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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Cassiopride

This is regarding the previously-posted International Cassiopeia Pre-Order Project.

An official community has now been started to assist Cassiopeians from all over the world in purchasing TVXQ CDs, official limited concert goods, etc for cheaper than other online stores and most importantly, have sales count toward the Oricon chart! It is a NON-PROFIT international fan effort - probably the first of its kind. :D

If you are from Singapore or Malaysia, you should definitely order via Cassiopride because you will be able to get it for a lot cheaper, as well as be able to meet up with other local Cassiopeians. Even better, the more people that order, the cheaper it gets - so spread the word!

Be sure to check it out: Cassiopride - an International Cassiopeia-TVXQ Support Project! (:

All orders for The Secret Code close on March 9, 2009 so place your orders soon!

Friday, February 13, 2009

[Trans] DBSK SHINE interviews, Part 5 - Yunho

Q: From the time you debuted in Japan until now, what is the thing that has made you the most happy?
A: As expected, the thing I was happiest about was being able to sing at Budoukan. This is because we really did our best, beginning when we came to Japan and performed on a really small stage, all the way up to Budoukan. Moreover, I'm really happy that our fans gradually keep increasing.

Q: I think this might turn into a conversation about "sadness", but when I was talking to you in the dressing room of Budoukan, you said even though in Korea you were really loved by so many people, when you came to Japan you felt lost and confused because you had to start all over again from zero as newcomers, right?>
A: But that became a good lesson for us instead.

Q: And so because of that, when you laid your eyes on Budoukan being filled by fans, weren't you all the more overjoyed?
A: That's right. But I don't cry even at happy times. I didn't cry at all even when we received a big prize in Korea. If you ask why, it's because I made a promise a long time ago. There are extremely painful memories of when I was a trainee.... When an uncle that I respected and really loved passed away, I had a really painful period of time. At that time I made a promise to myself. "In the whole of Asia, and the whole of the world, until I myself am able to become a human being I am satisfied with, I will never cry." But at Budoukan, I ended up crying a little for the first time (smiles bitterly). Seeing Junsu and Yoochun crying, I too........but I was really happy, standing in Budoukan. Because while singing and dancing, when I looked at everyone's faces, they had become one with us, and sang along for us with faces that seemed so happy. That was truly something that made me happy.

Q: That was really the best moment, wasn't it?
A: Yes. I always think, "I wonder if everyone who came listened to our music and was able to become happy." When I saw everyone feeling happiness, I was also able to be satisfied. Since in Budoukan everyone became one and seemed to be enjoying themselves. When I remembered the lifestyle we had ever since coming to Japan, when I thought about how we'd started on a small stage and were able to make it all the way till here, my heart welled up with all kinds of emotions.

Q: It was really a good experience, wasn't it? Now next, would you tell me about "anger"?
A: The thing I was most angry at myself about was injuring my leg and not being able to participate in "a-nation".

Q: It was last year, wasn't it?
A: Yes. The truth is it wasn't just "a-nation", but because I also couldn't participate in all kinds of events in Korea. Now I can laugh while talking about it, but at that time I was told by the doctor, "You might not be able to dance ever again. Your Achilles tendon is weakening, and it's a miracle you've been able to dance up till now." At that time, I really got so angry at myself that I beat my own leg. And I cried and cried and cried. It was such an important period for Tohoshinki, and because I wanted to be able to participate even if it was just a day earlier, from morning till night I played sports, I did physical rehabilitation exercises, I gave it everything I had!

Q: You're a strong-willed person, aren't you? Have you been that way since you were a child?
A: I have a personality where I definitely do things that I feel I want to do. Since a long time ago, if I start to concentrate on something just once, I really don't like it if I don't do it all the way till the end.

Read the rest here! (:

Part 1 - Junsu
Part 2 - Yoochun
Part 3 - Jaejoong
Part 4 - Changmin

[ANNOUNCEMENT] International Cassiopeia Pre-order Project

For all international Cassiopeians (ESPECIALLY Malaysian/Singaporean Cassies) wanting to pre-order THE SECRET CODE:

Please consider joining the International Cassiopeia Pre-order Project! You`ll be able to both support DBSK`s Oricon chart readings AND get them for a lower price! And of course, you will feel more secure placing your orders this way rather than with online vendors (:

Check out this post for more details, and leave a comment with the requested details if you`re interested!

If orders for The Secret Code go well, the CassioPoP will become a permanent, ongoing project so that Cassiopeians everywhere will always be able to support our favourite boys (: And for their Korean releases, any benefits gained will be donated to charity in the name of international Cassiopeians everywhere (:

Please spread the word to all the international fansites you know! FIGHTING! ^^

[Announcement] Donating in the Name of the Fandom

Dear Readers,

I have recently come across the plight of Yvonne Foong, a 23 year old girl who suffers from Neurofibromatosis Type 2. She is the author of the book "I'm Not Sick, Just A Bit Unwell". I know about her because the company in which I'm working with acts as her trustee. So I can verify that this is absolutely real and not a scam of any sort.

Neurofibromatosis Type 2 is genetic disorder that makes tumors grow in the brain, spine, and along peripheral nerves.

She has become deaf in both ears. She has an Auditory Brainstem Implant that helps her to perceive sounds, but it is limited and may take many years to train. Imagine how heartbreaking it must be to not be able to enjoy wonderful music the way we do. Yet, we take such enjoyment for granted most of the time. She was also born with an under-developed left eye. So vision in her right eye is very important. It must be preserved.

She needs funds to undergo a Gamma Knife Radiosurgery on 28 February 2009, which will kill an optic nerve tumor and save her remaining right eye. The amount required for the operation is Ringgit Malaysia 94,000.00. As of today, she has only managed to raise RM37,346.62. The surgery will be done at Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angeles. She has gone through many surgeries since 2002 and have very limited physical abilities such as profound deafness, underdeveloped left optic nerve, low right visual acuity, poor balance and semi facial paralysis.and is trying to gather funds for her operation. She needs to raise in order to save her remaining right eye.

I am posting this today because tomorrow is Valentine's Day. A day of love. As such, I would like to gather funds from the DBSK fandom worldwide and donate it to her in the name of DBSK and in the name of the fans.

You may transfer your donations to the DBSKer Archive paypal account dbsker(at)gmail(dot)com by the 20th of February 2009. I will transfer all funds to her paypal account on the 21st February 2009 and send her an email. If you're afraid I will run away with your funds instead of donating, you can donate to her directly at her website by clicking the links below. Every cent counts, and your contribution does make a difference in saving her left eye.

Visit her site or

OR Click the link below to visit her site. This link GENERATES INCOME and will be used for the purpose of donation. Therefore, if you're merely a student with no income to contribute, clicking the link multiple times and waiting for the website to load will contribute in some way to the fund. Remember that the DEADLINE IS 20th February as she needs the funds by the end of this month.

CLICK HERE TO YVONNE FOONG'S WEBSITE (income generating link)

Feel free to spread this link or this article so long as the purpose is served.

Besides this, she is also selling her book and t-shirts to raise the money. So if you're interested in buying these shirts/book for a charity purpose, you can visit this link :

If any of you have a better suggestion or avenue to contribute, please share it with

LIST OF DONORS (updated 15th February 2009)
Many thanks for your generosity!!
- Matsuei-Tsukino

Thank you so much for your time in reading this article.


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[Info] 26th Japanese Single - Survivor, 4th Album The Secret Code

*edit: The Tracklist for both Survivor and The Secret Code has been announced

The title for the 26th Japanese Single has been announced! This is a pre-release single to their 4th Japanese Album - The Secret Cord. Both are now available for pre-order in both Yesasia and CD Japan.

Expected Release Date: March 11, 2009
Versions: 2

Jacket A - CD + DVD Version

01 Survivor
02 Take Your Hands
03 Survivor(Less Vocal)
04 Take Your Hands(Less Vocal)
01 Survivor(PV)
02 Survivor Offshot Movie
Includes Jacket Size Card
Pre-Order: [ CD Japan - ¥1800 ] [ Yesasia - USD 21.49 ]


Jacket B - CD Only Version

01 Survivor
02 Take Your Hands
03 Survivor REMIX(タイトル未定) - Title TBA
04 Survivor(Less Vocal)
05 Take Your Hands(Less Vocal)
Includes a 12 page booklet + Jacket size card
Pre-Order: [ CD Japan - ¥1000 ] [ Yesasia - USD 12.49 ]

Jacket A - 2CD + DVD
1. Secret Game
3. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
4. Nobody Knows
5. Beautiful you
6. 忘れないで
7. 9095
8. 呪文 -MIROTIC-
10. Stand Up!
11. Survivor
12. Kiss The Baby Sky
13. Bolero
Secret Track
14. 9096

1. ウィーアー!
2. Take Your Hands -REMIX-(リミックスタイトル未定) - Title TBA
3. Box in the ship
4. 千年恋歌
Bonus Track
5. Purple Line

-Video Clip-
・Purple Line
・Beautiful you
・Kiss The Baby Sky
・3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~ダイジェスト映像+副音声(メンバーと関根勤さんによるトーク) - Video + audio voice digest (talk by Sekine Tsutomu, members)
-Off Shot Movie-
(ジャケット撮影+Kiss The Baby Sky PV撮影) ※初回限定盤のみ - Jacket shooting + Kiss The Baby Sky PV shooting [Limited Edition only]

【初回限定特典】 [Limited Edition bonus]
ジャケットサイズカード封入(6種からランダム1種)- Jacket-sized card included
DVDにOff Shot Movieを収録。

[ CD Japan - ¥4800 ] [ YesAsia - USD 50.99 ]

Jacket B - 2CD
1. Secret Game
3. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
4. Nobody Knows
5. Beautiful you
6. 忘れないで
7. 9095
8. 呪文 -MIROTIC-
10. Stand Up!
11. Survivor
12. Kiss The Baby Sky
13. Bolero

-CD-DISC2- [Non-stop Mix]
SHINE / Close to you / ZION / WILD SOUL /
Purple Line / Runaway / LAST ANGEL -TOHOSHINKI ver.- /
Two hearts / Rainy Night / DARKNESS EYES /
Lovin' you / Keyword / NO? / My Girlfriend /
If...!? / DEAD END / CLAP! / Crazy Life /
Ride on / Choosey Lover / TRICK / Maze

【FC限定特典】 [Limited bonus for fanclub members]
ジャケットサイズカード封入(6種からランダムで1種) - Jacket-sized card included
Non-Stop Mix収録楽曲の折込歌詞シート - lyrics sheet insert for Non-Stop Mix songs

[ CD Japan - ¥3333 ] [ YesAsia - USD 35.75 ]

Jacket C - CD Only
1. Secret Game
3. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
4. Nobody Knows
5. Beautiful you
6. 忘れないで
7. 9095
8. 呪文 -MIROTIC-
10. Stand Up!
11. Survivor
12. Kiss The Baby Sky
13. Bolero
Bonus Track
14. Purple Line
15. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(アカペラver.) - acapella ver.

【初回限定盤特典】 [Limited Edition]
ジャケットサイズカード封入(6種からランダムで1種) - Jacket-sized card included
ページ増ブックレット封入 - ??? something about a booklet with more pages

[ CD Japan - ¥2667 ] [ YesAsia - USD 27.99 ]

Credits: quirky_love @ LJ

Monday, February 09, 2009

[JE + SM?] DBSK to Guest in boyband SMAPxSMAP & Kinki Kids Show - Is this the end of the boyband cold war?

The top pop groups of Korea and Japan - DBSK (or TVXQ) and SMAP - have met on a Japanese program.

DBSK on Jan. 29 joined the recording of the popular show "SMAP×SMAP" on Fuji TV, hosted by SMAP. In a friendly atmosphere, the two groups talked and sang together. The program airs next month.

Previously, top Korean stars such as Jang Dong-gun, Song Seung-heon, Lee Young-ae, Choi Ji-woo, Ryo Si-won, kwon Sang-woo and Sin Hye-seong appeared in the program's "Bistro SMAP" segment. Sin notably sang a live duet with SMAP member Kusanagi Tsuyoshi.

The two top groups had already met Dec. 31 during an NHK year-end pop festival, the most prestigious of its kind in Japan. The two groups briefly met during rehearsals and DBSK later went to SMAP's room for a formal greeting.

SMAP member Takuya Kimura talked about that first encounter on a radio show last month. He laughingly said, "The room was small for ten healthy men. It was suffocating. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi's supposed Korean skills didn't really come out".

The Korean group's appearance on "SMAP×SMAP" is as significant as their first meeting last month.

Japan's Johnny's Entertainment manages not only SMAP but many other top notch idol groups including KinKi Kids. It maintains their popularity by having group members host shows on all private broadcasts.

DBSK is also scheduled to appear soon on a Fuji TV show hosted by the KinKi Kids (Domoto Koichi, Domoto Tsuyoshi). The "honeymoon affair" between DBSK and Johnny's is expected to continue for quite some time.

Source :

On January 29 in Japan, THSK recorded 'SUMA SUMA'(SMAPXSMAP) on Fuji TV with SMAP members, THSK appeared on talk show and with a friendly atmosphere they sang a song together. This sneak peek will be broadcasted next month.

Until now, 'SUMA SUMA', already had a Korean star as their guests such as Jang Dong-gun, Song Seung Heon, Lee Young-ae, Choi Ji Woo, ryusiwon, Kwon Sang-Woo, Shin Hye Sung on SMAP BISTRO corner, and Shin Hye Sung has a duet with Kusanagi Tsuyoshi singing "sky~ eternal love" live.

THSK and SMAP met for the first time on December 31 at the most prestigious show "NHK 59th KOUHAKU Utagassen". On the rehearsal the day before the show, THSK had a light greetings with SMAP at SMAP's waiting room.

Takuya Kimura on a radio show explainned about this, "10 people were filling that small room made a frustating situation" then he described, "even Kusanagi's korean didnt help much." telling a disclosed episode that hapenned that time.

THSK signed a contract for their appereance on NHK's programme with SMAP.

SMAP, ARASHI, KATTUN, NEWS, Kinki Kids, known as Japanese Idol groups from a popular management, Johnny, who had many kind of popular shows.

After their appereance in SUMASUMA, THSK soon will be appeared with popular duo, Tsuyoshi Domoto and Koichi Domoto from Kinki Kids, "Domoto Brothers". THSK also schedulled to appear in other Johnny's shows with a friendly atmosphere in the future.

Credits: DNBN + L4uRa@soompi (translation)

TVXQ had previously guested in Utaban, which SMAP leader Nakai is the host for. It was that show where the DBSK guested with Koda Kumi last year.

See him with his mouth hanging open after hearing them sing acapella (thanks to Xiao_Miss@soompi):

[Video] DBSK @ SMTOWN in Bangkok

Fancams and fan accounts are starting to appear all over the Internet of our boys at SMTOWN in Bangkok (held on Feb 7, 2009)!

Celebrating Yunho's birthday (LOL, poor Leader-sshi XDDD):

Junsu's dance battle (:Q_______):

Yunho's dance battle (same as the one he performed at the SBS Gayo Daejun):

Mirotic (acoustic version):

Love in the ice (Korean version):

Rising Sun (only first 1:30):

There are lots more videos available on Youtube, but mostly not very HQ or incomplete. :( The boys also performed Hug, Show Me Your Love with Super Junior, Ho and Chun did a rap battle, Su performed One Love with Super Junior's Eunhyuk, Min performed Ducks Fly, Jae performed Scars Deeper Than Love with So Nyeo Shi Dae's Sunny, and of course, the SMTOWN songs (:

Credit: hominhome, insomnia01, knight-swingz,, heyjj

Saturday, February 07, 2009

[Info] Blog posts by Jaejoong's mom and sister

Translations of a few blog posts by Oh Seyoung, Jaejoong's birth mother (some pictures are CLICKABLE THUMBNAILS):

February 4, 1986, the day my other self was born, I love you and happy birthday
^On his third birthday, naughty Jaejun celebrated happily, along with umma's friends.

*The cake on the right was sent by fans and says, "Thank you for giving birth to Jaejoong."


From her latest entry:

The last time my son came to our house and talked to me he held my hand and said these words~ "Umma! Umma's really lucky... even your younger siblings are kind, everyone's so kind and it's great... In the future, when I get married and have children, it's fine even if they are unattractive, it's fine even if they aren't intelligent, but I really hope they'd be kind! ..."


080401 @ Fukuoka

Someone, Seyoung (mom) and Yoojung (sister) visiting Canal City in Fukuoka, where Tohoshinki was having a shoot

(Caption on picture)
In Fukuoka..
With Junsu oppa
and Jaejun oppa.. ♥

My beloved kids.. ♥ my other selves..


070827 @ a-nation

My children whom I love so much


More HQ version of previously-released Jaejoong and Yoojung picture:

Brother and sister who look alike in appearance... even their disposition is similar. Jaejun ah, I love you. ♥ Inside umma's heart you're a son filled with regret, admiration, contentment, and gratitude!

In your words, it does look like umma has been very lucky.
My children are all good.. ^^

You said it right?
Even umma's younger siblings are so nice so I'm lucky...
Yeah, even you and your noona are as expected all nice, and umma is thankful.. ^^
Let's do our service in society well and make it worthwhile while trying our best to live life with passion~
I love you.
My son and daughter.


Kim Sooyoung (Jaejoong's 8th sister)'s cyworld entry:

May 8, 2007

Today I found out...
Someone touched my purse...
It's awful...
60 manwon ($600)... that's really a big sum...
Someone took it.....ㅠ.ㅠ
That person... really... for a month... he'd be happy...
I was so sad I cried...
And the first person that came to my mind was JaeJoongie
Of course... family can never let you down...
When JaeJoongie first arrived home...
Because I was robbed... he bought me some meat...
I wanted to make pork bokkeum... kkk
I made it for JaeJoongie... kk
But in the end... since it was my first time making it...
In the end... JaeJoongie... he made it for me.........
It was really......... delicious.....
JaeJoongah... thank you... kk
This nuna will really... work hard...
That's why... kk you'll surely overcome Japanese (language)... kk
JaeJoongah... I love you......


Apparently Jae's mom has been having some problems with fans lately. :( I know there are a number of fans who hold their own views about Jae's family background and his adoption, but we don't know the whole story of what might have happened all those years ago, so as fans, who are we to comment? ^^

Credits to Kim Sooyoung @ cyworld and kroongho @ LJ
Translator's disclaimer: There might be errors in the translation, so anyone is free to point them out if found (:

P.S. Am the new contributor here (: Yoroshiku~ ^^

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Jaejoong's Real Birthday. . . Feb 4th!

A shocking revelation by sparkskey@dbsgLJ, according to Jaejoong's birth mother:

According to Jaejoong's birth mother, Jaejoong's actual birthdate is the 4th of Feb.

She revealed it on her blog sometime in January.

She posted Jaejoong's baby pictures and stated that his birthday was on the 4th of Feb but changed it to 26th Jan for auspicious reasons.

Apparently, if Jaejoong's birthday was recorded as the 4th of Feb, it would bring him bad luck.

Credits: Jaejoong's mum's blog, Junsu China Fanclub
Translated by: Sparkskey

checked on both daum and naver and the news seems to be true. the news appeared on their official fancafe too :D
the only dispute on korean sites is the reason for the change in birthday. some people say that 26 Jan is actually his adopted father's birthday. but *shrugs* I don't know.
can't find his mother's blog to verify though cause no one wants to give out the address, though they say her blog is just like a fangirl's.

anyway, yesterday's Jaejoong's real birthday so happy belated birthday Jaejoong :D

So now, I actually didn't miss wishing him online (though I did know it was his birthday on the 26th)...


Baby and older Jaejoong with his birth mom, separated at the age of four. She seems to love him alot.
(He was brought up by adoptive parents, for those that don't know -- info here).


Jaejoong packing a present for his mom (aww~):

Dude, this is even more special because his birthday is only a day away from my own. (I know, irrelevant to the news, but I can't help but be happy just a bit ^^)

Monday, February 02, 2009

[Announcement] 3rd Asia Tour Concert MIROTIC LIVE in Malaysia - "DREAMMAKER is aware of this petition"


RedStar and Marctensia* in cooperation with fangirlmitz hopes and petitions to bring you the:

3rd Asia Tour Concert MIROTIC LIVE in Malaysia

We aim to have at least 20,000 fans attending for the concert to push through. With 30,000 fans in the Seoul event alone it is likely to be achieved, considering how big TVXQ is becoming. Aside from the initial released five cities in S.Korea , China and Thailand , however, we wish to petition for one more city to be added to the list.
RedStar Team plans to make this event a reality, so we want to ask fans if you would be interested in:


In one payment includes:
Concert Ticket + Lodging (duration of concert) + Transport to Concert Venue
~Lodging may be in same vicinity of TVXQ.~ Transportation will be with other fellow TVXQ fans.
Possible FANMEETING is also included in RedStar’s petition.
Please submit in ONLY IF at least 50% sure capable of going! All information submitted will be kept confidential.

PHONE [Malaysian Residents]:
VALID E-MAIL: (1 per person)
(around December preferably a free-from-exam date)
OR FAX IT TO: +61894583162

DEADLINE is before February 14, 2009!

For inquiries, suggestions and comments send it in as well We highly encourage and request for you to repost this information and or translate to other languages.
We can make this event happen! Watch out for more information!

* Marctensia will be organizing Jason Mraz live concert in March - Kuala Lumpur .


카시스 연합

팬걸미즈가 (Fangirlmitz) 레드스타와 (RedStar) 막텐시아와 (Marctensia) 공동으로 말레이시아에서 열리는 3번째 아시아 투어 콘서트 MIROTIC (3rd Asia Tour Concert MIROTIC) 라이브로 여러분을 초대하기 원합니다.

콘서트에 최소한 20,000명의 팬이 참석하기를 목표로 삼고 입습니다. 서울 행사의 30,000명을 생각해보면 가능할 것 같습니다. 그리고 동방신기팬 도 계속 커지고 있으니까요. 한국, 중국, 태국의 첫 5개의 도시외에도 리스트의 한 개의 도시를 더해주었으면 좋겠습니다.

레드스타팀이 이를 추친하고 있습니다. 팬들 여러분도 관심 가져주세요.

패키지 콘서트 투어

한번 지불시

콘서트 티켓 + 숙소 (콘서트 기간) + 콘서트장까지 교통편

~숙소는 동방신기의 숙소와 가깝습니다. ~ 교통편은 다른 동방신기팬들과 함께 할것입니다.

레드스타의 요구에 가능하면 팬미팅도 포함되어있습니다.

50% 정도라도 참가할 확신이 있으면 제출해주시기 바랍니다. 제출된 모든 정보는 기밀로 보관됩니다.

이메일 제목: 말레이시아에서 MIROTIC




전화[말레이시아 거주자]:

가능한 이메일: (한 사람당 하나)

자유시간/원하는 날짜: (시험날짜와 겹치지 않은 12월 정도를 선호)


팩스: +61894583162

마감일 2009년 2월 14일전

궁금한 점이나 제안, 의견이 있으시면 보내주세요. 이 정보를 다시 올려주시거나 다른 언어로 번역해주시면 감사하겠습니다.

이 행사가 잘 치려 질 것입니다. 앞으로 있을 공지사항도 주의해서 보고 참고하세요

막텐시아가 콸라람푸르에서 3월에 제이슨 므라즈 라이브 콘서트를 계획하고 있습니다.

3번째 아시아 투어 콘서트


Fangirlmitzとのご協力のもとRedStar, Marctensia*から皆様へのお願い:
3rd Asia Tour Concert MIROTIC LIVE in Malaysia

EMAIL題名: MIROTIC in Malaysia
またはFAXで: +61894583162


*MarctensiaはJason Mrazのクアラランプール公演の主催者です。


这次RedStar 和Marctensia* 一起和fangirlmitz合作,为你们带来了:
东方神起3rd Asia Tour Concert MIROTIC LIVE in 马来西亚
RedStar Team计划使这个活动成为真实,所以我们要问各位仙后们是否有兴趣 参于以下的建议:
只有在你有至少50 %肯定能去的情况下,提交以下的资料!所有提交的资料将会被保密。

EMAIL SUBJECT (电子邮件的主题): MIROTIC in Malaysia
AGE (年龄):
PHONE [Malaysian Residents] (电话号码 [马来西亚居民]):
VALID E-MAIL (有效的电子邮件): (1 per person)(只限每人1个)
FREE TIMES/PREFERRED DATES(空档时间/择优日期): (around December preferably a free-from-exam date)(如果是在12月左右的话,最好是选一个没有考试的日子)
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*Marctensia将组织Jason Mraz 3月在吉隆坡的演唱会。

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