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A Nation 2007 on WOWOW

Awesome performances. Thanks Tag for uploading them for me! You're the best! Enjoy everyone! Summer Dream is da BOMB!

Lovin' You

Choosey Lover

Summer Dream


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Sign the Petition

Being a fellow Malaysian fan, I will make this post for the sake of other fans who are feeling heartbroken and disappointed that the concert date clashes with SPM and STPM papers. I wonder how is it that Malaysia got switched from being the last stop. Kero emailed me about this issue and of course this petition has its merits. We can hope that it will help in persuading the organisers to postpone the date.

For more information on the petition click HERE

SIGN THE PETITION HERE - Postpone DBSK's concert in Malaysia

I urge everyone to help out in realising the fans' dream of attending the concert


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Upcoming Releases in Japan

Discography released at the official site.

東方神起 バラードシングル、緊急リリース決定!
14th Single「Forever Love」
2007.11.14 On Sale
¥1,890(tax in)
1. Forever Love
※チェ・ジウ主演「エア・シティ」主題歌 Air City Theme song
2. Day Moon 〜ハルダル〜
3. Forever Love(Less Vocal)
4. Day Moon 〜ハルダル〜(Less Vocal)
Forever Love (Video Clip)
Off Shot Movie ※初回限定盤のみ収録 (only in limited version)

¥1,050(tax in)
1. Forever Love
2. Day Moon 〜ハルダル〜
3. 未定 <= one(?) unconfirmed song 4. Forever Love (Less Vocal) 5. Day Moon 〜ハルダル〜 (Less Vocal) 【初回限定盤特典】 CD商品:12Pブックレット仕様 - 12p booklet *****************************************

『TVXQ non-stop mix Vol.1』
¥2,500(tax in)
Step by Step (JP)
Summer Dream (JP)
Sky (JP)
The way U are (KR)
Song for you (JP)
Choosey Lover (JP)
"O" -正・反・合 (KR)
Somebody To Love (JP)
Stay With Me Tonight (JP)
Rising Sun (KR)
Rising Sun (JP)
High time (JP)
miss you (JP)
Begin (JP)
Love in the Ice (JP)
明日は来るから Asu wa kurukara (JP)
Lovin' you (JP)
Thanks to (KR)

¥2,500(tax in)
Beautiful Life
Rising Sun
許してあげるから (Love is never gone)
Love after Love
Dangerous mind
Love is...
Free your mind (Featuring TRAX)
小さな告白 (Your LOVE is all I need)
約束したその時に (Always There...)

<日本盤ボーナストラック> -Japanese ver. bonus track-
Beautiful Life -Japanese ver.-

『第3集 "O" -正・反・合』
¥2,500(tax in)
世界にひとつだけの気持ち(You're my miracle)
Get Me Some
I'll be there
始まったばかりの物語(The Story Has Just Begun)
Phantom 幻影
You only love

<日本盤ボーナストラック> -Japanese ver. bonus track-
You're my miracle -Japanese ver.-

Release date for all 3 CDs: 24th Oct.

credits: eri_m @ LJ

Anyone interested in getting these? I think maybe they're misusing TVXQ's current popularity and trying to drain us fans, young or old dry of our hard-earned cash, and to some of us, our parent's hard-earned cash. Oh well.. Special thanks to @pril for helping me update the news about the Collab with Koda Kumi whilst I was in wallowing mode. ^_^


DBSK Solo Piece Preview

Junsu-Rainy Night
Yoochun-My Girlfriend
Changmin-Wild Soul
Yunho-Crazy Life


Koda Kumi to collab with Tohoshinki

Koda Kumi's 38th single "LAST ANGEL" will be a collab with the "Avex Kings" Tohoshinki aka Dong Bang Shin Ki. The single will be released in the beginning of November. This is quite interesting, as Avex Trax put the King and Queen on the same stage. Koda Kumi is known to be a quite a lovely DBSK-fangirl

This could be considered as a big breakthrough for the boys in Japan. Tohoshinki has gained a lot of attention in Japan lately. They recently got second on the Daily Oricon Charts with their Double A-single "SHINE / Ride On". They got to compete with Japan's Madonna Ayumi Hamasaki (also under Avex), who got the no. 1 spot with her newest single.

A week later, Tohoshinki will release their 14th single "Forever Love" which will be featured with the Japanese version of "Harudal". Harudal is a theme of a Kdrama, which was broadcasted this spring in Korea, "Air City". The Japanese title will be "Day Moon ~ハルダル"

It's also expected that Tohoshinki will release 2 other Japanese songs in December. It's announced that they'll do the OST of Sanrio's Cinnamon Movie, "Together". It's still not sure whether they'll release a Japanese OST version of the ancient fantasy Kdrama "Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi". They sang the theme "Thousand Year Love Song" which was composed by legendary Hisaishi Joe (OST of Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke).

source: CD Japan + bestiz
FULL credits to: Bakanishi @ bww2
reposting: diana© @ soompi

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Fan Account From Paris

This is a fan account posted by luvjj @ dbsg comm, LJ of her experience meeting DBSK in France.

What I think about the boys now that I've seen them in real

But I just want to tell you a few things I had the luck to see about them.

First time meeting them was at the airport. At first we all were so excited! But then all the girls I talked too who were there (the majoity of us kept contact), we all felt very depressed.
True Yunho and Changmin were kind. But JJ and Yoochun giving quite a cold shoulder and the fan girling we could not suppress left us regretful.
We were all asking each other "and what if jae and chun are playing a role for the TVs and that's how they are in real?" Jae have so much fan here.
But after seeing them 2 two times at their hotel (I'm lucky it was only 15 minutes from my house!!!), one time in La Sorbonne Saint Michel and the last time in the Louvre museum I must say that it wasn't true.

The driver of their bus became my friend and he told me a few thing about the boys. And thanks to him I have all their autographs on All about DBSK.
I wasn't sure if I had to keep it for myself and I wanted to do so at first but then every cassiopeia share what we have for the sake of the dong bang boys and that's what I really love in this fandom, the way we all help each other. I've meet, thanks too them, wonderful people (in RL and in the Internet).

I will begin with Yunho. It will never be enough said. This guy is a prince,a real angel. Always very very very kind with everybody always smiling and willing to give autographs even if he's tired even if his stupid manager is yelling at him to go . He's the ultimate leader. I had the chance to see him, he was alone with 3 persons of his staff (I think they were 16 with the boys, 3 girls, one translator, a manager and few assistants the rest were pfotgraphs) . At first I didn't want to bother him but my friend was kind of daring me to talk to him. So I went to him said "bonjour" he said "bonjour" too with no accent. I asked him if we could shake hands he didn't understand but someone of his staff told him and he did it. Ok my mind was so blank! I nearly forgot to say au revoir and left, we waited to be in another street to scream like the happy fan girl we were so he couldn't hear us. I don't think he knew we were fans so the morning after, when he saw us at the hotel he looked at us for nearly 30 seconds ahaha. And in the Louvre he gave us a bright smile and a little wave. Every fan I talk too say the same thing Yunho U-Know is the most kind (ad hot) person on earth. Thinking about the anti fans made me really sad and angry now that I know how he is in RL. But, please he's too thin, it's not healthy anymore, he's face is so small!!! Please pray for his health. And Oh! he is SO GOOD LOOKING. This boy has every thing for him, the person he will marry (even if I seriously hope Jaeho is real) will be one damn lucky girl.

Changmin is very cute. So much more handsome than in pics (just like Yoochun); I already told you how I talked to him in the airport (He was just next to me and I said "anyooooo changminiiie!" he smile shyly and bowed his head a little)
When I was at their hotel he already was in the bus with yunho. But he saw me I pointed at him and I was like "hey changminie!" and he started laughing cutely and waving at us. And so did he saturday. Even he had a fed up face when he saw all the girls waiting for them (the french fans were waiting for them near the bus and some asian fans/tourists?, maybe 12 were waiting for them IN the hotel.) A girl wanted to give a letter to Yoochun bt he didn't saw her so she turned too Changmin ; he was pointing at yoochun saying "no no no him!" AHAHAHA!

Junsu is cute too. He tried to talk with french people, played foot with little kids in a park, I heard him sing neyo while he was doing a fotoshoot, and OMG he's voice is wonderful. I talked a little too him and Yoochun in the Louvre. I just said to Yoochun that "We just wanted to say goodbye" he gave me a very shiny smile and came back too his phone (him and Jae are ALWAYS talking on the phone or sending messages maybe they have girlfriends? I won't lie I will be happy for Yoochun but so jealous for Jae!!!). Junsu was sitting on the floor. I asked him if we could shake hands. His hands are so so small and soft. Kinda girly actually. I was starting to leave but I turned back to him and said "Oh! Xiah Junsu fighting! "He did the motion with his arm and smiled one very tired yet cute smile.

And now Jae. I didn't expected him to be like that though the boys already told this. This guy is so so so good looking. I'm not very shy ok, but even if his my fav (with Yunho and then the other boys are 2nd ex aequo I just love them all) I talked to every one and not him. He's not girly at all. Actually he's almost more manly than Yunho since his shoulder are more broad . He's so cool. Maybe too much? I don't know. But in no way he could be mistaken as a girl. He kinda seems to be inaccessible, like a princess in his Ivory tower. He loves to be by himself. If he's not shooting or talking on the phone most of time he's alone listening to his Ipod. Even the driver told that this boys seems to be different, he has something very special about him, an aura of nostalgia, of melancholy emanates from him. The driver told me that sometime all the boys were talking and laughing and that he just seems to be off thinking of other things, being in another world. He told me that one time they were talking he left, sat next to him and just listened to his music without saying a word. It makes me understand the "booJaejoong" nickname since he spaces out a lot. But he's kind too (and he's the most gorgeous person I've ever seen on earth) and sign autographs too fans when he can.

Maybe it was because they were tired? Because yes they were. Jaejoong had such eye bags! And it was not just him but everybody. They had to be in the bus a 8:30 am and to come back to sleep at 11pm except Saturday. The driver told me that fans didn't understand they were not here to do tourism but to work, they had no time for themselves at all until Saturday, when he had to take them to Les Galleries Lafayette so they could do some shopping.Every where they went they were people who knew who they are. At Montmartre they are a lot of asian tourists: they could hardly work because of people always bothering them. That's why I didn't want to bother them by taking photos even if I could do so many many many times. It must already be exhausting to always have girls (and of them badly fan girling) watching you, following you everywhere. The driver told me that some Chinese girls where chasing him in a cab. And at the airport I don't know if it was the same girls but they were not french , they tried to go in their bus and where reaming like mad.

I feel really bad for them. Always working their best for us. I just saw them 2 days and I was so so so tired. A girl who followed them 3 days quite everywhere told me she had lost 5 kg since they had come. They have money and no time to spend it, they had to change 10 times per day in the bus. They sang in it, slept in it. They were in France and didn't relax at all. I'm worry about their health they're all so thin.

Please pray for them, love and support them the best you can. Share the Dong Bang Love.

Hope this account wasn't too boring. ^^

Another account about Yunho

I've always been a silent reader in this thread (soompi) but this time I just want to share my experience because I'm one of the happiest french fan in this world XD

A lot of people told their stories so i don't want to bother you with mine, I just want to tell something that happen when I asked an autograph to Yunho, because he's the nicest person i've ever seen on earth and i want people to know it >3<

It was on saturday, the boys were walking in the streets, they just stopped sometimes to take photos and all that stuff ...
At that moment, Yunho was alone with only ONE manager and started to walk at the other side of the street ... So my friend told me to go and ask him an autograph because he's my favourite and I would never have a chance like this one >o<
3 others fans and I went after him and asked him if he can give us his autograph ... But yeah, I don't know why, the managers didn't want them to sign autographes, so the manager who was with him was like "no no sorry" (but he said this nicely, unlike some OTHERS bad managers è___é).
But we insisted a little, and Yunho looked at the manager, and at us, he looked like he REALLY wanted to sign it for us but he knew he hadn't the right to do it >o<
So after a few seconds, he look at us, started to walk slowly and with his hand, he made us understand that he wanted us to follow him.
We did so, and while he was taking our papers and other things which were waiting to be signed, he was looking nervously behind his shoulder to see if the other manager didn't see him ...
AND !!!!! He looked at us and put his sexy finger on his sexy mouth with a "shhhhhhh" because he didn't want the bad manager to see what he was doing ~

HE'S SO NICE !!!! <33333333333333 He signed autographes for us secretly >____________________<

Ah yeah I just forgot to say one thing ... while I was following him nervously, I accidently ... WALK ON HIS SHOES 3 TIMES A ROW * KABOOM!*...
At the 3rd time, he turned his head and smile at me nicely... but i'm sure his smile meant something like "are you doing it on purpose ? Ôo You don't know how to walk properly, don't you ??" u__________u;;;;;;;;;;;;;
I was SO ashamed, i didn't know what to say >o< So I just said "I'm really very sorry !~~ "
I'm sure he thought I did it on purpose >o< I felt soooo bad after that !! >____________<
Especially when you know that I did weird things just in front of him like 4 times in a single week end ... I was sooo ashamed >_____<

So ... it was just the moment I wanted to share with you, I don't want to bother you much~ ^^
I'll post pictures if I can find the cable of my camera ... I'll regret it all my life if I can't find it and the pictures will stay on my camera forever XD

It was just one of the best week end of my life =)
Thank you TVXQ >.<

(And sorry for my bad english, I'm still very excited so it's hard to think haha xDDD)
credits: Pitchu@soompi

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this! ^_^


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All About TVXQ Season 2 DVD

화면비율 - 1.85:1 , NTSC
오디오 - 돌비디지털 2.0
지역코드 - 3 지역
더빙 - 한국어
자막 - 영어,한국어
감독 -
출연(배우) - 동방신기(東方神起)
장르 - 가요
상영시간(분) - 726분
(전체 관람가)

★싱글클리어케이스 5개 + 아웃케이스 2겹으로 최초 구성!!(미공개 사진 컷으로 구성)

1. MUSIC / 2. SHOW / 3. DRAMA / 4. TALK / 5. MAKING FILM 5가지로 최초 구성

※ 팬들이 기다려온 TVXQ! Variety Show 최초 공개!!/ 미방송분으로 구성

※ 특별 수록 영상 : SECRET 영상 최초 수록/ 아티스트의 남모르는 모든것을 볼수 있다

1) Music Video
- Free your mind(remix)
- 태양은 가득히(Red Sun)
- 그리고... (Holding Back The Tears)
- "O"-正.反.合.
- 풍선(Balloons)
- 세상에 단 하나뿐인 마음 (You¡¯re my miracle)
- 여행을 떠나요 (Let¡¯s Go on a trip!)

2) SBS Music Program
- 인기가요 컴백 스페셜 (Get me some, I'll be there, "O"-正.反.合.)
- 풍선(Balloons)
- 나 항상 그대를 (시아준수)
- Beautiful Thing (시아준수)
- Timeless(시아준수, 장리인)
- 가요대전 대상수상

3) SHOWCASE Special
- INTRO + Rising Sun
- Get me some
- 그리고... (Holding Back The Tears)
- I wanna hold you
- I'll be there
- "O"-正.反.合.

1) TVXQ! Variety Show
- 내일은 요리왕
- 동생뉴스 / Dongsaeng News
- 서바이벌 퀴즈 / Survival Quiz
- 라디오 스타 / Radio Star
- 동방신기 인기가요 / DBSK Inkigayo

2) TVXQ! Variety Show
- Making Film

1) 반전드라마 / Banjun Drama
- 도쿄 홀리데이 / Tokyo Holiday
- 잃어버린 시간을 찾아서
- 초대받지 않은 손님
- 내 생애 가장 잊지 못할 그녀
- 위험한 사랑

2) 반전드라마 NG Special/ Banjun Drama NG Special
- 미 방송본 NG CUT

3) 반전드라마 Making / Banjun Drama Making
- Making Film

1) Couple Talk
(영웅재중+유노윤호) / Jaejoong + Yunho
(시아준수+영웅재중) / Junsu + Jaejoong
(영웅재중+최강창민) / Jaejoong + Changmin
(영웅재중+믹키유천) / Jaejoong + Yoochun
(시아준수+믹키유천) / Junsu + Yoochun
(믹키유천+유노윤호) / Yoochun + Yunho
(믹키유천+최강창민) / Yoochun + Changmin
(시아준수+최강창민) / Junsu + Changmin
(유노윤호+최강창민) / Yunho + Changmin
(시아준수+유노윤호) / Junsu + Yunho

- CF Photo Sketch (1)
- "All about 東方神起" Exhibition & Event
- "VACATION" Poster Sketch
- "동방의 투혼" Jacket Sketch
- "2006 SUMMER SMTOWN" Jacket Sketch
- "태양은 가득히(Red Sun)" M/V Sketch
- "O"-正.反.合. Jacket Sketch
- "O"-正.反.合. M/V Sketch
- CF Photo Sketch (2)
- "O"-正.反.合. The 1st Stage (SBS 인기가요) Behind Story
- Magazine "Vogue" Photo Sketch
- "O"-正.反.合. Repackage Jacket Sketch (C ver.)
- CF Photo Sketch (3)
- "O"-正.反.合. Repackage Jacket Sketch (D ver.)
- "Balloons (New ver.)" M/V Sketch
- Talking about "Balloons(New ver.)" costume
- TAIWAN "Asia-Pacific Film Festival“
Behind Story & Interview
- Hainan "2006年第三届国际文灯节
(쓰메이완 2006 국제 문등제)" Stage
- "2006 SMTOWN WINTER" Jacket Sketch
- "SNOW DREAM" M/V Sketch
- "2006 SBS 가요대전" Behind Story
- 2nd Concert "O" Special Photo Sketch
- 2007 May "Monthly Photo" Sketch
- Magazine "S" Photo Sketch
- "All about 東方神起 Season2" Jacket Sketch
- "2007 SUMMER SMTOWN" Jacket Sketch

Release date is 12th October 2007.

Credits: Pandamilk & thievingbird @ LJ


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Just some articles....

DBSK Will Perform Japanese Songs for the First Time at their Seoul Performance Concerts [ 2007/09/15 ]

Male group DBSK will perform their popular Japanese songs for the first time [in Korean concerts] at their Seoul ENCORE Concert. DBSK will hold encore concerts, titled "DBSK – The 2nd ASIA TOUR CONCERT "O" ~ SEOUL ENCORE" from October 26 thru the 28 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. At that time, DBSK will sing two of their popular Japanese songs, as well as one never been performed song from their third Korean album 'O' - Jung.Ban.Hap...thus, they have prepared three new stage performances. The track list of the other concert songs will not be released until the day of the performances. A rep from their management agency [S.M. Entertainment] indicated, "Through these upcoming performances, DBSK's outstanding vocal abilities and magnificent stage performances will be displayed."

DBSK's Online Ticketing Order Site Paralyzed...Again [ 2007/09/16 ]

From the start, popular Korean band DBSK's Seoul ENCORE concert online ticket ordering website was swamped by countless passionate fans, thus causing the site's network server to be paralyzed. On the 16th [of September] at 12 noon, DBSK's Seoul concert tickets began selling at their official Korean pre-order ticketing site. However, due to the large number of fans simultaneously accessing the site, their server soon became paralyzed. An official for the pre-order ticketing site stated, "Prior to this, we had already taken into consideration DBSK to be a group that commanded a high box-office demand. Therefore, we had taken preventative measures and steps to increase server capacity. However, when the pre-order ticketing site opened and instantly over 300,000 visitors simultaneously connected to our server, that caused our server to freeze up/crash. We will repair our server as soon as possible to ensure ticket sales to proceed smoothly."


33,000 Tickets Sold Out For DBSK Seoul Concert [ 2007/09/17 ]

DBSK - THE 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT 'O' ~ SEOUL ENCORE concert tickets have been completely sold out. On the 16th [of September] at 12 noon, right when ticket sales began, the pre-order ticketing web site received over 300,000 hits and within two seconds, the server crashed. Despite this incident, around 4 pm, all 33,000 concert tickets were completely sold out.

After hearing the news that all of the tickets were sold out, DBSK expressed, "We would like to thank our fans again for your solidarity and love [for us]. We will give our best performance to repay each and every one of you. Right now we are preparing new songs/performances for the upcoming concert. Please look forward to it everyone."

DBSK - THE 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT 'O' ~ SEOUL ENCORE concert will be held from October 26th thru 28th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, three in total. DBSK will be performing two popular Japanese songs, as well as one never been performed song from their Korean third album 'O' - Jung.Ban.Hap.

Source: Sina
Translation Credits: Ailin*@soompi


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Japanese Solo Pieces by DBSK

I just stumbled upon this. Would really look forward to it!! Their first Japanese Solos!

Found a a streaming link! Happy listening to the previews!

いよいよ、来週は、NEWシングル「SHINE / Ride on」が
Good evening, everyone.
Next week will be finally the release of the new single "SHINE/Ride on"!
And at the same time! The solo songs of the members which will be performed at the PREMIUM Mini LIVE will be already available at mu-mo on 9/19 as ringtones!

YUNHO from 東方神起
「Crazy Life」
The song by Yunho, who is the leader and is good at dancing, is a sexy & cool Hip Hop dance tune.

JEJUNG from 東方神起
The song which was produced by his own request overturns Tohoshinki's image! Jaejoong's song is about breaking away from a perplex world, a rock tune with a running impression

CHANGMIN from 東方神起
Changmin challenges in an extreme song (sorry don't know which word to use in english .. maybe "wild" like the title? xD I think it refers to a hi-tempo song) with rap and very high vocals. The vocals are so high that even for women the notes are difficult to hit, the song is a rock sound.

JUNSU form 東方神起
「Rainy Night」
He sings like talking "I still love you", Junsu's solo song shows off his vocals brilliantly. It's composed by Yoochun and is a medium tune song. He sings straight about love. (YOOSU HERE?? <3333)

YUCHUN form 東方神起
「My Girlfriend」
Yoochun, who has a very sexy and adult voice among the Tohoshinki members, ....
eh. the entry is cut off here for some reasons xDDD

Credits: tohoshinki official page Staff S's diary, translations by eri_m @ LJ


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DBSK Friend Finding Meme

I've been really busy lately. But I took time to do this. You should too. If you have an LJ Account that is. Even if you don't have one, it would be great if you all could fill it out too and post it in the comment box.

After all, we all have one common interest = DBSK!!!
One common interest = excuse to be friends!

Hehe.. Let's share the DBSK love around and get to know each other!

Here's the link [

If you don't have an LJ account fill up this form.

★ AGE:

To wrap up, Here's mine!

★ NAME: Lynn
★ AGE: 22 (Am I like the OLDEST here??? *faints* Hope not.. Hehehe...)
★ LOCATION: KL, Malaysia. Land of sunny and humid weather.. Love it and can't imagine living anywhere else..
★ FAVOURITE MEMBER: Junsu and Yoochun!
★ FAVOURITE COUPLE: DUH.. YOOSU of course!! They're the cutest things ever!!!!! LOL.. I hope I don't get pounced on by Jaeho fans. ^_^
★ RANDOM FAVOURITES: Suju? They're DBSK bro band after all. I love Kimi Raikkonen, Supernatural, Heroes, etc, bla bla bla.. My brain is kinda jammed now.. Hahaha... I like the colour green, I like unhealthy spicy/fried food. I like sleeping or just plain lazing around (Gosh I miss doing that).. Will add if I think of more.
★ CURRENT OBSESSION(S): Still is DBSK. Nothing else matters.. LOL
★ ANYTHING ELSE?: I LOVE IT IF YOU RESPONSE. Really.. Your comments give me motivation to post more. They really do!! But seriously, I love that the response is way better these days.. Thank you all so much for supporting DBSKer.. DBSK HWAITING!!! DBSK FANS HWAITING!! WOOT! ^_^

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If something magical happens to the members of TVXQ...?

Five Magic Stories that are very unique


TVXQ, who's currently actively participating in activities in Japan, has brought to the
readers of "S Magazine" news that are like magic. On August 1st, their 12 Japanese single
"SUMMER ~Summer Dream/Song for you/Love in the Ice~" reached no. 1 on the Oricon daily
singles chart on the first day of release. Because they have conquered the top spot on
Oricon, they were very happy. In addition, with other famous Japanese artists releasing
their albums/singles, it was anticipated that there'd be intense competition. But during the
first week, their single reached a shocking sales record of 11,300 copies. This in turn led
the single to be in the no. 2 spot on the Oricon weekly chart. Once again, this has proven
the popularity of Asia's no. 1 group. Moreover, starting from the release of their 2nd single
"Somebody To Love" in July 2005, with the inclusion of 2 albums, TVXQ has set the astonishing
record of all 13 discs reaching the top 10 on the Oricon charts. Please look forward to the
magical activities of TVXQ's 12th single "SUMMER". Also, TVXQ has brought their "MAGIC STORIES"
as a treat to all the readers of "S Magazine".

I want to be an invisible man

I really want to be an invisible man for one week to experience the things that are really
hard for me [to do] right now. One of these things would be travelling. If I'm an invisible
man, firstly, I can travel freely to the places that I want to visit and become a man of freedom.
With the ability to travel around the world, even thinking about it makes me incredibly excited.
At the same time, I would not miss out on a single musician that I admire, whether they reside in
Korea or elsewhere. I would definitely go pay them a visit. They have received the public's
affirmation as musicians and the things they don't reveal would only be their individual techniques
and the hard work they have put forth. All of this would be a big help in my becoming the musician
I have dreamed of (laugh). At the same time, I want to give hope to those who really need help from
others, especially those whose dreams have stumbled across a blockade and are in desperate situations
in which they can only give up. This is because I have dreamed of becoming a singer starting from a
long time ago. In order to make this dream come true, there's no one better than me who knows the
amount of hard work one has to put forth. Even though one would feel that one is willing to face
anything for the sake of reaching one's dream, there are times when one would feel tired and find it
tough. One may feel downtrodden and want to give up... [So, I] want to encourage those who are in this
tired state; [I] want to help them to be able to press onward from here on.

Through magical performances, let everyone enjoy a time of happiness

It'd be so good if our performances can frequently add in the element of magic. If those who are having
a hard time due to studying or those who are in pain due to love come to watch our shows, even if it's
only a moment of releasing their anxieties, it'd be such a wonderful thing. The fans who come to watch
our shows as well as us members can feel the happiness and excitement. When they're watching our electrifying
dances and listening to our songs, the audience is basking in a world of happiness during this time. Just like
they've fallen into a magical trance! After seeing their sparkling eyes, perhaps I will perform without the
knowledge of fatigue. I truly believe that those who are watching us on stage right now can also feel
a bit of happiness, a bit of joy! I also hope it will continue like this in the future. Those fans who have
come to see our performances and in turn worked harder to study, when I heard the fans chatting excitedly and
happily, I will unknowingly become charged with intense ambition. [I look] really cool like that, right? During
our performances, illusions are displayed through the use of "magic" at certain moments. [This could be referring
to special effects during shows; I'm not sure.] As a result, TVXQ members can also re-energize. And even if our
energy has depleted because of this, when we stand on stage, we can convey our energy at any time. [I think this
means no matter how tired they are, they will still perform with power and energy on stage. ^^V]

Please give me the power to fly in the sky

Magic... When you think about it, it's a really happy word. Just like birds that can fly in the sky, and
like Peter Pan who can forever retain his current self, it's like these intricate miracles can really turn
into reality. If I can really be so lucky, just like Peter Pan who has the power to fly in the sky, that'd be
great. At the end of a day's schedule when everyone has fallen asleep, I would think about wanting to fly. How
much hidden pain would this cause? I can also fly back to Korea's home in a short time (laugh). Maybe the sight
of watching the night sceneries would be different than the view from riding a bus. How similar would it be?
[This sounds strange to me and I don't know if it's a mistake in the original translation; maybe it should be
"different" instead of "similar", or maybe Jaejoong's wondering there could possibly be some similarities despite
the differences.] The buses that are on the streets would be like toys. The stars will also be by my side,
sparkling brightly. Clouds would also be like soft wool caressing my cheeks. Maybe I'd even get to meet Superman or
Spiderman... This can happen, right? Hahaha... Seems like I've gone on a tangent. Even if this cannot come true,
it's ok. Just thinking about it makes me very happy.

I want to see the future me more quickly

I want to ride the time machine to the future me ten years from now. I've had this thought for the past ten years.
I've had goals. Now that I've become an artist, whenever I think about what I'll be like ten years from now,
my heart will beat fast. Ten years from now, I'll be 32. Right now, I have two biggest goals. One is to grow and
become a real musician. The other is to become an exemplary father just like my father. My goal is to become a
musician who is affirmed in my own country and abroad; to create music that no one else can imitate and only
contains my distinct style. In addition, my music can have the power to give inspiration to everyone in the world.
I want to become such a musician. All along, my father is the person whom I most respect. If I can also be a father
that my child/children can be proud of, that'd be great. Whether it's music or family, I don't want to lose either aspect.
I'm living a very fruitful reality. The future will definitely be the way I have envisioned it. I will work hard in
passing the days of my life in preparation for what is to happen ten years from now.

I want to have a magic book that records everything

"If there's something magical that has happened in my surroundings?" Sounds like it's a very broad question (laugh).
I really want to think about this all of a sudden, but I couldn't think of anything. From when I was younger
till now, once in a while I would think about what would happen if something like this were to occur. Let's start
from the conclusion. It's a magic book. Just like a regular book, the size would be convenient to carry around.
The pages inside would be blank. When watching others showing magic tricks, in the book that contains nothing, if I
drew a pigeon [on the blank page], then a pigeon will fly out [from the book]. But the magic book that I want is not
one where pigeons can fly out. When you hold the book in your hand, you can then know what one's mind is thinking.
If there's a book that you want to read, you just have to think about it, open the magic book, and the contents you had
envisioned would appear. Ummm... If the things that I want can appear once they're drawn in the book, that'd be
great (laugh). When I suddenly have a book I want to read or something that I want to understand but I can't get right
away, then I'll forget [about these things] at this time. Or it'd be quite a while before I remember [them] again.
Perhaps when someone beside me said something, then I would go "aigoo" when it suddenly jogged my memory about
something. At these times, if there's such a magic book, the book I want to read can appear and the things I want to
understand will be known. This kind of feeling is very good. Ah! It's also just as happy as a movie. The images of
happy memories are all stored in the book. The best would be to open the [magic] book occasionally and can see
these things. When we perform, we cannot take pictures of ourselves. We can [only] take pictures of the fans. When
things get tough, if we see the fans' encouragement, then we will get our energy back (laugh). After saying all this,
it seems that it's like an all-purpose notebook. Would there really be nothing like this type of computer or electronic
device in the future? You don't need to type or do a search, all you need is a screen to see all the things that you wish
for. I really want to have this kind of incredible magic book (laugh).

Credits:Chinese Translation Team: - Text Extraction: yvonne1228, Translation: KAKA, QC: Li Er, Graphics: Ming MingEnglish Translation: wackycashew / dreamweaver@soompidreamweaver@soompi

DBSK Dominates the Music Scene

DBSK Dominates the Music Scene

In commemoration of its third anniversary, South Korea's authoritative entertainment industry media "STAR NEWS" surveyed sixty-five entertainment industry insiders in management agencies, television stations and film companies by special invitation to vote for "Who is the Entertainment Industry's POWER NO. 1" in various categories such as broadcasting, acting, and singing.

In the "Influential [Singing] Artists" category, DBSK, debuting just over three years, took the # 1 top spot with 26 votes, while sexy diva Lee Hyori landed second place with 19 votes. Although Bi (Rain), who has been advancing in Hollywood, has neglected the domestic [Korean] market lately, however, he still gained 17 votes and placed #3. SG Wannabe (16 votes), Boa (13 votes) and Super Junior (11 votes) ranked # 4 thru # 6, accordingly.

In the "Acting" category, Cannes' winner Jeon Do Yeon (39 votes) led the # 1 position and was followed by her co-star in the movie "Secret Sunshine" Song Kang Ho for the # 2 spot with 22 votes. Jang Dong Gun (21 votes), Bae Yong Joon (20 votes), and Song Il Gook (10 votes) rounded out the # 3 thru # 5 positions.

Translated by Ailin* @Soompi
Source: Liberty Times

Friday, September 07, 2007

Korean Digital Single

This is supposed to be the new digital single by DBSK. Its really nice.. Have a listen.. I miss their Korean works.. ^_^

Download Link] MF Link ^_^

credits; Soompi Thread+Esmiux;+AmorFati

And.. A supporting article

Popular group DBSK unreleased digital single "Yeo Haeng Gi" (literally Travel Book/Log?) is revealed on the 7th [of September].

"Yeo Haeng Gi" is a ballad showcasing DBSK's perfect harmonization that they had completed recording in April and is a song that they haven't yet released to the public before. The website revealing "Yeo Haeng Gi" will also unfold a series of related activities and events [revolving around this new release] from the 7th thru the 27th of this month. It is foreseen to receive a highly enthusiastic response from fans.

Those who download "Yeo Haeng Gi" [and participate in the activities] have a chance to obtain a copy of a CD autographed by DBSK, and those who invite friends to participate can also have a chance to receive a free mp3 player or other gifts. In addition, all those who participate in these events can set "Yeo Haeng Gi" as the background music on their own personal IPLE home page without charge.

Translated by Ailin* @Soompi
Source: Sina


Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I just decided to post this because I've been receiving emails and comments of people that are freaking out. So if it makes you feel better to vote, do vote. Honestly, I don't really believe much of this. I mean, come on.. (Kamo.. ^_^) DBSK is probably generating high amounts of revenue for SM Entertainment. I highly doubt that Lee Soo Man would wanna lose that.. So don't freak out. But lets' all just vote to stamp DBSK's mark as the best boyband ever. No offence to Suju fans. I adore Suju too.. ^_^


Okay, this NEWS IS SPREADING ALL OVER S KOREA. I've looked around TVfXQ Forever Forum JUST RECENTLY posted this by: ????ɱư?????ۋ? , and many other sites and articles have been saying this too. Plus, SM themself had said this earlier this year: 2007. Everyone know's that SM has that "5 year limit" on all their bands right (HOT, Shinwa being the more famous ones)? the 5 year curse as some can say? Well, DBSK debuted in 2004 as all u know,...2008 is the 5TH YEAR. Everyone must know or have some idea that SM is eyeing this topic right now. It is rumored that SM wants to claim Super Junior as their BEST group, so their not disbanding SuJu. So is it starting to clear a bit???

When u think about it, SM (LSM too i believe is also masterminding this) have done stuff to reduce DBSK:

1. DBSK is has not been in S Korea much anymore. Thus, SM is reducing their popularity and having a good reason to disband DBSK

2. Haven't many people realized that many variety shows these days in S Korea are promoting Super Junior as "the #1" or "the best" Korean boy band now and not saying "ONE OF THE BEST"??? [as a result reducing more of DBSK's popularity] SM DOES KNOW that Cassiopeia has a HUGE power over the music industry. I don't believe SM would just allow all these shows to just promote Super Junior like that without considering what Cassiopeia will do

3. THE MOST IMPORTANT: the BEST TIME to release new albums and songs in Asia AND in ANY PART OF THE WORLD would be always around August or the middle of the year. the reason: ALBUMS GET AWARDS AT THE HUGE AWARDS CEREMONIES/SHOWS that occur in November and December. When an album of an older band, like DBSK, promote some new album in January [the WORST day to promote and to release albums] NO AWARDS and RECOGNITION can be attached to the so not much of an album sale will happen. For "newcomers" January IS the best because the debut at this shows and will catch people's attentions, so debut CD sales in January will not fall but rise. Because SM is selling the 4th DBSK album in JANUARY of 2008, they are hoping that sales will drop as expected and have a better reason to disband DBSK

Why is Super Junior picked to replace DBSK??? What will happen to Super Junior from all this??? First off, SuJu is HERE TO STAY. According to articles and rumors, they ALL say that Super Junior is picked becuase of the CLOSE RELATIONSHIP DBSK has to them. SM is hoping to PREVENT the same events that occured during HOT's disbandment by hoping the close relationship DBSK and SuJu have will convince Cassiopeia members to buy SuJu singles and albums as a way to remember DBSK. As a result, SM will not loose any profit.

SM had taken the FIRST measures by CREATING AN ONLINE SURVEY/POLL. This poll is to see the difference in popularity betweent DBSK and Super Junior. Here is how it works. IF DBSK looses this poll, then next year will be their last year. IF DBSK wins by JUST A LITTLE BIT, then they STILL have to disband. THE ONLY WAY DBSK STAYS is IF they win over Super Junior by DOUBLE or TRIPLE Super Junior's vote count. In other words...DBSK HAS TO WIN BY A LOT FOR US TO TEMPORARILY PROTECT THEM FROM BEING DISBANDED. If Super Junior lost? They will not be disbanded. No rumors or news of that have been found by me on the internet at all and no rumor of SuJu disbanding if they lost is heard by my cousin.

Also, to prevent the excuse of DBSK sale's in their 4th album dropping so they must disband, we have to try and buy thier 4th album, released in January, to prove to SM [and not to mention --- > LSM] that we all love DBSK very much and would LOVE to see them stay longer. As a result, DBSK will have a chance to escape SM's 5 year limit.



credit to rainhero18 @ soompi + TVfXQ Forever Forum+mitsik



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Tohoshinki's 13th Japanese Single's Promotional Video is out. Features some slick dance moves somewhere after the middle part. Really cool! A MUST WATCH!!

Plus.. Click HERE to watch the MV for THE LEGEND theme song, "Thousand Year Love Song"

Credits: awakenedlove @ youtube


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Iple Messages

Just some cute little messages from DBSK to Cassiopeia.
(P/s: What about non-Cassiopeian fans, huh? We love you just as much! Don't forget us!)

Jaejoong's IPLE Message
Credits: skittles_xp@soompi

Hello! I'm Youngwoong JaeJoong.
What is Cassiopeia doing? Are you all sleeping? ^^

Since it's hot and it's hard to sleep, I'm going to leave some slight traces (that he was there) and leave.
I almost forgot about this picture while I was uploading it.
The memories at Bora Bora, where I want to go once again.

I forgot the name, but the memories of the delicious food,
and it being so blue, that I couldn't make a distinction between the heavens and the earth.

Okay, now let's go to sleep!! Bye!

Yunho's IPLE Message
Credits: skittles_xp@soompi

Are you all doing well in this hot weather?
The sun's strength and the falling rain,
It's made me realize that this is really summer.
But I also wonder how Cassiopeia is doing...
When I have free time and feel slightly curious,
I moniter (the IPLE site).
What are you guys doing?^^

When you watch the Hi ya ya music video,
you want to splash into the blue waves, right?
I don't know if it's because it's so hot,
but it's a night where I'm vividly remembering the music video shoot.
Shall we listen to it together? ^^

There might be some of you who get tired due to the hot weather,
so let's shout a 'fighting' together and pull through it...everyone.
At this very moment, I want to say these words:
"Our Cassiopeia~ Fighting!!"

Junsu's IPLE Message
Credits: skittles_xp@soompi

Hello. It's Xiah.
The weather is very hot, so I couldn't sleep. I was just laying around,
when I saw Yunho and Jaejoong hyung monitering in the living room.
I thought it was something funny,
but they were going on their IPLE's and uploading pictures
while looking at the replies you all put up.
It looked really fun...
So after watching my hyungs upload pictures,
I decided to upload an unrevealed picture.

Ah~ Just thinking about it,
It was a really fun time at Bora Bora.
The moment I took this picture,
I had a delicious fruit in my mouth! Ke.
The refreshing ocean breeze,
I still remember it in my mind.

As we watch the music video together,
listening to the music, shall we draw some refreshing waves?
I think that way I can fall asleep quickly...!

Sleep well...all of Cassiopeia!

Micky's IPLE Message
Credits: skittles_xp@soompi

Hey, yo! Cassiopeia!! What's up~!!

One time, shall we go on a night trip together?!
This is how Micky and Cassiopeia become one, right?

When I look at myself in that picture,
I want to leave on vacation...Ke
If you all went on a cool vacation, tell me!!

I still think the summer in Bora Bora was the best,
but I'll still go to the vacation spots Cassiopeia suggests.
If I go there myself, won't I feel something new? Ke.

If I could leave for vacation with a happy mind and someone I connect with,
there couldn't be anything better, right?
When will I be able to Tomorrow? When? Keke.

I, Micky,
I've signed on to see signs of Cassiopeia.
Even though I can't post pictures often,
I still log on every night.

Even though I'm not in Korea,
The place we are is here, my space.
That's why we're one.

Changmin's IPLE Message
Credits: skittles_xp@soompi

This was such a happy time with everyone.
I was wondering what my hyungs were doing, and they were concentrated on uploading pictures!
They were staring holes in the computer. It was quite -;
It's late, and I, the youngest, should tell my hyungs to sleep.
It's almost 4:00 A.M. Wow.

Before this summer ends,
Cassiopeia should make memories with their parents and close friends.
Even though school will start soon,
on the weekend, go out and watch the scenery,
or travel a bit further and feel the ocean. Wouldn't that be nice?

While looking at the picture I posted, plan some summer memories.
What to do to make it good, and how to do it.
Sleep well, Cassiopeia.
The youngest is going to sleep.


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Gifs Designed by the Boys!!!!

Some Gifs designed by the boys themselves

Junsu - His famous Kamo Comeon!!

JaeJoong's - I Love You

Yunho's - (if i'm not wrong)Asobo - Lets Play Together

ChangMin's - Itadakimasu (Lets Eat in japanese)

YooChun's - Good Night

I guess these Gifs shows a lot of their personality. Junsu who is always with his oyaji gag, Jaejoong... (just like in the recent Taiwan Conference said 'I Love You' in mandarin), Yunho is always showing his leadership quality by saying something like this, Changmin who loves food a lot and Yoochun who loves sleeping...haha

Credits:TVXQ China Website + TVXQF + coffinhouse@soompi

TVXQ Dreamer Forum