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[TRANS] Pinky Interview Part II

Pinky: Please tell us your fantasies about love this time. Firstly, what type of girls do you like?
JS: We’ll start from the leader!
YH: I don’t seem to have a choice. (laughs) Although I’m the leader, but in terms of love, I want someone who likes leading me. I also find someone who is very competent charming.
JJ: Yunho is a bit of a M (T/N: They’re talking about Sadists and Masochists =.= )
YH: Sorry, Jaejoong’s a bit of a S (laughs)
JS: I’m a S too!
YH: Actually, I’m a S too, aren’t I? (laughs) We’re always like that, sorry
JJ: Previously, I’ve always been saying ‘Pretty hands’, but I’ve changed my mind. I like people with ‘pretty’ hearts. I should be more honest on shows right? So, this is the truth. Girls, it’s still about inner beauty
CM: My requirements are similar to Junsu’s. Optimistic and cheerful, a girl who’ll make me smile just by looking at her. What about Yoochun?
YC: The girl who makes me love her
All: (From quiet silence to clapping their hands)
JJ: This is the right answer~~ Yoochun! Really~!! The girl that you like will become your ideal girl!

Pinky: So will you be the one to confess your love? Or to receive confessions?
JJ: From what I think, the 4 members are the ones who have received conessions
JS: A man must himself… the girl he likes…get?!?!?!?! Ah~ My Japanese is wrong! It was still pretty good just now
CM: I get your meaning! Correct!
JS: You must find a way that best expresses your feelings for her
YH: If there’s a girl I like, I tell it to her directly. That’s the kind of guy I am
YC: I really will confess my feelings for her
JS: Yoochun is really straightforward. Although I failed (in my confession)
All: (Bursts out laughing)
JS: WHAT?!?! (Pretends to be angry and laughs)
YC: No one has confessed to me yet, although previously, I felt that there was someone who liked me in school
CM: Although it feels good to be the recipient of a confession, but I think the guy should be the one to confess his feelings. It seems more natural. It brings happiness to the one who’s loved
JJ: I think that the guy should confess first, and it’s better for the girl to be the one to receive loce

Pinky: I think Jaejoong must have been the recipient of many confessions
JJ: Truthfully, I have received confessions of love before, but if I don’t feel the same way, I wouldn’t be very interested I received a sudden confession of love. I think what’s most important is the time needed to understand each other

Pinky: So please tell us what you’ll always say when you confess your love to the girl!
YC: For me… I wouldn’t say anything, I’ll just kiss, or hug the other person
CM: Isn’t that a crime
JJ: After a hug, goodbye? (T/N: Goodbye after a hug is a play on their song Kiss shitamama, sayonara)
YC: I’ll do that even if I’m unsure of what she feels
JS: To put it simply, you just do what you like
All : (Laughs)
YC: If I want to confess my love, I wouldn’t go to Seoul or Tokyo, but to a place that has nice scenery or the seaside

Pinky: How romantic (T/N: Romantic sounds like Roman)
YC: I’m Korean, not Roman

Pinky: Pronunciation error?!
JS: OH~!!!!
JJ: That was more interesting than me!!
CM: I don’t have Yoochun’s boldness (Deep in thought) Because I’ll be really shy, maybe I wouldn’t even be able to open my mouth, or maybe I’ll just repeat something like “I like you, will you be able to like me?” Something like that

Pinky: How cautious…. (laughs)
CM: Because I’ll be really shy, it’ll be a challenge just saying those words
JJ: I’ll say ‘Your phone number is #1 on my speed dial’ Even if the person does not understand my meaning, I’ll take it that I’ve already confessed my love
YH: OHHHHHH!!!!!! (High fives with Jaejoong)
All: (Claps)
JJ: However, if the person still does not understand in the end, I’ll give up

Pinky: If you don’t make it clearer, she wouldn’t be able to understand right?
JJ: If I confessed straight out or kissed her, I might be rejected. Because I’m worried that I’ll be hurt by love, because I’ll be worried…..

Pinky: Have you used that line on a girl before?
JJ: OH?? Nope…. Junsu?
JS: ‘I’ll only love you’
YH: That’s the name of a movie
JS: ‘I want to see you now’
JJ: That’s more interesting that mine!
YH: Mine’s a little longer, it’s okay right? ‘I first liked the ball point pen you used, then I liked your bed, and now, I like everything about you’
YH: What, it means I want her to be the closest person to me. Although I haven’t used it yet, but I’ve said something similar before
JJ: Bed? Ball point pen? Which one? (laughs)
YH: NOT THAT! I bought 3 roses and said ‘One of them is you, the other is me and the last rose is ‘I, who changed for you’
JS: Then you got rejected by the person
YH: Not immediately. That was later.
JJ: I have supported him before. Korea is the ideal confession heaven

Pinky: Have you attended meetings in Korea? (T/N: Blind date parties)
CM: I really want to go (Enthusiastic) I once told my dad, “I’m not going to university because of I want to study, I’m going because I want to attend meetings!’ and he replied, ‘You can do that, but please study hard’ (laughs) (T/N: I REALISED CHANGMIN’S PAPA REALLY SOUNDS LIKE MIN ON UFO!)

Pinky: Anyone who attended meetings before?
YH: Nope
JS: I really want to! REALLY!

Pinky: What kinds of things will happen if the five of you go to a meeting?
YH: I don’t want to think about it
YC: We might like the same person, so I don’t want the 5 of us to go together

Pinky: So please answer this: “You’ll get this special treatment if you date me”
JJ: I might be a husband that’ll make breakfast for my wife everyday. Dinner too. However, please wash the dishes yourself, work hard and then I’ll buy whatever you want. However, please do the cleaning, let’s work as one (laughs) Also, I’ll listen to your troubles like your girlfriend would. Because I have 8 sisters, I can understand most of the thoughts girls have!
YH: As expected, I’m still an artist. I want prepare an A capella for her in a mini concert, so I’ll ask the members for help. I believe they’ll help me right… However, I’m still a little scared (laughs)
YC: We charge a high fee (laughs)
JJ: I’ll definitely help you! However, we’ll charge you a large sum because we’ll have to practice and work hard
All: (Laughs)
JJ: 100 yen per min (T/N: That’s like 56 USD per hour)
YH: So, I’ll wash the dishes in the house for a month instead! I want to create memories that’ll last forever for my girlfriend
JS: If she dates me, I’ll be very kind to her
CM: I want her to be warmer than everyone in winter and cooler than everyone in Summer….AH?!?!? (laughs) I’m not sure, but if you really want me to say something, I just want to make her happy
YC: I’ll try my best to make her happy and smile. I’ll make her comfortable
JS: I’ll make her happier than anyone else, I will

Pinky: Who’s the most interesting among the 5?
YC: Everyone’s about the same, we all have our charms

Pinky: It’s hard to find such an interesting group
YH: This makes me really happy!
JJ: The center of happiness is Junsu. However, not only Junsu, the rest of us are very interesting! That’s the good point of TVXQ

Pinky: The words you’ve heard from girls that have shocked you and made you happy is?
CM: The one that made me the happiest was ‘Surprisingly, you’re very interesting’. Something that made upset was ‘You’re only 19? That’s so young’. It was a little more shocking
YC: For me it’s ‘I respect you’. I think that these words make me feel like I have a future. Then things like ‘You have potential’ have also made me happy. The words that upsetted me was something my ex-girlfriend said to her current boyfriend. She said ‘You’re similar to the Yoochun I hate’
JJ: Hearing words like ‘I hate you because you’re like Yoochun’ must have been really shocking!!!
JS: For me, it was something I heard after my girlfriend broke up with me. She said ‘I loved you more than any other person in the world when we were dating’. I felt really happy then. The most shocking words were when I heard ‘However, that was a lie’ I heard at the back
JJ: That is too much!!! However, I heard that line too, at the back (laughs) Although it’s Junsu’s incident, but I was really upset too, because I’ve known Junsu for such a long time. What about Yunho?
YH: For me, it’s ‘Thank you’. Because this word has a deep meaning. Something that shocked me was ‘I’m so disappointed’. My heart hurts whenever I heard such a line
JJ: This is something I hope to hear. I hope to hear ‘I want to see you in a crowded area’. Because this shows that the person is also saying ‘I am not ashamed dating Jaejoong’. What I don’t like to hear is people comparing me with other artistes. Going ‘He is more handsome than Jaejoong’ is still okay. But if she (Jaejoong’s girlfriend) starts going all out for him then I’ll hate it. Especially if I see that artiste’s poster hanging on the wall of her house when I go over.

Pinky: Although I don’t want this to end, lastly, please say whatever you want to say
JJ: I like Pinky!
JS: I like Pinky too!
CM: Me too! BANZAI!
All: BANZAI! (Enthusiastically)
YH: Also, because I’m the leader, lastly, I must add this, We’ve released our 3rd album [T] this time. We have poured our love into this album, you must feel it while listening to it!
All: No wonder he’s the leader!!! (Claps)


Translated by: Sparkskey

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TOHOSHINKI On The Top of the J-Pop Pre-ordering List

HMV has announced in Feb. 22, 2008 the J-Pop Pre-Ordering list. In 2007 TOHOSHINKI's event in Japan was made into another volume of [HISTORY in Japan: Vol. 3] has been very famous! And also, all the solo singles [TRICK] are also on the top 5 of the list, TOHOSHINKI's population just keeps on going! Here are the top 30 of the list:

3位 KEYWORD / MAZE: JEJUNG FROM东方神起(CD maxi)/东方神起
4位 PLAY TOUR 2007(DVD)/安室奈美惠5位 FACE(CD)/BOA
8位 IF...!? / RAINY NIGHT: JUNSU FROM东方神起(CD maxi)/东方神起
9位 DREAM BOYS(DVD)/龟梨和也,田中圣,屋良朝幸
11位 ARE YOU READY? 2007: またハートに火をつけろ! IN OKINAWA(DVD)/rarukuanshieru (L'ARC EN CIEL)
15位 SINGLE BEST(CD)/柴咲コウ
16位 桑田さんのお仕事 07 / 08 ~魅惑の AVマリアージュ~(DVD)/桑田佳佑
17位 ON THE ROAD 2005-2007: MY FIRST LOVE(DVD)/浜田省吾
20位 DRINK IT DOWN(CDマキシ)/ラルクアンシエル (L'ARC EN CIEL)
22位 DECO VS DECO - デコ対デコ(DVD)/マキシマム ザ ホルモン
23位 太阳のナミダ(CDマキシ)/NEWS
24位 チャットモンチー レストラン: スープ(DVD)/チャットモンチー
25位 未定(CD MAXI)/东方神起
26位 BACK BEST(CD)/柴咲コウ
27位 ワッハッハー(CDマキシ)/関ジャニ ∞
28位 60S 70S 80S(CDマキシ)/安室奈美恵
29位 未定(CD)/一青窈 (ひととよう)
30位 ワールド ワールド ワールド(CD)/ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION


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Sunday, February 24, 2008

JJ talks with MC about ''kiss shita sayonara''

JJ talk with MC about ''kiss shita sayonara''

Q: When did you start composing songs?
JJ: About three years ago.

Q: Do you remember what kind of song you composed for the very first time?
JJ: It was a sentimental dance tunes.

Q: Where do you usually compose songs?
JJ: I do it at home.

Q: When, where and how did you compose "Kiss shita mama Sayonara"?
JJ: I worked on it at home for three hours before I go to work from November to December.

Q: How long did it take you to finish the work?
JJ: It finished in three weeks.

Q: Tell us your favorite phrase (in the song).
JJ: Sayonara~

Q: Tell us any happenings or behind story during the composition process.
JJ: I redid the melody line over and over.

Q: What was the members' reaction when they heard this song?
JJ: They said, "It sounds good", "You did well".

Q: What part of the song do you recommend the most?
JJ: Yuchun's narration!

Q: Is there any music instruments you want to challenge other than piano?
JJ: I want to try drums!

Q: What kind of song do you want to compose next time?
JJ: I want to try a medium-tempo dance tunes.

Source: Tohoshinki Mobile
Credit: TM @ Tohoshinki Lovers Forum
Translation: jasmin @ Tohoshinki Lovers Forum
source finder: ichigo

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Release Date: March 19, 2008

Contents included:
Members Interviews
2nd Album "Five in the Black"
3rd Album "T" Promotional Activities
A-nation LIVE (2 songs)
Promotional 3rd Album Release
Others footages

Credits: RedSmile,, TVXQsoul

TVXQ Returns to Korea in September

TVXQ will make a comeback on the Korean music scene this September after 2 years since they released an album.

TVXQ are one of Korea's representative top artists so it would be like the comeback of the kings. They both entered the American and Japanese markets respectively with success. Now the Korean fans are more excited to see them have their activities in Korea.

TVXQ who has exceeded the average expectations for korean idol groups, gained the top spot for the Oricon Charts in Japan and will also be releasing their 4th Album in September. Having received the award for the Golden Disk last 2006, they entered the Japanese market and their 16th single, "Purple Line" topped the Oricon Charts.

Also, they were the first Asian artists to get to the top spot on Oricon Weekly singles chart. An SME representative has said, " TVXQ will release an album in September and since they haven't had any activities in Korea for a very long time, they will attend the end of the year ceremonies and as well as perform for the Korean fans"

credits: JOINS & Rosa@tvxqsoul + j^o^y @AF.Net + lilcece@soompi

[TRANS] TVXQ on being mature

“Through our Japanese debut, it was possible for not only our music but also ourselves to mature,” TVXQ said during an interview the group had for the segment “The Interview” of OBS “Show Report, Movie Report.

“We topped Japan after our third year. At first, we’re very insecure but as we accepted the local culture, we’re able to touch different world views. In that process, we matured,” TVXQ said.

The group also shared its experiences when they were still relatively unknown in the Land of the Rising Sun. Now, the group has a huge tarpaulin at the Shibuya Plaza.

“Before, we used to walk in the streets wearing training clothes but because a lot of people have recently become aware of us, we wear more presentable clothes as much as possible.

“During our debut, we just sang in front of 50 people but now, we perform in arenas that hold thousands of people. What we are today is a product of a process,” TVXQ recounted.

TVXQ’s “The Interview” episodes will be broadcast on February 23 and March 1.

Source: Joynews24
translations: krnloop.wordpress
Credit: ttenovy@asianfanatics + riz@Cyxion Foru

Junsu's If../Rainy Night Comment

JS: Hello, I'm THSK's Junsu

JS: I'll be introducing my solo song [Rainy Night] to everyone

JS: [Rainy Night] is a song that has very gentle yet bright melody

JS: The content of the lyrics gives off a very sad and lonely feel

JS: All these factors meld together

JS: It's a very good so

YC: So you guys gonna check it out Junsu's amazing solo song is called rainy night right? *chunlish.dies at grammar*

JS: Are you here to mess this up?

YC: No, I sincerely want to introduce Junsu's solo song *yeah,right*

JS: It's a really good song

JS: Yoochun arranged the song

YC: The melody is very good by itself

YC: But Junsu's voice.Khhhh~

YC: Isn't very good

JS: What was that? *pushes chun away*

JS: Everyone, this is a very good song

JS: I hope everyone'll listen to [Rainy Night]

Translated by: Sparkskey

DBSK to attend president's inauguration

On February 25, 2008, Lee Myung Bak (the newly elected South Korean President) will hold his inauguration in style.

To liven up the event and get younger people to actually care, organizers have been sending out invitations to a bunch of A-list celebrities. This year’s inauguration will probably be the most celebrity-packed one yet because of the President’s close ties with the entertainment industry.

Partial Celebrity List:
BoA - invited on February 4th
DBSK - invited on February 4th (Accepted)
SS501 - invited on February 4th (Accepted)
Kwon Sang Woo - invited on February 4th (Accepted)
Ryu Si Won - invited on February 18
YounHa - invited February 18

There is not much information on who will be performing as of today, the only confirmed artist so far is Kim Jang Hoon who is scheduled to perform a song from his new album to congratulate Lee Myung Bak.

Korean MC's Choi Won Jung, Kim Ki Dong, and Kim Hak Doo will be be hosting the activities.
from allkpop

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DBSK in SBS Miraculous Victory And Defeat

Here's the preview, I believe it will be aired on the 24 of Feb.

Yunho up against Kangin again, this time using only words... Can't wait to watch it.
But it's sad that JaeJung and YooChun are not there..... nevertheless the boys in Korean gameshow!!

credit : Soompi + berlala@youtube

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DBSK Thailand Yamaha CF

Our boys advertised for Yamaha (A motorcycle manufacturer) in Thailand....Here are some advertisements of them in a Thai Magazine and the CF is kinda funny too.Enjoy!

credits: Soompi and nikirex18

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[TRANS] What's In Web [THSK's Fantasy Star]

THSK’s Fantasy Star
This issue of [What’s in] will be regarding the design of the tour logo before their arena tour [T] and an interview about their ideal live conceal. Being one of the first interviews for 2008, let’s start to understand them from here onwards! Just like that, we’ve published [What did you do during your January holiday?] and [My goal for 2008] on our website. There was laughter and tears and it seemed like we’ve fully experienced the 5 different types of holidays from the 5 of them

I went back to my hometown and went mountain climbing with family and friends. Although we took a cable car halfway up the mountain, but we walked all the way up to the halfway point first. After that, I attended a party with Jaejoong. I met up with my classmates from my first year in high school that I haven’t seen in a long time. It was a class gathering. Around 18 of us gathered a restaurant my friend owns and talked about what we have been doing while enjoying the night scenery together. It was very enjoyable.
In the year 2008, I want to teach myself the piano and to apply it to make our harmony more flexible. I’ve even bought the books needed to learn to play the piano

I went to the ski resort with my friends in Korea and tried skiing, something I haven’t done in a year. Actually, Changmin was supposed to go skiing with us but he caught a cold…. How good I am in skiing? Although I cannot do those jumps or 180 degree turns, I must say I have some skill (in skiing). My manager who went along got a shock and said that I was very good. I even brought my dog to play in the ski resort.
My goal for this year is, my fear of heights….Yeah, it’s impossible (laughs) (T/N: I think he means he wants to overcome that fear then says it’s impossible to overcome it). Oh yeah, I want to build a house where I can stay with my family. The members have also supported me in my decision. (Gives a shocked expression when talking about the members~)

I went to play soccer with a bunch of my friends from high school. We played 6 on 6 and shot in many goals like footballers and the result was 20-18. Because there weren’t enough people, the goal keeper was practically non existent. I won by shooting 9 goals in 20 minutes. After that I went a restaurant that I always went to when I was a kid and before my debut. (T/N: I’m guessing it’s his dad’s restaurant? :D ) We reminisced about a lot of things as a family and had a relaxing time.
My goal for the year is to compose good songs. I would like to compose a song that regardless of genre or nationality, no matter who listens to it, they’ll say ‘This song is good’.

I went on a holiday to the villages with my friends. We left on the 1st of January and I drove about 5 hours or so before reaching. Although we stayed there for 5 days, but compared to that, the only thing I can remember is that I drove…… Something’s wrong. These 5 days flew past quickly compared to half a year of schedules. (laughs). And because of the crude oil spillage in Korea last year, I volunteered to clean the beach. Changmin and his father participated.
My goal for the year: because I have many problems with my body, in order to let my bones and muscles to become stronger, I want to go to the gym. Then I would also like to work even harder to finish an incomplete song and release it in our CD. My goal is to compose one more song compared to Junsu.

Although I participated in the volunteer activities, however because I was sick for majority of the break, it was a holiday that only comes once in a long time but I didn’t really go out to play. I just kept sleeping…. Although I went to the ski resort with Yoochun, but I got a cold after the day I arrived so I could only stay in the resort and sleep. I didn’t ski at all and didn’t even touch snow. Why did this happen? On the first day back, I thought [What did I do during the break] and was so upset I could’ve cried.
I would like to learn to play the guitar this year because I wanted to learn it since last year but I didn’t do it in the end. I want to be able to sing and play the guitar simultaneously one day. And I want to be healthy *laughs*

Here are the pictures of the boys' drawings..

Translations: Sparkskey
Credits: Herojjbar, What's in Web official site

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U-Know YunHo, 'Will only receive feelings' for B-day Present.

유노윤호, 생일선물 '마음만 받겠다'
U-Know YunHo, 'Will only receive feelings' for B-day Present.

DBSK's U-Know YunHo(22) who had his birthday on the 6th rejected the presents his fans sent him.

U-Know YunHo who is doing activities in Japan came back to Korea to celebrate the New Years holiday, sent a word to his fanclub that he could not accept the gifts. The gifts his fans showed included a computer, notebook [could either be a regular notebook or laptop IDK which one they mean], synthesizer, digital camera, and an electric shaver among other things and gathered millions of won for them.

YunHo said "He was touched by the sincerity of the fans' aspiration. He was happy because he was able to feel how cherished he was" but then stated that "wouldn't it be better if the things the fans gathered with their loving hearts were given to others who needed a bigger helping hand. I think that if the presents could be distributed to those fostering their dreams under harder circumstances, (the fans') feelings will be used more nobly"

It was found out that U-Know YunHo had rejected his presents every year. The fanclub respects YunHo's wishes and plan to donate the gifts somewhere else.


<저작권자ⓒ '한국언론 뉴스허브' 뉴시스통신사. 무단전재-재배포 금지.>

Credits: annneonet @ dbsg LJ comm

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info credits to pinkslippers @ Epiphany Forums

"to all those who aren't very much acquainted with the said charts (like moi), well, here's something from Wikipedia:
The United World Chart is a worldwide chart issued every week by Media Traffic, using both sales (digital and physical) and airplay to determine the most popular albums and singles worldwide. The United World Chart uses the same system as the Billboard Hot 100, in which the tracking-week for sales begins on Monday and ends on Sunday; meanwhile the airplay tracking-week runs from Wednesday to Tuesday. The newest weekly chart is therefore issued every Thursday."

- pinkslippers + wikipedia -

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[FEATURED] DBSK on Peru National News Channels + Radio

Special Report on Peruvian craze for DBSK
Special Report Part 1:

Special Report Part 2:

Report by Canal 8 [Peruano] TVXQ

Report by Canal 9:

DBSK on Peruvian Radio 27/08/08
(3rd time featured, after previous air times for "O" Jung.Ban.Hap):

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Purple Line Full PV

I know everyone has been waiting anxiously for this! ITS REALLY WORTH THE WAIT!!! Ready to spazz????

Take note that its the korean version though. And probably a little different than the preview we watched.

Click HERE to watch and sing along!


BIGGEST FANCLUB - Guiness World Record

The fanclub of Asia's Top Artists group TVXQ, known as Cassiopeia has been recorded to The Guinness World Record Book of 2008, for the BIGGEST fanclub of an artist! Cassiopeia consist of over 800,000 OFFICIAL members when last counted. This is not even including the non-official members. With this, TVXQ has the biggest fanbase in the world!

Credits: Cassiopeia HK + + stripesoflove@Cyxion
Source for ShenYuePop: Ochib
Credit for ShenYue!

WOW! I mean.. WOWWWWW!! These are only the official Cassiopeia members.. What about non official fans like me? WOW!! GO CASSIOPEIA! GO TVXQ! Who here isn't an official Cassiopeia member like me too? Wonder if we could create another record with the unofficial fan list.. HAHA..


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TVXQ's New Album Gains Massive Fan Base

Korean pop band TVXQ(Dong Bang Shin Ki) carved out a massive female fan base in Japan with their upcoming new album "T", which has received top name recognition among teen girls, a leading Japanese music chart revealed Sunday (Jan. 20).

The five-member male K-pop group, called Tohoshinki in Japan, is the only group whose pre-release album was recognized by more than 90 percent of teenage girls, according to Japan's best-known Oricon Charts. Ninety-six percent of teen girls said they knew about T, set to be released on Wednesday. Its name recognition overall was 67 percent.

Oricon Style, the weekly that publishes the best-known music chart using data from over 3,000 Japanese retail outlets, said the high recognition will have a significant impact on T's sales performance. The group's popularity was also expected to shoot up among teen boys, the report said, with their 38th single "Last Angel" featuring Japanese pop female singer Koda Kumi.

The quintet TVXQ(Dong Bang Shin Ki), meaning "God has risen from the east" and called Tong Vfang Xin Qi in China, debuted in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China in 2003 specializing in singing, dancing and a cappella. & Tour2Korea

Feb 2008 Pati Pati Translation

I find this interview funny but its kinda long though.Enjoy reading!!

The year opened with [Purple Line]. This song was also composed by the Korean who also composed popular live songs like [Rising Sun] and [O.Jung.Ban.Hap] right?

JS: Yeah, however, it has a different feel compared to [Rising Sun]. Also, and we still have no idea what this song will mean to THSK

YH: It’s completely different from our other songs

JS: The recording wrapped up at our first try, but we wanted to improve on this song so we recording it again

JJ: Because we still haven’t found the appropriate feeling (to express this song)

CM: Therefore, we raised the 2 keys for our second recording

JS: We also changed our singing technique, and our voices sounded completely different as compared to the first recording

YH: Because we managed to feel the vigor of the song more, therefore, you’ll be able to feel a whole new THSK through this song. I’ve been listening to this song to train myself before the album comes out

--- The color of the third album is different from the previous 2 albums. One can feel the whole new THSK’s challenge within the songs.

JJ: This album recording took place when we were traveling between Korea and overseas. Although the time frame was tighter than the previous 2 albums but because we were doing something we enjoyed, we were able to pull ourselves together and forget about our fatigue

YH: This album has a ‘cool and wild’ feel. Ballads were the main focus of our first album and although our second album had many changes, but there were many bright and warm songs compared to the first song. However, this song has songs with a more mature style that we’ve never done before.

YC: Although it very powerful, but overall it has a serious feel

----- Actually, compared your previous 2 albums, you can say that the focus of the album is lower, and compared to others, the masculine side of the album really stands out

JJ: This album isn’t only confined to being ‘powerful’. We have also included R&B styled songs and manly tricks. If the second album is described a being ‘zealous’, then in this album you can feel the growth of men.

----- Although it’s cool on the outside, you can also feel a burning enthusiasm in the content too

JJ: That’s right, our enthusiasm is concealed on the inside!

--- The album title [T] gives off a very cool feel; doesn’t the title have many meanings?

JJ: That’s right. Firstly, it’s TVXQ’s T

JS: The T in Try

YH: The T in Team

CM: The T in Third

JJ: The T in Trick

YH: “Trick” is also a song in the album; it gives off a magical feel

YC: And T for Trouble

CM: That’s Junsu’s thing *laughs*

JS: That’s not true~~

YH: Although we think he’s ‘trouble’ when he’s making gags, *laughs* Junsu’s THSK’s mood maker

JS: *full of confidence* T for Tyrannosaurus

YH: *Ignore* T for Trend

YC: T for Terrible

*All 5 bursts out laughing*

----What does ‘Terrible’ mean?

YC: Scary, excessive

----Eh~~ So the album is terrible *laughs*

JJ: *Immediately* No, it’s not! It’s an album that really stands out!

YH: And T for top, it shows what we are heading towards

-----There’re really many meaning to it. Again, that’s the colorful THSK.

JJ: Honma ni ookini(Kansai dialect for Thank you very much)

-----Wow, it sounds unfamiliar.

JJ: I’ve recently been addicted to the Kansai dialect. Omoshiroi denna *laughs* (T/N: ‘Interesting’ in the Kansai dialect) Bochi bochi denna (T/N: ‘Just like that, as normal’ in Kansai dialect)

CM: The only person who’s addicted to it is Jaejoong *laughs* Anyway, this album from dance tricks to ballads is balanced superbly. You wouldn’t get sick of the album no matter how many times you listen to it

JS: Although the music quality is higher compared to the first 2 albums, the difference lies in the emotions portrayed in our voices. Up till the second album we were always too focused on our Japanese pronunciation, and in actually fact, we didn’t really let ourselves feel the emotions of the song. Now, we’re a little better in terms of pronunciation after all the hard work. Of course, we didn’t have much time to work on this album….. *laughs*

------ Actually, I can tell the difference in the usage of your falsettos this time, also THSK has also challenged many new styles this time. In the midst of all that, isn’t there a song composed by Yoochun and Jaejoong that everybody is so concerned about? It’s finally being released in Japan!

JJ: Yeah, we really did our best!

------ What kind of method was used to compose it?

JJ: At first, I suggested that the 2 of us compose song together. This has become a reality. The song is composed by Yoochun and I and the Japanese lyrics are written by Yoochun

YC: The lyrics are is about a confusing situation where the person doesn’t know who he really is, or where he is. In the end, I wrote down the jumbled thoughts of the main character who only knew what happiness was like.

----- Jumbled thoughts…. This.. If it was one year ago, you probably couldn’t have written something like that *laughs* This love song is also very sad…

JJ: Yeah, if we put it simply, it talks about how the girl he loved died. *sighs* And there’s a Japanese narration in the prelude. This is the main point of the whole song so you mustn’t skip that part

YC: Although the song is about love, but from it you’ll be able to see the pain and suffering in living

----- So it actually has such a grand theme. If it is as Yoochun says… Then we’re seeing Yoochun in a new light

YC: *shy* Thank you!

JJ: Wait a mintue~~ Aren’t you going to look at me in a new light too?

----- *laughs* No, no. Of course I’ll look at Jaejoong too. And because I can feel the outstanding musical talents you have in this album, once again, I think that you’re very outstanding

JJ: That’s really good *laughs*

----- Come to think about it, I personally feel that the sadness of this song is very similar to [Lovin’ You]

JJ: However, the way we express the melody and the lyrics is different from the Japanese composers. I want people to feel that difference

YC: This time the song was written by 2 people, however, compared to one person, indeed, I feel happier when 2 people do this together. Therefore, instead of 2 people, if 3,4… or even 5 can make a song together, it’ll be really great!

----- If all the members can compose/write a song together, then it’ll be T for Team

YH: And there’re many other songs to listen to besides this one. I would like to recommend all the new songs to everybody! Personally, I really like [NO?], this is a jazz song that THSK has never tried up till now. We all used husky voices as a singing technique to bring out the sexiness in the song

JJ: You’ll be really shocked when you hear the chorus

YH: It’s more like everyone’s voices are very heavy so the entire song feels very deep

------ And if you combine it with live performances, it should be very cool

YH: How’re we going to portray this, it’s very frustrating

JJ: *Long sigh*

YC: It’s like hell. *laughs* Because I really like this song, so I’ll really work hard this time

------ So it’s only [this time] *laughs*

YC: No, no. Although I’ve always worked hard, but I’ll put in the extra effort this time

---- Lastly, let’s talk about THSK’s hopes for the year, not your own hopes but what you want the other members to accomplish, or what you want to say to them. Let’s start with Yunho (capri-shiqi: Jaeho/Yunjae alert!!! xD)

JJ: I hope he wouldn’t be injured this year and be healthy the entire year

YH: Yeah, I know

----- Next, Junsu (capri-shiqi: YOOSU alert!!! xD)

YC: Have more confidence and achieve his dreams.

All: OH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

JS: Thank you~

YH: Complete writing 30 songs

JS: ……. Yeah, I know

JJ: Have more self love

------- Junsu doesn’t like himself as much as the others do? *laughs*

JS: Yeah, I totally love myself *laughs*

JJ: However, it’s good to be more confident. He looks good, sings well, dances well and has a good character

----- And he’s funny and interesting

JJ: And he has sense

JS: *shyly* Yeah, I must work hard to have more confidence in myself

------ So what about Changmin?

YH: Last year Changmin met with a lot of frustrating incidents. Because Changmin is the sort of person who will start to shine if he just improves a little, it’ll be good if he approaches problems a little more calmly

JJ: As expected, that’s the leader’s insight

CM: Thank you, I’ll work hard

---- You’ll be 20 this year

CM: Although I really want to change but in actual fact I feel very helpless

--- Why?

CM: The other 4, after they passed 20, still didn’t change much *laughs*

---- Changmin’s sharp tongue has also never changed *laughs* You can show off your sharp tongue this year as well, right?

JJ: No, no, he can’t *laughs*

YH: It’ll be good if he weakens that part of him

JJ: Because Changmin’s already mature enough

YH: He has both adult and child in him

JS: And the gap is really wide

JJ: That’s Changmin’s appeal, I guess. If his childish part disappears then the status of us older brothers will be very dangerous. We might even change leaders *laughs* Because of that, don’t be too mature!

CM: What on earth should I do? *laughs*

JJ: What should you do? *laughs* Just maintain your current self

CM: I know

----- Let’s talk about Jaejoong. What expectations does Changmin have of Jaejoong?

JJ: I want to maintain my current self too!! *laughs*

CM: Although he’s very good as he is now, but I want him to be more mature this year when carrying out promotional activities

*Laughter from everyone*

YH: I feel the same way as Changmin. Because Jaejoong is a person anxious for people’s reactions, it’ll be good if he can be more patient, but he thinks there’ll be no reaction that way

----- Does he try too hard?

YH: I’ve been thinking that way recently. Therefore he starts getting anxious because he’s worried that it isn’t enough, I think it’ll be good if he’ll just but aside his worries and carry out the activity naturally

JJ: Recently, I felt a crisis in my life *laughs* I’ll try to put aside all my worries and work hard!

YH: Thank you~~ *both of them shakes hands*

JS: That’s what ‘Team’ means

------ I see. So, lastly, Yoochun

YH: Please try to save more money this year!!!

*All 5 start laughing*

YH: Yoochun likes eating with many people and every time he’d be fighting for the bill

YC: I feel very happy when eating with many people, and since I feel good, I really feel like footing the bill on the spur of the moment.

------So you’re very generous~~

YH: Because he’s too generous, so I hope he’d try to be more frugal this year

YC: I know~

JJ: Last year because of the songwriting, he worked very hard and he wouldn’t eat breakfast without fail everyday, and eat supper…..his constitution became very bad. I wish he’d have a healthier lifestyle this year

----- If your condition isn’t good, you can’t even sing

JJ: However, Junsu’s fine sometimes even when he’s condition is bad. He is to the point where he’s healthy all the time. He’s very powerful~ *laughs*

YH: He really doesn’t get sick often. He doesn't accumulates stress like everyone else

CM: He really is an idiot *laughs*

JJ: He is a very positive person

CM: He’s a positive idiot *laughs*

JJ: Junsu will relieve the stress felt by the other 4 members!

CM: I’m so jealous

YH: Therefore, we also hope to relieve everyone’s stress with this album, and to bring positive power~ We’ll open the year with this album and we hope to bring to you a more talented THSK. Please look forward to it!

YC: It really is an outstanding album

------ So, lastly, we hope that Junsu will use a gag to ‘cure’ the other 4 members (from stress) to end this….

JS: Iyashi waya (T/N: I don’t like cures)

All: ………………………. *no reaction*

JS: So, “Ikura wo ikura tabettara ikura?” (T/N: How much is it to eat how many fish?)

All: *ignores Junsu*…. Thank you everyone *laughs*

Credits fully if taking out! =)

Translated by: Sparkskey@LJ
Credits: DNBN + Sparkskey@LJ + capri-shiqi@CassiopeiaSG[/b]

Friday, February 01, 2008


Submit your Fan Questions for possible Tohoshinki interview!

They do interviews with many prominent Japanese artists and knowing how open TVXQ is about interviews and promotions, I am almost SURE they will get this interview with them.

No matter how what your question is, ASK.
2) on J!Ent website have insider contacts that have helped Asian bands COME TO AMERICA and perform (in places like the anime cons etc)

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J!ENT said in their latest blog:
"WOW! The most fan question submissions for a J!-ENT interview
30th January , 2008 by KNDY in Off-The-Hook
What's up everyone? I just want to say thank you for your fan submissions, you still have time if you haven't sent any yet but I'm in awe of how many submissions we have recieved...This is awesome and I think that this will give us more to show Tohoshinki's A&R that the fandom is hot worldwide. The record amount of submissions has surpassed our submissions that we had for L'Arc~en~Ciel "

So now, J!Ent wants to showcase the fandom worldwide in North America, Europe, Asia and South America and possibly other countries as well TO OUR BOYS!! XD They are practically doing all the work for us!

What they want from fans:
- Fanart / Drawings
- Dance video choreagraphies
- Pictures of your room / photos of merchandise you have bought

For those that are chosen to be featured in the article (this is outside of the fan question part of the interview that was above), they need the following:


And for you to answer the following questions:

- How did you become a fan of Tohoshinki?
- What is your favorite CD single and album from Tohoshinki and why?
- What is it about Tohoshinki that you like about their group.
- Then talk about your interest and if you did anything in regards to Tohoshinki (ie. collecting images, magazines, learning choreography, doing similar hairstyles, etc.)

That is for one section of the article.


The second section is asking fans around the world "WHAT DID YOU THINK ABOUT "T"? (their latest album)

For this one, they need the following:

Name, City, State (Province), Country
A picture of yourself (you will be featured)
And answer the following three questions:

- What is your favorite song from the album "T"
- What is your opinion of Tohoshinki's latest album?
- What personal message would you like to say to the guys of Tohoshinki?

Please e-mail them at: info[at]nt2099[dot]com or nt2099[at]gmail[dot]com with your answers and photos! THANK YOU!!!!


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