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Fancam Links + Pictures of 2nd Asia Tour Concert

Some Fancam Links I found on the Net along with some pictures to accompany them. Sorry but I couldn't find Max's Fancam. Will update once its out. Happy viewing!! DBSK Forever.. DBSKer..


Junsu's Solo - My Page

Micky Yoochun's Solo - One Last Cry

Jaejoong's Solo - Crying

Yunho's Solo - Spokesman

Individual Pictures..
Gotta love those shirts with cartoons of them on it... ;)

More About 2nd Asia Tour Concert


1. Phantom Video/Movie
2. Million Men
3. The Way U Are
4. Rising Sun
5. One
6. Ment
7. Mi Duh Yo
8. You're my Miracle
+ Junsu SOLO (self composed) My page
+ Yoochun SOLO PopSong One Last Cry
+ Yunho SOLO (self composed) Spokes Man
12. Hey! Girl
13. I wanna hold you
- Video/movie + Ment
+ Changmin SOLO Extreme 'When I first kissed you'
+ JaeJoong SOLO Crying
16. Drive
- Ment
18. Whatever They Say
19. You Only Love
20. Dangerous Mind
21. Tri-Angle (Featuring Jang Ri In)
22. O - Jung.Ban.Hap
23. Remember
24. Balloons
25. Hiyaya Summer Day
- Ment
27. Pabo (Unforgettable)
28. Hug

credits to vietblue99@soompi , Zhangliyin baidu bar

Few couple more articles & news about DBSK's 2nd Asia Tour Concert.

Korean Idol Group TVXQ Begins Asian Tour

The hottest idol star group in Korea TVXQ has launched its second Asian tour.

TVXQ kicked off the tour with an electrifying 2-1/2 hour concert last Friday at the Olympic Park in Seoul.

The concert theme was “anti-war” and the show befittingly started off with blaring sirens. Throughout the concert, black-and-white images of war and terrorism around the globe were shown in the background. Then the TVXQ members, dressed up as "sci-fi warriors of peace," put on a spectacular segment entitled “Dangerous Mind” together with 50 flag-waving military-garbed dancers.

In another segment, members dropped down 17 meters from the air to rescue a woman drowning in the sea, which earned thunderous applause from the audience.

Individual members each had the chance to flaunt their vocal talents later on. Xiah Jun-su sang his own composition “My Page” and Micky Yoo-chun performed his own rendition of Brian McNight’s “One Last Cry.”

The concert repertoire included 24 songs, showcasing the group's hits such as “Hug” and “Rising Sun.” When it was time to sing a piece from their album “Tri-angle,” they were joined by female Chinese singer Jang Ri-in.

Reflecting their popularity in Asia, over 1,500 fans from Japan, China, Thailand, and five other Asian nations attended the concert. The final tally of the audience stood at 12,000.

After holding three concerts in Seoul, TVXQ will continue the Asian tour in the latter half of this year, visiting Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and three other cities.

But first they will go to Japan to release a single and its second album “Five in the Black” in March, and go on a nationwide tour of Japan in May.

Idol Concert Marred by Excessive Screening

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

Korean boy band TVXQ performs during “The Second Asia Tour ‘O’” concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park in southern Seoul, Friday./ Korea Times

Confusion marred popular Korean boy band TVXQ's sold-out concert "The Second Asia Tour 'O''' at Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul on Friday, as thousands of fans waited for hours after the concert to retrieve their cell phones and digital cameras from the organizers.
Concert organizers required the 8,000 fans who attended Friday's concert to leave their cell phones and digital cameras in three designated booths before entering the stadium. This was done to ensure that fans would not be able to take photographs or videos of TVXQ during the concert. Images of the concert were licensed to several mobile phone content providers.

After the concert ended, fans, mostly middle school and high school girls, scrambled to retrieve their belongings. Since there was no system for the retrieval at three booths, there was a lot of confusion. Some fans even had to wait until 3 a.m. to get their cell phones and cameras back.

In a statement posted on its Web site, S.M. Entertainment apologized for the inconvenience to TVXQ's fans.

"Our company sincerely apologizes to the fans who attended the concert. We will request our company's concert organizers to make sure this will not be a problem in the future," S.M. Entertainment said.

In recent years, concert organizers and entertainment companies have tried to impose strict regulations to prevent fans from taking videos and photographs during concerts and events. Entertainment companies are increasingly becoming concerned over copyright violations resulting from these fan videos and photos, which are usually circulated on the Web.

Digital cameras, cell phones and MP3 players, even those without recording capability, were not allowed to be brought inside the concert hall during Japanese pop group Arashi's concert in Seoul in November.

But there are still some pop stars that allow their fans to take photographs. Irish pop superstars Westlife even asked their fans to take photos during the concert in Seoul last year.

Despite the problems over fan's cameras and phones, TVXQ kicked off its second Asian tour with sold-out concerts on Friday and Saturday. Another concert was scheduled for Sunday evening.

Loud cheers erupted when the five-member group appeared on stage performing "Phantom" from their latest album "O _ Chong.Ban.Hap." TVXQ delighted their fans with their singing and dancing throughout the two-hour concert.

TVXQ's Asian tour will bring them to Beijing and Shanghai, China; Taipei, Taiwan; Hong Kong; Bangkok, Thailand; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this year. The concert dates have not yet been confirmed.

TVXQ, known as Tohoshinki in Japan, will tour Japan from May 10 to June 16. The group, which will release their second Japanese album, ``Five in the Black," next month, will hold 14 concerts in the country.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

2nd Asia Tour Concert

2nd Korea Concert News

A Concert with 12,000 Fans,

The concert kick off with "The Way You Are" with the concept of "Million Men". Followed by "Rising Sun" etc. They performed an alternate "Miduhyo" which sizzled the crowd, then there is "You Are My Miracle".

Xiah imitated a popular quote of "GAG Night", "PEACE" to bribe the audience. (not very sure what is this ) His solo was brillant. He performed his self composed song, "My Page" for the 1st time.

Micky performed Brain Kelly Mcknight's "One Last Cry"

U-Know Performed his self composed "Spokesman"

Max performed Extreme's "When I First Kiss You"

Hero performed FLOWER's "Crying"

After 'O' and 'Remember'. 'Balloon', 'Fool', 'Hug' ends the 2hrs concert. Performing from the height of 17m, using cars and aeroplanes as props together with LED stage effect are the many focal points.

+ from another news to add on to the above

Sudden change of the stage into a big ocean (special effect) to save the girl who fell into the sea, surprise the audience. Last performance of "balloon" - Appeared on a plane -> Climax of the concert.


Performed Tri-Angle with Zhang Ri In.
16 Billion won Production.

Source + Translations: Charlottewralph @ Asteria + Cyxion

2nd Asia Tour Concert Interview And Rehearsal (Subbed Link) - Junsu spells in English
Concert Relay + Image Photographing (Subbed Link) - TVXQ smashing cars
2nd Asia Tour Press Conference (before the concert) (Subbed Link)
2nd Asia Tour Backstage
2nd Asia Tour Ending + Backstage
ETN 2nd Asia Tour Concert News (Subbed Link)
DBSK Concert Secrets (Subbed Link)

Must watch Live Performances from the Concert by TVN Live. Opening + Phantom + Million Men + The Way You Are. Awesome dances and costumes!

Pictures from the Concert



Thursday, February 15, 2007

Magorpi MV Shoot

Micky Yoochun was back in Korea to film Magorpi MV with some members of Super Junior (Heechul, Kang In, Shindong) and Eru. The little girl is really cute.. Some pictures of the MV

Watch the making of this MV.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Choosey Lover PV

The long awaited PV for Choosey Lover is out!! The dance is just ultra sexy.. Enjoy!

Choosey Lover PV

Screencaps credits to mei_yee_chan @ cyxion

Download link for MV ({MQ} 51.4MB ~ {HQ} 203MB)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Five In The Black

Seems that this is what the 2nd Japanese Album is speculated to be named this time. So this is just an update on the 2 versions of the album which is rumoured to be available.

2nd Album 「Five in the Black」
2007/3/14 On Sale




2. Sky
3. Begin
4. Choosey Lover
5. High time
8. 約束 (Yakusoku)
9. miss you
10. “O” -正・反・合
11. I’ll be there
12. Step by Step
13. Hello again


1. Rising Sun
2. Begin
3. Sky
4. miss you
5. “O” -正・反・合
6. Step by Step
7. Choosey Lover
8. Off Shot Movie



This comes with Bonus tracks and a 24 Pages Booklet



2. Sky
3. Begin
4. Choosey Lover
5. High time
8. 約束 (Yakusoku)
9. miss you
10. “O” -正・反・合
11. I’ll be there
12. Step by Step
13. Hello again

【Bonus Track】
14.Begin (Acapella ver.)
15.miss you -ballade ver.-
【Special Track】
16.A Whole New World

Picture credits: BZ + Cyxion Forums

Monday, February 05, 2007

Happy Birthday U-Know Yunho!

YAY!! Its U-Know's Birthday!!! A special short post just for the dearest, most dedicated leader of DBSK! We at DBSKer wish him good health and lotsa strength to shoulder the heavy burden and responsibility as leader of the mischievous members of DBSK.

Its hard not to respect him with the image he projects. How he's big bro/daddy to them all. A fan made clip of Yunho waking little Junsu up is a good example. How affectionate and tender.

credits: yunhochu @ youtube

A more recent clip in TNC Peace, once again demonstrates his character and strength.
(Please watch the clip before reading the comments at the bottom. Sort of a spoiler alert here.)

(Sorry this isn't subbed. There is a subbed one on youtube but its for private viewing only.)
Basically they had to guess who's biscuit had the mustard sauce in it. And they guessed Junsu. But instead it was the ULTRA COOL Yunho!! LEADER!! I salute you! You the MAN! HAHAHA... My first reaction upon finding out it was him was "OMG!!! OMG!!!" Yeah.. I don't think I was overreacting.

Finally, a tribute clip to Yunho on his very special day..



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