Thursday, May 15, 2008

[News] TVXQ Holds Concert in Taipei

From MY PAPER 11/5/08:

TVXQ Holds Concert in Taipei
3000 Fans Hold Roses for Proposal

TVXQ's Taiwan concert in October 2007 was disrupted due to a typhoon and yesterday night they fulfilled their promise of holding another concert to make up for the disruption. Fans prepared fans, red balloons, red glowsticks and red roses. Some 8000 fans made up a "sea of red" in the Taipei Arena.

TVXQ which has just completed 17 shows during the 3rd Live Tour expressed that they still recall the concert last year where fans continued to brave the winds and rains to see their performance, and stated that they "were really very amazing", thus they wanted to keep their promise of holding another concert.

When they sang "Midhuyo", fans chanted "Waiting for you" to TVXQ and subsequently shouted out each member's names, at the end they even prepared 3000 red roses to mass-"propose" to TVXQ.

The fans even considered the fact that Junsu is allergic to pollen and wrapped every single red rose. Their passion has touched TVXQ.

From MY PAPER 13/5/08:

After successfully completing their Taiwan Concert last Saturday, TVXQ went to dine at a Korean restaurant. The entire group of people comprised dancers and staff, and the 100-odd team packed the Korean restautant which was booked by them. They enjoyed Korean-style meat, rice puddings, seafood and steamfood and spent close to NT$100,000 (or SGD 4456).

On the way to the restaurant, TVXQ was being pursued by clsoe to 100 fans who reached the restaurant earlier to welcome them, and there was a slight tussle with the security guards at a particular moment.

TVXQ was shocked by the fans' shouts and screams of passion. After the hard work at the concert, they ate voraciously and even rose up to thank all the staff member.

They left Taiwan two days before and the guards initially requested them to walk through the private walkway, but they insisted on walking by the public way. Close to 400 fans lined up in two rows and once they saw TVXQ, they shouted things like "Don't go!" and "Please come to Taiwan again!", sending thier idols off.

Credits: cynsinnn @ dbsg LJ


Anonymous said...

they should be so sosososososososo
lucky to be so famous and so hot
cause very gurl loves them even overseas people like us!

Anonymous said...

wow the fans are really nice~~

Tainted Pure said...

thank you for posting this! im glad you found something related to it. and sorry for the comment last time, cuz i was sorta angry that taiwan is always forgotten ...owell.

Swinger said...

lol.The sentence, " Fans prepared fans might cause alittle confusion."

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