Saturday, May 26, 2007




Best Buzz Asia from Korea Award
- 「Living a Year in Winter」 Brian
- 「Chara's Forest」 Loveholic
- 「Unlock」SS501
- 「U」Super Junior
- 「O-Jung Ban Hup」TVXQ

Results were announced not too long ago.. THEY WON!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Hurray for them.. They SO deserve this! DBSK HWAITING!!! See them receive the award! They spoke 3 languages! Awesome...

Psst.. What's with Micky's hair anyway? I think it was this style in the FITB Tour too. -_-

CLICK To Watch & Feel The Energy!!!
Also.. At The Red Carpet

Download Link for O Jung Ban Hap Performance {HQ}


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lovin' You MV/PV


Okay.. So I was really looking forward to this MV considering that its been quite a while since their last MV which was.. Choosey Lover? Oh.. Okay.. so maybe it wasn't that long ago. But it sure felt long to me. Such anticipation for this MV as Lovin' You is currently such a favourite song of mine. I must say though that I'm rather disappointed with the MV. I shall put some screencaps first before I tell you why..

See those scenes of DBSK above? That's about all you get to see of them. Maybe just a slight bit more. The rest of the MV is about this dumb couple. I don't know if the story would touch any of your hearts. But it didn't touch me. Maybe if someone elaborated a different interpretation of the story I might change my mind. My version says, dumb girl dumped guy but cried her eyes out in regret when he got hit by car. Worse was, I wanted to see DBSK! Not the couple.. After such deprivation of MVs from them, out comes an MV that hardly has 2 minutes of them in the whole 6 minutes of the full MV. I call that disappointing.. T__T

Anyway, for those of you who want to download the MV. I have 2 version. MQ and HQ. Seriously, to me there isn't much difference between the two versions. They're pretty much equally good in quality except the HQ file is HUGE. Nearly 250MB. Your choice of which to download. Here are the links.

Lovin' You MV
MQ (90MB)
HQ (241MB)
+ Audio Rip from MV
(Also available in the download post)

You can watch it HERE and sing along with its lyrics.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Drained Again..

Stumbled upon this news in the DBSG Comm in LJ. Its kinda sad really to know that DBSK is drained and stretched to their limits again. I'm not sure how true this account is.. But let's not all panic or anything, but just wish them well and perhaps pray that they recover soon.

It's something like.. the concert has been toured for the fifth day?.. during the rehearsal for the concert.. jaejoong had already vomited..
And when the concert started.. in order to have his energy back.. he keep on inject some medicine .. and his arm already has the mark of those needles.. his face is pale.. and still wants to continue the rehearsal..
Those japan dances steps.. appeared to be easy, but in actual, it requires alot of strength.. his japanese now is fluent, so you can imagine how much effort he put in to improve them

AND TODAY, HE FAINTED!.. REALLY FAINTED.. everyone's is nt in the gd condition, but as for jaejoong, he has reached his limit.. !

credits: tvxqforever @ soompi

Another update.

Today, JaeJoong's health has recovered. He fainted due to not enough of rest, now he is okay. His condition now is not bad and he will continue the Japan Tour till the end! Today his health condition is better. Everyone please do not worry, most importantly is continuing support him!

Source: JJ Baidubar
credits: + tvfxqforever

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Setlist for Five In The Black Concert

Came across this list of songs they sang at the recent FITB Concert.. Just a brief post. But the boys really sang alot of songs. They'd definitely be exhausted at the end of the tour..

2.Choosey Lover
3.The Way U Are


4.Step by Step
5.約束 (Yakusoku – Promise)
8.Rising Sun

Short Movie(Acappella Begin, My Little Princess)

9. Acappella Hug


10. I'll be there
11. 明日は来るから (Asuwakurukara)


12. My Destiny


13. miss you
14. Somebody to love
16. High Time
17. 'O' 正.反.合


18. Sky


19. Lovin' you


20. Hello Again


Monday, May 14, 2007

OST for Air City

I've missed this piece of news as a result of me being unwell, so probably everyone knows this by now. But to those who don't, DBSK sang 2 songs for the OST of a Korean Drama known as Air City starring Choi Ji Woo, Lee Jung Jae, Lee Jin Wook & Moon Hee Jung

Here's the tracklist

Air City OST Track List

1. Harudal- TVXQ
2. All in Vain- TVXQ
3. Learning to Fly
4. Perguntas (Jilmun)- KangTa
5. Calling- HyunJin
6. Haruman- CSJH The Grace
7. First 2 Fist
8. Man at Danger
9. Whooo 'R' U
10. Wishing U were Here
11. Tension Builder
12. Labrynth Allegro
13. U look Funky 2 Me
14. Harudal (Inst.)

Download the 2 DBSK Tracks from the DOWNLOAD POST.
Also added Radio rip & Live rip of Lovin' You.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Heat-Wave 여름 뜨거움

Stumbled across this in Wikipedia under TVXQ's Discography. A new summer single perhaps? Sure can't wait for it to be out. Will update as soon as promo pics are released.

Heat-Wave 여름 뜨거움
Release Date: July 06, 2007
Language: Korean

o1. Heat-Wave
o2. 10 Questions
o3. Phantom (Hip-Hop Remix)
o4. Heat-Wave (Instrumental)
o5. 10 Questions (Instrumental)


SM Town Summer Concert 2007

Looks rather interesting, no?

Features DBSK, Super Junior, Kangta, CSJH The Grace, Jang Ri In

Mnet 21c (Director's No Cut Version)

English subbed? YES! Once again thanks to Ginaya. So here are the links. As usual, I haven't watched them myself. So no commentaries. Just links. Here ya go.. Enjoy! Will update when the new ones are out.

[Part 1]
[Part 2]
[Part 3]
[Part 4]
[Part 5]
[Part 6]


Friday, May 04, 2007

10,000 Visits!

YAY! DBSKer's Archive had hit 10,000 visits! As a gift for all of you who helped contributed to the number of visits by visting faithfully, I've uploaded some DBSK Photobook & Storybook goodies as gifts for you! Hope you all love it and will continue supporting DBSKer and its sister Archive in the many days to come!

The 1st Photo Book - Travel Sketches in Los Angeles
7 Videos:
City Of Angels
Let's Play
Stage in L.A
Image Diary - Xiah Junsu
Image Diary - U-Know Yunho
Image Diary - Micky Yoochun
Image Diary - Hero Jaejoong
Image Diary - Max Changmin

The 2nd Photo Book - Summer Paradise in Borabora
2 Screensavers
5 Wallpapers
4 Videos:

2nd Photobook Activity
Hi Ya Ya MV Sketch
Image Diary

The 3rd Photo Book - The Prince in Prague
133 Pictures
1 Video (English Subbed)

The 1st Story Book - 'Hug'
2 Pictures
1 Screen Saver
4 Videos:
01 Intro
02 Jacket Sketch
03 Special Clip
04 Hug MV

The 2nd Story Book - 'The Way U Are'
35 Pictures
2 Wallpapers
1 Screensaver
10 Videos:
01 Intro
02 Jacket Sketch
03 Taiwan Promotion
04 Samsung "Yepp" & Surprise Party for Micky
05 F Concert with Cassiopeia
06 My Little Princess MV
07 My Little Princess (Acapella) MV
08 Hotmail MV
09 Drive MV
10 The Way U Are MV
The 3rd Story Book - 'TVfXQ! Special Photo Essay in L.A'
4 Wallpapers
10 Videos

Miduhyo MV 1
Miduhyo MV 2
Whatever They Say MV
Album Jacket Sketch (Miduhyo)
Album Jacket Sketch (Tri-Angle)
Music Video Jacket Sketch (Hug)
Music Video Jacket Sketch (The Way U Are)
Music Video Jacket Sketch (I Believe In You)

(Note: Content is not guaranteed to be entirely complete. Its just what I've managed to compile from different resources. Something is better than nothing, I say..)

I just realised I named this post wrongly. But weirdly, no one pointed it out to me. *Shrugs* Haha.. What a moron I was. Anyway, its corrected now. So past embarassments shall be forgotten... Haha..)


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fanfic - DBSKer's Choice

Okay.. So I admit I haven't read much fanfic. One of the reasons is probably because reading stories from the computer screen isn't exactly one of my favourite past times. Give me a book to curl up in bed with any day. Argh!! What's with my rambling. Lemme get straight to the point..

Well, a new friend of mine, Solo's Cry, who writes fanfic, has been so diligently advertising DBSKer that I'll return her the favour here. I think this is really the first fanfic I've read which makes me feel attached to the characters and craving for more! Personally I do like her style of writing which includes humour in it. I can't wait till Solo's Cry finishes the whole series!! Its just so addicting! (To me, at least!) So if you're into fanfic, do head to the links below!

Basically its a story based on the Movie "She's All That". But lemme post her description/introduction to the story just in case I don't do justice to it. Hehe..
(Note: This based on yaoi concepts of Jaeho & Yoosu.. So if those pairings aren't your cup of tea, maybe the story isn't too.. But seriously, it was a fun read..)


Straight school heartthrob, Jung Yunho, makes a bet with his best friend, Park Yoochun. A bet that will ultimately prove his worth. What happens when Yunho starts to fall for his bet? And what will happen when the bet finds out it’s a bet?! Will there ever be a happy ending for this mismatched couple? Hail to the Homecoming King and Queer... er... Queen.


This story is based on the American Comedy movie “She’s All That” (yeah, the one with Freddie Prince Jr.) <3.

#Solo's Cry#

He's All That
[Part One]
[Part Two]
[Part Three]
[Part Four]
[Part Five]
[Part Six]
[Part Seven]
[Part Eight]
[Final Part] OUT!!!
More to come..


p/s: Strictly no unkind criticisms..


Mnet 21c Artist I don't know how to do this but Blogspot seems to cut half the video out.. I tried adjusting the video to fit the frame, but the video quality gets a little distorted despite my calculations. So for those of you who wanna watch the BIGGER BETTER quality one, here's a direct link instead.. ^_^

Veoh Direct Link
For MU download links head to the DOWNLOAD POST



Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The 2nd Live Tour 2007 - FITB Goodies

Yoochun with Towel

Junsu with the Pen!

Yunho with the Dart Board Set

Yoochun with the Tour Book

Jaejoong & Mirror Set with changeable cover cards.

Changmin with Tote Bag

Credits : Bestiz + KpopKingdom

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