Saturday, December 29, 2007

DBSK - Exploration of the Human Body pics!!

~ ChangMin ~


~ Micky ~

~JaeJung yaaa~

~ YunHo!!!~

Credits: Baidu & Pu_pieo @ Soompi

I like how they're wearing the name tags though Junsu is missing his. Uber cuteness!!


jaesa said...

hi do u know wad clothes they're wearing? like the brand or smth :)

Lili said...

waah~ changmin looks so... mature in the first picture! for a moment, i thought "that will be what changmin looks like when he's 40"

aah junsu... what did he do with his nametag???
i really like yunho's hair, although it sort of reminds me of jaejoong's rising sun one.

the shirts in the first pictures of each group are so cool

thanks for sharing~

Anonymous said...

does this mean that they were on EHB with super junior?? or is this season 2 or a special guest appearance?

whoa! if it is, then you get suju and dbsk in the same show. *jumps up and down in excitement*

Anonymous said...

they all too skinny!!! i cried... still love you, guys. -Reef64

Lina said...

why do they all look so solemn? is it suppose to be the character of the shoot? Too solemn.. *sigh*...a little smile would SO make my day.. =)

Anonymous said...

I really do love them, but for a moment when I saw all their pics, they don't seem too happy..lolx..

Anonymous said...

they will be appearing in EHB with suju on ep9!!!!! nxt week. cant wait!! they're the guests. deres a preview. i tink they played dodgeball. versus each other.

mrskjs said...

YAH JUNSU! smile some more): i miss you smile ~

Bell said...

I'm sorry to say this...they are really gorgeous lads and I watched that EHB episode...but they are bit too thin. In comparison to his younger self ( XD and it's not like a long time has passed eh? ) he looks kinda small and sickly.

Anonymous said...

wahh Min looked soo good in his 1st pic, proably im his modelin mode. did u see this pose? sexiness haah

is it just me or whenever JS pose a umm casual pic, he always hv this cold/serious look on his face. probaly this is the REAL charismatic side to JS lol

YC looked good,serious face too but he gives off a sauve vibe. good eye candy haha

JJ is jsut soo hot in both pic, he sure looks like the COLD person that they all talk abt but whenever he open his mouth, oh boy lol

YH looked normal, liek his usal self ^^

hmm i didnt notice that they wore that monster shirt underneath. it looked soo cute, but wats cuter is that all FIVE of them wore the same thing aww anyone knwo wats the brand of that shirt. wants to get my hands on them

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