Monday, April 30, 2007

Tohoshinki's 11th Japanese Single Title

Lovin' You CD

Lovin' You CD + DVD

Tohoshinki's 11th Japanese Single

The boys announced that the title song from their new single will be 「Lovin' you」at their Nagoya Zoomin Super performance, 2007.04.28.
The title for the coupling song has not been decided. The single will also include a Bossa Nova version of 「Yakusoku」♥

「Lovin' you」 will be released in June, and the performance will be aired 2007.04.30 on Zoomin Super and/or 2007.05.12 (25:22~26:47) Nagoya's Zoomin Special.

The boys will also be appearing on Kanagawa's (tvk) Mantora News on 2007.05.04 (24:45~25:15).

Source - + Tohoshinki Official Website staff blog
Translation/summary - chocolatevoice@dbsg lj

The title sounds attractive. I wonder if it would be an up-tempo dance number or a smooth melodic ballad. Ahh.. Anticipation..


DBSK in Jihwaza (2)

PART 2 Here we come! Once again.. Thanks to ginaya, we get english subbed clips! YAY! I haven't even watched them myself. But maybe some of you have more time than me. So maybe you watch and give comments instead this time. Here ya go!

Jihwaza PART 2

[Part 1]
[Part 2]
[Part 3]
[Part 4]
[Part 5]


Saturday, April 28, 2007

TVXQ radio program

A radio program hosted by the Korean pop idol group TVXQ is becoming quite popular in Japan. From earlier this month TVXQ has been hosting a weekly program called "TVXQ Bigeastation" on the Japan FM Network channel. The program is currently being aired on six local FM stations, and one more station will start broadcasting the program starting next month.The program mainly consists of anecdotes by TVXQ members and their music. It is also open to new production ideas and requests from listeners. Attesting to the soaring popularity of TVXQ, fans have asked the program to be aired in large cities like Tokyo and Osaka as well.TVXQ will represent Korea at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2007 on May 26th at the Saitama Super Arena.

Our boys are multi-talented! DBSK HWAITING!!

credits to kbs global

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

DBSK's Original Name?

Came across something interesting in LJ. Thought I'd share it here..

'Dong Bang Shin Ki's Original Name Was Oh Jang Yook Bu'

The ups and downs and episodes of DBSK before they were formed are revealed on Mnet's special program '21C Artist'.

DBSK has grown into a massive idol group from SM Entertainment's education and long practice, and with affective marketing. Any singer-wannabe would envy DBSK, but despite their legendary birth, their stories were quite the opposite.

Before, the group's name was not 'Dong Bang Shin Ki' but 'Oh Jang Yook Bu' [dictionary definition: the five viscera and the six entrails (of gall bladder, stomach, small and large intestines, the paunch, the bladder and the bowels]. Leader Uknow Yunho says with a smile "We came up with names like 'Jun Muk Go', 'Oh Jang Yook Bu', 'Dong Bang Bul Pe' which seems childish now, but back then it had a big meaning."

'Jun Muk Go' means 'A whale who eats legends' but it was disqualified because it was hard to pronounce. 'Oh Jang Yook Bu' meant to become a group that not even one can be left out, like such important organs. We finally came up with 'Dong Bang Bul Pe' (Invincibles of the East). LSM even went to China's director to get the permission. But 'Bul Pe's hanja (Chinese characters) were not pretty, so it was disqualified.

Uknow Yunho says "I remember during debut days, if we meet staff members, we should say our name proudly but we would say 'Dong Bang~' and slur the rest. Now we think that it's a good name, but it's regretful that we were like that."

Max Changmin admitted that he was embarassed of being called 'Max' infront of his name. Now it's a trend to add a name to the front, but back then, Hero Jaejoong and Max Changmin felt embarrased.

Hero Jaejoong confessed "KKW producer suggested 'Yeong Woong Bon Sek' (Hero in nature) but LSM teacher said that Hero is a better name. I thought it was a joke, but it immediately became Hero Jaejoong."

There were many hardships trying to memorize long names. "There were times like "Yoochun ah! Bring Micky' or 'Micky ya, where's Yoochun?'. Sometimes we would mix up 3 member's names. I'm happy it's becoming a trend now."

TRANS: jajaja@Soompi


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

DBSK Wannabes.. TNC Chikappa

ROTFL.. I just had to laugh while watching this clip. So let me spread the laughs here. Haha.. The 3 funny guys from TNC are inspired to become members of DBSK. They meet up with them and ask them to evaluate their performance of Choosey Lover. Its so cute to see them dancing! HAHAHA.. A must see...

070420 TNC Chikappa - DBSK Cut
Subbing Credits: Renita aka hkc4lyfe @ YT


Monday, April 23, 2007

New Downloads

Just to inform on some new additions to the DOWNLOAD POST.

1. Choosey Lover (Shibuya Sun Mix)
2. Choosey Lover (Vocals Only) (Up for a limited time only due to limited space)
Where else to download: DOWNLOAD POST - Miscellaneous/Remix/Performance + MV Rips

KARAOKE MVs with English Subs (These are really gorgeous) MU links still pending.
1. Asu Wa Kuru Kara [MU] [SS]
2. Begin [MU] [SS]
3. My Destiny [MU] [SS]
4. Rising Sun (Japanese) [MU] [SS]
5. Tri-Angle [MU] [SS]
6. Hotmail [MU] [SS]
7. Red Sun [MU] [SS]
8. Snow Dream [MU] [SS]
(Also available at the DOWNLOAD POST)
credits to:
uploading credits:

MU Links:
SS Links :
silver knight @ bww2 + diana© @ Adorkable TVfXQ + Cyxion


DBSK in Jihwaza (1)

Okay.. More links! English subbed too. Thanks to Ginaya once again. Though its not complete yet.. Watch those available first before they go private.. The unsubbed ones are complete though. Note also that the unsubbed and subbed links are split at different points. So Part 1 subbed is not necessarily similar with Part 1 unsubbed.

Some pictures as preview first?

Jihwaza PART 1

Part 1 [Subbed] [Unsubbed]
A Hot and Wet Yunho.. Hehe..
Part 2 [Subbed] [Unsubbed]
I can't believe they cut out dear Junsu's part in this segment. EVILNESS!
Part 3 [Subbed] [Unsubbed]
Teamwork solves the Da Vinci Code! DBSK HWAITING!
Part 4 [Subbed] [Unsubbed]
Junsu just keeps laughing as that woman hangs on to him. Haha.. I just love his laugh!
Part 5 [Subbed] [Unsubbed]
Micky is Miss Korea! LOL..
Part 6 [Subbed] [Unsubbed]
Yunho marries a.. Uhm.. Cockroach? Poor Shin Junghwan. Yunho's too strong for him. Hehe..
Part 7 [Subbed] [Unsubbed]
Haha.. So funny! they keep pulling away each pillows. Its hilarious to see them tumbling around.
Part 8 [Subbed] [Unsubbed]


Sorry I took so long to update the subbed links. Been really busy. I think part 5 was deleted. So guess you'll just have to watch that unsubbed.. Enjoy!


Sunday, April 22, 2007

DBSK in Star King

Okay.. I'm gonna make this a quick one cos I'm kinda in a hurry right now and feeling rather disorientated and down. But let's not have that deprive you of links. Hope you can view these videos as some are private. Just add Ginaya as a friend if you can't kay?

Star King 1
[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]
[Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

Star King 2
[Part 1] [Part 2]

FULL CREDITS to Ginaya for uploading and subbing. Don't you all just love her? YAY!

I'll make commentaries another day. Till then, ENJOY!


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Micky's Asthma Attack

OH NOES! Poor Yoochun's in the hospital due to an asthma attack. Okay.. So I don't have an article or anything but that's what alot of forums are saying. Just a small excerpt of this:

Within this few months ,TVXQ were madly busy with their stuff...maybe because of the tiredness,his asma appear again...Recently ,he was doing a treatment in hospital...Just pray that he would recover soon...poor micky..their company should give them rest..Their energy have reached the maximum..

Source: Baidu

I sure hope dear Yoochunnie gets well soon. We'll all pray for his full recovery together ya? Do take care Yoochun!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Junsu's Kiss!

AAAAAHHHHH!!! I just came across this picture taken from Star King that gave me such mixed feelings. Haha.. Being a super duper whooper Junsu fan, I just had to share this with everyone. Haha.. Can't help but feel a little envious of that little kid. *Pouts*

Its a gif so that you can fully appreciate that moment. >.<

credits: bz


Thursday, April 12, 2007

2nd Asia Tour Concert Animation

Yep.. Animated versions of DBSK. There aren't any conversations whatsoever so I guess its pretty simple to watch. I'll just summarise the story briefly in case anyone doesn't understand. It starts of with a really excited DBSK going to the theme park. Then they all have a coin each to spend on rides except for Max who only has a sweet. So they head for the interesting looking rides only to find that ladies displaying signs on the rides such as "Expensive", "Very Expensive", "Too Expensive", etc instead of actual prices. So disheartedned they walk away till Jaejoong spots a ride that goes for 0 (as you'll see). So happily they rush for that ride. Because of the excitement they hit the lady sending her sprawling. She in turn turned the speed to maximum probably wanting to make them dizzy. But some power surge/overload occurs. The whole ride detaches itself sending DBSK into outer space and leaving behind a burnt & electrocuted lady. That's about it. Seriously, I could hardly differentiate them at first because all the faces are similar.. Haha.. Enjoy!


History In Japan Volume 2


As in the previous post on the Birthdays in Japan, there are other parts in the History in Japan Volume 2 DVD. I think that this is the complete version of the DVD both discs included. But I'm not absolutely sure You can stream and watch the videos and download them using VEOH. However, this is merely for preview purposes. DO buy your own original copy of the DVD to support DBSK! Happy viewing!

History In Japan Vol. 2
[Part 1]
(This is roughly the whole video of the previous parts 1-3 that I posted plus slightly more at the end.)

[Part 2]
credits: mei_yee_chan @ cyxion


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

2nd Asia Tour Concert Solo Audio Rips

Initially I wasn't sure whether I should upload these for you all. This is cos the quality of the rips are pretty bad. Its probably ripped from fancam recordings of the performances. So you can imagine just how loud the screams of the fans are. Maybe you already have them from other forums, etc. But here are the links. They would probably serve as previews for now, while waiting for the official ones to be released later on. (Maybe..I'm not sure about this. But knowing SME, they probably would.)

Junsu's Solo - My Page (Self Composed)
Yunho's Solo (feat. DongHae) - Spokesman (Self Composed)
Yoochun's Solo - One Last Cry
Jaejoong's Solo - Crying
Changmin's Solo - When I First Kissed You

Or.. Head to the Download Post to get them there.


Sports Challenges (Channel A)

The recent Channel A episodes brought us an interesting segment where DBSK takes on primary school kids. The challenges were simple. Shooting baskets for basketball, scoring goals for soccer and a telematch and most of all the prize for each challenge was FOOD!!! We all know how much DBSK love their food. Much humour came from the DBSK boys themselves as they tried their best to win the food prize. The first challenge is already subbed. I'll update the subbed links for the 2nd & 3rd challenge as soon as they are out. Till then enjoy! I recommend that you watch the links before reading my commentary at the bottom if you don't want spoilers.

Channel A (Basketball Challenge) (English Subbed)
[Part 1] [Part 2]

2nd Part is now subbed. You can now download the file from the download post.

Channel A (Soccer Challenge + Telematch) (English Subbed)
[Part 1] [Part 2]
credits: kay + tvfxqforever

Its really hilarious to watch our boys roll all over the floor groaning their disappointment, and jumping and cheering OH-SO-LOUDLY in the basketball challenge. They even resort to distracting the kids in order to win the food prize. Though the kids called them childish (not that they really cared..HAHA), I call them cute!! No doubt about it who were the adults though when they offered to share their food prize with the kids at the end of the 3rd challenge. Our poor DBSK had to resort to eating their own food (something that looked like crackers) which they brought in their bags after losing the 2nd challenge. AWW... My favourite part was watching Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu doing the hurdles. So swift and agile! Like little monkeys. LOL. But Junsu looked funny doing it though. Haha.. How Cute! Hope you enjoyed the clips!


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Birthdays In Japan

An extension of the previous post regarding Junsu's birthday. Now we get to watch the other 4 celebrating their birthdays too. These clips were taken out of their History in Japan DVD Volume 2 that was just released recently. For now I'll just provide links to watch. The user who uploaded them also gave download links for these clips so if you're in a hurry you can download it there first. Me? I'm hoping someone will sub these clips soon. Hehe.. ENJOY!

Part 1 - YooChun's Birthday
Aww.. Yoochun never fails to touch me with his emotions. Such simple acts brings them out in him. Love the group hug.. I LOVE DBSK's LOVE (for each other). It truly makes them special.

Part 1 - Junsu's Birthday
I've commented on this video in the previous post. Together with the translations. Love the fake "AAAHHH!!" by Junsu.. LMAO

Part 3 - Jaejoong's Birthday
I wonder wat Yoochun screamed about here. Was pretty funny... Haha.. I like the way they eat birthday cakes too. No need to bother about portion of slices. Just pick away with the fork.

Part 4 - Yunho's Birthday
In this one, I just love how the boys sang Happy Birthday. (Or Burst-day if you hear their pronounciation) It makes the other Birthday songs sound so dull. HAHA.. A few observations are that Yunho is rather sensitive to loud sudden noises.

Part 5 - Changmin's Birthday
Minnie looked so blur here. Haha.. So cute..


Monday, April 02, 2007

Junsu's Birthday in Japan

Found this clip from areein's LJ. Felt that this clip is a MUST SHARE. The guys were so cute. I cracked up at Junsu's expression at the beginning where he squealed! And Jaejoong screaming at the top of his lungs. LOL.. (Click the link to watch)

Junsu's Birthday in Japan

Though there are no subs, areein provided some translations courtesy of luluchan from soompi plus a little addition from me (HAHA..not that I know Japanese)

Micky said "Did you see his face??"
Then Micky imitates him.
Then Jaejoong shouts at the top of his lungs HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
They then point at the soccer birthday cake. Flowers passed to Junsu.
Jaejoong is still shouting..
They start singing Happy Birthday..
Micky told Junsu : "Become a human"
But then he started to praise him saying "Junsu.. he's charismatic, cool, handsome ... he's perfect "
(Meanwhile Junsu is disturbing him: "YOU're NOISY!!")


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