Sunday, June 29, 2008

[NEWS] Yoochun Hospitalized

This hasn’t been posted anywhere official yet, but over at the daum bulletin boards, Cassioppeias’ are outraged.

Micky Yoochun of DBSK was taken to the hospital on the 26th of June after vomiting after filming. He was taken to the hospital and made to rest, meanwhile cancelling all the rest of his daily schedule.

It seems that the reason for his illness is overwork and not eating meals on time, or at all.

It’s not clear where or how the Korean Cassioppeias got their news, but I think from past experience they are quite a reliable source.

Source: Daum DBSK Bulletin Board
Credit for noonoo_shoo + soyboy + caprishiqi @ dbsg LJcomm

[NEWS] TVXQ Performs at Avex's 20th Anniv. General Meeting of Stockholders

TVXQ, one of the top male vocal groups in Asia, was invited to perform at Avex's 20th anniversary general meeting of stockholders at the Saitama Super Arena on June 22.

Some 8,910 stockholders and their families attended the general meeting to congratulate Avex on their 20th founding anniversary. The number of Avex stockholders this year increased by 2,800 compared to last year.

TVXQ, which has established itself as the face of Avex, was among the performers who performed at the event. They included singer and songwriter Noriyuki Makihira, TRF and seven-member dance vocal group Exile.

TVXQ is set to tour Japan as part of the 2008 'A-Nation' concert tour which will be held from July until the end of August. It plans to return to Korea in September with its fourth studio album.

Source: kbs global
Credits: ajumma @ dbsg LJ comm


Sunday, June 22, 2008

[ADVERT] Official European TVXQ fan club

Calling for all European DBSK fans out there!!

A group of German fans decided to make an European DBSK's fan club with the plan on sending an inquiry to SM to ask about permission and requirements to make our fanclub official. The whole thing is just at the beginning, we are still gathering members, thinking about the fanclub name. This is a calling out for all the European fans to join us. We already have members not only from Germany but from France, Spain, Romania, England, Russia and Poland as well and we would be glad to see more fans from other European countries. If you are interested in taking part of this please join us here:

We also already have the following sites/accounts of our own:
Youtube Channel:
Wordpress blog:,
MySpace account:
This is all to promote our project, although we're still currently working on them.

Also, we have started a petition Europe needs DBSK for DBSK to know that they have
fans in Europe too, not just in Asia and America. You can sign it here -
We invite all of you to our FanClub page here

I know it´s still a bit empty but with your help we can make it bigger.

Okay dear readers.. Support them if you're from Europe! Maybe DBSK be known to the world! ^_^


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

[NEWS] TVXQ Attracts 390,000 Fans During Asia Tour

dbsg"SM Entertainment says five-member group TVXQ attracted some 390,000 audience members during their 16-month tour around Asia.

TVXQ's Asian tour began in February, 2007, after it swept the 2006 year-end awards ceremony in 2006. Over the 16-month period, the group performed in six Asian cities including Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Beijing, attracting a total of 390,000 audience members along the way.

TVXQ was the subject of much talk throughout the concert period. One website crashed after 300,000 fans rushed onto the site to reserve tickets, TVXQ set the record for being the number one foreign artist to attract the largest number of audience members two years in a row, and 125 stores at a Thai department store were forced to close down temporarily after 15,000 fans and reporters flocked to the venue of the press conference.

In October last year, one of the scheduled concerts in Taiwan was canceled due to a typhoon, and the group members returned to Taiwan earlier this year in May to keep their promise to their fans.

TVXQ plans to release a brand new album in Korea in the Fall."

credits: KBS Global + elunia @ dbsgLJ

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yamaha Endorsement Again?

Check out the pics. I'd love to have THAT car.. *blink blink*

Credits: As tagged + YJ baidu + westkitsune @ dbsgLJ

Friday, June 13, 2008

[PREVIEW] THSK New Single - Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan darou?

Small announcement before the download. I have a megaupload Premium account that will expire on the first week of August. At the moment I'm still really far from gaining enough points for an extension of this premium account. Therefore I'll need your help in downloading as much as possible from me. In case you all aren't aware, once my premium account expires, alot of my files that I've uploaded for all of you will DISAPPEAR because it has way exceeded the limit of the size given for regular non-premium accounts. SO YES, THOSE FILES THAT ARE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD WILL BE GONE IF I CANT RENEW MY PREMIUM ACCOUNT. I don't expect you all to donate to me to enable me to renew my account, so I think the least you all could do is help download, and distribute the links around so that more people will download resulting in more points for me. I'd really appreciate it alot. Oh Ya! Not forgetting. I'd appreciate if you all could check out the Google Ads at the side bar too. Maybe I might just earn enough to renew my premium account. THANKS ALL MY READERS FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Here's the download link.

FULL VERSION (320kbps) - UPDATED! - Thanks to jaejin @ dbsjLJ comm
Download away!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

[NEWS] Super Triple Concert - for Cancer Disease

Popular Group , will be a "guardian angel" of the children who suffered from cancer disease.

This coming June 15th, on Seoul Jamshil Olympic Stadium, Moon Hee Jun, MC Max and TVXQ will have a "2008 SUPER TRIPLE CONCERT". This is a charity fund for all children who suffered from cancer disease. All money that will collect from the concert will be donate. The three performers called as the children's "Guardian Angel". It will be a 2 hour concert.

Source: wow japan
Translation credits: ichigotvxq
Source finder: ichigotvxq

[NEWS] 080612 Yoochun declined expensive gifts

Micky Yoochun (22) of Dong Bang Shin Ki received a thousand of camera equipment for his birthday gifts from his fans. But he denied/refused the offer.

A month ago, fans took out some money as birthday gift for Micky Yoochun but this news makes burden to Yoochun. "All gifts are expensive so please forfeit it." he said. [T/N: I think theyre taking out
some money is buying an expensive gifts]

Now, instead of expensive gifts, Micky Yoochun's fans decided to make a birthday party. A 4-day birthday part, but DBSK stayed in Japan during Micky's birthday until their Dream Concert in Jamshil Stadium in Seoul last June 7th. They decided to do the celebration on that particular event.

Fans set alot of foods, drinks, fruit cakes and rice cakes as a birthday gift. Include a 200 sticker photos of Micky Yoochun's dog that pasted on the field staffs and officials. All other expensive gives are sent back,

Last February, TVXQ's Jung Yunho received digital cameras, laptop, keyboard instument which are all expensives, but Yunho also refused so the fans decided to donate the gifts as social welfare activities.

On SM Entertainment, Micky Yoochun officialy said, "It mostly our young fans. The amount is too much. TVXQ's new album will coming out this coming August. "We will give a greatest gifts to our fans, so please listen to it."

source: joongang korea
translation credits: ichigo
source finder: ichigo

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dream Concert - Boycott?

Sorry to have been away for such a long time. I've just read about the boycott of SNSD by the Cassiopeians and ELFs at the recent Dream Concert. I'm a little shocked at it. I know I don't have a right to criticise their actions but I can't say I approve of them either. As much as I'm so NOT a fan of SNSD, I believe that fandom should be a free and open thing where everyone is entitled to their opinions. Its like a freedom to idolise and fans should respect other fans even if they don't agree.

Well anyway, I hope there wouldn't be a repeat of this incident because the actions of the fans will reflect on their idols. We certainly wouldn't want DBSK to remembered or judged by what their fans did. PEACE! Hehe..


[Trans] YAMAHA and TVXQ! WORLD : The Raising Challenge Event

YAMAHA and TVXQ! WORLD : The Raising Challenge Event
written on 9th June 2008, at 01:05:24 AM.

Today (8th June 2008) at Central World, Bangkok, at around 16:00, Cassiopeians attended the YAMAHA and TVXQ! WORLD : The Raising Challenge event, sponsored by YAMAHA, SM Entertainment and 4Nologue.

The event started at 19:30 when Dong Bang Shin Gi members - U-know Yunho, Youngwoong Jae Joong, Xiah Junsu, Micky Yuchun and Choikang Changmin - walked onto the stage; Cassiopeians were cheering at the top of their lungs. Once seated the MC let them greet their Thai fans: "Hana, deul, set, sawasdee krub Dong Bang Shin Gi krub"

What do you think of "YAMAHA and TVXQ! WORLD : The Raising Challenge"?
Yunho : It's so nice to have such an big event organized for us, and we can really feel our fans' love. We're truly grateful for our fans' support since it's the very thing that got us (Dong Bang Shin Gi) here today.

How did you feel signing your autographs for Thai fans just now?
Junsu : It felt great! It has been a long time since we met our Thai fans at close range - we had eye contact and Thai girls are very beautiful.

How special are the items you put up for today's auction?
Yuchun : The items are accessories we wore when shooting pictures for photobooks. We like them and knowing that the proceeds will go to charity makes us feel good.

When you travel abroad, what do you do?
JaeJoong : Most of the time we talk, play and listen to music.
Yuchun : Normally, if we have free time, we'd focus on exercising and staying in shape.

If you had free time, where would you like to go most?
Yunho : Thailand for sure. So far, we've been coming here to work, so we'd like to go to Phuket and really have a holiday, all 5 of us.
Yuchun : Ah... and ride YAMAHA motorcycles touring all of Thailand!

We heard Jae Joong likes spicy foods, has he tried "prik-kee-noo" (Bird's Eye Chilli)?
Jae Joong : Yes, when we were shooting the commercial, there was a part where we were eating Thai food "som tam". That was when I got a taste of hot Thai food.

Last time Micky learned and used the term "phao" (burn). This time have you learnt any new Thai word?
Yuchun : "kod kan noi" "jub mue kan noi" (SCREAM!!!)

"kod kan noi" = let's hug
"jub mue kan noi" = let's hold hands
No wonder Micky won so many hearts this time ^^

After 'O'-Jung.Ban.Hab (in 2006), when are you going to release your next Korean album?
Changmin : We're now recording our new (Korean) album. We're putting a lot of effort in this 4th album and fans can look forward to it in autumn (September-October).

Let's play a game: There is one slice of cake on the table, you choose to eat
1) strawberries 2) plastic decorations 3) sugar/icing decorations 4) chocolate 5) wafer?
Junsu : Chocolate
Yuchun : Strawberies
Jae Joong : Strawberries
Changmin : Wafer
Yunho : Chocolate

After Dong Bang Shin Gi members made their choices, Cassiopeians sang Yuchun a be-lated (4th June) birthday song in Korean. Then YAMAHA executives brought out the birthday cake for Yuchun to blow the candles. This totally moved Yuchun who almost couldn't hold back his tears. And then, of course, Jae Joong pasted a bit of cream on Yuchun's cheeks - that brought out plenty of cheering from the fans!

Back to our game.
Yuchun and Jae Joong chose strawberries - very ethical, and will make no mistakes (or will do no wrong), whatever the situation
Junsu and Yunho chose chocolate - reasonable, strong sense of leadership, loves to control various aspects of things
Changmin chose wafer - romantic, and dreams of a happy marriage

After the game was presenting the auction proceeds, totalling 1,269,000 baht, to GREEN PEACE and Home for Children with Disabilities (Baan Nontapum).

Finally, Dong Bang Shin Gi members took photographs with YAMAHA executives and representatives of the two charity organizations. Before leaving the stage, Yunho said "Today we're really, really happy, because so many fans came to welcome us and we'd love to have more events like this in the future .... Your love has truly impressed me. I love you. (in Thai)"

Tomorrow, don't miss the very first opening of the new TVXQ! PHOTOBOOK, to be reported by PINGBOOK!!

Special Thanks: YAMAHA, 4NOLOGUE
Source Article: PINGBOOK
Translation credits: srisin @ TVfXQ Forever / srisin@soompi


PINGBOOK's article on the Photobook Press Conference.
written on 9th June 2008 at 10:28:59 PM

9th June 2008 at 17:00 at Plaza Athinee, Bangkok, 4NOLOGUE held a press conference for the company's official opening. ...{marketing}...

On the same day, 4NOLOGUE, together with S.M. Entertainment, Dong Bang Shin Gi's record label, held a press conference for the band's latest photobook 2008 TVXQ! PHOTOBOOOK "A WEEK HOLIDAY". This is a major co-operation between the two companies; S.M. Entertainment has given 4NOLOGUE sole distribution rights of the photobook in Thailand. Plus the five members of Dong Bang Shin Gi has attended this event, Thailand being their first venue (for the photobook promotion)!

This is yet another special occasion for the Thai fans to get close to their favorite artists and listen to them talk about the photoshoot in the USA. ...{marketing}...

What do you feel about the photobook promotion for the first time in Thailand and Korea?
Yunho : We're very happy since the photobook will go on sale on the same day in Korea and Thailand. It'll be a special occasion so we're very happy and excited.

What is the concept of the photobook and its sales promotion?
Junsu : It'll be on sale in Korea and Thailand at the beginning of July. As for the concept, there are two main concepts. One is us in a majestic, natural surrounding, the other is us on a camping trip - like you coming with us on any normal camping trip. And as a sales promotion, there'll be 5 extra photos in the Thai version, as a gift for Thai fans!

Which location did you like best?
Yunho : It's the masterpiece taken in the Grand Canyons - it was really steep and we were all kind of scared. But the photograph came out nicely, with us fitting really well in the scenery. We really love this picture.
Jae Joong: This one (pointing at the photograph)

Changmin : We had some problems during the photoshoot - the weather was really hot. We were taking pictures in the arid areas of the USA, it was so sunny we got sunburnt! And we were sweating all the time. But it wasn't really an obstacle.

Any exciting experience?
Yuchun : When we were taking pictures in the desert, we went to a family restaurant where they play live Western music in cowboy costumes. They asked if any of us could play the drums and we told them Yunho could. So he joined in and it was really fun!

During this photoshoot, did you discover anything new and charming about the band members?
Jae Joong : At first we were a bit worried 'coz we might not measure up to (compliment?) the beautiful, natural scenery. However, we didn't do too bad. Changmin and Junsu, both are younger than me but they displayed their masculinity openly - in their facial expressions, postures and figures. They were physically fit before we left for this photoshoot. I was impressed.

Is there any chance of making a photobook in Thailand?
Jae Joong : Of course! We would really love to do one. We love Thailand. Plus there are many possibilities such as natural scenery or Bangkok's metropolitan vibrance. If we have the chance, we will do a photoshoot in Thailand for sure.

Having made donations to charity organizations in Thailand - how do you feel about it?
Yunho : We put up the accessories we wore during our photoshoots for auction, with the proceeds going to GREEN PEACE and Home for Children with Disabilities (Baan Nontapum). At first we didn't think we'd be able to raise so much money, so we feel Thais are very charitable. We'd like our Thai fans to continue doing more charity work with us.

What would you like to say to the media, executives and Thai fans who have been here since last night (in preparation for this event)?
Yuchun : Thank you to all of you executives, media and Thai fans. Since our debut we have received so much love, sometimes we doubt if we're worthy of such love. But we now know for sure we want to do our best in return for your love. We will continue to work harder, please support us and love us always.

2008 TVXQ! PHOTOBOOK "A WEEK HOLIDAY" will be on sale this July. Dong Bang Shin Gi fans can pre-order Thailand's special edition with 5 extra photographs and video clip at or get more information by e-mailing You can also check out promotional updates and news about Dong Bang Shin Gi in this website.

Special Thanks: 4NOLOGUE

Source Article:
Translation credits: srisin @ TVfXQ Forever / srisin@soompi

Sunday, June 01, 2008

[NEWS]TVXQ Concert in Beijing & Upcoming Schedule

SpiderLiliez LiveJournal
By: SpiderLiliez

After the success of their first major Asian concert in China (“O” Concert), TVXQ is again scheduled to perform a second time in the Mainland. Soon they will be heading to Beijing for their slated June 12 schedule, which is reportedly the last leg of their 2nd Asian Tour ~O~ Concert (the Hong Kong leg seemed canceled ~ but needs verification).

On the Internet, online ticket traders label the concert as “TVXQ Beijing Concert 2008,” while some call it “Beijing Oriental Concert.” Supposedly it was said that Shanghai was their grand finale for the Asian Tour, but after some recent schedule adjustments, it was revealed that they are indeed performing in Beijing after all.

The concert will start at 8pm (others say it’s 7:30pm) which will be held at the newly completed Fengtai Sports Center Softball Field. It has a seating capacity of 13,000, and a floor-space of 15,570 square meters. The same stadium / field will also be used for Olympic Softball competitions in the future.

The concert is said to be a two-and-a-half hour show, where TVXQ will perform 25 of their hit songs. They will also do solo performances, just like in their “Seoul Encore Concert” last October 2007, in Korea.

Organizers of the event guarantee that everything will come as planned. For assurance, they will be preparing one (1) week before the concert. Reportedly they have and will spend a lot of money for this grand concert, which will give TVXQ fans a fantasy-like ambiance during the event.

According to DreamMaker (a South Korean production company) they will be using the same materials and equipments used at the “Encore Concert” in Seoul, with everything including lightning, audio, multimedia, costumes, and stage design. Seemingly, they’ll be transporting everything from South Korea directly to Beijing. Roughly, the concert will cost around 10 Million Yuan, equivalent to around 1.5 Million US Dollars.

And to the delight of the fans, according to a person in charge of the event, fans will be able to see TVXQ up close, because the seats will just be around 10 meters away from the stage. Though we have heard of fans complaining about the seating plan, that it was actually farther away from the stage than mentioned.

For reference, please see seating map and concert details below.

Date / Time:
June 12, 2008 ~ 7:30 PM / 8:00 PM

Venue / Address:
Fengtai Sports Center Softball Field, No.67, Fengtai Road, Fengtai District

Ticket Prices:
280 / 480 / 880 / 1080 / 2008 (in Chinese Yuan)

Book Tickets:

Tel Nos:
86-10-64177845 / 400-810-1887 / 010-8408551


TVXQ's Schedule from May 31 - August 31

- - O t h e r

♫ Saturday, May 31st - "O" Shanghai Concert
♫ Saturday, June 7th - Dream Concert
♫ Sunday, June 8th - Yamaha's World the Raising Challenge Event in Thailand
♫ Thursday, June 12th - "O" Beijing Concert
♫ Sunday, June 15th - Super Triple Concert

- - T e l e v i s i o n

♫ Sunday, June 29th - 3rd Live Tour "T" 2008 (TBS)

- - R e l e a s e s

♫ Wednesday, July 23rd - New Single

- - A-Nation 2008

♫ Saturday, July 26th - Ehime
♫ Saturday, August 2nd - Miyazaki
♫ Sunday, August 10th - Ishikawa
♫ Sunday, August 17th - Aichi
♫ Saturday, August 23rd & Sunday, August 24th - Osaka
♫ Saturday, August 30th & Sunday, August 31st - Tokyo

Credits :fangirlmitz @ blogspot + ochibi @ syp+sele_kara @ cyxionforums + sheilapiglet @ soompi

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