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[MY Paper Singapore] Leader Yunho performs despite injury at TVXQ Concert

Dong Bang Shin Ki performed the final day of The 2nd Asia Tour Concert "O", held at the Seoul Olympic Park on the afternoon of the 28th.
Yunho who suffered an injury in his waist during rehearsals continued to perform despite the injury, and the 11,000 fans present were highly emotionally charged.
Because they were too overocome with excitement, 16 people fainted and had to be sent to the emergency room.

The concert saw label-mates Super Junior invited as guests, making the atmosphere even more intoxicating.

Leader Yunho accidentally hit one of the sets on the stage during rehearsals last Thursday, causing a fracture in his lumubar vetebrate, causing both the management and the
fans to be very worried, but he maintained his wish to perform throughout the three days of the concert.

He expressed in the concert: "TVXQ has been spending most of the time this past year on overseas activities and is frequently unable to meet with the Korean fans, since we have
said that we would like to give the fans a complete stage, I must certainly undertake my promise. Even though the me on stage is injured, I will still do my best, I'm really sorry for
being unable to present a perfect stage for everyone.

During his solo performance, Yunho still continually assured the fans, "Don't worry everyone, I'm alright, as long as I'm with all of you, I won't hurt anymore.", causing many
fans to be so touched that they dropped tears.

During the three-hour long concert, TVXQ presented a total of 26 songs to the fans, including two Japanese songs, "SKY" and "Love in the Ice".

-MY Paper (Singapore), 30.10.2007
-Translation by Cynsinnn @ LJ

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Uknow Yunho, Fights Injury... DBSK Concert Success

At the encore concert, DBSK members kept their promise with their fans and became one on stage, and made the audience of 11,000 people go wild.

Uknow Yunho said on stage, "Even though I can't show a powerful performance on stage because of my injury, I thought that I needed to be one with all the fans at this concert. The members also encouraged me to go together without being excessive, so I went on stage like this. I will show my best so please cheer me on", and received an applause from the audience.

SNSD also went on stage to congratulate DBSK's concert this day. They gave a congratulatory message saying, "We congratulate our sunbaes' encore concert and we're very happy that we got to come to our respected sunbaes' concert".

To this, DBSK responded, "You must be busy receiving much love, but thank you for coming here to congratulate us. We think that SNSD will gain even more popularity, as they are hoobaes that try very hard. Please support them as well". 'The 2nd ASIA YOUR CONCERT "O"' is planned to continue to the 28th.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Yunho is injured.. T___T

[2007.10.26] Yunho has a Lumbar Vertebrae Fracture

The BoyBand TVXQ's leader Uknow Yunho was injured while practicing for the October 25's concert.

With this, it seems like he wont be performing at the concert.

Uknow Yunho who was supposed to perform the "DongBangShinKi The 2nd Asia Tour Concer "O" ~ Seoul Encore" was practicing on the reheasal on 25's night and then he was bumped, and was hurt at the pelvic region.

The person in charge of Yunho said "Yunho hurt his vertebrae lumbar. It may take probably 3 to 4 weeks to recuperate. It doesn't matter if he works, or he moves, but it will be better if he doesn't dance or exercice".

SM said "Now that we know how is the situation, we think that it'll be hard for Yunho to perform. Even though he cannot perform, he'll on the stage and he'll sing the ballads, and the memtors like the previous arrangement."

Then Yunho said "For all the people that waited for the Encore Concert, I really apologise. Even if I cannot give you my best of performance due to this inconvenience, I'll show you my best on stage."

credits. Bestiz + BlaisePaige@soompi
Trans. kandiox@soompi

A little information on Lumbar Verterbrae Fractures

Actual medical info (with the least jargon available) about lumbar vertebrae fractures:

"Lumbar vertebrae fractures are caused by a direct force or sudden muscle contraction and are commonly accompanied by major soft tissue damage.
Treatment and prognosis depend on the degree of fracture and the presence of complications.
Symptoms include severe pain (spontaneous or during exercise) in the lower back and difficulty with body movement in the acute phase as well as local bruising,swelling,and occasionally, spinal deformation and neuroparalysis.
Treatment during the acute phase includes rest, medication, and fixation (with plaster and corset)"
Taken from this medical paper. page 18 if you want to check it out.

Summary: It hurts like hell when you do it, and for a while afterwards, but it is treatable.

While it can be a severe injury, it can also be a less severe injury, so rather that anyone jumping on me for trying to be rational as some people did when I posted information about superglue being impossible to ingest as some people did, please pray to the deity of your choice that it's a comparatively minor injury with no complications.

Judging from the fact that his recovery is said to take 3-4 weeks I hope it is a less severe injury, and I'm sure SM will allow him to recover fully, they let JJ recover properly from his leg injury,injury, and they aren't in the business of permanently breaking their biggest meal tickets.

Credits: athelas_fairy @ LJ

Popular pop group TVXQ to perform at Stadium Merdeka on Nov 24

PETALING JAYA: Popular boy band TVXQ (or TVfXQ) - the first Korean pop act to stage a concert here - returns. TVXQ is also known as Dong Bang Shin Ki, which literally translates to Gods Rising from the East. The members comprise Hero, 21 (real name Kim Jae-joong), U-Know, 21 (Jung Yun-ho), Micky, 21 (Park Yoo-chun), Xiah, 20 (Kim Jun-su) and Max, 19 (Shim Chang Min).

U-Know said they were happy to be back here in Malaysia. “It was really amazing last year when we saw so many of our Malaysian fans. We did not know we have such a huge following here. The fans are the only reason for our return,” he said in a press conference. Glad to be back: (From left) Xiah, Micky, Hero, Max and U-Know at the press conference in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. U-Know also mentioned Malaysian girls were very pretty. When asked about the upcoming concert, Xiah said it would be a colourful showcase with multiple stage themes and a lot of wire actions. “There is a possibility we may shoot a music video here. This country has many beautiful islands and mountains,” he said.

According to organiser CMG Absolute co-founder Adrian Wong, the concert would be much better than last year’s. “From dance choreography, stage production to the entire showmanship, it is definitely going to be a blast. Fans can also expect to see a huge aquarium on stage during the show. “The boys will be swimming and performing in the human aquarium. It is definitely something very new,” he told The Star.

After KL, TVXQ will perform in Bangkok, Singapore, Shanghai and Beijing. The concert will be held at Stadium Merdeka on Nov 24. Tickets are priced at RM500, RM420, RM320, RM280, and RM100.

Credits: Soompi

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All About DBSK Season 2 [DVD]

Okay! So for those of you haven't already discovered these clips go watch them NOW! I'll just give you a link to the videos. There's the Couple Talks and Variety shows. I hope she's uploading more. They're english subbed by the way. So ENJOY!!


Credits: nongmoddy @ youtube (P/s: You're really awesome!)


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Iple Live Talk (English Subbed)

Okay.. Just a quick one cos I really need SLEEP. Gosh.. I haven't even watched them myself so tell me if they're good. ^_^

[Part 1]
[Part 2]
[Part 3]
[Part 4]
[Part 5]
[Part 6]
[Part 7]

Credits: badstar + GOE;SS


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Still Thinking??

Just a picture here courtesy of panis_angelics @ LJ, for those of you who still have not, or is not planning to get your own copy of All About DBSK Season 2. Have a look.. When they say a picture says a thousand words, I think enough is said from this picture below. Not to forget those gorgeous preview clips we've been getting. ARGH..


Btw, Forever Love PV is out! Watch it HERE while singing along to the lyrics and translations. Its also available for download in the archive in Media Downloads. Enjoy!


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[NEWS] TVXQ, jewelery designer in Japan

On the 5th, Tohoshinki who had their concert at the Nakayama Football Field in Taipei, Taiwan is moving their stage to Japan again.

Tohoshinki is holding hands with Japan's jewelry designer, VERITE and is going to advertise the jewelries designed by themselves. Tohoshinki's new song, "Forever Love" which is being released at the 14th of Nov. will be used as the BGM for Tohoshinki's VERITE official homepage which is opening on the 12th.

Yunho talked about the difficulty in desiging, "Thinking of the design was hard."

Yuchun appealed by saying, "The simple design which will match any outfit is the point."

Jaejoong said, "I like the pierce alot. I will feel happy if i see my pierce at concerts or events."

Junsu said, "I would be happy if you wore the accessories we designed ourselves."

Meanwhile, the 184cm tall Changmin who grabbed the hearts of Japanese women is going to be in the magazine "PINKY" december issue, alone.

[credits: WOw Korea Japan + tvfxqforever forums + miamihero@kpopkingdom + Su-moon@CF + legra@multiply + คนของมิค@popcornfor2 + stjapo46@soompi]

Verite CF which features Forever Love

Verite Opening Flash






AADBSK 2 Trailer (NEW) + Forever Love + Together (Preview)

Hmm.. Sorta random post here. I've been so outta touch of latest news these few days. So just the latest (but perhaps not so new to some of you all) trailer of the AWESOME DVD, AADBSK2 and a preview on Forever Love, the 14th Single and Together, Tohoshinki's 15th Single (?).

Credits: yoochunsa64 @ youtube

Credits: KawaiiMegumi @ youtube


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Channel A - mu-mo Download Rankings

mu-mo downloading TOP 10

1위 My Girlfriend / YUCHUN from 東方神起
2위 사랑의 노래 / 코다 쿠미
3위 Rainy Night / JUNSU from 東方神起
4위 MAZE / JEJUNG from 東方神起
5위 WILD SOUL / CHANGMIN from 東方神起
6위 Crazy Life / YUNHO from 東方神起

8위 decision / 하마사키 아유미
9위 talkin'2 myself / 하마사키 아유미
10위 시간의 조각 / EXILE
13위 Come Over / 코다 쿠미
14위 SHINE / 東方神起
15위 쿠무리우타 / 오오츠카 아이

credits: clicheterms @ dbsg

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[Fanfic] Recommendation - 9,999 Roses

I've been wanting to do this for so long.. Finally I decided that procrastinating won't do.. Besides I've promised Soloscry for like over..2(?) months already. Not that its a burden or anything. I really enjoyed this fanfic of hers and its entirely my pleasure to be sharing it with everyone.

Anyway, getting on to things, here's the summary of the fanfic that's called Nine-Thousand, Nine-Hundred, and Ninety-Nine Crimson Roses.

FIC: Nine-Thousand, Nine-Hundred, and Ninety-Nine Crimson Red Roses
AUTHOR: soloscry @ LJ (Visit her WEBSITE)
PAIRINGS: Yunho/Jaejoong, Yoochun/Junsu, (Side-dish: Changmin/Keita)
GENRE: Tidbits of Humor, JaeHo!Romance, YooSu!Drama, and KeiMin!Fluff ^^

[Part 1 - When words alone won't suffice..]
[Part 2]

Whilst Part 1 is light hearted and cheery, Part 2 takes off in a melancholic mood

Kay.. So maybe this isn't exactly a summary. But until soloscry writes one, I guess it wouldn't be right for me to make a summary of her story. LOL. It just wouldn't do justice to it.. Hehe.. Enjoy!

Piano Versions

I don't know how many of you know this. In the Other Downloads Section of the Archives there are Piano Music Sheets available for download. Most of them are provided by Lina. She's this talented and kind hearted girl who's allowed me to put up her music sheets for downloads. Thanks so much Lina! I know many of you enjoy piano versions of our favourite DBSK songs. So do head to over to OTHER DOWNLOADS (click on the banner below!) to get these great music sheets.

Lina has also recorded herself playing those pieces she transcribed and they're all available on her youtube channel HERE. I'll post the streaming video of some of my favourite pieces by here just for preview. You can listen to the rest by selecting the videos from her channel in youtube. Do support Lina by subscribing to her! ^_^ Enjoy!



White Lies..

For more videos, go HERE
For the music sheet downloads click the banner.

In addition, I'd also like to share a couple of awesome pieces by another musician, keudae which I stumbled upon in youtube. Here are 2 of my favourites.

Rising Sun

Let's Go On A Trip (SM Town)

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed them.


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Taiwan Concert update.

Some news from Taiwan..

South Korea band DBSK held their first concert in Taiwan yesterday due to the typhoon, it challenged dbsk their ability to dance and sing under strong winds and continuous rain.

DBSK knew they had to perform in the rain, they made their way to the stadium for rehearsals at 10.30 am, and during the actual concert, there are incidents of members slipping and even hats getting blown away. However, this didn’t dampen the fans spirit, and got their screaming even louder. Before the concert ended, Taipei was announced to stop all activities including school and work, due to safety reasons, the second concert will be cancelled.

The concert tour started in Korea in February this year, the first stop overseas is Taiwan. The theme for the concert is anti-war, the stage is set such that dbsk will come down hanging from a height of 17 m, and together with the effects, the will enact the scene of “hero saving the beauty” (sorry this is translated so literally, because I cant think of any phrase to translate this Chinese phrase but well, you get the meaning.) The audiences were in awe and as the producers were afraid of any accidents happening due to the typhoon, they were insured a total of 90 million NT.

When the concert started, the rain and wind was not strong, after a few songs and dance, the members greeted the fans in Chinese, but it started pouring again after that. When micky was performing his solo item, his hat was blown away as a strong gust of wind came along, and fans below the stage were trying to make a grab for it.

After “You only love, the rain started to get heavier but the fans got even more enthusiastic. When singing “O” 30 dancers clad in army costume came out with large flags for the dance. But due to the strong winds, the flags either couldn’t be opened or almost got blown away. The members slipped a few times, Yunho and Jaejoong made good use of the situation and started sliding around on stage.

During "balloons" DBSK emerged with their cute little cars, but yunho and micky's car stalled, and they looked at each other helplessly with a cute look. The members ran around the whole stage, changing into a total of 14 costumes and sang 24 songs, some fans were even so excited that they had to be send to the first aid tent after fainting due to lack of oxygen.

Original source:

Credits: hundredhide @ DBSG Comm LJ


AADBSK Season 2 [Happy Chair Preview]

GOSH!! THE ALL ABOUT DBSK SEASON 2 DVD is too die for!!!!! Just watching the preview makes me want it so so so so much.. LOL.. Geesh..

Some Taiwan updates tomorrow maybe? Hope to find the time.. I need to go queue for tickets! LOL..


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What's In Interview (October)

A really enjoyable read.. Definitely a must share with all DBSK fans. ^_^

What's In Interview (October)

To commemorate the release of THSK's 2nd artist photobook "Shine", the members were asked the same questions from their 1st photobook to see how they've changed since then, which was around a year and a half ago.

1. What food do you like to eat?

Junsu: Natto...chicken

Yoochun: Fish

Yunho: Watermelon

Changmin: Pizza

Jaejoong: Kimchi

2. What food do you not like to eat?

Yoochun: Kusaya (a kind of salty dried fish)

Jaejoong: We all don't like kusaya

Junsu: Plum pickled vegetables(?)

Changmin: Kusaya

Jaejoong: The fish head on those sushi/sashimi platters

(Kusaya is the dried fish delicacy that THSK ate on the Japanese Channel-A program. Although tasty, however, the strong peculiar smell surprised the boys, especially Junsu)

3. What place do you like?

Yoochun: Lake

Yunho: Tower

Changmin: An ordinary school

Jaejoong: Odaiba and Yokohama (Japanese cities)

4. What place don't you like?

Yoochun: Ah! Let me change my previous answer to a place I like to...Starbucks!

Yunho: Let me change mine too! A lake in my hometown in Korea

Junsu: Moonbucks!

- What's Moonbucks?

Yoochun: Ah hahaha! So it's not "star", but "moon"! (Starbucks --> Moonbucks)

Changmin: Ooookay, let's just continue...

- Okay, places you don't like?

Yoochun: Bustling places

Junsu: Airplanes

Yunho: Buses

Changmin: Crowded places

Yoochun: Still it's school for me

Junsu: Ah! A place I like is the library!


Jaejoong: A place I don't like is...Junsu's room!

Yoochun: The place by Junsu's side! (laughs)

5. In the morning, what is the first thing you see after opening your eyes?

Changmin: Wristwatch

Yoochun: Photo

Jaejoong: iPod

Yoochun: Manager hyung's face

Junsu: Ceiling

Jaejoong: Ah! Manager hyung's face for me as well. That's manager hyung's habit...he sticks his face up close to ours when we wake up. I always get startled! (laughs)

6. What would you like to eat for dinner tonight?

Yoochun: Something with a lot of onions...Jaejoong hyung's kimchi jigae

Yunho: Doenjang jigae (made with soybean paste)

Changmin: Freshwater turtle (which has a soft shell)

Jaejoong: Whoa, everyone's food standards are different!

Junsu: Nothing in particular

Jaejoong: Nothing in particular for me too

7. If you were reborn, who would you like to be?

Jaejoong: Changmin...because he's a genius!

Yoochun: I don't want to be reborn again

Yunho: I still want to be myself

- Junsu?

Junsu: Bill Gates

Changmin: I still want to be myself too

Jaejoong: Haha! Then there will be two Changmins! (because Jaejoong earlier said he wanted to be reborn as Changmin)

8. What do you want to do on your next break/vacation?

Junsu: Go traveling

Yunho: Visit my hometown

Changmin: Go traveling by myself

Yoochun: Go to Starbucks...drinking coffee while I read and enjoying my time off

Jaejoong: I don't think there are vacations

Yoochun: Haha, true. That's a realistic way of putting it

9. What is the one thing that if it was missing in this world, it would make life difficult?

Changmin: Myself

Yunho: People

Yoochun: Music and everything else except for Junsu (laughs)


Junsu: ...Love

All: ......... (silence)

Yoochun: Are you referring to women??


Junsu: No! I be in love.

Yunho: That's a good one!

Yoochun: Then, my answer is...THSK members

- Including Junsu?

Yoochun: (rolls eyes) I have a choice? (laughs)

Jaejoong: Earth/planet

10. What do you typically buy at the convenience store?

Changmin: Something that's beneficial to my health

Yunho: Milk

Jaejoong: Me too

Junsu: Garlic drink

Yoochun: Natto

11. What do you think you'll be doing at the age of 80?

Jaejoong: THSK

Junsu: Singing

Yoochun: For me, I'll be at the hospital chatting with family members while taking photos

Yunho: I'll also be with my family...hugging them

Changmin: Mountain climbing

Junsu: Ah, I want to learn a new cannot stop continuously learning new things...

(everyone totally ignoring Junsu)

12. What would you do if you found 100 million yen when nobody is around?

Changmin: Keep it

Junsu: Donate it

All: (giving Junsu a look)

Junsu: REALLY! I'm telling the truth!

Yoochun: I want to dump all the money down from the top of Tokyo Tower

Junsu: Then you'll definitely make the news headlines!

Jaejoong: I want to rent an amusement park and spend time there with my fans

All: WAAAAH! Wanna show-off, huh?

Jaejoong: I'm serious, I'm serious!

Yunho: I want to rent a train and take a ride on it by myself

13. What habit can't you break/get rid of/change?

Yunho: Being onstage

Junsu: Learning new things

All: (silence again)

Junsu: Look, like what I said cannot stop continuously learning new things!

Yoochun: AH HAHAHA! Junsu is really weird!

Jaejoong: For me, whenever I see our fans, my heart beats really fast

All: WAAAAH! Look, there he goes again! He answered it in that way to appease his fans. It's really despicable!

Jaejoong: I'm telling the truth!

- Changmin?

Changmin: Exercise

Yoochun: Starbucks' Caffe Americano

14. What do you feel like doing the most right now?

Yunho: Going back to my hometown

Junsu: Playing soccer...11 against 11

Changmin: Eating dinner

Yoochun: Going back to Korea, even if it's just for one day

Jaejoong: Riding on a jet aircraft

All: Eh? You're okay with this even if you won't be doing this with your fans? (laughing)

Jaejoong: Ah... (laughs wryly)

- Actually, everyone answered all these same questions in a previous interview...

All: OH! OH!

Yoochun: Actually, I noticed that...I believe I remember my answers from last time

- Really? Then that's pretty amazing. The following are all the prior answers you gave before...

1. What food do you like to eat?

Jaejoong: Spicy foods
Changmin: Everything
Junsu: Natto
Yunho: Nabe
Yoochun: Everything

2. What food do you not like to eat?

Jaejoong: Sweets
Changmin: Nothing
Junsu: Tangerine
Yunho: Nothing
Yoochun: Natto

3. What place do you like?

Jaejoong: Anywhere by the sea or river
Changmin: Quiet places
Junsu: The rooftop of the record company
Yunho: Seoul Tower
Yoochun: My room where I can compose music

4. What place don't you like?

Jaejoong: Bustling places
Changmin: Places where I don't know a lot of people
Junsu: None
Yunho: Narrow places
Yoochun: Bustling places

5. In the morning, what is the first thing you see after opening your eyes?

Jaejoong: Yoochun
Changmin: Light
Junsu: Changmin
Yunho: Cellphone
Yoochun: Jaejoong

6. What would you like to eat for dinner tonight?

Jaejoong: Simple dishes
Changmin: Anything's fine
Junsu: Anything's fine
Yunho: Nabe
Yoochun: BBQ

7. If you were reborn, who would you like to be?

Jaejoong: The person that I am right now
Changmin: Farmer
Junsu: Wind
Yunho: Either people who likes me, or myself
Yoochun: Race car driver

8. What do you want to do on your next break/vacation?

Jaejoong: Go to look at the sea
Changmin: Plan a trip to the World Cup in June
Junsu: Play soccer
Yunho: Go to Germany
Yoochun: Watch a movie

9. What is the one thing that if it was missing in this world, it would make life difficult?

Jaejoong: Clothes
Changmin: Music, CD, THSK members, family and friends
Junsu: THSK members
Yunho: Family
Yoochun: Body

10. What do you typically buy at the convenience store?

Jaejoong: Nothing
Changmin: Something to drink
Junsu: Milk
Yunho: Milk
Yoochun: Ice cream

11. What do you think you'll be doing at the age of 80?

Jaejoong: Trying my best to exercise
Changmin: Laughing
Junsu: Traveling around the world
Yunho: Preparing a Christmas party with my children and grandchildren
Yoochun: Composing music and lyrics

12. What would you do if you found 100 million yen when nobody is around?

Jaejoong: Use it
Changmin: Take it
Junsu: Put it into my savings
Yunho: Leave it there
Yoochun: Save half and use the other half

13. What habit can't you break/get rid of/change?

Jaejoong: Checking myself out in front of my mirror
Changmin: Biting my finger nails
Junsu: The sound of my laughter
Yunho: Touching my ears and eyes whenever I'm nervous
Yoochun: None

14. What do you feel like doing the most right now?

Jaejoong: Take a walk
Changmin: Take a nap/go to sleep
Junsu: Go shopping
Yunho: Exercise
Yoochun: Compose music

- Does everyone remember this?

Jaejoong: No way, really!! There are changes!

Yoochun: Junsu's changes are quite interesting! (laughs)

Jaejoong: Yoochun gave up composing music...opts for Starbucks instead! (laughs)

Junsu: I think being a Starbucks employee is pretty cool too! (chimes in)

Jaejoong: Yunho didn't change much, the same with Changmin too...because of that, they're no fun! (laughs) For me, I'm thinking more about our fans now.

Yunho: Nevertheless, these are all good changes.

- Lastly, can you each tell us about your thoughts?

Jaejoong: Compared to a year and a half ago, there were many changes. I don't want to forget about these good feelings for this year. It'll be great it I can keep these feelings of thinking about our fans when we do our activities for next year... (everyone giving him a look) ...ah, I'm serious. I want to have a more scary dream...and that is to double my efforts and hard work.

Changmin: Comparing myself now to the one in the past, because there were a lot of was very interesting. Thanks for giving me a chance to revisit my past self.

Yunho: I feel very fortunate that many good changes, even better than what I could have ever imagined, happened. I want to show everyone a more matured Yunho.

Yoochun: Compared to last year, I feel I am more familiar and comfortable with Japan right now to give the answers I gave. It was pretty amazing to use this method of comparing our present selves to our past selves. Also, it was fun seeing Junsu this way.

Junsu: As human beings... (Changmin and Jaejoong burst out laughing) Uh, I'm talking right now... okay, I'll say it properly! Do you know? ...the difference between human beings vs. creatures is that us humans can experience the joy of learning...

All: (laughs out loud)

Junsu: So, I want to learn forever until the day I die. If I don't continue learning new things, then I can't be considered as a human being!

All: .............. (at this point, no one could speak a word because they were all laughing so hard)

[credit: Ailin* @ Soompi (English translations) + 神采实习-菲 (Chinese translations) +]


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Palm Reading for DBSK

I got this from yamarin @ LJ. I found it rather amusing. For those who frequent forums, etc, would probably have read this. But I know some of you don't. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. ^_^

Translations of FM Osaka where the DJ read their palms

DJ on Yunho:: Will live a comfortable life, not needing to worry about financial matters and he will be a family man because he is one that places a lot of emphasis on family.

DJ: If I'm right, you can say so. Am I right? Am I?

YH: Yeah

DJ: Next~ When Yunho meets adults, no matter their gender, your relationship with them will gradually improve. Your interaction with the adults are oppurtunities for you. That's right. When you meet adults....when you meet single women..Ah~ I don't really know. What do you think?

YH: That.....

THSK: That's right! HAHAAH

YH: That... I've never really thought of that.

DJ: Never thought of that. That's right. These kind of people will never be affected by dating/boy-girl/making friends troubles.

YH: Ah~ That's Jaejoong!

JJ: Ah~ I'm so happy

DJ on Yoochun: Very charming~~ Very brave! Doesn't need to fret/worry over women problems before.


JJ: This.... Is this okay???

DJ: Is this okay?? [Repeats]

JJ: Is this okay?? That's supposed to be like private talk!!

YC: Thank you~

JJ: Is this okay? This is a program! It's not an announcement!

DJ: He really is popular amongst the ladies. Therefore~~

JS: That's nice :]

DJ: Here comes the tough part. You like time alone with yourself?

THSK: AH~ That's true

DJ: Also, when he does things, if he fails on the second try, he'll just give up.



DJ: I'm right? Oh~Umm.If you are his girlfriend, I think it might be a little hard on you. This was Yoochun's analysis. How is it? Quick, next Jaejoong!

DJ on Jaejoong: Jaejoong is very~~~ Suave and kindhearted

THSK: Eh???

JJ: THAT'S RIGHT! THAT'S RIGHT!!! [desperate]

JS: Really?

DJ: Yeah, it is. Am I wrong?

JJ: You're right, you're right. You answered correctly.

JS: And??

DJ: THere will be times where he is nice and meticulous. He will be puzzled with himself. And he's a diligent person. He is a very hardworking person~~ This type of person.... He likes people a lot and therefore, he attracts many people around him. He likes people.... and he likes himself.

JJ: Yeah, yeah

THSK: He does like people

DJ: He does?

JJ: Yeah, it place a lot on emphasis interpersonal relationships

DJ: Ah~ A person who places a lot of emphasis on relationships

JJ: I really do

JS: ELEPHANT!! Kekekeke

DJ: Elephant? No... Junsu....He's not an elephant. But it's very good for your ego isn't it?

JS: Elephant placing a lot of emphasis on..... Sorry [Yoochun laughing madly at the back]

DJ on Junsu: So, let's move on to Junsu who's beside me. This is a character that receives a lot of love.


DJ: How is it? Am I right?

JJ: Oh~ You're right. You answered correctly.

DJ: Although he may say 'WA" but he wouldn't get angry easily. And he wouldn't harbour any hatred towards anyone, understand?

THSK: OH~~ That's right!!

DJ: He doesn't really pay attention to things..

JS: Everything?

DJ: Yeah, everything~ Understand?


DJ: How was it?

YC: You answered correctly

JJ: Why is it so nice?

THSK: You answered correctly!

JS: God God!! [Shin Shin]

DJ: Shin? Hehe. And next is Changmin. Can you see from the bottom?

CM: It’s okay

DJ on Changmin: This is the youngest member. This kind of person… is a little rebellious?

JJ: Ah~~~A little incorrigible, that’s right… The ‘little’ part is correct. A LITTLE~ rebellious

DJ: There are times where he puts people on the spot and he gets angry/ irritated easily

CM: Oh~ Hehehe

THSK: HAHAHAAH. *claps* You’re right!
JJ: That’s right scary

DJ: What happened? Are you angry now?

JJ: Wow~~ He’s so accurate, really….

CM: Nope, I’m fine. Please continue

DJ: Therefore, he always thinks his method of handling things is always the best.

*screaming and clapping. Normal dorky THSK*

DJ: Really? So next time when someone irritates you, you must learn to forgive that person. Understand?

CM: Yeah

DJ: However, he does think too much sometimes. He likes to handle stuff very conscientiously and meticulously. What do you think?

JS: *in ENGLISH* You! Wonderful! [HAHA. Fob English]

DJ: *in English* Thank you very much

JJ: You are so scary

JS: You answered correctly for all 5 members!!

-end of segment-

Credits: Sparkskey@soompi, 3asian

Monday, October 01, 2007

Floor Plan - DBSK Concert Malaysia

Okay.. I guess this is for those concerned. Sorry about people from other countries that have to put up with this update. But here's a floor plan I saw of the Malaysian Concert. Thought you guys would wanna know about it.

Click on picture for a bigger view.

Credits: mickey8 @ LJ + TVfXQ Forever


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