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Okay.. So this is way overdue and Lina's been telling I really need to do this. When my pc died on me recently, it was really tough managing a whole portion of this site on my own. I'm still very thankful for all the help that my contributors have given me.

Recently, Alicia has been added to the team as a translator. Its been such a pleasure to have her with the team. Nevertheless, I certainly could use a little more help in other areas too.

So..... I'm currently looking for a couple of people interested in joining the team. I'm not the one to push you to do your tasks or anything, but the kinda of team members that I'm looking for are those with passion. Because the passion in my DBSK fandom is the one that drove me all this while to maintain these 2 sites collectively known as DBSKer, for all the DBSK fans out there. So yeah.. I'm looking for someone who has the same passion that will drive you to contribute to other fans or non-fans out there..

Positions that I'm looking for

Uploaders (2 positions)
Preference will be given if you can download from clubbox. Basically I need help to download and upload files. Either uploading to megaupload itself or to alternative hosts like mediafire or sendspace. Erm.. Perks will be that I'll lend you the MU premium to download and upload? Haha..

Site/grapic designers (1-2 positions) - CLOSED
I think the site needs a new look? And I really could use some banners for the site.

That's all for now. Those interested can email me at Take care all and thanks for reading! ^_^


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kangta (former H.O.T member): “TVXQ not given the credit…”

Kangta’s guesting in KBS Cool FM “Yoon Do Hyun’s Music Show” last March 26 was a fun and touching one.

The fun part was when the staff made an on-air call with TVXQ without Kangta initially knowing who was really on the phone. U-Know was actually on the phone but changed his voice and impersonated a hardcore Kangta fan.

“Who are you and where are you from?” asked Kangta.

“I’m Kim Won Joong from Incheon,” U-Know said, without Kangta noticing who he was really talking to. When U-Know eventually made himself known, Kangta was overjoyed.

It was also during this radio show’s episode that

Kangta praised TVXQ’s abilities and expressed that TVXQ is better than H.O.T.

“TVXQ is not being given the credit they deserve because they’re seen as an idol group.”

When Yoon Do Hyun asked what kind of a senior Kangta is, TVXQ answered, “Like a father. It’s very reassuring that we’ve got a senior who’s like a father but it’s really sad that he’ll be going to the army.”

Before enlisting on April 1, Kangta is going to hold concerts on the 29th and 30th.

Translation credits: krnloop
Source: Joynews24


Friday, March 28, 2008

TVXQ to star in Movie 'HIP HOP'

The group of 5 Korean guys, TVXQ, will be playing in a production film of the Eightpeaks company, titled "Hip Hop".

According to the report that was taken from Korea Starnews website on January 4th, the Eightpeaks company which was represented by Song Bin Jun on January 4th afternoon time in a TV broadcast [Goong] said this, (that the company) planned to present TVXQ as the main roles for the film "Hip Hop" which is the adaptation from a cartoon series.

Previously the company had had a negotiation with SM Entertainment, and SM had been also 100% agree to take this contract. As for now Eightpeaks has been looking for the person to be the film writer.

Song Bin Jun also said, the Taiwanese group F4 also will acts in this film "Hip Hop" as the guest artist.

Credit: Hobbs +
English Trans: shintalita@multiply

TVXQ Credit Card

Members of TVXQ not only grace the pages of magazines or posters but also a credit card.

The said credit card, which has all of TVXQ members’ faces printed on it, is a commemorative item of the group’s Arena tour. Registration for the credit card started last March 19 at TVXQ’s Yokohama Arena concert, which marks the beginning of the group’s 3rd Live tour.

Source: Hankooki
translated: krnloop

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

DBSK to Sing at Hollywood Bowl 2008

Dear friends,

It is my great pleasure to release another set of artists who are going to perform at the upcoming Bowl concert on May 17. They are,

Choi Baek Ho
Jung Hoon Hee
Dong Bang Shin Gi (TVXQ)

TVXQ is one of the hottest idol groups in Korea and gratefully accepted our invitation to perform at the Bowl. They are returning to the United States in 4 years after their debut appearance at the Bowl in 2004. Hope you give them a warm, friendly welcome back.

Choi and Jung are another fine additions for older generation. They were extremely popular in the 70's and 80's. It will be their first appearance to the bowl, and surely will make our lineup more mature and balanced.

We will release the final list on Tuesday, April 1. I think that will be our final announcement. Thank you.

C.S. Hah
Director, Special Events
The Korea Times U.S.A.

Credit: + koreatimes + soompi + Ourland

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Beautiful You Covers

Beautiful you / 千年之歌 CD
1.Beautiful you
3.CLAP! REMIX(preorder)
4.Beautiful youLess Vocal
5.千年之歌 Less Vocal

Beautiful you / 千年之歌 CD+DVD
1.Beautiful you
3.Beautiful you Less Vocal
4.千年之歌 Less Vocal

1.Beautiful you Video Clip

Beautiful you / 千年之歌 (太王四神记 version) CD
1.Beautiful you
3.千年之歌 korea ver.
4.千年之歌 japanese karaoke
5.千年之歌 korea karaoke
6. Beautiful youLess Vocal
7. 千年之歌 Less Vocal
1.Beautiful you Video Clip
2.千年之歌 Video Clip
(THSK not in the clip)
3. 太王四神记 spot scenes something like that xD (preorder)


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Another T CD & Nike Promotion



Okay.. I'm re-posting this link again because I was just notified that Rain is in the lead again. I figured the old post is too low down and most people have forgotten about it. So please all DBSK Fans.. DO VOTE.. Everyday if possible.. I think DBSK needs this pubicity at such an event. so VOTE!


Scroll down and you'll see the picture of DBSK.


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THSK 3rd Live Tour Japan - T (Merchandise)

Some pictures on THSK's 3rd Live Tour in Japan and the concert goodies...

And some info on the tour...
2008.3.19 Yokohama Arena 17:30~18.30
2008.3.20 Yokohama Arena 15:00~16:00
2008.3.26 Osaka Castle Hall 17:30~18:30
2008.3.27 Osaka Castle Hall 17:30~18:30
2008.4.01 Fukuoka Marine Messe 17:30~18:30
2008.4.12 Hiroshima Green Arena 17:00~18:00
2008.4.15 Japan Gaishi Hall (formerly: Nagoya Rainbow Hall) 17:30~18:30
2008.4.16 Japan Gaishi Hall (formerly: Nagoya Rainbow Hall) 17:30~18:30
2008.4.19 Sendai: Hot House Super Arena (Grandy 21) 17:00~18:00
2008.4.26 Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena 17:00~18:00
2008.5.03 Saitama Super Arena 17:00~18:00
Credits: Soompi & AsianFanatics

Thursday, March 13, 2008

TVXQ Named Asian Envoys for Universal Studios Japan

[ 2008-03-13 ]

Popular boy band TVXQ has been named Asian envoys for Universal Studios Japan (USJ).

According to USJ, it has decided to designate TVXQ, which debuted in Korea in 2004, in Japan in 2005 and went on to debut in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand, as its Asian envoys.

The appointment ceremony will take place on March 28 at the Universal Studios Japan located near Osaka. Once appointed, TVXQ will travel around Asia for a year to promote the attractions of USJ.

A USJ publicist said TVXQ was chosen for their international appeal, as they can speak both English and Japanese. The publicist also said that considering 70% of USJ visitors are female, it has high expectations that the popular boy band will lure many tourists from all over Asia.


P/s: Can speak English? Oooh.. Wonder who judged that.. LOL

Yoo Young Jin praises BoA & TVXQ

SM Entertainment's hitmaker Yoo Young Jin (38) praised BoA and TVXQ in an interview with Yonhap News and said that the former has surpassed his expectations and how hard-working TVXQ is.

"BoA's special ever since I gave her her debut song 'ID:Peace B.' I made that song and although I let her listen to the demo track, I hadn't arranged how it was going to be interpreted. We recorded the song 3 days later and the result was beyond what I had envisioned. BoA's ability to interpret a song is excellent. BoA is still evolving," Yoo Young Jin said.

"TVXQ's been flying back and forth between Korea and Japan and in a year, they get to rest for only a week. The group's vocal abilities have improved quickly considering how tired the members are," Yoo Young Jin evaluated.

He also shared during the interview that he occasionally teaches TVXQ members on writing songs and advises them that writing songs is not about wanting it to be the title song of an album.

Source: Yonhap (published 2008.03.12)
Credits: krnloop

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SBS Line Up Part 2 [Eng Subbed]

Links! Thanks to the awesome Ginaya again. She really subs these videos at super speed!

And to the continuation of the previous episode! ENJOY! ^_^

[Part 1]
[Part 2]
[Part 3]

Credits: Ginaya @ Youtube

So.. I watched all the action yesterday. Now to understand what was being said. Haha.. I hope I'm not double posting again this time ^_^ *runs to check*


[TRANS] Suju's Message to DBSK

A translation of Suju's message to DBSK after their concert

We have known each other for a long time, had a lot of experiences together.

Tell Yoochun thanks for the presents he sent, you choose it very well. All 13 not the same things.

Yunho, thanks for taking care of the lyrics, take care of your health.

Jaejoong, thanks for the time when you cleaned up our house, we'll clean your house one day too.

Changmin, dear lovely, little brother, thanks for teaching us how to sing high notes without being tired.

And Junsu, from now we'll often visite your pizza shop. Thank you very much for taking care of the record room.

Super Junior is still not good enough, even if for now there are concerts, we still have to ask you guys for advices. Super Junior is today because of DBSK.

Remember that Super Junior will try to become like DBSK!

- Super Junior

Credit: + jolyncsspf + ourland + TI + Ochibi-chan @soompi + lito_kitty @illustrious forums

Friday, March 07, 2008

OBS The Interview [Eng Subbed]

Part 1

Part 2

Credits to junsuislove @ youtube

This video is available for download in the downloads post. Credits for the video goes to dbskipod + GOE-SS

[TRANS] 080303 Bigeastation Psychology Test

I found this super hilarious.. So thought I'd share it with you all.. Another translation by the awesome sparkskey. ^_^


JJ: This is the Toho- Psychology segment. Without needing further elaboration, this corner is about psychology tests. So, let's begin

YC: I'll start first. Radio name 'Jaejoong ddaranghae' (T/N: Cute way of saying Saranghae. Junsu/Yoochun demonstrated it before I think)

JJ: I love you too. Love you very much

YC: Question: Here is a teddy bear. What do you want the color and pattern of the bear's clothes to be?

JS: I suddenly thought of it...I want it to wear.... a white turtleneck

YC: Khh~~~~ Turtle? Khhhh~~ What about Jaejoong?

JJ: I want it to wear an animal costume (T/N: Just imagine Jaejoong's hamtaro PJs)

JS: You want to make a sewn doll wear an animal costume? (T/N: I'm not really sure how to explain it. Junsu means that the bear itself is already an animal. So it's like animal + animal)

JJ: Yeah, what's wrong

YC: Really...

JS: But the teddy bear is already an animal!

JJ: Then it'll put on the animal costume

YC: Ummm. Both of your answers are rather surprising

JS: I know

YC: So, the answer is.

JJ: Was my answer very surprising?

JS: Isn't it weird enough?


YC: The answer is: This is the type of underwear you want to wear. How do you wear turtleneck underwear????????

JS: It'll reach your hips (if you wear a turtleneck underwear...That...I knew that this was going to be the answer when I heard the question

All: Khhhhhhhhh~~~~~

JS: Jaejoong... Animal costume.... AH! PERVERT!!!

YC: Junsu, please read the next question

JS: Radio name 'Akina-san'

JJ: Akina-san isn't enough (Oyagi gag: Akinasanwa akinai)

JS: The question: You are now in an art gallery. You see many pictures and sculptures as you walk around in the gallery. Suddenly, you see a sculpture that looks a lot like you. What would be your thoughts when you look at it?

JJ: I say one line

JS: What?

JJ: What is this!

JJ: What's this and why does it look like me??

JS: Is it alright? Just saying "What's this?"

JJ: Wait a minute. This might just be your reaction when someone you don't know confesses her love for you right?

JS: No, it isn't. You said 'What's this?''

JJ: Ah~ I don't have a good feeling about this

YC: I'll say 'How much is this?"

JS: How much is this???

YC: I want to buy it

JJ: For me, it's 'What's this?'

JS: 'What's this?'

JJ: 'What's this?'

JS: So you're sticking to 'What's this?'

JS: The answer: This is what you think when you look at yourself in the mirror

JJ: Not bad

JS: When Jaejoong sees his reflection, he goes 'What's this?'

JJ: Not bad, not bad. Saying 'What's this?' when I look at myself in the mirror

JS: What's Yoochun's answer. When Yoochun stares at himself in the mirror, he wonders 'how much is it?'


JS: Trying to guess how much he's worth when he's looking at the mirror

JJ: This person is soooo good looking. How much is he worth?

JS: Do you want to buy yourself?

YC: Confidence. This shows that I have confidence

YC: What about Junsu? When he looks at himself in the mirror?

JS: Ah~ I saw the answer already. If I hadn't seen the answer, I'll be thinking 'He's so perfect'~~~


JS: I'll think that my reflection is so cute...and earnest....


JJ: So, we'll end here today. How was Toho-Psychology?? It was really interesting. From the psychology test about the sculpture, one can see that Yoochun is brimming with confidence, I'm dissatisfied with myself and Junsu is lying to himself :D

JJ: That's it

JS: Thank you for doing such a simple summary


JJ: Please look forward to the next psychology tests! This was Toho- Psychology. Let's listen to a song./ Junsu taking on the main vocal position in a single that was released on the 27th of February. What kind of song is it?

JS: The rhythm is really.....lively

YC: Hurry, hurry. We don't have time

JS: Okay. Please listen to it

JJ: We'll quickly air it. THSK's [If...]

Translated by: Sparkskey

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.. ^_^


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Happy Together Season 3 (Eng Subbed)

Dearest Ginaya has subbed them once again. Here are the links!

[Part 1]
[Part 2]
[Part 3]
[Part 4]
[Part 5]
[Part 6]
[Part 7]




DBSK FANS AROUND! Vote for DBSK to sing at the Beijing Olympics 2008! Show your support fans! At the moment Rain (Bi) is in the lead. But our boys are close behind!


Scroll down and you'll see the picture of DBSK.


[Trans] Pinky April Part 1

I posted part II a short while back. I missed out part 1 without realising is. So here it is..

Pinky April Part 1

Date of birth:
YH: 86.02.06
CM: 88.02.18
JJ: 86.01.26
YC: 86.06.04
JS: 87.01.01

YH: 184cm
CM: 188cm
JJ: 178cm
YC: 180cm
JS: 178cm

Blood type:

YH: A sister 2 years younger
CM: 2 sisters, one a year younger, the other 4 years younger
JJ: 8 sisters. I’m the youngest
YC: A brother 5 years younger
JS: A twin brother

Good/Bad points:
YH: Good point: Have a strong will Bad point: I can be gullible
CM: Good point: B blood type. Bad point is also B blood type
JJ: Good point: The space between my eyes is very wide. Bad point: Whenever TVXQ does a photo shoot, I’m the shortest
YC: Good point: Good at cleaning up. Bad point: My face
JS: My good and bad points is that I can be too enthusiastic

Favourite Food:
YH: Motsunabe
CM: Pizza filled with cheese and vegetables
JJ: Sushi
YC: Japanese curry. Especially when there are mushrooms in it
JS: Natto, I eat it as a snack

Favourite Japanese word:
YH: “to look forward to” (Akogareru) I looked up to my father since I was a child. However, I don’t know when it started but I now want others to respect me too

CM: ‘Don’t give up’ (Akirameruna) Once something has started, the thing I hate most is giving up halfway

JJ: [Miniskirt] HAHA. I’m just joking. It’s actually ‘Thank you’ (arigato). Because I always have a cheerful expression whenever I say it

YC: A phrase I remember from a long time back. ‘Piggyback’ (Onbu) If a girl says something like that, I really want to give her a piggyback. Usually, when you’re chatting while piggybacking someone, the feeling is different. Definitely

JS: ‘Milkway’ (Amanogawa) I like this word in Korean too

Something that still continues to surprise you in Japan:
YH: Earthquakes. There are none in Korea. I was so scared the first time I experienced one

CM: Seeing males cross dressing for cosplay

JJ: High school students/Office workers cycle wearing super short mini skirts

YC: Japanese females cycle wearing super short miniskirts! If my girlfriend ever wants to do that, I’ll definitely say no!

JS: Seeing males dress up as Princesses when cosplaying

Please say your slogan:
YH: [The man of all men is Yunho/ Yunho is the manliest] Although I have my inadequacies, but my dad does that (too)

CM: [Purple Changmin]. Purple has seems to have a weird image?

JJ: [Compared to a cheerful Jaejoong, I prefer a depressed Jaejoong] It’s not that I’ll nap in the afternoon; I think that being focused at night is the best

YC: [Yoochun likes piano better than coffee]

JS: [An honest Junsu. I want to become such a person]

What you want most now is?
YH: Leather gloves

CM: Time. Recently I watched an Irish movie called [Once] and started developing an interest in guitars. So I want to learn the guitar
JJ: A girlfriend!!!!!

YC: A steam cleaner (T/N: To clean the house or to iron his clothes?)

JS: Instruments needed to compose a song

What do you treasure/ What do you like?
YH: Photography. Members, family, friends and the 3 versions of our album

CM: My health. I sometimes worry for my health

JJ: Black things

YC: Sukura Sake. I first drank it when I went to a hot spring last year

JS: Game. I’m very addicted to DS games. I once played too much and cause something bad to happen

Ideal holiday:
YH: I want to go see the beautiful night scenery alone. I would like to think ponder over the things that trouble me about the future and now

CM: I want to get my license. So I want to go driving. If possible, I want to buy a car

JJ: Meeting friends

YC: I want to go back to the ski resort again. I went to one in Korea for 4 days 3 nights

JS: Watching movies, sleeping or playing games. Going shopping anywhere is fine as well. I want to travel

What household chores are you in charge of among the 5?
YH: Cook ramen. When I lived alone, although I made many varieties, now Jaejoong makes (the ramen)

CM: Keeping the area around me clean

JJ: Everything! I feel very happy whenever I see them eating the food deliciously. However, I hate it when they don’t finish their food (T/N: JAEJOONG IS SUCH A MOMMA. Memories of momma shouting at me to finish my food *shudders*)

YC: Making food for myself. Last time, I made cream spaghetti for the first time

JS: Cleaning up with the group. We rotate ‘dishwashers’ every 3 days. Within the house, I’m in charge of ‘smiling’. I do it happily. HAHA. (T/N: In other words, Junsu does NOTHING else but smile and wash dishes when it’s his turn =.= )

What you’re working hard at to become manlier?
YH: Reading. Listen intently to people

CM: Give more happy smiles. And to lift dumbbells at home

JJ: For fashion trends, I’ll work hard. And to exercise endurance. I’ll quit smoking from 2008 onwards

YC: I can also express myself by talking less, and listening intently when others speak

JS: I’m trying to keep promises I made. This is important

Your favorite THSK song is? And the reason is?
YH: [Hug]. Without this song, THSK wouldn’t be where we are today

CM: [Heart, Mind and Soul] from the first album. Although Japanese was still a strange language to us then, and furthermore, we sang it without grasping the full meaning of the song. However, when I listen to it now, I think the lyrics are really sad

JJ: [Summer Dream]. Because this song let many people know about THSK

YC: [Love in the Ice]. The first time I saw people cry because of the song, I really felt like crying soon afterwards

JS: [Rising Sun] Because I think that besides THSK, no one else in the world will be able to sing it.

This was found in their bags today:
YH: This is the handphone I use in Korea. I can even play games with it, and it's filled with photos that bring back memories. Even the private photos the members take of each other!

CM: iPod. I even bring the mini speakers around so I can listen to it anywhere. I often listen to music by BOYZ II MEN, etc.

JJ: LV Diary. I'll write down my feelings that any point in time

YC: This Tiffany bracelet was my first gift from my younger brother 4 years ago. I wear it around everyday

JS: I use this notebook to write songs or play online games. I even played games with the members today

Translation Credits: sparkskey


Psst.. April.. I don't think you'd like Yunho's HP. It has traces of pink! LOL..

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