Tuesday, December 04, 2007

DBSK in Beijing; Collab with Jay Chou?

If you read this cynsinnn, sorry.. I totally ripped the article you posted in LJ. Hehe.. Hope you don't mind..

Dong Bang Shin Ki revives the Hallryu wave and wish to collaborate with Jay Chou

Hallyu swept across Beijing once more. On the 2 Decemeber, Cyworld's public charity event was held at Beijing again, thus they invited popular Korean group Dong Bang Shin Ki.

Their arrival caused fans to chase madly, therefore the press conference was postponed half an hour later. During the press conference, Leader U-Know Yunho represented the group and donated toys, also expressed that they are glad to be able to contribute for the charity event.

Yunho said "It has been a long time since we been to Beijing and we miss our Beijing fans." At the same time they announced that they will hold Beijing and Shanghai concerts in May and June respectively. Early this year, they have start to learn mandarin but because of their busy schedule in Japan, their mandarin proficiency is not good.

Despite their hectic schedule, the five members did not show a slight sign of tireness. Xiah Junsoo and Micky Yoochun talked in whispers, lowered the heads and giggled when the other members were answering question. Thus, the reporter praised their good relationship. Xiah Junsoo joked "We are not familiar to each other, but we are always arranged to sit next to each other. I have no choice" This caused an uproar of laughter. When ask which chinese artiste would they hope to collaborate with, Hero Jaejoong answered, "We admire Jay Chou."

Credit: sHaziE@Purely Soulmates Forum (english translation)+ sina news (source)



Srey-Leak said...

TVXQ and Jay Chou ?
I hope it's truth !

Hokensongirl said...

Hey dbsker ~ I'm not a big fan of Jay, what about you? Thanks for everything. I don't know how you manage to, but what you've done is inadequate for words. Thank you.

Sabrina said...

DBSK with Jay Chou
I hope this happens
it would be heaven.
it would be even better if they collabed with jjLin

SAbrina said...

OMG I hope this is true
it would be heaven if they collabed with JJ LIN

Sher-Li said...

Jay?! WHEEEEE!!! Me and Joongie have so much in common!!

kari said...

Really? Are DBSK and Jay Chou going to work together on a new project?
I really hope so, I really like Jay Chou too.

Once DBSK improves their Mandarin, I can actually understand what they're singing without going online to find Korean-English translations for songs. lol.

kisaki94 said...

"We admire Jay Chou."

I was like OMG. Jay Chou has talent!!! :DD

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