Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Trick Singles...Member's solo cover

Here's some information on our boy's solo covers..


「Two hearts / WILD SOUL(CHANGMIN from 東方神起)」
2008.2.6 On Sale

Two hearts
Two hearts -Less Vocal‐
WILD SOUL ‐Less Vocal‐(CHANGMIN from 東方神起)


「Runaway / My Girlfriend(YUCHUN from 東方神起)」
2008.2.13 On Sale

My Girlfriend(YUCHUN from 東方神起)
Runaway -Less Vocal‐
My Girlfriend ‐Less Vocal‐(YUCHUN from 東方神起)


「If...!? / Rainy Night(JUNSU from 東方神起)」
2008.2.27 On Sale

Rainy Night(JUNSU from 東方神起)
If…!? -Less Vocal‐
Rainy Night -Less Vocal‐(JUNSU from 東方神起)

「Close to you / Crazy Life(YUNHO from 東方神起)」
2008.3.5 On Sale

Close to you
Crazy Life(YUNHO from 東方神起)
Close to you -Less Vocal‐
Crazy Life -Less Vocal‐(YUNHO from 東方神起)

「Keyword / Maze(JEJUNG from 東方神起)」
2008.3.12 On Sale

Maze(JEJUNG from 東方神起)
Keyword -Less Vocal‐
Maze -Less Vocal‐(JEJUNG from 東方神起)

T-Two Hearts (Changmin)
R-Runaway (Yoochun)
I-If (Junsu)
C-Close To You (Yunho)
K-Keyword (Jaejoong)

Get it?


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bangkok Offshot Movie

This is a short clip form the Asia Tour in Bangkok Offshot in the Purple Line CD+DVD Version. Poor Su gets caked to the floor. And they get him a shirt that says "Sorry Girls I'm Gay". NOESSS!!!! I refuse to believe that.. Hahaha..

To wrap up this update, have listen to a preview of another song, Kiss Shita Mama Sayonara. Its has a really melancholic to it. Reminds me of Insa in the overall mood of the song.. Especially that SAYONARA.....!!!! at the end reminds me of Ahnyong in Insa.. LOL.. [4shared][MF]


Friday, January 18, 2008

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stiff Competition

Artistes Releasing Singles The Same Week As THSK Solo Singles

080206 Trick (Changmin)

080213 Trick (Yoochun)
EVERY LITTLE THING, Shonannokaze, Hirahara Ayaka, Melody, Porno Graffitti

080227 Trick (Junsu)
EXILE- YUI- Namidairo, Nakamori Akina, DREAMS COME TRUE

080305 Trick (Yunho)

080312 Trick (Jaejoong)
Toshi Kubota+MISIA, Mikan Akashima, Ken Hirai, Namie Amuro

Credits: TVXQF

Think they'll top the charts for the week anyway? Support our favourite boys please!


Monday, January 14, 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008

EHB Episode 10 with DBSK!

OUT! GO WATCH.. I'm going to now.. LOL.. Tudou links for now..

English Subbed Links thanks to Ginaya @ YT
[Part 1]
[Part 2]
[Part 3]
[Part 4]

Clubbox Download Link (937MB)



F4 copies TVXQ's Step By Step

F4新 MV學東方神起 F4《在這裡等你》MV被爆抄襲韓國男子團體東方神起的《Step by step》,網友不僅在部落格上貼出2支MV的相似畫面,還諷刺將《在這裡等你》改稱《在這裡學你》;但F4所屬Sony BMG仍否認抄襲,表示“英雄所見略同”。
《在這裡等你》MV由導演賴偉康執導,Sony BMG企劃人員解釋,言承旭身后有櫻花,是因他在日本很紅;吳建豪身后的大樓,是要表達他常在不同城市中穿梭,不認抄襲。

F4 latest MV "waiting for you" has been said to copy Korean Boyband TVXQ!'s Step By Step. Fans not only posted the images of both MV for comparison, but also renamed the song title to "copying/learning from you". However, F4's management company Sony BMG has denied that they've copied and said; its just coincidence

The MV "waiting for you"'s director, and Sony BMG's producer explained that Jerry Yan's sakura background was choose because he is very popular in Japan. And Vanness Wu's background of big buildings is to express that he is often in different cities strolling, denying that it was copied.

Translation: kamyla_tamara @ LJ
From: 中國報/ Chinapress

I guess its rather harsh to say that they copied TVXQ. But can notice some similarities between the 2 MVs. Perhaps its a coincidence as quoted. I'm glad though that TVXQ's MV was the one that was released first. Otherwise, they'd be the ones accused of cheating. For a boyband of TVXQ's status. I think it would be very insulting. Haha.. Well, is it just me that thinks that TVXQ is top of the class when it comes to boybands? No offence to F4 fans though.. Just my 2 cents worth..

Watch the MV for yourself


[Tracklist] 'T' (Album)

I'm a little slow on the updates lately. Hope I'm forgiven. But anyway, here's the content of the latest to be released 3rd Japanese Album, T.

Note: If any of you are going to get their 16th single japanese "Purple Line" and 3rd japanese album "T", please purchase it from HMV Japan as it taken into account at the Oricon Charts whereas purchases from Yesasia aren't.

Tohoshinki - T

Release Date

¥7,000=64.19 U.S. dollars (2CD+2DVD)
¥4,200=38.51 U.S. dollars (CD+DVD)
¥3,059=28.051 U.S. dollars (CD only)

CD1 Tracklist
3.Purple Line
4.Forever Love
5.Summer Dream
6.Ride on
8.Lovin' you
13.Love in the Ice
14.Forever Love -a cappella version- (CD only)
15.Lovin' you -Haru's "deep water" mix- (CD only)
16.Together (Bonus Track)

CD2 Tracklist
1.Song for you
2.Day Moon ~Harudal~ (Day Moon ~ハルダル~)
3.Beautiful Life
4.You're my miracle
5.Kiss Shita Mama, Sayonara (Kissしたまま、さよなら)

DVD1 Tracklist
Lovin' you (PV)
Summer Dream (PV)
Forever Love (PV)
Together (PV)
Off Shot Movie (First Press only)

DVD2 Tracklist
Soul Power Tokyo Summit 2007 -TOHOSHINKI-
2nd LIVE TOUR ~Five in the Black~ Special Edition
PREMIUM MINI LIVE @YOKOHAMA BLITZ 2007.9.23 (First Press only)

Credits: bestiz + ayuangel + BoAjjang + hero33@soompi

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Purple Line MV (Preview)

What can I say, HOTNESSS!!??? Most definitely.. Watch for yourself..

Click the link below if you wanna hear a clear preview of the song. Its not the full song though..
Purple Line (Preview) (Clear version).mp3
Dead End Remix + Zion Remix

Other Previews from the 3rd Album, T

No + Darkness

Please support them by buying the original Album! You can't call yourself a fan if you don't buy any original cds.


Monday, January 07, 2008

EHB Episode 9 with DBSK!

ITS OUT!!!!! THIS IS A SERIOUSLY A MUST WATCH! Though its not subbed yet, you'll enjoy all the action of SUJU vs DBSK! Totally cool!!!! I'll put up subbed links when they're done by gomdorii's friend.

Subbed Links thanks to Ginaya @ Youtube
[Part 1]
[Part 2]
[Part 3]
[Part 4]

Subbed Links thanks to gomdorii (or her friend.. shrug)
[Part 1]
[Part 2]
[Part 3]
[Part 4]
[Part 5]
[Part 6]
[Part 7]

You can download this from clubbox for now. Here's the link
[EHB - Ep. 9]

I really can't wait to watch the next episode. So glad that they made it more than one episode. One would certainly not be enough!


Sunday, January 06, 2008

[NEWS] 080103 TVXQ Member Quietly Joins Taean Clean-up

TVXQ Member Quietly Joins Taean Clean-up

ChoiKang Changmin, better known as Max of Korea’s hottest idol group TVXQ, has quietly lent a helping hand to Taean County which was devastated by the nation’s worst oil spill last month.

His secret volunteer work was revealed when a volunteer posted his sighting of Changmin on the TVXQ fan site. The person who saw Changmin wrote on the posting that it was a big surprise to find Changmin among the volunteers. The weather down in Taean had been cold and snowy, but Changmin and his father had joined other volunteers in cleaning up the oil. The posting said that since no other TVXQ members were in sight, Changmin must have come to Taean by himself.

TVXQ had spent most of their time in Japan last year, but had recently returned to Korea for a short New Year’s break. TVXQ’s agent confirmed that Changmin had been in Taean for volunteer work on his first day back from Japan. He was not accompanied by any other members.

Credits: KBS World + neko28 @ Wordpress


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

[TRANS] Xmas Date with THSK ~ Winter Love talk

Xmas with THSK ~ Winter Love Talk

Q: How do you usually spend Christmas in Korea?

JJ: We’ll go drinking!

YC: There are many ways of celebrating. Having a party with friends or family or going out to play

Q: In Japan, they’ll spend Christmas with their other half. If it were you guys, what do you want to do with your girlfriend?

YH: I want a normal date. Going to the movies together, sipping red wine while eating.. I would like to do something like this

JS: I would like to walk on the streets holding her hand. I also want to take photos together to keep it as a memory

YC: Even if it’s only for 5, 10 minutes, I would still want to meet up with my girlfriend…. Then I want to kiss her.

Q: Wow~~ That was a very strong exclamation

CM: I…..

JS: Changmin isn’t interested in these kinds of things! (ie: Dating)

CM: That’s not true! I want to go to the amusement park, and then sit on the Ferris wheel together

JS: What do you want to do on the Ferris wheel?

CM: What? Just talking….

YC: I want to kiss.

JS: Stop it, you’re just thinking of kissing

Q: (laughs)Right. You just released a single entitled [Forever Love]. Does everyone here believe in a love that’s everlasting?

YH + JS: I believe! *answering immediately*

JJ: I…….. would like to believe in it

YC: I think it’s very amazing

Q: What about Changmin?

JS: Changmin isn’t interested in these kinds of things!

CM: That’s not true! It’s a little different from what Junsu said. It isn’t that I’m not interested but it’s just that I’ve never thought of it before. Because I don’t really have experience in this area

Q: Ah~ I see. So what kind of Christmas presents do you want to prepare?

CM: I would like to give my girlfriend the same kind of flowers that we used for the photo shoot. Then what I would like my girlfriend to give me is the ‘times’ we spent from dawn to dusk

YH: Oh~~ I… I would like to become a Santa Claus just for one day for the one I like. I would like to do stuff that only women do up to now, like cooking.

JJ: Umm………. I can’t think of anything just relying on my imagination!

YH: This person, is very practical, therefore, this question isn’t suitable for him

JJ: OK OK. *laughs* I’ll answer this question too. I want to book the whole amusement park for my girlfriend then tell her ‘Just for today, the whole amusement park is yours!’

YC: I want to go too!

JJ: Why? *laughs*

YC: Then, I also have something I want to do. It’s very cold during winter right? I would like to wear a huge jacket to cover my girlfriend *gesturing while he speaks* (T/N: He means he wants to wear a jacket large enough to cover the 2 of them then they’ll be moving in unison.) I really want to do that

JS: You watch too much movies!

JJ: I want to do something else too! I want to bring my girlfriend to Shibuya and tell her ‘Wait for me in front of 109’. Then on the large screen, I want to play a video that I made just for her. And I’ll tell her in the video ‘I only have you, this fellow, in my eyes!’ *screams*

JS: Is it okay to say ‘this fellow’?

JJ: Saying these words there, I really feel very embarrassed. However, there’s no difference! World peace! (T/N: He said some popular phrase used in Japanese Variety shows nowadays)

JS: I really want to change that phrase for you

Q: *laughs* So how will you spend this Christmas?

YH: Last year, we had to work in Japan. There was a very amusing incident that occurred. After we finished recording, we went to a Roppongi. Suddenly we heard someone go ‘Excuse me…’

JJ: When we heard that I wanted to say ‘Ah~ We’re discovered?? Our popularity is on the rise!!’

CM: Then the couple said to us ‘Can you please help us take a photo?’ So we helped the perfect couple take a photo

JS: What do you want to do this Christmas?

Manager: …………

YH: We have to work this year too?! It’s okay…

Translated by: Sparkskey@Soompi
Credits: Hkcassiopeia, CTF

Hope you all enjoyed it! HAPPY 2008 to all DBSKer readers!!!


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