Sunday, February 25, 2007

2nd Asia Tour Concert

2nd Korea Concert News

A Concert with 12,000 Fans,

The concert kick off with "The Way You Are" with the concept of "Million Men". Followed by "Rising Sun" etc. They performed an alternate "Miduhyo" which sizzled the crowd, then there is "You Are My Miracle".

Xiah imitated a popular quote of "GAG Night", "PEACE" to bribe the audience. (not very sure what is this ) His solo was brillant. He performed his self composed song, "My Page" for the 1st time.

Micky performed Brain Kelly Mcknight's "One Last Cry"

U-Know Performed his self composed "Spokesman"

Max performed Extreme's "When I First Kiss You"

Hero performed FLOWER's "Crying"

After 'O' and 'Remember'. 'Balloon', 'Fool', 'Hug' ends the 2hrs concert. Performing from the height of 17m, using cars and aeroplanes as props together with LED stage effect are the many focal points.

+ from another news to add on to the above

Sudden change of the stage into a big ocean (special effect) to save the girl who fell into the sea, surprise the audience. Last performance of "balloon" - Appeared on a plane -> Climax of the concert.


Performed Tri-Angle with Zhang Ri In.
16 Billion won Production.

Source + Translations: Charlottewralph @ Asteria + Cyxion

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Must watch Live Performances from the Concert by TVN Live. Opening + Phantom + Million Men + The Way You Are. Awesome dances and costumes!

Pictures from the Concert




Anonymous said...

wah!!!!! their biceps!!!! droolz

Anonymous said...

Oh my God!! They looked HOT!! Especially the 3 sleeveless, cute Junsu, Yoochun n Yunho.Can't stop looking at the pictures...

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