Friday, October 20, 2006


This is gonna to sound like those "Alcoholic's Anonymous" Sessions and I'm the first to share my confession. (This is actually an excerpt I've copied from my own blog Perception.)

I've been down with a fever lately. A DBSK Fever. DBSK stands for "Dong Bang Shin Ki" which translates to mean "The Rising Gods of the East". My first impression of them upon seeing a huge Billboard advertising their concert in Malaysia was,

"Huh? What kind of "LALA" group is this ler?? YERR.."

I'm afraid that I've been made to eat my words. The words "Never Judge A Book By Its Cover" rings true to me now (nevermind that I'm constantly realising and re-realising the truth of it).

DBSK (or otherwise known as TVXQ, TVfXQ, or Tohoshinki) is a Kpop group which specialises in Acappella and dance. They have songs in Korean, Japanese, Mandarin and English, plus a few Banjun Dramas. Believe me when I say that I never liked acappella till I heard DBSK. So much so that I now actually prefer the acappella versions to the ones with music.

My first dose/exposure to DBSK was when my buddy Sher-Li gave me the youtube link to watch their Rising Sun Music Video.

"WAH!! Such awesome dance moves and choreography!"

Its no surprise that they won Best Video for that MV. Watching those cool dance moves, you can't help but like the catchy tune of Rising Sun. Curiosity probed me to search more and I stumbled upon the all-time favourite ballad "Miduhyo" or "I Believe". The song was so beautiful that it secured my liking. The rest is history..

Apart from the music and dance, another thing that I've found really appealling about them is the strong bond and friendship between the members. Its so heartwarming. They are such a playful bunch of kids, and their antics, absolutely hilarious! I've learnt my lesson of not eating or drinking while watching DBSK clips on youtube. I might just end up choking to death.

That about sums up my confession for this time.

Final words? "DBSK Hwaiting!"

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Ina said...

Haha that sounds exactly like how i got into DBSK too ^_^

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