Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Many Balloons

I'm really starting to wonder how many different costumes are they having for the performances of the song Balloons. As much as I love the cute costumes, its getting rather annoying that I feel the need to download all the performances. Ahh.. But what the heck, "O" Jung.Ban.Hup doesnt have that many cute and funny costumes but I still feel tempted to download all of them anyway. WAHAHAA...

What to do...DBSK's performances are SMASHINGLY AWESOME! Who cares about the fact that they lipsynched for some uptempo performances at some award show? We fans know absolutely well that they sing live wonderfully. Whether its an acappella number, a touching ballad or an uptempo song like Rising Sun and "O" Jung.Ban.Hap. Our boys pull them off with ease on numerous ocassions to show to the world that they are indeed the RISING GODS OF THE EAST! DBSK HWAITING!

Well, with that said, I'm trying to compile a list of all their Balloons Performances. Here they are. For the MV and Lyrics, click HERE.

Balloons @ Xman - 5/11/06

Cartoon Characters (Panda, Dinosaur, Ladybug, Piglet, Dalmation) - 12/11/06

Snow White & 7 Dwarfs - 18/11/06

Smurfs - 19/11/06

Peter Pan - 26/11/06

Xmas Outfits
Black & White @ Love Concert - 9/12/06
Red & White @ Music Core - 9/12/06

Super Mario - 10/12/06

Harry Potter Concept - 29/12/06

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Our beloved DBSK just walked away with FOUR Awards at yesterday's MKMF! I'm just so proud of their awesome achievement! HWAITING! Here's the list of the awards they won and some pictures during the event.

1. Award
2. Best Group
3. Mnet Plus Mobile Popularity Award

Red Carpet Pictures

credits: on the pic + BZ + Cyxion Forums

credits: bestiz + hseliz@ AF + yamarin@livejournal

Youtube Links to the Award Presentation

TVXQ at MKMF Red Carpet
Choice of MNet Award
Best Group Award
¨O¨ - 正.反.合 Performance
Mnet Plus Mobile Popularity Award
Best Artiste of the Year

credits: umxhm + badstar07 @ youtube

I read somewhere that poor Junsu was sick so he missed the red carpet event. But he was there later on to give a smashing performance. Hope he gets well soon!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

DBSK's Vacation

Woot! The highly anticipated Vacation drama is finally out! "Man Seh!!" DBSK's latest theatherical drama which comes in 4 episodes with different theme to each. Click link to watch in Youtube.

Ep. 1 - Cassiopeia - Yunho
Ep. 2 - Beautiful Life - Junsu & Changmin
Ep. 3 - The Way You Are - JaeJoong
Ep. 4 - Eternal - YooChun

The intro of Vacation about what each story tells and where it's filmed.

The highlights of Vacation, what you can expect to see in the drama.

Vacation Drama is also included in DBSK's O Theory DVD version C and the unconfirmed news is that it's subbed. Enjoy watching them and remember to buy the originals so DBSK would come again to Malaysia!

Credits to Sanbi@youtube, &

Father and Kid

A pretty recent clip of Yunho and Junsu playing around with a Polaroid Camera in MNet Starwatch. Look how patient Daddy Yunho is with the stubborn little Junsu trying hard to act smart. Hehe... So absolutely adorable I wanna pinch their cheeks!

Monday, November 13, 2006

O-正 反 合 (Version A+B+C+D)

Version A .. .. Version B

Version C .... .... Version D
Credits: deppstar@AF + on pictures + bz + mcmug@Soompi

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Xiah Junsu - White Lies

Such a beatifully sad song that captures the heart. How much more talented can Xiah get? *melts*

Have a listen while reading the translated/romanised lyrics.


*edit* I've repaired the download link. Please let me know if it works.



It breaks my heart that Junsu is capable of writing such sad lyrics. T__T


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

To You - Micky Yoochun

Park Yoochun a.k.a Micky was dubbed the smiling angel of DBSK because of his loving smiles which flashes his oh-so-cute high cheekbones. I must admit that I'm ashamed of my first impression of him when I watched Rising Sun, Miduhyo and other MVs. On a first glance perhaps one might not think of him as good looking or attractive. Please don't get pissed other Yoochun fans if you disagree with me. Its purely a personal opinion and I have nothing at all against Yoochun. I adore him to bits. I really DO!

Yoochun first caught my attention when I watched Banjun Theatre - The King's Man Parody. It was then when I realised how adorable he was. His whole demeanour, from the random winks to the shy innocent smiles when he's embarassed, was like screaming "LOVE ME!". Yup... (*nods*) That was the kind effect it had on me.

Speaking of which, Yoochun has a really weird effect on me. Whether its the husky growl of his voice or his sentimental side, I can't explain it. But when he shows the soulful emotional look of his, it evokes feelings that makes me wanna give him a bear hug hoping whatever sorrows he may have would just go away. It was agreed amongst all the members that he is the most emotional one in the "ALL ABOUT TVXQ - Talk To You"s and expressed so clearly in his touching talk in YSMM (Click HERE to watch). Seeing Yoochun always smiling and up to mischief, you could hardly imagine him being sad.

Yes...the adorkable smiling Micky that never fails to make you smile or burst out laughing with silly antics. The romantic and expressive Micky that melts your heart with a deep voiced "Girl.. Let me prove that my love is real. I will give all my love to you." Being a composer/writer of songs, he most certainly has a way with words and the way he conveys them in his sorethroaty voice whether singing or speaking, buys me over for sure.


(Click HERE for more pictures)


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

To You - Xiah Junsu

This will be the first of the "To You" series where a post will be dedicated to each of the members.

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(For more pictures of Junsu, click HERE)

Kim Junsu a.k.a Xiah Junsu, fondly known as the "Dolphin" because of his high pitched voice and ability to mimick dolphin cries. I don't care if Yunho claims that it sounds nothing at all like a dolphin in the latest "O" DVD Talk. It sounds adorable to me and I just can't get enough of it. HAHA.

The first thing that attracted me to him was how he sings and dances. So full of emotion. His moves are often exaggerated (in a nice way, of course) in showing his passion for it and because of that, it looks extra awesome. There's nothing like emotion and passion to heighten and artist's performance. He's so talented and he knows how to flaunt it with a confidence and seriousness that shows his commitment in his work. He's often tagged the all rounder in the group because of his mastery in both singing and dancing.

Yet when not performing, he's so adorable and playful offstage that makes you love him even more. He does the silliest and funniest random things. He's just a natural comedian maybe because its all spontaneous. One of my favourites is the one where he hits his face with the necklace trying to imitate Usher. Here's the adorable clip:

Some say that he has a wonderful smile.

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I would have to agree with that. His famous trademark laugh is so contagious. Its as if you let out all the air inside you. A big hearty laugh is what would best describe it. You would know its him immediately. I dont think I've ever heard anyone laugh like that. Plus he laughs easily at things. (Hmm..kinda like myself and some people I know..)

Perhaps its his good nature that makes him subject to bullying. Its purely my personal opinion though that I feel he's so often bullied by the other members. They give him weird nicknames and imitate his high voice just to name a few. Micky loves to request him to demonstrate stuff. And our dear Xiah always obliges but gets really embarassed after that and hides behind Micky (or any of the others). cute.. Either that or he blushes a deep crimson as he did in this clip (Click Here). They make fun of him so much but he always just laughs it off good naturedly. What a good sport.

Xiah has gained a larger fan crowd with his new hair recently. More people notice him now. To me, it was definitely the charisma and personality which he oozes with in those numerous MVs I've watched that bought me over. Hence, blonde bangs, black locks, or brown spikes, he's stil the adorable yet charismatic Junsu to me. SARANGHAE YONGWONHI!

Maybe I should continue this gushing some other time. Don't wanna get carried away too much too soon.


p/s: Note to the other contributors. You can post your view of Xiah too. Just follow the title as in this post and add a (Part 2) to it.



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