Tuesday, May 20, 2008

[FEATURED] DBSK on German MTV - Guinness Record for Biggest Fanclub

A German MTV show about fanclubs did an episode to reveal which artist/band has the biggest one, and hence DBSK popped into the topic. Sadly, hoever, they did not cover them at all. They were brushed aside is more like it.

Translation of they said about DBSK:

"According to the Guinness book a korean boygroup named Dong Bang Shin Ki has the biggest fanclub but since nobody knows them here, we continue.. (with the program..)"
thanks to Elina88xxx

Its too bad they didn't cover them, although I understand that not as many Germans would know about an Asian band. I did hear though that many German DBSK fans wrote in to complain about the offense, because the commentator mentioned them in a very ignorant and offensive tone.

According to SweetLionors , the literal translation is :
"...but because no pig/swine knows them (dbsk) here, we can just go on..."
-in german it's a really depreciative way of talking, just like an insult

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Minchen said...

omg that's a shame!
i just found this article by chance and I'm really shocked! O_o
I'm German and I know and LOVE DBSK!!!
And I know that there lots of fans here in Germany...even there may not be as much as in Asia...
But I'm really sad and angry that German MTV was airing this in such an arrogant way! T_T (I mean there's a reason why Cassiopeia is the largest fan club!!!)
So please don't think bad of us-here are DBSK fans too-and if I had one wish...it would be: DBSK coming to Germany and perform for the German fans ^_^

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