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TVXQ Joins Tokyo Disney Concert

29 January 2007

TVXQ Joins Tokyo Disney Concert

The five-man band TVXQ has given a performance at the Tokyo Disney Sea in Japan, along with popular Japanese band TRF.

Japan’s Sankkei Sports Daily said Tuesday that the two top bands from Korea and Japan participated in a live concert held at the Disney on Monday.

According to the paper, the concert was organized to celebrate the release of the album “Club Disney 2007,” in which the two groups sang a song. In the concert, they performed “All of Your Life” with famous Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

TRF’s DJ KOO said, “At night, the Disney Sea was like a big disco club. I was very happy to see everyone there enjoying themselves.”

The event continued through Tuesday.

Source: KBS World Radio
Credits: unPrediCtaBLe*mE @ AF

Hope we can watch the official performances soon. Meanwhile, let's just be satisfied with the Fancam (of Yunho I think..) courtesy of yoonhochu@youtube.

Click HERE to download TVXQ's version of "A Whole New World"


I've reuploaded a clearer CD ripped version of the song. Its the new link that's up now. Sorry for the trouble.. Enjoy the clearer version!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Step by Step Full Single Download

Head over to the DOWNLOAD POST to download the Step by Step the full single, including picures courtesy of DBSKer and Cyxion's Clubbox.



Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tracklist for Tohoshinki's 2nd Japanese Album


1. Hang in there!
2. Miss you
3. Step by Step
4. Feeling of strain
5. Friends
7. “O”-正.反.合
9. Sky
10. たとえばキミが...
11. Choosey Lover
12. DREAMER -A revolution soldier-
13. Our Tomorrow
14. Begin

credits: 3120@BoAjjang

If this is accurate, there are many new tracks. YAY!! I'm so looking forward to it.


‘All About TVXQ’ Becomes Best-Selling DVD

January 24, 2007

TVXQ has seen its DVD “All About TVXQ” become the best-selling DVD in 2006 with sales of 47,186 copies.

Since the five-man group previously recorded the most sales for its records and concert tickets as well as won the most awards at year-end music award shows, the new achievement only helps prove that it is the most popular group in Korea.

The results have particular significance because the music DVD left behind numerous film DVDs to top the chart. And its sales are likely to increase since foreign license sales have not been included yet.

“All About DVD” drew attention from the time shooting began because it was produced with 24-frame film typically used for shooting movies.

Meanwhile, SBSi and SM Entertainment, the co-producer of the TVXQ DVD, will release “All About TVXQ 2” (working title) containing performance video clips of the group, a showcase video, a drama the group appeared in, video clips of its activities in Japan, and previously unreleased video clips of its activities.

Source: KBS Global @

Here's what's inside the All About TVXQ DVD mentioned above.

Disc 1
MVs and SBS music video material featuring:
* Premier MV release Beautiful Life
* Hug
* My Little Princess
* Drive
* "Hi Ya Ya Summer Day"
* Rising Sun
* Show Me Your Love

Disc 2
* "Talk To You" Member Interview (approximately 100 minutes)
* Fan Camera - "Welcome To Dong Bang Kol"
* Special Home Introduction Part allowing fans to peek into the offices, chambers, and bathrooms of the TVXQ members

Disc 3
Previously un-released SM videos and never before broadcast SBS video material including:

* The '05 SM Music War Special
* SBS Pop Music Comeback Special
* Hidden Camera Special (Yunho's Prank)

* Previously un-released photo album (approximately 100 pages)
* TVXQ post cards (Set of 6 with 1 band image and 5 individual member images)
* 12 special Karaoke-function tracks

Some Screenshots of the Box Set.

Head over to Order your copy at (Click HERE for direct link) Let's support DBSK!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Holiday Cut Short!

TVXQ Short Vacation will be ending soon where they will be heading to Japan the day after tomorrow. They will be having a series of promotional activities in Japan and will only be flying back to Korea on the month of Fenruary for their 2nd Asia 'O' Concert. In other words, it meant that their 20 days vacation had been reduced. Despite that, TVXQ members had spent much time with their friends and family during this short yet beautiful vacation. Credits to: Translation: love*knots @

The vacation of the boys are cut short to practically half and on Jan 11,they are flyingover to Japan for promo works.It seems like the boys are having an enjoyable holiday,spending time with their loved ones.Few days back, Micky went Skiing with his brother, Ricky and along with some friends! The cutest thing is that Micky even brought along his own Snowboard!

credits to

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Crossword Puzzle of DBSK Songs

Okay.. This is really my first attempt at making one. So do forgive the lame clues, etc. Its a Crossword Puzzle of DBSK songs. Think you know their songs well enough? Haha.. Click HERE for the image file. (If you want an excel file to fill in, click HERE to download.) Leave a comment with an email address if you want me to send you the answer. But I think its simple enough. Other than that, enjoy! (Hopefully..hehe..)

Oh yeah, one more VERY IMPORTANT thing. I don't mind if you take this out cos DBSKing is about sharing. But please do credit DBSKer if you're taking it out. Took me a very long time to get this done. Thanks so much.

A small preview on the crossword puzzle

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Jaejoong & Yoochun in Car Accident

Fellow DBSK fans, I found this article in AF. Kinda shocking really. I do hope that in future, fans wont do something that would endanger DBSK. We all know how much we love them and I'm sure they do too. But to stalk is just wrong, and to cause them to be involved in an accident certainly isn't what we want for them. I'm sure you all would agree. Let's not have them be scared of us fans! We're their support team!! Have a read and hopefully this incident will not be repeated.

It was revealed that DBSK member Youngwoong Jaejoong (Kim Jaejoong.21) & Micky Yoochun (Park Yoochun.21) was in a car accident.

On January 1st, 2007 Youngwoong Jaejoong was driving his BMW Sports Car at 4PM with Micky Yoochun in the car. He had an accident where he crashed into a roadside tree. There wasn't any big injuries and the car back mirror and other parts were damaged.

Both of them were on their way back after finishing MBC TV '2006 Korea Gayo Big Festival.'

They were trying to get rid of some fans who were following them in a taxi when they got into the accident.

On DBSK's side "An accident occured on the start of the new year. Others probrably think that they are lucky and it could have been worse. But for them it was a close call."

DBSK sweeped all of the daesangs at last year's award ceremonies and got recognized as the 'top singer.' This year they are planning to concentrate on Japan activities. On the 24th their 9th Japanese single is being released. They are leaving for Japan next week.

credits: bestiz + Here comes TVXQ!

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Guest List Announcement

Hey readers, I've decided to put up a guest list which readers can sign . Purpose being, one, we'll know our readers and supporters in the DBSK fan family, and two, we'll be able to get some feedback on improvements we can make. We also welcome contributors who can assist in posting or uploading of files. Thanks so much for visting DBSKer.

Click HERE for the Guest List.

See Ya!

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I hope I wont get murdered for taking this out. Internet has been so sucky that I haven't had access to DBSK news in like ages. How deprived I felt. But REJOICE!!! My wish for them has finally come true. Yes! The holiday/break I've been wanting them to have and ranting about in many of my posts has been granted. CHEER! HIP HIP HURRAY! I feel so happy for them. They so deserve it after all their hard work and great achievements this year. YAY!

Anyway, here's a translation of the article i took from AF.

TVXQ who had won 4 Daesang at Various Korea Music Awards during the year end of 2006, will be resting from 1st of January to 20th of January. They will be having complete rest during that period. This is to encourage them to have more achievements in 2007 where they will be targeting the Japan's Music industry. TVXQ leader; U-Know Yoon Ho wishes that he will be able to spend some time with his family members in his birthplace, Gwangju in 2007; whereas the other members also wishes to be able to have some free time with their own friends and family. TVXQ'S Agent, SM Ent expressed: "TVXQ had been receiving quite a number of awards and attending various events since they had debut in 2003. As they had quite been busy during the past year, We thought to allow them to have some rest and spend times with their friends." On the other hand, TVXQ will be heading to Japan at the start of 2007. TVXQ will be filming some Japan CFs in 2007 and will be in Japan from the mid-of-January.

Full Translation : love*knots @
Credits to:;


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