Tuesday, January 05, 2010

[Trans] 100103 TVXQ Japan Contract will Expire in June…

AVEX official gave an official stand related to the chaotic/confusion among TVXQ fans both in Korea and Japan which has been happening after the article about TVXQ already stepped on disbanding procedure was released by Japanese newspapers.

On the 3rd, Nikkan Sports Japan quoted Japanese official from AVEX company, “The policy of TVXQ to work as five members doesn’t yet to change.”

However, as been informed, TVXQ contract with their Japan company AVEX will expire in June. If the contract is not extended from now on, whether TVXQ can continue activities in Japan, it won’t be yet secured.

Currently TVXQ Changmin and Yunho still remain under SM Entertainment while the rest members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu have left expanding their each individual activities.

Just sometime ago, in Japan TVXQ attended NHK’s year-end award festival Kouhaku Uta Gassen as five members for the first time, however the three members, whose provisional disposition application to terminate exclusive contract against SM Entertainment was accepted by the Korea court as the issue of court injunction, seem to be more passionate in the performance and there was an unseen tense and emotional conflict with the remaining two members that makes the current situation is impossible to predict.

The problem now is whether SM will extend the contract of the 3 members with AVEX after June. The fact that currently TVXQ is at their peak of popularity in Japan is something that can not be ignored under any condition especially in relation to revenue circumstances.

TVXQ is now in a situation of an attempt to reach into final decision amicably to be able to work together in a long-term in Japan.

Credit: Korea Economic Daily
Translation: sharingyoochun.net


Asma said...

Omg they have to renew their contract!!
But i guess all we - fans - have to do is buy their single! We must show them how popular they have become in japan!
Tohoshiki fighto!!!!

Anonymous said...

TVXQ can't not continue their Japanese activities T___T!! That will be like losing part of the very definition of TVXQ..... Fighting! :)

Anonymous said...


Was just browsing through google and found this forum figured I would sign up and wish you all a happy new years.

Have a good 2010 !!

Judy said...

Oh my God! They must modernized this contract! TVXQ can no be over! I would die!

Anonymous said...

the situation is getting more and more problematic 00
what to do to help them?

Anonymous said...

I agree with asma,, all we have to do are show them how much we love them so they have to renew their contract..

Anonymous said...

yes i'm with u in that..
keep up the spirit TVXQ

Anonymous said...

they're not getting disbanded right? can somebody reply? OMFG DON'T THEY MISS EACH OTHER?! all those years of travelling together!! I WOULD MISS THEM TOO!! THEY HAVEN'T EVEN TOURED IIN NORTH AMERICA YET!! TVXQ CAN'T BE OVER!! MORE THAN 800 000 PEOPLE WOULD DIEEE!! THINK OF THE FANNS!!

Ka-wai said...

Someone please reassure me. i know they still love each other and all. but are they still together?!
will they ever b DBSK again?


Anonymous said...

well if they get disbanded it will be like END OF THE WORLD!!! fans would die so let's keep of faith ...
TVXQ fighting!!

Silesha said...

thanks for posting this in here and in youtube. I don't subscribe YT so Iwon't leave any comment there but Ibegan reading you because, fter seeing JJ wonderful acting in Sunao I was a little intrigued: DBSK is not working in a new album and promoting it? Has I've written I love "Doctor" but both activities take much time to develop and I'm also a fan of DBSK music. Your articles have put a new light in my inner question.
Please keep on writting about their activities as soon as you know about it.
Paula Benvinda (Porto, Portugal)

Anonymous said...

Wow after a long 1 year no update you guys finally updated again >.>;


Boo.. DBSK... :( AKTF!

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