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[IMG] 2009 June Lotte Wallies

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[VID] Stand By You

Drama Version

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

[BLOG] 090428 Takeshi Senoo’s

Everyone is alright? Ever since morning, Tokyo has been so cloudy.
KUBUDO recording is finally arrived to the final round, I’m working hard right now.

3 years ago, I wrote song for Tohoshinki “Asu wa Kuru Kara” which becomes bonus track of their latest single “Share The World” released today.

At the time the song first released, it became ending theme for anime ONE PIECE. The lyrics was written together with Mai Osanai, we collaborated to finish the lyrics of this song, supporting each other.

Flower blossoming in spring, summer ocean, spring twilight, and a place filled by winter sunshine. Regardless the season, but praying each time to get in through that moment again.

The lyrics was written that time was likely very difficult Japanese for them.
However as they already stepped across the country border line, with a courage in heart to send the lyrics out, they’re working hard to learn Japanese. I was touched and got strength from that, I feel like those memories are just very recent.

Actually, when I was in backstage seeing them, their simple direct stares were really shocking me.
In live performance, I saw Junsu singing the lastest part of the song just like he’s shouting a story, a heartbreak which was hard to be told. At that point, my tears fell down.

3 years later, today, they don’t stop growing more and more mature. In the new single recording this song, I feel very happy from the deepest heart of me. I want to say this to them: “Thank you for singing my song,”

Tohoshinki, FIGHTING!

source: Takeshi Senoo’s Blog
credits: Hey! JJ + Hobbs + ho_snaaap @ dbsg LJ
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

[Info] SS501's YoungSaeng talks about his friendship with DBSK and Suju

People Often Compare SS501 with TVXQ
I don't think of anyone as my rival, but people see TVXQ sunbae, who are now at the highest position as our rivals. Of course, we feel good, feel honoured.
TVXQ has released a lot of albums and has risen to a very high position, but we are just preparing to rise.
This is common in the music industry. Just like H.O.T sunbae and Sechskies sunbae, perhaps because of rivals, it makes everything more meaningful.

Very Close to TVXQ and Super Junior
I've been close to TVXQ and Super Junior from the very beginning, I think the viewers all know that. I was a trainee together with TVXQ's U-Know Yunho, Hero Jaejoong, Choikang Changmin, Super Junior's YeSung and HeeChul.

Choi Si Won's Classmate
I attended the same school with Choi SiWon and was even his classmate. I was really close to him at that time. He had to go to China under his company's orders, but he would call me. In the end, we both debuted at almost the same time. We always played together when we were trainees, but meeting him now feels so weird.

A lot of New Artists Debuting
I don't really know how to say this but a lot of strong, charming artists are debuting. Other artists start to feel stressed and work harder. I often look back to when I debuted to see the difference. Now, everytime we see younger artists, it brings comfort to us, it inspires us to work harder, (smiles dorkily XD) thank you!

Eternal Rival???
I don't like seeing anyone as my rival. I don't go figuring out who's my rival and what I need to do to be better than them. Naturally, my biggest rival is myself. I think about surpassing myself, I don't want to beat anyone but myself. So I don't see anyone as my rival. Moreover, we are a group, so we have to work together. Although having rivals is a good thing, but overemphasizing isn't. So don't think about this too much.

Translated from chinese to english by choco@TVXQFever
Credits : yuulinaboojaejoong@YT +

[News] Swine Flu Attack in Kansai and TSC Concert

The Swine Flu Attack and May 23th – 24th Japan Tour.

May 23th – May 24th – Tohoshinki is scheduled to have performances in Sapporo.

길혜성 News | 2009/05/21 10:11

The spreading of influenza in region of Kasai, Japan makes a lot of new artists to cancel all performances, however the current national tour held by Tohoshinki is not yet affected.

Tohoshinki is now running their 4th Japan tour The Secret Code, which was begun in Kobe (May 4th -5th), Saitama (May 9th – 10th), Sendai (May 16th – 17th), etc.

On May 21st Tohoshinki’s spokesperson Song Hwang Ri said, “On May 23rd – 24th, Tohoshinki will have concert in Sapporo and Sapporo is not in Kansai region.”

Thus, up until now, Tohoshinki’s 4th live tour in Japan will be able to run safely. But the problem will raise in the mid-June, where Tohoshinki’s concert finally is scheduled to be performed in several cities in Kansai region: Osaka (June 10th – 11th, June 13th – 14th) and Nagoya (June 18th, 20th, and 21st).

For Kansai region in Japan is currently stated as new influenza pandemic, Tohoshinki’s concert can’t guarantee to be held as scheduled in those areas. There’s one popular singer’s performances which was originally scheduled to be held in that area as well, however due to the spread of influenze cases in Kansai, has been recently canceled.

Meanwhile, Tohoshinki’s Tokyo Dome The Secret Code concert will be held on July 4th – 5th as the last show of the tour.

Source: 길혜성 News + arr80@soompi
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Saturday, May 16, 2009

[BLOG] Mina Fujii attends DBSK concert

Sunday May 10th, I went to Tohoshinki’s concert at Saitama Super Arena!

Ever since I was born, this is the first time I go to such a big concert in Saitama Super Arena.

Together with many other fans, I spent 3 enthustiastic hours, my heart was so touched by Tohoshinki.

Credit: KB + mr.TVXQ
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

She's the girl from the Doushite PV. I guess most of you would recognise her.


[MERCHANDISE] 28th Japanese Single - Stand by U

28th Japanese Single「Stand by U 」
Release Date: July 1st, 2009

Normal Edition [CD + DVD Limited Edition]
1,890 yen (tax included) RZCD-46286 / B

1.Stand by U
2.Tea for Two
3.Stand by U (Less Vocal)
4.Tea for Two (Less Vocal)

1.Stand by U (Video Clip)
2.Off Shot Movie

Limited Edition Benefits:
1- Jacket Size Card
2- DVD Off Shot Movie

Normal Edition [CD Limited Edition]
1,050 yen (tax included) RZCD-46287

1.Stand by U
2.Tea for Two
3.Sky(Bonus Track)
4.Stand by U ~Luv Behind The MLD mix~
5.Stand by U (Less Vocal)
6.Tea for Two(Less Vocal)

Limited Edition Benefits:
1- Jacket Size Card
2- 12P Booklet

Credits: Red Smile + Tohoshinki Official Site

Friday, May 15, 2009

[BLOG] Zoom In Super MC’s – Oguma Mika’s Blog - Attending TSC Tour

On May 9th, I went to see Tohoshinki’s concert ^^

Usually they always show a light and open persoalities when are interviewed and shot in an open air, but at the concert their serious expression and vigorous dance are really perfect!

Mr. Nishi and I were both impressed by Kiss The Baby Sky, it’s a wonderful song, so touching.

Absolutely great 5 and only people.

No matter in recording room or on stage, wherever they are, they just own it. Even I got my strength from them.

All fans were so worried about JUNSU. However, the injury on his leg is getting better now. Junsu himself laughed and said aloud, “It’s all because your support!!!”

They never forget to thank fans for the support they have. For me, this is one of Tohoshinki’s charisma.

In July, they’ll release a new single, everyone please anticipate it!

Thank you for bringing such wonderful 3 hours.

ZOOM IN SUPER will always support Tohoshinki.

Source: Oguma Mika blog
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Sharing credits: TVXQFever

[BLOG] CEO Matsuura Blog Update - PV shooting

Tohoshinki, doing PV shooting for the new single.


This time, again Tohoshinki. Due to the prohibition to show anything in advance, I will only take photographs of the scenery

The shooting of PV was shot in the suburbs of Kanto.

From early in the morning, we already started shooting.

It was a very good weather outside.

The shooting took a long time,

The members had to take turns

It was such a tough job, but we tried hard.

I wonder if you know what we were doing in the picture?

We were making fake rain.

The upcoming 28th single, Stand by U

Will be on sale July 1st!

Following last year track

Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou?

a second song, which is so sorrowful!

With that, expectation is fired up.

At the official website, discography page

You can listen to preview of the songs

Source: matsuura blog
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress (with tiny amendments by DBSKer)


[IMG] Heaven's Postman Booklet

Credits: MeliteHero + HeroBaidu +

Friday, May 08, 2009

[POLL] Battle of Pop - Boys vs Girls

Yes, ChannelV is holding, yet another, poll that has DBSK in it. This time it's boys vs girls!! You can see the poll by clicking -->here<-- This time it involves some American musical artists too!!

Note from Kousei (Raven): Yeah... sorry, really really short, not much info, but I'm tired. I think they got smart about who they put on the side with DBSK. Super Junior is on the opposite side and there is no Big Bang in this one. Sad, I was looking forward to a better set up with DBSK, Super Junior, and Big Bang all on one side. Hopefully this doesn't cause a ton of drama, like the last poll did. Anyhow I'll probably read up on thi s when I wake up and edit this post with more info so you can all read what's happening. Please be paitient until then!!

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