Friday, April 24, 2009

Battle of Pop - Asia vs Asia

The Battle of Pop - Asia vs Asia is finally over. It created a bit of drama since the setup for it wasn't the best. In my (Kousei, Ayame a.k.a. Raven) opinion they shouldn't have made Big Bang and Tohoshinki go at it from the start, that was just a drama match waiting to happen. Most of the drama started once Big Bang lost and Tohoshinki had to go up against Super Junior. V.I.P. (Big Bang's official fan-club) were upset that they (Big Bang) lost, so they teamed up with E.L.F. (Super Junior's official fan-club) when Super Junior went against Tohoshinki. (Not sure if it's actually true that they teamed up, that might be a rumor, but judging from the gap, it might be true.)
Tohoshinki DID make it to the third round though, so congratulations to them.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

[RANK] Share the World Oricon Daily Ranking Debut

No. 1! Let's hope they get No. 1 on the Weekly Chart too! Have you bought your copy?



[AD] Red Letters of Love Project

Here's a new project out there which gets my vote. I always admire the love of the DBSK Fandom. ^_^ Have a read..!

Red Letters of Love

What It's About
DBSK fans become penpals with children in hospitals/orphanages. Spread the love by reaching out to people all over the world.

The Letters
1. We contact other fansites/forums.
2. Fans will submit their name and country to us.
3. We (AOE) compile the fan list and find hospitals/nursing homes/orphanages that have possible penpals.
4. We send each fan the address and name of their fellow penpal.
5. Fans purchase a red envelope (and small, flat gifts if they want)
6. Fans write a letter, sign it at the very end as, "__(NAME)___, a DBSK fan".
7. Fans send it (postage stamps and all) to their penpal.

1. We either ask for donations on a site, or redirect them HERE onto AOE (as is the case for Soompi Forums).
2. We collect as much as we can, and send the donations to WFP in the name of DBSK.

Want to participate?
Please go to:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

[Video] DBSK- Share The World MV Released

Everyone, if you haven't checked out DBSK's new music video of "Share the World", what are you waiting for? Here is the video, hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did!

Credits: lominha88 @ Youtube

[News] DBSK and Big Bang to Attend Video Music Awards Japan 2009

Korea’s biggest idol groups Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang will be attending one of Japan’s biggest music awards ceremony.

They will be attending ‘Video Music Awards Japan (VMAJ) 2009 on 30th May in Japan Saitama Super Arena.

‘VMAJ’ is one of Japan’s biggest music awards that not only awards Japanese local singers but also international singers. Even world-known pop stars like Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Ne-Yo had received invitations to the award ceremony.

Group Dong Bang Shin Ki, who is currently active in Japan, is nominated for ‘Best Group Video’ with their hit song ‘MIROTIC’, up against 4 other Japanese teams including EXILE .

Group Big Bang has also be invited to attend the award ceremony. YG Entertainment announced on the 15th that chances that Big Bang will attend the awards ceremony are high. And they will also probably be having a performance slot during the award ceremony.

Already on the 15th, Big Bang’s photo have been posted up together with other stars like WWE star Big Show on VMAJ 2009 official site.

Credits: Sharingyoochun @ Wordpress

Monday, April 13, 2009

[TRANS] Kindai May '09 [Jaejoong]

THSK released their 4th Album [The Secret Code] on the 25th of March. This time we’ll be interviewing their lead vocal – Jaejoong. We ask about what he’s doing recently, the album, and many other questions!

*Jaejoong reading [Kindai] diligently* Ah, it’s Uno-san!

--That’s right. Ah, right. You’ve performed with AAA at A-Nation, right?
JJ: Yeah, I really liked performing with them cause they were all so nice and funny. Ah, I know this person! Ah, I see this person often in dramas! *talking to himself while reading*

--So, Jaejoong. Let’s begin. Since this is another Jaejoong solo interview, I hope to see more of Jaejoong’s charisma.
*Interviewer gets ignored as Jaejoong continues reading*

--Jaejoong-san! Were you listening?
JJ: You said “Since this is another Jaejoong solo interview, I hope to see more of Jaejoong’s charisma.”, right? *laughs*

--Ah, so you heard me!
JJ: I heard you. THSK are always good at listening.

---[THSK] and not [Jaejoong]? *laughs*
JJ: Umm~ which one.. Perhaps both *laughs* Because Junsu often doesn’t hear things. *laughs* What are you going to ask today?

---Things like ‘Have you grown taller?’ *laughs*
JJ: Hahaha. That’s very detailed questionnaire *laughs* I grew. About 1cm since debut. Although I don’t think I can grow taller anymore. Oh, and I grew heavier about a month ago so I started training again and my muscles started getting bigger. But because Japanese staff and fans said they don’t like a muscular Jaejoong, so I stopped training so vigorously.

--- They said they didn’t like a muscular Jaejoong? *laughs*
JJ: Yeah, they said they didn’t like it *laughs*

(

Credits: Sparkskey @ Livejournal

Thursday, April 02, 2009

ORICON Special Interview: Members Close Up!

When you’re lost in a long journey. What is the good you will bring along with you?
Huge boat. Thus by riding it, you’ll be back again safe (laughs)

What is your type of woman?
I like a domestic woman. I love to see her peeling fruit or washing dishes.

When you’re lost in a long journey. What is the good you will bring along with you?
A camera. So that I can have a hard copy of my pleasant journey. I’ll remember it.
What is your type of woman?
The gesture of them when applying hand lotion and hand cream. I can be so attracted to beautiful hands.

When you’re lost in a long journey. What is the good you will bring along with you?
Encyclopedia. By reading that, I can check which plant is edible and which is not, and you can also burn it to make fire (laughs)

What is your type of woman?
I like when a woman hold her chest when she bows for greeting. I feel that gesture is so feminine.

When you’re lost in a long journey. What is the good you will bring along with you?
A lighter. You can make a fire and cook fish with it, so I think it’s the most useful.

What is your type of woman?
I will be excited to have her dishes. Therefore, a domestic girl is my favorite.

When you’re lost in a long journey. What is the good you will bring along with you?
Utility knife. You can felled tress and catch fish with it, it is convenient for everything.

What is your type of woman?
A simple kind act, like suddenly moving away rubbish attached on me, such kind act. I like a girl who can do such thing just casually.

source: ORICON & Soompi
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

ORICON Special Interview

The new album, The Secret Code is a smash hit! Has a really good quality content, the image is showing their growth after the condensed 4 years.

[JEJUNG] In the process of recording the album, I had this growing awareness which particularly I never felt. But then after it’s completed, I do feel the growth of us. How we sang when we just debuted was just not as mature as how we do now.

[YUNHO] I’m glad to get through the recording safe. When I first came to Japan, I was really anxious, too aware of Japanese pronunciation, it was hard just to get what’s the meaning. But recently I’ve also improved a little Japanese, without worrying about the pronunciation, I was able to put feelings into songs. Even when we have lack of time to do recording, thus we tried to listen to the songs by ourselves, Oh, then I just can feel the soul now and I can understand the lyrics to the point it develops to higher point of understanding.

[CHANGMIN] Actually, when the time had come to go back and forth between Japan and South Korea for recording the album, I didn’t believe we could afford the time to do all of them at all. But even in that situation, as YUNHO said, I was able to sing with emotion. I could feel the growth there, I am very happy.

[JUNSU] The width of the songs is spreading. There are a variety of genres which I think only because it’s TVXQ therefore it’s possible (to be sung by him). To be able to make such album, by thinking that, it is delightful, and I think my confidence increases.

- YUCHON JEJUNG, Ones who record your own lyrics and self composed songs. What is the image of your self composed song?

[JEJUNG] “Wasurenaide” and the ballad “9095″. I composed a song called “Wasurenaide”, it is a song which I originally made to be sung in Japanese . So I wrote my own lyrics in Japanese. But it is very difficult (laughs). Conversely, “9095″, rather than made by a thought, it just came out really fast from my mind. I was composing at home in my leisure time, and suddenly it’s just popped out. “I want to compose a song like this!” that’s what I thought. And I am happy to have it inserted in the album. When I first came to Japan, I did not think I would write a song in Japanese. I do not believe it myself, but I think that’s the part of the growth

[YUCHON] “Kiss The Baby Sky” is a song which has been composed by having pictures in my mind that all of us will sing it together on tour. The content of the lyrics is an image of two lovers bid farewell with a smile. They split up for the future of each other. A sad yet positive song. When the tour comes, I want to sing along with the audiences.

[CHANGMIN] This is an album where I think I was able to express TVXQ in a lot of ways, it’s because I’m with you guys, I have more growth. If it’s possible, I look forward to a future where we’ll still enjoy time together, doing what we can do together.

- Yes, we hope so too. So everyone, finally on April 22th in Sunday’s new single, “Share The World / WE ARE!”. Both of the songs are used in anime ONE PIECE, right?

[YUNHO] As all of TVXQ members are happening to love ONE PIECE and due to the fact that it’s even aired in Korea. Therefore, being able take charge of the opening theme 2 times in a row, it is an enormous happiness. And as a bonus track, the ending theme of ONE PIECE in 2006, “Asu wa Kuru Kara” is also included. So this single is indeed a ONE PIECE single. So not only TVXQ fans, I think ONE PIECE’s fans can also enjoy it.

[JEJUNG] “Share The World” is a song with summer-like atmosphere, and really suits to the next season of ONE PIECE. We also will have anime PV of this song which is not seen yet, I feel is, I’m psyched. However, it’s so hard to watch ONE PIECE in its April season due to its early-morning air time, TVXQ is a little weak in the morning (laughs). I think it’s hard to get up early, but we’ll try.

(Photo: Kusakari Masayuki)
(Text: Shigeru Satoko Takahashi)
credit: ORICON & Soompi
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

[POLL] Battle of the Pop - Asia vs Asia

Cast out your votes for your groups...
Vote for our idols in Battle of the Pop - Asia vs Asia

It’s the Battle of the Pop: Asia vs Asia!

Prepare yourselves for the ultimate musical showdown. In this second edition of Battle of the Pop we’re putting the very best of Asia up against each other for the Channel [V] Pop Star Throne. We know just how much you love the fresh Asian pop sound and so we’re giving you the chance to decide who the ultimate Asian sensation is! Big Bang vs Tohoshinki, Lollipop vs Farenheit, News vs Super Junior, S.H.E. vs Wonder Girls – Can you choose sides between the best of the best?

As Asia’s top music acts square off, viewers can vote for who rocks their world by logging on to Join the battle by selecting your favorite artists from each country and telling us why they are the best in the pop world. We’ll tally up the votes and show you who reigns superior in the Battle of the Pop Asian Edition with special back-to-back music videos only on Channel [V].

RAIN was crowned the King of Pop in the first Channel [V] Battle of the Pop: Asia vs America. You can view the results by clicking here.

Vote for your favorite artists in each music category. Then tune in for the results on Sunday, 26th April at 7am HK/SG, 8am MAL.

Round 1 ends on April 6th so be sure to get your votes in now!

Note: It will take you 30s to login

Too many can't remember them all...

first round:

Credits: oneTVXQ + DBSKnights + gorgeous18+serenademejazz2

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[TRANS] JJ Magazine May Issue - Junsu's Dream Date

Everyone has been waiting long~~

A gift to you, "heart shaped" pizza that's specially made for you, being able to see your happy face is my joy.

Special date-
I don't usually do this ^^ Maybe when she's not aware of anything i'll prepare a surprise, and that's cooking. Maybe she can't imagine what dishes i'll make. Last time on a Japanese program I cooked but I wasn't successful (laughs).

Menu is: Because my dad's a manager for a pizza shop in Korea, making a pizza shouldn't be a problem.
A heart shaped pizza ^^ Ah, it's so hard!! (laughs) But bringing a heart shaped pizza must be very surprising ^^ After arriving we can eat the pizza while watching DVD, just relax spending a day like this.

Ah, so this is a special date ^^ It's quite a normal day after all ^^ However it's the most comfortable day~ If it's an outing, I really wanna go to the seaside because i like places with crowded atmosphere and it's by the sea. In the evening we can play at the shore and when it's night, we can go to a place with beautiful scenery. Because of work i went there before and rode on a sightseeing coach. The night scenery was absolutely beautiful~

In the still of the night staring at such breath-taking scenery and with this romantic aura, sitting beside me was my manager and at instant reality came back.

Oh yea, couple shirts!! There are a lot of people wearing couple shirts in Korea ^^ Just two people wearing it feels very goof. Of course showing off like this in front of everone is embarrassing but it's just stating two people's steady relationship and how loving they are. I always have a feeling like this, I think this is a very nice thought, confirm!

She and i will wear couple shirts and go to the shore and ride on a sightseeing coach!! Although it's very eye catching but if can, I will quietly write "Good!"**

Source: JJ Magazine May Issue + 5ive club + TVXQbaidu
traanslation: crazee@TVXQfever.blogspot
as shared by: hotpadi@xiah-sshi


[30th March 2009 - 18.30 - Bitec Bangna] Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ!) members Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, Youngwoong Jaejoong, Choikang Changmin and U-Know Yunho have flown all the way to Thailand as presenters of YAMAHA NOUVO ELEGANCE motorcycle at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2009. Loads of fans (Cassiopeias) welcomed and cheered for them.

Fans have been coming to the YAMAHA MOTOR booth to wait for TVXQ! since morning. Once TVXQ! arrived on stage the fans cheered very loudly for a very long time!

As soon as the interview started, the MCs asked right away "Have you heard of Bangkok International Motor Show before?" To this Yunho replied "First of all, we'd like to greet the Thai fans 'Sawasdee krub, Dong Bang Shin Ki krub'. To answer your question, we've heard that this is an annual event for all kinds of vehicles. We feel honored to be part of this event."

In addition the BIKE OF THE YEAR 2009 Award goes to YAMAHA NOUVO ELEGANCE 135. Changmin reveals "I'm glad and proud that YAMAHA NOUVO ELEGANCE won the award. We weren't expecting this and we're happy to be part of it's success."

Junsu mentions about TVXQ!'s current activities "As you all know, right now we have activities in Japan and we're preparing for our live tour there. We'll have our (Asian) tour concert in Thailand soon. Please look forward to it." Yunho added "In future, if we have the chance, we'll try to visit Thailand as often as we can."

"You guys have so much to do! Do you get any rest?" JaeJoong promptly replied "Actually we do have breaks. We meet our friends, listen to music, greet our fans in websites." When asked which tourist attraction he wants to visit, Jaejoong says "I want to go to Chiangmai!" And fans cheered loudly again!

The highlight of this interview is the five members' speaking Thai phrases. Junsu's "Xiah Junsu jud hai!" (Xiah Junsu made it for you! / Xiah Junsu provided it!), Yoochun's "Ngan khao!" (literally means "Incoming work!", basically means "Gonna be (kept) busy!"), Jaejoong's "Micky Yoochun pe mak!" (Micky Yuchun's right on target!), Changmin's "Nae-non yoo laew!" (That's for sure! / Of course!) and Yunho's "Nuovo Elegance doan! Doan sud sud laew! Doan!" (I love Nuovo Elegance! 'doan' literally means touch, hit, strike, bump against - in this case 'touch (my heart)'). All those phrases certainly raised the fans' blood pressure!

Before leaving, they also have a few words for Thai fans. Junsu said "We returned one month after SMTOWN concert and the fans received us with so much warmth. Thank you to all fans. We're extremely happy." Yoochun added "We're also very happy to be this close to our Thai fans. We'll have a (mini) fansigning event after this, lets make good memories and hope we'll always be like this." Jaejoong said "We have visited Thailand a few times. We'll try to come more often. And I haven't had my elephant ride - I'd really love to do that!" As for magnae Changmin "Thai fans receive us with so much love! We'll try to come more often and thank you for all the support you've given us." Finally leadershi Yunho's turn "Thailand is a charming country. Whenever we come we fall for our lovely and kind fans' charms. As for the concert, it won't be that long a wait!"

After the interview, TVXQ! held a fansigning event for over 50 lucky fans, happily and enthusiastically. The fans who attended the day's event all returned home with smiles on their faces.

Note: Chiangmai is one of Thailand's well-known tourist attraction. It's one of the northern provinces that have elephant centers.
Note: If you connect the five Thai phrases, they not only serve Thai fans, but also serve as YAMAHA NOUVO ELEGANCE campaign.

Translations by: srisin
Source article:

[News] TVXQ in Hollywood Movie OST

5 male members group Dong Bang Shin Ki’s Rising Sun was insterted in the song list of United States’ Blockbuster Movies “Fast and Furious”.

Rising Sun was registered in the site of “Fast & Furious (2009)”, while the singer Dong Bang Shin Ki was introduced as TVXQ, taken from its Chinese pronunciation “Tong Vfang Xien Qi”.

“Fast and Furious: The Original” is scheduled to be released world wide on April 2nd, wherein Rising Sun becomes the background music in the characters’ chasing scene.

Rising Sun is a work by composer Yoo Young Jin and was one of the tracks in Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 2nd album with the same title “Rising Sun” released in September 2005.

source: star news
summary by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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