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DBSK - Exploration of the Human Body pics!!

~ ChangMin ~


~ Micky ~

~JaeJung yaaa~

~ YunHo!!!~

Credits: Baidu & Pu_pieo @ Soompi

I like how they're wearing the name tags though Junsu is missing his. Uber cuteness!!

Cassiopeia Food Giving at EHB

Cassiopeia always seems to go way over the top XD
Here're pics of the food that they sent to DBSK when they were filming EHB. Those were food for their 4th anniversary and as well as Christmas.

credits: as tagged + konkonbubu @ soompi + lemurturtle @ LJ

Friday, December 28, 2007

adieu! 2007 cultural power leader

Not bad.. Considering that they rank higher than Bae Yong Jun, Rain & BoA. Congrats!

Purple Line Tracklists for CD Only & CD+DVD


1. Purple Line
2. DEAD END - STY Gin n' Tonic mix -
3. ZION - Zero G Remix -
4. Purple Line (Less Vocal)
5. DEAD END - STY Gin n' Tonic mix - (Less Vocal)
First-press limited edition includes a 12-page booklet and case-sized card

^ The CD only cover is actually purple and not blue. ^^


1. Purple Line
2. DEAD END - STY Gin n' Tonic mix -
3. Purple Line (Less Vocal)
4. DEAD END - STY Gin n' Tonic mix - (Less Vocal)
1. Asia Tour Bangkok Show Off Shot Movie
2. Asia Tour Bangkok Show SPECIAL Off Shot Movie (Includes Junsu's Birthday Parts)
First-press limited edition includes the off shot movie and a case-sized card

I'm not sure about the Purple Line PV but from the tracklists of both versions, it's not included in either.

Credits: + tsukushi @ Soompi + escapetofantasy @ LJ

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Together offshot clip

Can't wait for the subs. Do focus on Junsu for the 1st 13 seconds and Yunho's eyes at 00.15.Enjoy!

Tohoshinki 3rd album??

Found this in Soompi, not sure as to the reliability of this.

some random stuff about the limited edition compiled from different websites:

CD1:15 tracks, 16 versions
CD2:Music Selections
DVD1:Music Clips
DVD2:SOULPOWER Live/Digest of Second Tour Final

初回限定封入特典■ジャケットサイズカード(全6種うち1種をランダム封入)[1random photo card]
初回限定同梱特典■52Pブックレット [booklet]
初回限定映像特典■プレミアムミニLIVE映像 [premium mini live]

Third full-length album from Dong Bang Shin Ki. Disc 1 includes many of their single A-sides, completely brand-new recordings, and Japanese-language versions of classic DBSK tracks for a total of 15 songs (16 versions) (details subject to change). Disc 2 features three DBSK compositions (subject to change). This version includes two DVDs--one with music videos for a vareity of DBSK songs like "Lovin' you," and "Summer Dream," and one DVD with digest footage of the finale for DongBangSinKi's second tour.

credits:xiaholic @ soompi

Xmas Greetings from DBSK

a short summary:
ALL: hello! we're dbsk!
YH: finally, what we've been waiting for: christmas!
[love the cool acappella!]
YH: yeah, it's finally christmas, and we're still thinking of what we want for x-mas. how should we spend it?
JS: first, i hope it'll snow. i want a white x-mas.
YH: oh, i don't know if white x-mas will go well with JS' face [a red face joke ^^;]
JS: i wanna play snow fight on a white x-mas. and put little stones in the snowball and stuff. [lol!]
YH: how could you say you wanna throw a snowball to YC? i think it's a good idea. [lol!]
JJ: oh, and if it's a white x-mas, i want to make a snowman. i wanna make one with all the great features of each member and make the world's best-looking snowman. [totally!]
YH: it's be one and only snowman.
JJ: how about you?
YH: i wanna make a x-mas tree together. actually, last year, CM decorated x-mas tree by himself, so we felt bad. so this year, we wanna decorate a tree together.
YC: the funny thing is all 4 of us were like, ah, we feel bad, we feel bad. but we all went out anyway. [lol!]
oh, this year!
YH: this year!
YC: i wanna go ice fishing! we'd make the round hole on the ice. and put JS in it. [lol! they are hilarious here!!]
YH: oh, that's a great idea! and after we catch the fish, we'd put the frozen fish on the tree. [lol, omg, yh! too funny!]
JS: we put the fish on the tree? lol!
JJ: great idea. how about CM?
CM: first of all, i want it to snow. but i want the snow to melt on the way down. 'cause then it won't accumulate. if snow accumulates, then there will be traffic congestion. [lol!]
YH: oh, as expected, CM is realistic. [lol!]
JS, JJ, YC: realistic? no, it's [i can't hear what they're all saying, but so cute!]
YH: i'm just trying to say nice things about all members! [lol!]
well, this year is almost over. if you've had any bad experience or memories, we hope that you'll forget about them and begin anew. and next year is the year of...
JJ: rats.
YH: yeah, it's the year of the rat [zodiac].
YC: it's the year of mickey mouse. [kawaii~].
JS: year of ddolghi. [it's a character from "꾸러기수비대" ("Eto Ranger"). i'm so curious what CM is whispering to YC... T_T]
JJ: oh, ddolghi. in the manga.
YH: you have to be careful of how to pronounce the name.
JS: 자축인묘 (子丑寅卯)'s 자(子). [chinese character about the zodiac.]
CM: wow, you know about 자축인묘?
JS: yeah, 자.축.인.묘.진.사.오.미.신.유.술.해. [the 12 characters about the chinese zodiac.^^]
YC: oh, you've really watched the anime well. [lol!]
JJ: anyway, next year is the year of the rat. which means to be diligent. full of joy and health. we really hope that you'll all have a safe, healthy start of a new year.
YH: we'll continue to do our best in the new year. please wait for us, and continue to support us!


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PaTi PaTi Jan'08 Translations

Only a some parts were translated though.. Junsu.. Gosh.. Is your innocence for real? ^_^

-- How old were you when you believed in Santa Claus?
YC: Before I went to 2nd grade.
CM: I never believed in Santa.
JJ: Changmin doesn't have a childhood.
CM: Maybe you're right.

-- I thought you wanted to relive your childhood memories! *laughs*
CM: Ah~ yeah *laughs* But, Santa Claus never existed in the first place!
JS: I always believed in Santa Claus until I got to the 2nd year of middle school.

-- Wow, that's really different. (Actually that's not how he/she said it.. this is just the closest I could translate)
JS: When I knew Santa Claus didn't exist in reality, I really couldn't believe it. I was so shocked I couldn't eat for a week.

-- No way...
JS: Because there isn't a meaning in life anymore. I keep thinking what there was left in this world to live for.
CM: So silly *laughs*
JJ: At some stage, it's probably what we call 'innocent'...
JS: Yes, that's right *laughs*
JJ: No no, Changmin is right.
JS: No, what I had before was the pure innocence of Junsu.

-- Do you mean it in the past tense?
JS: No, of course I still have it now. I was just thinking, the dreams we had as a child were like the stars we see floating in the sky given to us.
CM: You make it sound like it's real.
YH: Where have I heard those lyrics...
JS: Then, performing one song after another, for the ever so important you.

(?? sorry I don't get Junsu either)


-- Then how did you find out Santa wasn't real?
JS: Then I was thinking, "Christmas is coming.. I wonder what I will get.." While watching the television, the female MC said, "There aren't any more children who believe in Santa anymore, right?"

-- But there still is one here *laughs*
JS: Even so I think she's wrong.

-- Why?
JS: I asked my mother, "The girl is lying, right? Santa really does exist, right?" Then she told me honestly Santa didn't exist, and I said, "Ah, no way/really?" But since parents don't look like people who lie, I accepted the facet.... But because I suffered such a shock, I tried my [rice] bowl and ran into my room, crying to sleep.

-- That's so pitiful..
JS: Every year I used to look forward to the presents Santa would give me, but since then I no longer had that feeling.
CM: I've never received any presents [from Santa, I suppose?].
JS: People who don't believe don't get presents.
CM: I don't need things like presents *laughs*
YC: That's because Changmin receives a lot of presents even when it's not Christmas.

-- That's even better than Christmas.
CM: Actually there's no such thing *laughs*

-- How about Yunho then?
YH: I used to believe in Santa before I went to kindergarten. My dad would mimic Santa's voice and use [some kind of] telephone to talk to me. My mom would also do the same and leave a message for me in a Christmas card.

-- Do you still remember the content?
YH: "You've been a good boy this year, hold on tight to your dreams next year!" -- It's different every year.
CM: Not bad eh, I'm envious!


-- Then, how about Jaejoong?
JJ: I always believed in Santa until I was in the 4th grade. Whenever it was Christmas, whenever I woke up, there'd be a black stocking/pouch beside my bed and inside, it'd be filled with my favourite chocolate pies and . They were from Santa. I was really happy. But when I was in the 5th grade, I saw my mom putting the present by my bedside in the middle of the night. Then I knew all this while Santa had been my mother. Then again, there's only one Santa Claus, how can he travel the world to distribute presents to all the kids on Christmas?
JS: That's what I believed in, Santa is the angel of death!

[Everybody laughs]


Later on Yoochun talks about his brother and that when he found out Santa wasn't real, he didn't tell his brother because it'd be awful if he knew since he was only 5. Then, when Yoochun went to the 6th grade, they both left for America and when his brother told him Santa was an American, Yoochun said it's true so he dressed up as Santa and gave his brother a present.

Credits: fretfred @ soompi


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SM Town Winter 2007

SM Town 2007 Winter
YesAsia PRE-ORDER US Resident NON-US Resident

01. 사랑 하나죠 (Only Love) - SM TOWN
02. 12월 27일 (On December 27) - BoA*
03. Evergreen - 동방신기 (DBSK)
04. 첫눈이 와 (First Snow) - Super Junior
05. We Wish You A Merry Christmas & Feliz Navidad - 천상지희 (CSJH)
06. Winter WOnderland - KANGTA
07. Love Melody - 소녀시대 (SNSD)
08. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - 현진 (Hyunjin)
09. 눈꽃이 날리면 (When snow scatters) - 추가열 (Chu Gayeol)
10. Oh Holy night - 장리인 (Jang Riin)
11. 유년의 크리스마스 (Christmas of Childhood) - 송광식 (Song Gwangsik)
12. 여행기 (TRAVELING) - 동방신기 (Bonus Track) (DBSK)

DBSK in Beijing; Collab with Jay Chou?

If you read this cynsinnn, sorry.. I totally ripped the article you posted in LJ. Hehe.. Hope you don't mind..

Dong Bang Shin Ki revives the Hallryu wave and wish to collaborate with Jay Chou

Hallyu swept across Beijing once more. On the 2 Decemeber, Cyworld's public charity event was held at Beijing again, thus they invited popular Korean group Dong Bang Shin Ki.

Their arrival caused fans to chase madly, therefore the press conference was postponed half an hour later. During the press conference, Leader U-Know Yunho represented the group and donated toys, also expressed that they are glad to be able to contribute for the charity event.

Yunho said "It has been a long time since we been to Beijing and we miss our Beijing fans." At the same time they announced that they will hold Beijing and Shanghai concerts in May and June respectively. Early this year, they have start to learn mandarin but because of their busy schedule in Japan, their mandarin proficiency is not good.

Despite their hectic schedule, the five members did not show a slight sign of tireness. Xiah Junsoo and Micky Yoochun talked in whispers, lowered the heads and giggled when the other members were answering question. Thus, the reporter praised their good relationship. Xiah Junsoo joked "We are not familiar to each other, but we are always arranged to sit next to each other. I have no choice" This caused an uproar of laughter. When ask which chinese artiste would they hope to collaborate with, Hero Jaejoong answered, "We admire Jay Chou."

Credit: sHaziE@Purely Soulmates Forum (english translation)+ sina news (source)


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Boa, TVXQ Win Gold Artist Awards in Japan

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia

Staff Reporter

Korean pop star BoA and the five-member all boy band TVXQ, also known as Tohoshinki, won Gold Artist awards at the ``2007 Best Hit Pop Song Festival'' in Japan. The two were given the Gold Artist award for top record sales during a ceremony that was aired Monday on Nihon Television.

Other winning artists include Japanese superstars Kumi Koda, Mika Nakashima and the group Winds.

For the 21-year-old BoA, this is the sixth consecutive win. For TVXQ, the award is their first win at the yearend music awards.

The five-member group comprising Xiah, Micky, Hero, Max, and U-Know has recently been aggressively promoting their music on the Asian market. They debuted in August and topped Japan's Oricon daily singles charts with their number ``Summer Dream.'' TVXQ has already released 12 singles ― most of which landed in the Oricon top 10 charts ― and two Japanese-language albums in the last two years. They have recently collaborated with Koda on the song ``Last Angel.''

The Best Hit Pop Song Festival recognizes the most popular Japanese songs and artists of the year, based on requests, record sales and karaoke rankings.

TVXQ Dreamer Forum