Tuesday, October 17, 2006


This is a thread entirely dedicated to the new fever that has plagued some of us. A fever that hit us oh so suddenly, out of nowhere, and caught us totally off guard. It took us sometime to realise that we were down with it, plainly because it was so unexpected. "How could we have known?"

Often times, we wonder to ourselves whether this is a blessing or a curse. An obsession/addiction that has negative effects maybe? But then again, it brings such joy to us and we cannot fail to dwell on the positive effects of it.

If anyone is wondering what DBSKer means, fear not, it is not some deadly new disease. Some use it as a verb, ie the act of doing DBSK related stuff. Some think of it as a fever.

DBSK. Dong Bang Shin Ki. An awesome K-Pop Group.

Welcome to the thread dedicated to them.

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Anonymous said...

wow lynn.... sugoi!!!!!!.... i just love anything that got to do with dbsk!!!! great job!!! will come and visit often~ ganbate ne! (sorry i only know japanese language, not korean)


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