Monday, February 05, 2007

Happy Birthday U-Know Yunho!

YAY!! Its U-Know's Birthday!!! A special short post just for the dearest, most dedicated leader of DBSK! We at DBSKer wish him good health and lotsa strength to shoulder the heavy burden and responsibility as leader of the mischievous members of DBSK.

Its hard not to respect him with the image he projects. How he's big bro/daddy to them all. A fan made clip of Yunho waking little Junsu up is a good example. How affectionate and tender.

credits: yunhochu @ youtube

A more recent clip in TNC Peace, once again demonstrates his character and strength.
(Please watch the clip before reading the comments at the bottom. Sort of a spoiler alert here.)

(Sorry this isn't subbed. There is a subbed one on youtube but its for private viewing only.)
Basically they had to guess who's biscuit had the mustard sauce in it. And they guessed Junsu. But instead it was the ULTRA COOL Yunho!! LEADER!! I salute you! You the MAN! HAHAHA... My first reaction upon finding out it was him was "OMG!!! OMG!!!" Yeah.. I don't think I was overreacting.

Finally, a tribute clip to Yunho on his very special day..



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