Tuesday, December 30, 2008

[INFO] 3rd Asia Tour - Mirotic

SM Entertainment has announced the following concert to be confirmed.



Location and Dates:

- Friday, February 20, 2009 at 7 pm
- Saturday, February 21, 2009 at 7 pm
- Sunday, February 22, 2009 4 pm

Place: Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium 1st Gymnasium

Ticket Prices:
STANDING 77,000 won
R seats ₩ 77,000
S ₩ 66,000 seats

Seating Chart

Reservation dates:
For Friday, February 20, tickets will be available on January 7 at 8 PM
For Saturday, February 21, tickets will be available on January 12 at 8 PM
For Sunday, February 22, tickets will be available on January 15 at 8 PM

Tickets can be bought at ticket.auction.co.kr and for questions regarding the concert/booking there is also this phone number: (1566-1369).

translated by akagasuki @ dbsg, credits to post @ dnbn

Monday, December 29, 2008

[MV] Bolero - Released!

You must listen/watch to this in the right atmosphere (i.e. with no distractions and at night would be perfect)!

Its simply beautiful. I love how it features all the members from pleasing angles softly and leaves a strong impression on the viewer with their strong vocals in this song.

I am sensing another Oricon chart topper. It definitely deserves to be, atleast.

Support the boys and BUY THE SINGLE.
You can make your order [HERE]

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tohoshinki Bolero MV 1:03 Preview Released, ready for the charts!

credit: kenoa93

Check out the classy soft theme in the new MV for the single "Bolero", set to be the OST for the Japanese movie "Subaru". The song is already setting many hearts a flutter with Tohoshinki's beautiful harmonization and soothing vocals. It has already ranked #5 on A-Channel, weeks before its official release or even its official MV.

081225 "Bolero" Ranked #5 - A-Channel

With high fan anticipation, movie tie-in, and Kohaku exposure, will Bolero be Tohoshinki's biggest hit for 2009?

Friday, December 26, 2008

[INFO] DBSK & Big Bang Joint Performance

2 of Kpop’s biggest names Big Bang and Dong Bang Shin Ki will have their first ever joint stage!

They will be performing together for SBS year-end concert ‘2008 SBS Gayo Festival’ set to take place on 29th December.

One of the staff for the concert announced on 24th December, “The 2 groups are preparing for a performance called ‘Star Wars’.”

It is also confirmed that Big Bang TaeYang and Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah JunSu will also be having a showdown of musical composition.

“After the piano performance session, they will also have a song battle. Xiah JunSu is scheduled to perform first, followed by TaeYang.”

Credits to: sookyeong @ wordpress

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

[SALES] TVXQ in Korean & Japanese Foreign Sale Charts 2008

Both Bigeasters and Cassiopeians are doing intensive culture exchange through the TVXQ medium. Awesome to see both fanclubs supporting and enjoying the boys no matter what the language or culture, especially considering how Korean-Japanese relations haven't always been so chummy in history. Thats TVXQ for you -- breaking down culture barriers one fan at a time!

"Dong Bang Shin Ki" is topping the Japanese foreign sales charts with their Korean releases, and "Tohoshinki" is topping the Korean foreign sales charts with Japanese releases.



Tuesday, December 23, 2008

[NEWS] Japanese Newspaper "Yomiuri" Sells Out After Printing TVXQ Special

"TVXQ's popularity in Japan is not to be blocked"

Japan's daily newspaper "Yomiuri" printed a special interview with TVXQ and ended up selling out extremely quickly. This has become much talked about.

In their Pop Style Section on the 17th, "Yomiuri" had 'Facing the World, Five Not-So-Ordinary People' as their topic, and used two spreads to report on TVXQ's story before debut and their success story in Japan.

TVXQ's fans even called to order in order to get their hands on this issue of the newspaper. Because of the high demand, they started becoming out-of-stock, a miraculous sight.

On the 18th, through a member of their forum, "Yomiuri" announced the good reception and sales of their issue with TVXQ on the 17th. Those involved with this issue, through the member of the forum, said, "Readers, we thank you for all the orders for our issue with TVXQ's special on the 17th. Our company wishes to have enough copies to satisfy everyone's orders, but as of now we are out of stock. Please forgive us for not being able to satisfy everyone's orders."

A newspaper selling out because of the printing of a Top Star interview, no matter which country it happens in, is a first in history.

4 time Oricon Weekly number one spot winner TVXQ will perform for their first time at NHK's Red/White Concert on the 31st. Also, they will also appear on the TBS New Year's Special Music program "CDTV SP Premiere Live" to be broadcasted on the same day. Now, we can really feel their high popularity.

Translation: jae!fany@ Shinki! Forums (http://iscreamshinki.net}
Source: XiahKing + Mr. TVXQ + AsianFanatics
Yomiuri's Blog Post: http://blog.yomiuri.co.jp/popstyle/2008/12/post-ad3f.html#more

DBSKer Note: Yomiuri is one of the 5 national newspapers (not a magazine) sold in Japan. They did a segment in POPSTYLE called "All About TVXQ", which explores how far the boys have come from their early days. No wonder it was sold out ^^; All the fans must have dived to save a clipping of the newspaper for themselves.

Friday, December 19, 2008

[DRAMA] Heaven's Postman Filming Ends - Jaejoong

Kim Jae Joong has just finished for the filming of the Japan - Korea Drama entitled ”Heaven’s Postman” on the 12th, all the staffs and the stars gathered in a restaurant after the filming and got interviewed and hope for the drama’s success.

SM Entertainment representative who responsible for the TVXQ has stated,” Kim Jae Joong~ after he’s done with the drama filming, he’s quite sad to leave the filming team, though it’s quite long and tiring for the filming, but through this recording, he got alot of experiences and ofcourse he felt so happy while working together with the team.” on the 14th through phone with the SPN.

Heaven’s Postman took 100 billion won to complete this Japan - Korea Drama which is also the first colaboration. Jae Joong started this filming since November and after one month, also participated in the TVXQ promotional actitvities and still filming the drama.

This serial Drama is directed by Lee Hyeong Min, who previously directed “Sorry, I Love You” and “Snow Queen”. Kim JaeJoong in “Heaven’s Postman” plays as a special postman who delivers letters to heaven for those friends and relatives who have passed away while Han Hyo Joo plays the leading female actress,who played the”Spring Waltz”,who has already being admitted for her popularity. This serial drama is written by a Japanese screen-writer Eriko Kitagawa, so next year this drama will be broadcasted through the SBS channel.

The drama will air in May, 2009.

Translated by: ZYRYC@tvxqindo.com

[TRAILER] "Subaru" Movie feat. Bolero as Theme Song

Released 12/18/08 HQ Trailer:

[I ripped the video and the trailer is up for DOWNLOAD in the Videos section!]

This is just a short trailer featured on the newly launched website for the movie "Subaru" set to be released on March 20th, 2009. You can see in HQ on the official website here.

And its not your eyes tricking you. Surprisingly, the trailer shows the cameo appearance Tohoshinki/DBSK in the movie in this first short trailer (rather than the other actors starring in the movie). Seems like the producers know how to atleast hook the DBSK fans early on and not ignore the band's following.

With the great interest generated towards the movie through the release of the preview of "Bolero" on the internet and BigEast station, it is likely the producers noticed a surge of traffic coming to check out the website to learn more about the movie from many different countries. It seems they launched a make shift website to avail this opportunity to do some promotion. DBSK's international fans, Cassiopeia, and BigEast are the ones most aware about the movie right now and it's a smart move to cater to these international fans, since Subaru is planned to be released in other parts of Asia and Western countries as well.

By the way, DBSK will only be doing a short performance in the movie during a scene at a bar, no talking parts.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On Location: Bolero ボレロ PV Shoot

Looks like there are going to be *some* scenes other than the boys standing around after all.

Reduced: 99% of original size [ 641 x 738 ] - Click to view full image

Credits: tochigi + yuaerubi + tvxqslave@soompi

Monday, December 15, 2008

Xiah Junsu’s fans donate in his name for birthday

Very similar to how TVXQ Yunho's (U-Know) fans donated to charity in his name, Xiah Junsu's fans have collected 8,000,000 won, to donate to children with hearing disabilities under Xiah's name for his birthday.

Xiah's fan cafe (Xiah Seoul) stated:
As music lovers, we felt the right thing to do was help children who couldn't hear, regain their ability to hear. This will not be a one-time deal, we have plans to continue to help children hear again.
Source: AllKpop

Xiahmaru cafe donated around 2.15 million won to charity as well. They also provided gifts and food for the old folks without families. And they are donating around 110,000 won to World Vision every month. Of course, everything goes under Junsu’s name.
credit: panda

Check out the link to what AMAZING stuff they have done! http://xiahinsoul2.cafe24.com/bbs/zboard.php?id=say&page=1&no=2145

Happy Birthday Xiah Junsu and his twin Kim Junho!

Friday, December 12, 2008

"Bolero" Confirmed as OST for "Subaru" Movie - New MV Preview

DBSK's new single Bolero has been confirmed to be the OST for Subaru, a Japanese movie based on a hit manga about a ballerina by Masahito Soda.

The movie is being produced by Warner Bros. Japan and it has an impressive and a very diverse set of stars and production crew from Japan, Korea and China. Led by Hong Kong director Chi-Ngai Lee and producer Bill Kong, popular Japanese actress Meisa Kuroki plays the female lead ballerina and and Korean actress Go Ara (also under SM Entertainment, featured in HUG MV for DBSK in the past) plays her rival. These two gorgeous hazel-eyed actresses are sure to make this movie a hit! But aside a great cast, the story itself is very psychological in nature and beautiful at the same time (the feelings in the song Bolero portray this perfectly). Click here to find out more about the song lyrics & movie.

They plan to release this movie simultaneously in 2009 throughout Asia, and are also hoping for releases in Europe and America. We hope that "Bolero" will enhance the story to the audiences and more people will get a chance to appreciate Tohoshinki's talent. DBSK will also be making a cameo appearance in the movie, but no speaking lines just performing.

And it gets better! The preview of the MV has been released (with scenes from the movie).

Thanks to Aya for the tip!

To hear the long version of the new song, set to be released in January 21st, go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7coOQq1AORE. "Bolero" is a Spanish word for is a spanish rithym reinvented in latin american countries such as Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Cuba. The word comes from "volero", from the verb "volar" which means to fly.

Subaru Official Website: http://wwws.warnerbros.co.jp/subaru/
Starring: Kuroki Meisa , Go Ara, Hiraoka Yuta, Miku Sano

TVXQ to appear in, sing for "Subaru"

Korean group TVXQ will be making their big screen debut in an upcoming movie based on a Japanese manga. Adapted from Masahito Soda's ballet-themed "Subaru," the film was first announced in November 2007 with Meisa Kuroki as the star.

The members of TVXQ will appear in one scene in which Kuroki's character visits a bar. They are said to have no speaking lines, but will perform on a stage during the scene. In addition, their song "Bolero" will be used as the movie's theme.

The movie, produced by Bill Kong and directed by Hong Kong's Chi-Ngai Lee, opens on March 20. "Bolero" will go on sale in January, before the movie's premiere.

Source: Nikkan Sports
Original post: Tokyograph

KimiSuki Special Release + Japan Yearly Chart Standings + HEYHEYHEY!

どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? Special Release
DBSK will be releasing a special 20 000 copy limited edition single "Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandaro/Beautiful You/Sennen Koi no Uta" on December 31st, 2008 in Japan to commemorate their first appearance on Kohaku.

Note that "Beautiful You/Sennen Koi no Uta" are originally a seperate single from "Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandaro", however, seeing they are the most popular singles of the year (see ranking below), they must have decided to combine the three songs in one single.

Buy single [HERE].

5 Singles in Top 200 Oricon Yearly Chart

*73 *,*94,934 ***,540 Beautiful you/千年恋歌 / 東方神起 08/04/23

*78 *,*90,349 ***,618 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? / 東方神起 08/07/16

*91 *,*83,279 **1,597 呪文-MIROTIC- / 東方新起 08/10/15

150 *,*47,303 ***,*** Purple Line / 東方神起 08/01/16

181 *,*39,595 ***,*** Together / 東方神起 07/12/19

Tohoshinki DVD Sales

08/03/12 *3위 10회 *26,361장 HISTORY in JAPAN Vol.3
08/08/06 *2위 13회 *51,084장 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~
07/03/28 *5위 *3회 *11,036장 HISTORY IN JAPAN VOL.2
07/09/26 *3위 *9회 *21,347장 2nd LIVE TOUR~Five in the Black~
07/11/21 *4위 *2회 *13,148장 All About 東方神起 Season 2

Credits: DNBN

DBSK to Appear on HEYHEYHEY!

There will be an appeance on the popular Japanese show HeyHeyHey! The recording is on the 14th - not sure when the airing will occur. I can't wait to see them on the show again xD The PDs 'Down Town' are hilarious.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

And....DBSK Wins at Golden Disk Awards 2008!

Super vocal and dance group TVXQ wins BIG at the Golden Disk Awards 2008. They swept up three major awards last night, including the highest esteemed award -- the Daesang. They also won the Bonsang (the next best award) for their highest selling album in Korea, MIROTIC, as well as the Popularity Award (with Guinness record for the largest fanclub in the world, it would be strange if they weren't granted this one).

Congratulations boys!

YEPP Daesang Album: DBSK / TVXQ

YEPP Daesang Digital: Jewelry

Bonsang Disk: Rain (Bi), Kim Dong Ryul, Shinhwa, Brown Eyed Girls, DBSK / TVXQ

Bonsang Digital: Brown Eyed Girls, Wonder Girls, Jewelry, MC Mong

Best Producer: Lee Soo Man

YEPP Newcomer Album: SHINee

YEPP Newcomer Digital: DaVichi

YEPP Popularity Award: FT Island, Son Ho Young, TVXQ / DBSK, Taeyeon of SNSD

[VIDEO] Daesang Album Award (English Subbed --> click on the little arrow in the video on right and choose "CC")

[VIDEO] Bonsang Album Award

[VIDEO] YEPP Inkisang (Popularity Award)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

DBSK/Tohoshinki are Top-Searched Male Artists in Japan

@nifty (nifty.co.jp) one of the leading search sites in Japan, released their list of Top-Searched Male Artists for 2008.

著名人男性 トップ10
  1位 嵐 (Arashi)
  2位 上地雄輔 (Yuusuke Kamiji)
  3位 EXILE
  4位 東方神起 (Tohoshinki)
  5位 コブクロ (Kobukuro)
  6位 山田涼介 (Ryosuke Yamada)
  7位 佐藤健 (Takeru Sato)
  8位 小栗旬 (Oguri Shun)
  9位 ポルノグラフィティ (Porno Graffiti)
 10位 福山雅治 (Fukuyama Masaharu)

Source: Nifty 2008 Ranking

DBSK/Tohoshinki are fourth on the top-10 all year list. Seems like alot of people have shown interest in checking out the group this year, a significant feat in accomplishing this much exposure in the market. They were also 2nd most searched in blogs.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

[SINGLE] Bolero - 3:17 PREVIEW + Movie OST Info

A new longer preview of Bolero (TBR on January 21st) was released on Bigeast Station.

For pre-order information, go here.


BOLERO is going to be a Japanese movie's OST! {EDIT 2} This information is not cofirmed it seems, as the post made on DNBN (Cassiopeia's official forum) was removed because a legitimate source couldn't be tracked down. Also the release date of the single and the movie have a gap. However, I have seen mentions of this OST on some Japanese fan sites myself so I can't be sure. IT IS NOW CONFIRMED!

The movie is called "Subaru", set to release next year on March 20th, 2009 and it seems to have a diverse set of stars and production crew from Japan, Korea and China. Japanese actress Meisa Kuroki plays the female lead ballerina and and Korean actress Go Ara plays her rival. Sounds pretty exiting!

About "Subaru" (Anime News Network):

Warner Bros. Japan announced that it is producing a joint Japanese/Chinese film adaptation of Masahito Soda's Subaru manga about a budding ballerina. Actress and model Meisa Kuroki (Vexille's titular character, Crows Zero's RUKA) has already been filming on location in Shanghai with director Lee Chi-Ngai since October 28, after an earlier Tokyo shoot in September. The film's partners are planning a simultaneous 2009 opening throughout Asia, and are also hoping for releases in Europe and America.

The manga centers on Subaru (Kuroki) and her twin brother, both of whom love ballet and constantly visit ballet classes to watch the dancers. One day, the brother is bed-stricken by a brain tumor. While visiting her brother in the hospital, Subaru meets a formerly famous ballerina (Kaori Momoi) who was forced to give up dancing due to her declining physical condition. The former ballerina agrees to train Subaru to perhaps achieve her own ballet dreams.

The manga's 11 volumes have sold 1.8 million copies in Japan. The manga has yet to be released in North America, although it has been publishing in France, Germany, and Spain. Kuroki has been training for three hours nearly every day since June for her role, while Momoi is already a trained ballerina since she spent three years studying abroad at London's Royal Ballet School when she was 12

The song fits perfectly for it. Espcially if you read the translation of the song below, you will understand why. "I saw you dancing on the moon's stage" ... "Soar high, you will discover a place that will even heal your sadness"

In the movie, beautiful actress Go Ara (also under SM Entertainment and featured in DBSK's HUG music video) will play the main character's biggest competitor (rival), a talented ballerina. The origins of Ara's character was especially changed from Japan to Korea. More info on Go Ara's role here.

Meisa Kuroki, the female lead, is a well-known Japanese actress that starred in popular dramas such as One Pound Gospel, and has also worked on many Japanese movies. A special one to note would be the one she starred in with Jang Geun Suk, "One Missed Call: Final".

Looks like these two hazel-eyed actresses are gonna make this movie a hit!

Credits: geekazoinks + BlueTopaz@soompi + DBSKer for the info

{tentative 3:17 version} BOLERO Romaji/Translation

yami ni ukabu tsuki no stage ni odoru kimi wo yume mitanda
In my dreams I saw you dancing on the moon's stage in the dark

fukai fukai mune no kizu wo hitotsu hitotsu se owanaide
Don't try to carry the burden of all the deep deep wounds in your chest alone

dare mo kimi wo semeyashinai kimi wa kimi de ireba ii sa
No one can blame you, its ok if you be yourself

kikasete itoshiku hakanaku tsubasaki de kanaderu bolero
Let me hear the lovely, fleeting wings of the bolero playing

maiagare kimi no kanashimi mo iyasareru basho ni mitsukeru sa
Soar high, you will discover a place that will even heal your sadness

kurai heya no naka mitasareru omoi mado kara afure
The emotions that fill up the dark room overflow from the window

yume ga tsunoru tsuki hikari no shita kamoshara ni kibou no rhythm wo kizamu
The moon's light invites dreams giving rise to the hopes engraved in the rhythm *

yume ga tsunoru
Inviting dreams

kimi ga kimi rashii no wa jiyuu ni habataku kara
Since you appear to flap your wings freely

daremo shirukoto no nai kotae sagashite
No one knows the answer you search for

kikasete itoshiku hakanaku tsuba saki de kanaderu bolero
Let me hear the lovely, fleeting wings of the bolero playing

maiagare kimi no kanashimi mo iyasareru basho ni mitsukeru sa
Soar high, you will discover a place that will even heal your sadness

*[i have no idea what kamoshara means so i used 'kamosu' so i could complete the line]

Translation: daisukizutto@LJ + annneonet@LJ
Romanji: toakagasuki@LJ

[VOTE] Japan's 50th Record Award - EDIT!

Hmm ... I have decided to remove the request to vote for the song on a Japanese poll, on the basis of a request. Japanese do not like it if foreigners vote on their polls and Casiopeia has agreed not to interfer with ANY Japanese polls in the future.

So lets just let it be and see what the outcome is based on how the Japanese vote :) So no more voting, okay? Thanks guys for your deep love and support for the boys! But I guess we need to let things play as they are ^^

Also, it seems this was just an opinion poll. I recieved this link from other fan sources (it was posted in several different places) and I hadn't forseen what harm it could have done. Sorry for the inconvience this may have caused. We will be more vigilent on our "voting" posts next time! It makes me happy though that we all care so much about the boys to vote and make an impact...but for Japanese polls, we all must practice restraint (yes, restraint! lol) and know we have the power to but CHOOSE not to. I guess part of "what the big deal" is the difference in culture which international fans are not used to. In Korea, its expected that fans keep voting for their favourite band (or otherwise, the polls put restrictions on the number), while in Japan maybe it is expected that only Japanese would vote and vote only once (?).

(from JpopMusic forums)
A message from BigEast.

About the matter of Japanese online polls.
During the last weeks there have been some cases when foreign fans have attempted to make a difference in some Japanese online polls.
We understand that you want to support Tohoshinki, but please also note that the Japanese will not look at it the same way, but will see the mass voting as manipulating the results. This has already led to some negative reactions towards Tohoshinki's fans.
We do not wish for the negative publicity, because it will also hurt Tohoshinki.

The online polls and surveys are not any kind of popularity races between the participants, but the netizens vote once and in context to what is asked. The flood of several thousand votes from other countries (when the foreign voters often only choose their favourite artist and do not entirely understand what they are voting for), is unfair towards the other participants and also makes the poll/survey useless.

Most of the Japanese online polls do not have a direct impact in anything, being mostly "for fun", but they're indeed used to measure the general opinions in Japan.

As much as we know that you want to support Tohoshinki, this may not be the best way because it's putting not only us BigEast but also Tohoshinki at disadvantage in public eye.

Thank you.

SM Fights Back for DBSK's MIROTIC + Japanese News Coverage on Incident

credit: farahmicky


Previously, we reported on how DBSK's 4th album was put under the 19 year age banned by the Youth Safety Association on November, however SM ENT will starting next week file a legal case against this to the Justice Court/ District Court.

DBSK's Management SM Entertainment (SM), quoted by Money Today's Star New : " We will go through administrative measures against the suspension by filing a case next week to the District Court" "We have been getting ready for this legal case on the 2nd "

"We have agreed to release a clean version of 'Jumon - Mirotic' by the administrative order, but this is something we do not agree with and feel this is entirely unfair. Therefore we have decided to file a case to the court against the administration's displosure. "

Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs administration has on the November 27th declared that DBSK's rth album's Mirotic's lyrics were provocative and put the album under harmful to the Youth.

The Commission of Youth Protection have said that the words and the meaning of 'Jumon-Mirotic' were not the only problem but the entire lyrics' meaning was harmful and overly sexual.

After the Commission of Youth Protection had released this statement SM.ENT said " Even before when the order had been put against MIROTIC, we have clearly negotiated and tried to explain the real meaning and explanation of the lyrics , but even after this the results came out unexpectedly and we are bewildered as of this moment" " and the JUMON -MIROTIC's lyrical meaning is entirely different and miles away from the erotic or sexual that the association is making it to be "

DBSK's 4th album by the END OF November hit 460,000 sales ( FROM SM.ENT). This is the highest record sale for this year out of any artists/idols.

However with the current condition and news coverage of DBSK's CD age ban has caused Japanese Media to release news coverage of this.. ( my friend who lives in japan said for the past 2 days she saw DBSK'S MIROTIC age ban incident on every news and entertainment news channel..ㅜㅜ...)

On the 4th, Japan's AsahiTv, Nihon Tv. etc. had released their coverage as ' Asia's Star DbSK and the bann of the CD release single MIROTIC. Sankei Sports news on the 5th, Sports-Nippon released their news " AGE ban of DBSK 4th album,, will this AFFECT DBSk's attendance for NHK's REd white ceremony?" ( the PD FOR NHK already releasd a statement said that this incident will not prevent DBSK. at all for attendance.)

DBSk have also hit the top charts in Japan's Oricon charts numerous times, and have won twice in a row the golden artists award at the " Best hit Gayo Awards" Japan.

Source: DNBN + dbskdbsk111@soompi


12 4 Super J channel tvxq news -

My Comments:
The Japanese coverage of the ban has been very sensationalized. The news was shockingly on many Japanese NATIONAL NEWS channels with lengthy air time towards the story. Either all the Japanese media is suddenly interested in DBSK after their Kohaku invite and deem them important enough to have reporters go to Korea for interviews with the public, or they are surprised (and probably laughing) at how sensitive the Korea Youth Safety Association is. Some Japanese news channels interviewed people on the streets after making them hear a sample of the song and the general public thought there was nothing wrong with the lyrics at all (especially compared to whats available out there in the Japanese market). 10 out of 100 000 songs released in Japan are labelled inappropriate in a year.

Japan aside, I don't understand why songs like "One More Time" by Jewelry escapes from the banishment of a 19-over sticker. I also do not understand why the Youth Safety Association, if they really are trying to clean up the music scene, doesn't ban the "sexy" image many Kpop stars are conceptualizing in their stage performances and stop youngters from attending those concerts/performances. Yet, of course, those ultra skimpy clothing and suggestive dancing on shows watched by thousands of people are clearly not "harmful to the youth" at all !

Whatever it is, this is clearly a very embarrassing situation for the Korean government to be covered in such a way in Japan, same goes for SM & DBSK. Hope they can sort this mess out.


I take that back...maybe the coverage on Japanese national news was a good thing for them.



*1 KAT-TUN 6,505
*2 GReeeeN 1,822
*3 石川智晶 1,475
*4 秋元順子 「愛のままで…」
*5 いきものがかり
*7 ナイトメア
*8 Gackt
*9 UVERworld
10 宮野真守
11 矢島美容室
12 斉藤和義
13 平原綾香
14 Dragon Ash
16 class
17 コブクロ
18 MONGOL800
19 嵐
20 w-inds.
21 福原美穂
22 榎本くるみ
24 Acid Black Cherry
26 Perfume
28 東方神起 - MIROTIC

credit: lolly88@soompi + cohoctronho@LJ

DBSK is Facing Another Dilemma - May not be attending the 3 big K-award shows

Will Dong Bang Shin Gi be able to participate in the year-end awards in Korea?

This year Dong Bang Shin Gi released their 4th album ‘MIROTIC’ in September with 500, 000 in album sales proving their influence as Korea’s top idol group however their participation in the year-end ceremonies will be affected due to activities in Japan.

On the 4th, Dong Bang Shin Gi’s label, SM Entertainment told Newsen that the group “will have to leave to participate in a Japanese broadcast on the 30th to the 31st” and that they’re “currently discussing a plan for activities in Korea.”

Like every year, Korea’s top 3 year end music festivals are planned to be held 29th for SBS, 30th for KBS and MBC on the 31st. The celebrations held on the 30th and 31st are proving to be a difficult situation.

The reason that attendance at the year-end festivals is proving to be difficult is because Japan is calling the boys back. Dong Bang Shin Gi is among the list of attendees at the biggest event in Japan’s music industry, the NHK Red & White Year-End Festival. The event will hold a significant meaning to the group since it’ll be their first time attending.

Dong Bang Shin Gi will also be attending the Japan Record Awards on the 30th as prize winners.

Source: Newsen
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

[SHOW] DBSK on FUSE TV ...finally an American show!

I am verrry excited to see DBSK FINALLY being covered on an American music show "Fuse Excellent Adventure". Yes, you heard it right, FUSE TV uncovers the DBSK craze/fandom on Asia Song Festival concert (which invited artists from Korea, Japan, China) and gets to personally interview the boys as well.

Check out the preview below:

The show airs Tues. at 11:30 pm and re-airs at 2:30 am the same night. I am hearing that there are reruns to this show. If you have the FUSE channel, you should check out their website for timings. Slowly, its seems all the international fans are getting their wish to see DBSK on their own TVs lol

Nate, the show's host, made a long entry about his visit and experience on FUSE website:

Asia Song Festival - Seoul, Korea
Posted on December 1, 2008 at 07:15 PM

Ok, so does anyone remember the "boy band" days? Nsync, Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block, or any other group with three or more members, singing and busting out choreographed dance moves? Well, in the United States, the "boy band" era, for the most part, has faded away. But in Korea--it is as strong as ever! I couldn’t BELIEVE how HYSTERICAL people were for Korean Pop (a.k.a "K-Pop"). I spent a whole day surrounded by thousands of screaming teenage girls. I loved how excited they were to see their favorite K-Pop singers, but I think I lost most of my hearing by the end of the day. Lol. Just kiddin.

The thing that surprised me the most about some of the "adoring", "sweet", and "innocent" teenage girls was the things they SAID they would do to their pop star if they could get the chance! Lol. I was thinking "Girl! You are like, 15! How do YOU know what THAT is--or how to do that -- where the HECK is your mother!" Lol. I guess I underestimated the Korean youth.

While at the festival, I learned about all kinds of FAMOUS K-Pop bands like: Girls Generations, Shinee and a whole bunch more! But, the ONE band that I heard about every single second of the day was TVXQ, also known as: DONG BANG SHIN KI. They have a fan club of more than 800 thousand in Korea ALONE --that's not including the rest of the world!

When I told some K-Pop fans that I hung-out with TVXQ, I was immediately rushed and touched as though 'I' were them! I guess I didn't realize how FAMOUS they were at the time. Lol.

Well, if you're looking for a festival you can go to for great dancing, great singing, and lots of excitement...then I HIGHLY recommend the ASIA SONG FESTIVAL!

p.s. When I returned to the United States, I came across tons of blogs asking about a particular picture with TVXQ and myself (click on link for picture).

People were asking why TVXQ was looking so mad or confused. It was neither. During the time of this picture, I was talking to my producer regarding my position in reference to the camera. Since TVXQ didn't speak English, they were just waiting for the translator (not in frame) to tell them what we were talking about. :-)

I had a GREAT time hanging out with them. They are all COOL dudes! We were laughing and joking around with each other almost the whole time. I hope I answered some of the questions that were asked. If I missed any... hit me up on my blog, and we'll talk!


[You can leave a comment on Nate's blog and thank him for covering TVXQ xD They are also looking for new suggestions for other festivals to cover .... hmmm, Kohaku anyone? ^^]

Credits: r_hr_source + TVXQsoul

50th Japan Record Awards - KimiSuki recieves Gold

The judging committee of the 50th Japan Record Awards announced most of the winners on Monday. This year, there were 12 Gold Award winners:

* "Soba ni Iru ne" by Thelma Aoyama
* "Ai no Mama de" by Junko Akimoto
* "Ameato" by w-inds.
* "Ti Amo" by EXILE
* "Edo no Temari Uta II" by C-ute
* "Moon Crying" by Kumi Koda
* "Ya Mujo" by Kazuyoshi Saito
* "Jungle Dance" by Nana Tanimura
* "Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou?" by TVXQ
* "Genkai Funauta" by Kiyoshi Hikawa
* "Wajima Asaichi" by Kaori Mizumori
* "Girigiri HERO" by mihimaru GT

Five New Artist Awards were announced:

* Kimaguren
* Kumiko Sakurai
* Jero
* Mai Fukui

Namie Amuro's top-selling "BEST FICTION" collection was chosen as Best Album. The other Album Awards went to:

* "GAME" by Perfume
* "Beyond Standard" by Hiromi Uehara
* "Captain Hate & First Mate Love" by Keiichi Suzuki
* "Meisaku Uta Tsuzuri" by Fuyumi Sakamoto

Other awards were given to Agnes Chan, "Gake no Ue no Ponyo," Southern All Stars, and Shuchishin, among others.

TBS will broadcast the awards ceremony live on December 30, during which the winners of the Japan Record Award (chosen from the Gold Award winners) and Best New Artist (chosen from the New Artist Award winners) will be revealed.

Credits: vermeil @ LJ
Sources: Sports Hochi | Tokyograph
Related links: JACOMPA | Wiki article

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

[PREVIEW] New Japanese Single! - Bolero (Release 01/21/2009)

Credit: BrittanyERROR

Listen in a little better quality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNBDpCvnlD4&fmt=18

This was performed during their MUSIC JAPAN show special. What do you guys think? Initial thoughts before hearing the good quality full version?

A interesting tid bit, "Bolero" is actually a Spanish word! (Coincidence or does this mean DBSK is acknowledging their Spanish fan base? D: Who knows, but its exciting nonetheless!) Though its not confirmed if the preview song in particular is Bolero -- it might be 忘れないで, the other track in the single.

Its very melancholy and epic-like, totally PERFECT for a movie or a heart wrenching drama ;__; Avex and SM Ent know what they're doing after all - its perfect timing and change of taste after their 2 month promotion of dance songs such as Mirotic and Wrong Number. I was wondering why they weren't performing their other slow songs from the album - it might be due to their Japanese activities, to keep people waiting for their ballads. Not only that, during the winter/christmas season in Japan, its customary for most artists to release melodic or sad songs to fit the season/feeling. (Which is why when DBSK previously released Doushite during the summer, it was shocking to some because it was a great song for an artist to save up for their winter single release).

I am sure this song will give the other artists the run for their money ^^ Can't wait for the MV!

For pre-order information, go here.

Monday, December 01, 2008

[Info] Mirotic Deemed Inappropriate For Youths

After judging that Rain’s Rainism was harmful and detrimental to youths last week, the Commission of Youth Protection has acted again by labelling DBSK’s Mirotic, Solbi’s Do It Do It, etc in the same category as Rainism. This has created an uproar once again in Korea which takes effect this week.

According to sources, the Commission of Youth Protection usually examines around 100 songs every month to see if they are harmful or detrimental to youths in Korea. But this is the first time that their scope is targeted specifically towards popular mainstream singers in Korea right now. In the last month, among the 110 songs that they have examined, 32 of them were Korean songs which was a new record in recent years. The reason for banning Mirotic was the same as Rainism in that part of the lyrics were inappropriate.

The ruling will come into effect from 4th December with the song being banned from playing on tv or radio before 10pm. The Mirotic album will have stickers affixed to them that indicates “unsuitable for people under 19 years old”. The song lyrics will have to be modified if they are going to perform this during concerts or events. Action will be taken if any of the above are flouted.

Although affected singers and their companies have expressed that they will adhere to the ruling, they can’t fathom the reasoning behind the ban.

Industry critics feel that this will only heap more misery on the already suffering music industry. And one wonders if the “19-only” stickers restricting the sale of affected albums will actually have any effect. DBSK for example are already done with promoting Mirotic and are actually in the midst of promoting their follow-up song Wrong Number. With album sales already exceeding 300,000, it also means that most of their fans have already gotten the album already.

Credits: coolsmurf

- EDIT -

In the news:

Credits: farahmicky

DBSK's HAHAHA Song - All 5 Members! (ENG SUB)

From mickytoho (uploader + translator):
So, finally! The mystery is no more! The NoKy Brothers HAHAHA Song is part of Samsung's campaign for spreading encouragement - to share laughs & smiles - during these hard times.
So its not a commercial, but a public msg campaign.^^ Very unexpected hahaha! How interesting!^^
I think the message is "when going gets tough, tough gets going! so cheer up!"^^
The NoKy Brothers and DBSK did make me (and all of the viewers) laugh and smile, and made my day, so the campaign has already worked!!!^^

DBSK is so cute!

- from http://www.hahaha4u.co.kr/

The original song is by Jaurim

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