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DBSK - Variety Shows You Must Watch!

Here is a challenge! I want to hear YOUR recommendations to which VARIETY SHOW you thought was a MUST WATCH, starring all or most of the members of DBSK. Something you would even show to a non-fan and they would enjoy ^_^

For example, in 2006, alot of people (like me) converted to the DBSK fandom when they saw the XMan (game show) episode with all the members in it. Simply put, they were all hilarious and seemed like such a team. It was not only most watched video online on Korean websites (especially the clip of the face off between Changmin and Jaejoong), but also watched by thousands of people abroad on Youtube. Even my mom was laughing with me when she saw me watching the episode ... and my mother does not know Korean not has ever shown an interest in Asian television so this was a big deal!

...its too bad that some of the videos that had a crazy amount of views, well into the 100,000 are now deleted because of Youtube crackdown. Nonetheless, there are tons reuploaded and out there for new and old fans to discover! Whats your favorite for 2008? (I don't mind hearing your previous year ones either) You may have more than one per year...^^

My current recommendation for 2008:
Fantasy Partner (ENG SUB)

Subbed by Ginaya <3 This show was hilarious! I felt sooo bad for Junsu! Very cute show that will be sure to make you laugh and maybe even cry in some parts. I know it has only 3 members but it can't be helped *sigh*


Please click on the "COMMENTS" link to recommend, I will post up a MASTER LIST with your recommendations so everyone can watch! -->>

Kimisuki on BEST HITS Music Festival 2008 (Japan)

HQ -

Really glad to hear so much cheering! DBSK performing their highly successful single Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou?

This aired a few days ago but since not a lot of people seem to have seen this, I thought I should post it up ^^

Wrong Number Live at Inkigayo 08/11/30

I know I don't usually post performance videos but this was one deserved it. It was one their best performances vocally - sounded exactly like the original only it was LIVE. Loved the suits too! (Check out Changmin's wry smile after his lines XD)

[Fashion] DBSK's Hairstylist Interview

Our Japanese reporter went to Korea to interview TVXQ’s hairstylist on the 11th!

“Hairstyles change about once every two weeks. To Korean celebrities, this is a first,” says charismatic Kanho, who is TVXQ’s hairstylist.

Fans must have been very surprised at the hairstyles TVXQ had when they came to Japan on the 16th for their new single, “Mirotic,” fanmeet, right?

Truthfully, the man behind such image changes is a hyung TVXQ respects, Mr. Kanho. He is owner of “the RED CARPET,” a very popular hari salon in Seoul, and in both private and business matters is a great supporter of TVXQ.

“I met the members about six years ago, which means I’ve known them from their debut until now. Although I’m responsible for many other celebrities’ hair styles, TVXQ is special.”

In the past, he’s seen many celebrities, but to him, the TVXQ members are like his little brothers.

“In our store, most celebrities use private rooms, but when TVXQ comes, they always sit with the regular customers. I heard it’s because they’re more relaxed and happy when they can talk with the workers and with each other.”

Even with celebrities who come often, there are those who don’t even say hello. But with TVXQ, “Even though they’ve become superstars, they still say hello to all the workers, and their attitude towards people have not changed a bit. Also, to prevent making the workers nervous, they never forget to carry a friendly attitude to create a good atmosphere. Such modest and cool attitudes must be one of the reasons why they’re so popular!”

The busy members also call for take-out a lot while at the salon. “They like to eat jjajjangmyun and fried rice. When they don’t have time they usually eat at restaurants or get takeout. At their dorms, they cook whenever they can.”

Besides Yoochun, the other four members currently live in a luxurious place in Seoul, and during breaks, they often eat together. “Jaejoong cooks very well, he often cooks kimchi pot and rice cake for me and the TVXQ members. Yunho and Junsu are very particular to eating, and Changmin is a greedy eater. (laughs).”

During the interview, the TVXQ members were flying to Japan for their new single. Although they are often not in Seoul, Changmin never forgets to call or text Mr. Kanho. “When in Japan or another place, Changmin never forgets to call me. The other members, usually call me when they want to buy something and need me to help. (laughs).”

Because Kanho’s vacation times need to work well with TVXQ’s schedules, these few years “I really haven’t had time to go on vacation, ” he says laughing.

On the day of the interview, his salon was very busy, with many Korean celebrities coming and going to do their hair. Super Junior leader Eeteuk also came today, saying “I just went to the sauna with Jaejoong a few days ago.”

Also, a regular customer who knows Yoochun well said, “Yoochun’s fallen in love with fishing recently. He goes fishing at night when he has time. On 9-21, when they had their comeback event, he didn’t reply my text for a whole day, and I was worried, but the next day he said, ‘I was really tired that day so I couldn’t reply your text,’.”

Coming back to the Korean music industry after a year and seven months, they seem to have carried many unspoken burdens. Of course Mr. Kanho has felt the same, standing behind them and supporting them.

“Beginning their new Korean activities with a new hairstyle, I really wanted to try something. Especially with Yoochun, I’ve wanted to do that hairstyle since six years ago, and Yoochun liked it a lot too.”

However, Yoochun’s new image brought lots of controversies among fans. “I really heard lots of different opinions from fans, and there were also many burning comments. Truthfully I was kind of down for awhile, but I can guarantee, his hairstyle will definitely start a new trend!”

Their hairstyles and hair colors are basically decided with respect to their own opinions. “This time Yunho’s hair color effect wasn’t that good, and to get to the current color we dyed it four times.”

Here, we also asked Mr. Kanho’s plans for TVXQ’s future hairstyles. “Jaejoong’s hair color will stay a wine red, and his hairstyle will change a bit. Yunho plans to cut it short all at once, but Junsu is opposite and he’s thinking of leaving it a bit longer. Yoochun is currently thinking of trying all kinds of ‘hat’ hairstyles. Changmin…please think of it as something to anticipate from today on. (laughs).”

Their new single “Mirotic,” has made yet another spot of history on the Oricon charts for foreign artists. Please anticipate what “surprises” Mr. Kanho and TVXQ will bring us next time!

Credits: Shinki forums

[Merchandise] 25th Japanese Single - Bolero / Kiss the Baby Sky / 忘れないで

CD+DVD Version

Release Date: 21 January 2009
Price: USD 21.49

2.Kiss The Baby Sky
4.Bolero(less vocal)
5.Kiss The Baby Sky (less vocal)
6.忘れないで(less vocal)

Bolero (Video Clip)
Off Shot Movie
& Jacket Size Card

CD Only Version

Release Date: 21 January 2009
Price: USD 12.49
2.Kiss The Baby Sky
4.どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?NEW REMIX
5.Bolero(less vocal)
6.Kiss The Baby Sky (less vocal)
7.忘れないで(less vocal)

Jacket Size Card
12 Page Booklet

Kiss the Baby Sky was composed by Micky Yoochun and if you're not convinced that this is a good buy, watch this clip below for a short preview. Subbed by mickytoho @ youtube

[TRANS] "DBSK, What they got through 'Mirotic'?..."

We're happy that we gained more male fans"

Popular group DBSK chose that they gained male fans as the thing that changed the most during their 4th album activities.

DBSK, who was invited as a guest to the 29th Blue Dragon Movie Awards that opened on the 20th at KBS Hall, met with a reporter and talked about things like their opinions on their come-back activities and their future plans.

DBSK's U-know YunHo, Xiah JunSu, and ChoiKang ChangMin all chose "male fans have increased to the point it stands out" as what changed the most from their last group activities.

Xiah JunSu said "Before, when we met guys they didn't seem very interested besides those in their 10s, but lately I'm surprised that even when we meet men in their 20s or 30s they tell us 'I really like Mirotic - Jumun'. ChoiKang ChangMin also chimed in that "I was surprised when the hyung-deul who went to serve in the army said 'DBSK's song is super popular here'".

The members of DBSK chose the reason for their album's popularity as the fact that from their preexisting core fans, the fans [kinda like types etc] have expanded. Their 4th album 'Mirotic' breaks away from the typical SMP (SM Music Performance) music and seasons a more European refined style.

U-Know YunHo analyzed that "This album took off the weight of lyrics like 'O JungBanHap's and chose lots of easy lyrics like 'You fall for me~', but it seems that it became the main factor that secured more music fans than just familiar ones".

U-Know YunHo said that "First I worried that it might be a bit too heavy" "but I believed in our confidence. I thought that in order for others to like it, we have to like it first. So we made an album that was kinda different from SMP, but the response was good so I am only thankful".

Source: SPN edaily
Translation by: annneonet @ dbsg LJ comm

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[Rumour] Changmin's Incident

There have been several requests for this in the chatbox. I cannot verify the accuracy of this. But here's what I've found. Please let me know if u have seen other accounts of this incident

Chinese Fan Account
我在韩国的姐姐说那两个根本不算是什么在饭,顶多就俩HC,跟《韩流飓风》有点联系,是小编还是什么的...饭过很多韩星 在中只能算是最近的一个,所以说不能算是中仙做得,大家这样想会少纠结一些吧。

结果那俩就在过道上冲神起休息室狂用英语骂人,还骂了出来的经济人。很多仙后倒是都知道这事。我姐说 没想到她们还会追去机场闹事...

- Baidu Changmin Bar

"My sister who's in Korea says that the two girls can't really be considered Jaejoong's fans. They've liked a bunch of Korean stars, and Jaejoong is just one of the recent ones that they liked, so they aren't really Jae's fans.

After the performance (AN: I'm not sure which one they're talking about), something did occur between them and Jaejoong and Changmin. My sister, who went to the performance, said that while DBSK was offstage, Jaejoong and Changmin went to the bathroom. The bathrooms weren't locked, so the two girls followed them in. It was the men's bathroom too. Jaejoong looked angry but didn't do anything, however, Changmin was very mad. He might have verbally retaliated or scolded them, which is why the girls got angry.

Shortly afterward, the two girls rushed into DBSK's resting room and cursed at them in English. When their manager ran in, they also started screaming at him. Lots of Cassiopeia (AN: Chinese Cassies only, I would assume) found out about this, but my sister said that she didn't expect the two girls to pursue DBSK all the way to the airport and cause a scene there.

Once my sister told me this, I checked on the Korean sites for news but nowhere did it say that DBSK was actually hit. But Korean Cassies who were at the airport did upload pictures of the two girls onto CY (AN: I think that's Cyworld?). Most Korean Cassies don't know about this (the bathroom incident) yet, only what happened at the airport."

Translation by cartoongirl7@soompi

These are just rumours and fan accounts. Please don't take them for facts. No one's really sure whether these incidents even happened or not.

[VID] Yunho and Yoochun Duet for a CF

I think most of you all have watched it. But if you haven't, please do. Its hilarious!

[Download link]

[Download link]

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DBSK/Tohoshinki invited to Kohaku: Japan's Most-Watched Music Concert

In many interviews, the boys had mentioned that it was their dream to be invited to Kohaku, the biggest annual Japanese end-of-the-year music show, boardcasted on New Year's Eve by NKH on radio and TV. Lots of big entertainers are invited to this concert and split into teams. In the end, viewers can vote for the team they believe should win. Sounds pretty exicting!

According to Wikipedia:
Literally "Red and White Song Battle," the program divides the most popular music artists of the year into competing teams of red and white. The "red" team made up of all female artists , while the "white" team is all male. The honor of performing on Kōhaku is strictly by invitation, so only the most successful J-Pop artists and enka singers can perform. In addition to the actual music performances, the costumes, hair-styles, makeup, dancing, and lighting are also important. Even today, a performance on Kōhaku is said to be a big highlight in a singer's career because of the show's large reach.

Finally, it was revealed today that DBSK will be attending!


Monday, November 24, 2008

DBSK is a Trend in Japan

(I know this is 2 weeks late but I want to document this nonetheless because it is such an awesome feat)

TVXQ / Tohoshinki is becoming a trend in Japan. TVXQ was listed as a trend on November 14th's NHK's Zoom In Super Show.

On the show they were revealing the results of a survey poll for "The biggest Trends of 2008." Number 1 was the Iphone 3G, Number 2 was Nintendo, and TVXQ was listed as Number 3 on the poll. TVXQ was the only living thing on the poll. I thought this was pretty funny and cool, thanks to amy for the tip.

Credit: AllKpop

Watch the video here:

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[announcement] Xiah Junsu Birthday in Animal Kingdom

Calling out Malaysian Fans. Malaysia Cassiopeia Forum is organising A birthday party for Junsu. Details are as the poster below or visit for more details.

[TRANS] 동방신기 makes history

Currently the ones shining in Korea and Asia is DBSK. DBSK's 4th album MIROTIC has taken over the number one spot in Korea, Japan, Thailand and etc. Last October DBSK took 1st place in weekly Oricon chart and had highest album sales for foreign artists in Thailand.

DBSK on the 15th in "2008 M.Net KM Music Festival" had won ALBUM of the Year, the highest Daesang, as well as took over the BIG5 awards even with the long out of country activites, without a shake, and without a doubt. They have once again took over the title of Korea's Best Idol Group and have proven this so.

On the 20th in the Hanteo Charts, DBSK 4th album hit 300,000 album sales. SM.ENT company has announced, however, that they have reached 360,000 currently. (T/N: HANTEO charts updates are slower.)

With the current state of digital sales being over album sales, DBSK's ability to sell over 300,000 album is truly amazing and meaningful. This year has been the best year for artists/idols passing 100,000 album sales, with Kim Dong-Yul, Big Bang, Brown Eyes, Seo Taiji and more passing record sales of 100,000, the amount of sales for DBSK has surpassed even this.

In reality, the image of idol group is not that of an artist, but just singers with visual looks. Because of this idol group's music are considered not sophisticated enough among korean music fans.

However this is not the case for DBSK. For DBSK, starting with their debut in 2004, all of their 4 albums sales have been around 300,000.

DBSK BREAKS 'IDOL - COLORED SINGERS' IMAGE. (T/N: colored - great on the outside..not much going on in reality)
Korean music critic Mr. Kim said that DBSK has the most loyal fans among any idol groups and this is why they were able to accomplish this even during the hard hit time when album sales were worst for singers in 2004.

Kim said "DBSK's fans, instead of going with the new digital sales, stay with purchasing albums very strictly, and through this they show that believe and know that to support their favorate artist and to show their respect, purchasing the album is the best way to support them"

By buying albums Korean fans and music lovers show that they really appreciate and agree that the quality of the music is in high standards.

Kim said "Big Bang and Wonder Girls debuted around time when digital sales were normal and DBSK had debuted around time when album sales were still popular. So the fans know, are used to, and understand more how important purchasing albums are and they stick with tradition"

And DBSK does not just have fans in the 10's but also all throughout the 30's. Because they have a wide age range in fans, it helps their albums sell more, especially since image of a more mature and manly DBSK has appealed to fans in the 20's as well.

DBSK are able to gain popularity not just in korea because they are a group with everything: image, vocals, and dance skills. This is a rare case. Starting from their debut, DBSK has always shown the most powerful stage performances with lives. Starting 3 years ago, DBSK had been doing small concerts in Japan to get used to stepping into areas of unfamiliarity. Their live performances are the best. Their tall bodies and idol facial images is what DBSK adds to their talents.

Music critic Im Jin Mo has said "in DBSK's case, their image and performance as well as music has nothing for the critics to pick on. We can't really find a bad point about them to bash about. Especially with this 4th album - it has helped DBSK and people to realize how much DBSK appeals to fans all over Korea and Asia."

KIM "The reason DBSK is being accepted as artists in Japan even with their idol looks is because of their skills." "There are no idol groups in Japan that has everything from looks, great vocals and perfect dance performaces, this is why DBSK appeals to them. They are filling that empty spot for the Japanese fans."

Kim Ki Woong (MNET CP) "DBSK is a group that has surpassed the 1st generation idols H.O.T."

UNIT GROUPS/SOLOS? NO! Reason is DBSK's stubborness.
Many idols currently are busy doing solo work as well as unit groups, but DBSK has never publicly done solo works.

Unit performances can definitely help the group to gain more popularity among various categories in the entertainment industry, but this can also bring negative effect to the groups. Also the image of solo work can get in way with the image of the members in groups as a whole too.

SM ENTERTAINMENT has said "DBSK will not be doing any SOLO work in the future or neither do we have any plans for it" "DBSK is a group that puts GROUP and TEAM first. "

"DBSK is like fusion food. You can put them anywhere in Asia and they will still be on top."
- Their vocal stills are really great. They have surpassed the past image of idols. They also are very good at keeping their group image. Since their debut I have never seen their image crumble and this is rare to see a group that have kept their image well this long... The reason why they were able to do this is because DBSK members are a very hard working group and they don't give up. They must be extremely tired with their schedule but I've never seen them show their weak side ever. Even when I meet them to have a conversation during recording, they always show high energy.

"They are an idol's dream as well as an idol's end." (T/N: meaning they are what all idols wish to be what they dream about, and DBSK will end the idol world themselves meaning they will carry their fame till the end.)

- DBSK's performance, charisma, music, and visual image are best. They've shown a lot more relaxation onstage recently but their performance energy has gotten bigger. Are there any groups that can compare their talents with DBSK right now?

"DBSK is Korea's representing idols because they are the highest idols of our country. They are at the top of the peak."

DBSK has surpassed the image of the 1st generation H.O.T. Their performance and music has been upgraded. Especially DBSK'S MIROTIC-Jumun; there are no groups or singers that can actually be able to do this music and actually make it look good as DBSK does. Their 'pose' on stage isn't something you can joke around about.

credits: spn edaily 12
trans: virvir111@soompi (slight edits for understanding by clicheterms)

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"We Love You - 1 Year 7 Months" - DBSK's & Cassiopeia's heart wrenching relationship

One of the most touching videos I have ever seen...
These are the voices of thousands Korean fans "Cassiopeia" who wish to see DBSK be proud and feel loved in Korea, always...


Credits: eternalmerkamoon4 + kroongho@LJ for translating the original video posted by the Korean fans.

[ENG SUB] DBSK Wins Album of the Year - Yunho's Speech


It's heart wrenching relationship...

While the Korean fans feel insecure when they see hundreds of dedicated foreign fans growing around the world, feeling that one day DBSK will leave them forever...

DBSK feels insecure and deeply worries of losing Cassiopeia...

Changmin let tears flow for the first time in public at MKMF, from the immense burden he felt of doing well again in Korea after 1 year and 7 months, of pleasing their fans that they love, of the relief he felt when they at least earned Album of the Year...

Because they know that Korea is where they started, it is what they represent, and without their original fans, they feel they will cease to exist...

We love you oppas.

All of us will continue to support you. In Korea, Japan and where ever else you go...

The foreign fans wouldn't be nearly as close to you if it wasn't for the dedication of the original Cassiopeia -- who spread their love through hundreds of pictures, videos, is infectious. They showed us how to show our love to you. I can proudly say that it is in this fandom alone have I have ever seen so many fan projects, gift giving, and efforts being made to coordinate together as foreign fans... to form our own red sea. Why? As foreign fans, we are always trying to match vast Cassiopeia's love for DBSK. Without the original Cassiopeia, where would the fandom be? Nowhere as close...since the Korean fans bring us most of the fancams, news, and generate interest so that DBSK can keep coming on new shows (and produce the highest viewer ratings for those shows as well). To keep producing great music (and dance) that impress upon and touch the lives of many people.

DBSK + Cassiopeia = <3

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[VOTE] MNet Countdown

Please vote for DBSK at MNET Countdown! (They are currently 2nd)
To vote:
Ends on 18/11/08. You can vote once a day.

To register:
Just click on foreigner and follow the instructions.

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[INFO] MKMF Results - DBSK Takes 5 Awards

MKMF has been wrapped up and DBSK took home FIVE of the Awards including Best Album of the Year!!!

Among the awards won are:

1. MKMF Auction Best Style Award
2. MKMF Mobile Popularity Award
3. MKMF Auction Netizen's Choice Award
4. MKMF Overseas Viewer Award
5. MKMF BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR (Daesang for album)

Changmin cried! Some pictures of him crying..

Performance Links

My Addiction Special Intro
Mirotic Live Show
Wrong Number


[INFO] Xiah Reveals His Twin Brother

On “Introducing Star’s Friend,” Xiah Junsu of mega popular group TVXQ / DBSK introduced his little known twin brother Kim Junho. Junho is the more masculine version of Xiah and was born a minute earlier than Xiah. He also used to be a professional baseball player. And for those of you who think height is priority on a guy – he’s 187cm (6’2").

U-Know and Micky were also guests on the show. U-Know brought his childhood best friend and Micky brought his friend who looks like So Ji Sup.

This episode of “Introducing Star’s Friend” will air on the 15th of November.

source: allkpop

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

[INFO] Super Junior & Ahra on TVXQ's Special Edition 'MIROTIC' Album

Ahra and Super Junior have come to meet with TVXQ in a the special ‘MIROTIC’ album that will be released on December 4th. On this special edition, Youngwoong Jaejoong’s ‘Don’t Cry Love,’ and Micky Yoochun’s ‘Love Goodbye Love,’ with a total of 4 new songs will be included.

Micky Yoochun’s ‘Love Goodbye Love’ is a medium tempo song that expresses the emotion of pain due to love. Actress Ahra will be doing the narration for this song.

Additionally, a different song called ‘Wish’ will be sung by Xiah Junsu and Choikang Changmin, along with Super Junior members Ryeowook and Kyuhyun for a total of four people singing the song together. The four singers with different colors will come together making a beautiful harmony.

Credits: eunhyuk @ sjtranslations, mydaily

This sounds interesting, no? If you all haven't ordered your copy yet, I think this serves as an extra incentive/temptation. Haha..


Sunday, November 09, 2008

[Merchandise] Mirotic - Version C

Mirotic Version C is out for Pre-Order!

This version comes with FOUR NEW Bonus Tracks!

Price: USD $13.99 (Save USD $6.00 with Pre-Order)
Release Date: 14th November 2008
01 . Wrong Number
02 . 사랑아 울지마
03 . 주문(MIROTIC)
05 . HEY!(Don't bring me down)
06 . 소원 (Wish)
07 . 넌 나의 노래
08 . 노을..바라보다
09 . 무지개
10 . 사랑 안녕 사랑
11 . 낙원
12 . 악녀
13 . Flower Lady
14 . Don't Say Goodbye
15 . 잊혀진 계절
16 . Love in the ice

The Version C Poster is also available for Pre-Order HERE

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[INFO] NHK Love Song 2008

Popular group TVXQ will be on the same stage as Japan's top artists in this year's NHK's "Love Song 2008."

TVXQ will attend NHK on the fourteenth for their live event "Love Song 2008."

NHK's annual broadcast concert "Love Song" is a stage where Japan's top artists perform. On last year's "2007 Love Song," BoA's performance attracted the eyes of many Korean fans. This time, TVXQ is appearing as the Hallyu star, testing their popularity in Japan.

TVXQ's 24th single "Mirotic," which released in October, placed #1 in the weekly Oricon charts again, marking the fourth time their single placed #1 in the weekly Oricon charts. TVXQ's popularity cannot be denied.

According to a worker at SM Entertainment, "To prepare for the performance that day, TVXQ will fly to Japan on the 14th. To show everyone their best side, they are working hard in preparations." "Love Song 2008," in which TVXQ will be making their appearance, will broadcast for 80 minutes live at 10 PM on the 14th.

Translation: jae!fany @ Shinki! Forums (
Source: DNBN + DemonHome + Mr. TVXQ

Saturday, November 01, 2008

[INFO] Lee Young: DBSK's Cover Comes as a Shock

The famous song for the month of October, Forgotten Seasons, covered by the most talented idol group, DBSK, should be great news to the original singer Lee Young.

On the broadcast of a KBS 2TV Variety Show, Lee Young said, "One day, I asked my daughter whether if she knew DBSK's Youngwoong Jaejoong." Then said, "He made a cover of my 잊혀진계절!"

Lee Young said, "My daughter was extremely happy yet because of this, I was very distressed." Afterwards, Lee Young joked that "the month of October is the time for my 잊혀진계절, now I have to share that popularity with Youngwoong Jaejoong."

Forgotten Season is the most memorable song when it comes to the month of October and Lee Young is currently promoting it.

Youngwoong Jaejoong, member of the popular idol group DBSK, recently made a solo cover of ,in DBSK's much awaited fourth album "Mirotic-Jumon", receiving much attention from netizens.

잊혀진계절 released in 1982 was a hit especially for the lonely month of October, every year it is played at the end of October in great numbers. Youngwoong Jaejoong's cover, unlike the original, adds a new emotion to the song that relates more to the new generation.

Youngwoong Jaejoong has expressed that "being able to sing , the most influential song by Lee Young Sunbaineem, is a great honor."
Credits: bittersweet
English translation: exotsia @ dbsg LJ comm

Watch the video of Lee Young's version

TVXQ Dreamer Forum