Tuesday, March 24, 2009

[News] TVXQ’s First Challenge in Fashion Model

Dong Bang Shin Ki on March 22nd, were spotted attending a preparation for fashion model “The 8th Japan from Tokyo Fashion Week (JFW)“ that will be held on March 23rd in Tokyo sponsored by Sports Hochi and Nippon TV, under AVEX group.

Being all dressed in black costumes, TVXQ members demonstrated their skills in walking gracefully on catwalk and audiences who filled the venue were so pleased to see them.

Not only modelling, TVXQ also sang one of the songs from their March 25th-released album “The Secret Code” and also becomes main theme of Subaru the movie, “Bolero”.

To the audiences of the show, TVXQ leader U-Know Yunho said, “Ever since it’s our first challenge in fashion model, we’re so nervous.” and his fellow member Choikang Changmin added, “As for our album, you can feel the more mature feeling of Dong Bang Shin Ki.” he stated, in confidence.

source: source: Union News
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