Translation spanish-english: JiniChun (Miku) @Tri-angle forums / Soompi

Dear Yunho, Get well soon. I wanna see a genuine heartfelt smile of
yours cos I love it so much. Its pains us all to see you tired. We at DBSKer
wish Yunho a speedy recovery and a return of the wonderful smiles.

The Many Smiles Of U-Know Yunho

Thursday, December 07, 2006

SM Town Winter Album 2006

02 ) 내가 그대 없이 (When we'll be together) - Dong Bang Shin Ki (東方神起) DOWNLOAD HERE
03 ) Tic! Toc! - Super Junior
04 ) Dreams come true - CheonSangJiHee (天上智喜)
05 )그것뿐이에요(Just You) (Super Junior-K.R.Y.)
06 ) White Christmas - Kangta
07 ) DOTCH - BoA
08 ) Alone - TRAX (트랙스)
09 ) Heaven - Jang Ri In
10 ) Without you - 블랙비트 (Black Beat)
11 ) 눈의 이야기(Winter of Memories) (Sung by HyeonJin)
12) I Love Hoya - Chu GaYeol
13 ) Joyful day - Song GwangSik

RELEASE DATE FOR SNOW DREAMS - Smtown 2006 winter album: 12/12/06

credits: love*knots+vietblue99@AF + bestiz + aizah and michelle_moo @soompi

YAY! Something to look forward to!

Sunday, December 03, 2006


WAH! I spend the weekend away from home and missed the whole piece of news! THEY WON THE DAESANG at the 16th Seoul Gayo Daesang Award (Seoul Music Festival Award! Aren't the boys just AWESOME! CONGRATULATIONS once again!

DAESANG: Dong Bang Shin Ki

BONSANG: Dong Bang Shin Ki, Son Hoyoung, Shim Seunghoon, sgWANNABE, MC Mong, Baek Jiyoung, VIBE, Turtles, Jang Yoonjung

MOBILE POPULARITY AWARD: Super Junior, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Kim Yongim

Daesang is the award of best song, artist of the year. It's the most important award out of the whole year representing popularity, best song etc. Bonsang is a rank lower than daesang. So i guess you can say that if daesang is the gold then bonsang is the silver. The winners of the Bonsang will then 'compete' among themselves to see who is the winner for Daesang (credits to: yingling + love*knots @ AF)

Some Pictures at the Awards. (will update more asap)

Credits: DBSK Gallery@AF + Cyxion Forums + BZ

Watch TVXQ at the MTV Seoul Music Awards

Mobile Popularity Award
O-Jung.Ban.Hap Performance
Winning Daesang + Ending - Part 1 ~ PART 2

credits: umxhm @ youtube

Friday, December 01, 2006

JaeJoong's Sad Story

Recently there had been an uproar about JaeJung being an adopted child in the Kim family and his father, Mr. Han proceeded with a lawsuit to claim his son back. He claimed that the Kim family had been mistreating JaeJung and all he wanted to do was to protect his son but the public had misintepreted his actions as a selfish move to claim back his son after he's popular. And so on 22 November, he cancelled the lawsuit saying that he does not want to hurt his son's feelings anymore.

Another version of the news was JaeJung had only found out about his adoption 2-3 years ago and he cried. And with the reason lawsuit he had been crying even more.
In the afternoon on November 22nd, Hero Jaejoong expressed his mind,
"I knew the fact some years ago that I have real parents who gave me a name "Han Jae-joong.
I have been in good relationships with both of adoptive parents and real mother, so I think the present is more important than the past.
I want to stay as Kim Jaejoong as I have been always, and want to live as Kim Jae-joong in the future.
I hope both of parents love each other as if they were family."

On 21st, after the news was released that the lawsuit to clarify his real parents, Hero Jaejoong in the waiting room of KBS kept silence.
He looked a little bit dark but was smiling, touching his cellular phone, but he must have hold his tears back.

Hero Jaejoong, only 20 year old guy, had to stand on the stage with splendid lightening.
He had to sing in front of thousands of audience, dressing up greatly, and had to dance with other members.
At that moment, being an entertainer is a luxurious, but sad thing to be.
We already have seen stars confessing sad family stories in tears.

In October, Micky Yuchun, Hero's team member, also confessed divorce of his parentsand shed tears, saying," I don't want to go back to America, even though all others regards it as a dreamland."
Jun Jin of ShinHwa also wept, talking about how his adoptive mother helped him to find his real mother.
But, Hero's case is a little bit different except for the fact that they share sad family history.
Micky and Jun Jin confessed it themselves,while Hero Jaejoong's case was reported by media and others, without any time for him to prepare for let people know it.
His story was revealed by others in an instant.

Most netizens think Hero's story is so heartbreaking;His privacy was not protected, only because he is an entertainer, and his family story, which he might have not wanted to publicize, was revealed.
Some people take Hero's story just as a gossip, but we have to have a wisdom to pass over this kind of story of stars.What we need from stars is not "sad family story" but their singing or acting.
reported by

He had been looking so sad and tired for most of the performance after this heartbreaking news was announced. His smile does not look very happy anymore, it breaks my heart seeing him trying to be strong. Just when he was about to show us more of his warm and dorky side.

Entertainers are also humans like us, I believe that we should respect their privacy when it comes to sensitive matters such as their family issues. Therefore, this sad story should end here as it is and we shall never talk about it anymore.

JeaJung shi, Aja aja Hwaithing!! You can do it!! Mi Duh Yo!!

Credits to :- Heroshock & Cyxion

Junsu at MKMF

I found this on AsianFanatics and thought I'd share my sympathy for Junsu by posting this here. I feel so sad for him and yet so awed by his determination and dedication. Watching the fancam of him during the "O" Jung.Ban.Hap performance at MKMF, you could see what an energetic smashing performance he put up. Look at the picture below which just shows how fatigued he was. This was from MKMF EPISODE 2 - TVXQ cut. Seems that he was in that position for quite awhile. Junsu...Please take care of yourself..

credits: jaeho_saranghae@AF

Anyway, here's the translated article.

It says that on Saturday (I guess the day of MKMF) Junsu was a lot more sick than what was said.
His blood pressure was down to 70.
The hospital told him to stay off stage...
Even his mom told him to not perform that day...

But Junsu said "Mom, I can't... My fans will be there and I don't want to disappoint them. And we endured a lot this year so I want to be there when the award is presented... I want to accept the award"

And because of his low blood pressure they warned him that going on stage might be excessive for his heart.... and the shot that he got was not just a shot for his 'cold' but it was actually some kind of really strong pain-killer (if more than three shots are taken, the body will not be able to handle it)

credits to canityo@bjj + kimii @ af

I found a clip which sorta focused on Junsu's condition from youtube. Watch it below. Yoochun says he misses Junsu! YOOSU! It was kinda cute at the end when they did the "Hwaiting, oh..YEAH!" and Yoochun did Junsu's part and imitated his laugh. So Adorable..

credits: beckii00

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Many Balloons

I'm really starting to wonder how many different costumes are they having for the performances of the song Balloons. As much as I love the cute costumes, its getting rather annoying that I feel the need to download all the performances. Ahh.. But what the heck, "O" Jung.Ban.Hup doesnt have that many cute and funny costumes but I still feel tempted to download all of them anyway. WAHAHAA...

What to do...DBSK's performances are SMASHINGLY AWESOME! Who cares about the fact that they lipsynched for some uptempo performances at some award show? We fans know absolutely well that they sing live wonderfully. Whether its an acappella number, a touching ballad or an uptempo song like Rising Sun and "O" Jung.Ban.Hap. Our boys pull them off with ease on numerous ocassions to show to the world that they are indeed the RISING GODS OF THE EAST! DBSK HWAITING!

Well, with that said, I'm trying to compile a list of all their Balloons Performances. Here they are. For the MV and Lyrics, click HERE.

Balloons @ Xman - 5/11/06

Cartoon Characters (Panda, Dinosaur, Ladybug, Piglet, Dalmation) - 12/11/06

Snow White & 7 Dwarfs - 18/11/06

Smurfs - 19/11/06

Peter Pan - 26/11/06

Xmas Outfits
Black & White @ Love Concert - 9/12/06
Red & White @ Music Core - 9/12/06

Super Mario - 10/12/06

Harry Potter Concept - 29/12/06

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Our beloved DBSK just walked away with FOUR Awards at yesterday's MKMF! I'm just so proud of their awesome achievement! HWAITING! Here's the list of the awards they won and some pictures during the event.

1. Award
2. Best Group
3. Mnet Plus Mobile Popularity Award

Red Carpet Pictures

credits: on the pic + BZ + Cyxion Forums

credits: bestiz + hseliz@ AF + yamarin@livejournal

Youtube Links to the Award Presentation

TVXQ at MKMF Red Carpet
Choice of MNet Award
Best Group Award
¨O¨ - 正.反.合 Performance
Mnet Plus Mobile Popularity Award
Best Artiste of the Year

credits: umxhm + badstar07 @ youtube

I read somewhere that poor Junsu was sick so he missed the red carpet event. But he was there later on to give a smashing performance. Hope he gets well soon!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

DBSK's Vacation

Woot! The highly anticipated Vacation drama is finally out! "Man Seh!!" DBSK's latest theatherical drama which comes in 4 episodes with different theme to each. Click link to watch in Youtube.

Ep. 1 - Cassiopeia - Yunho
Ep. 2 - Beautiful Life - Junsu & Changmin
Ep. 3 - The Way You Are - JaeJoong
Ep. 4 - Eternal - YooChun

The intro of Vacation about what each story tells and where it's filmed.

The highlights of Vacation, what you can expect to see in the drama.

Vacation Drama is also included in DBSK's O Theory DVD version C and the unconfirmed news is that it's subbed. Enjoy watching them and remember to buy the originals so DBSK would come again to Malaysia!

Credits to Sanbi@youtube, &

Father and Kid

A pretty recent clip of Yunho and Junsu playing around with a Polaroid Camera in MNet Starwatch. Look how patient Daddy Yunho is with the stubborn little Junsu trying hard to act smart. Hehe... So absolutely adorable I wanna pinch their cheeks!

Monday, November 13, 2006

O-正 反 合 (Version A+B+C+D)

Version A .. .. Version B

Version C .... .... Version D
Credits: deppstar@AF + on pictures + bz + mcmug@Soompi

TVXQ Dreamer Forum