Monday, March 16, 2009

[TRANS] What’s In April "The Secret Code of Tohoshinki

What’s In April ~ ” The Secret Code of Tohoshinki “

Junsu: Secret is uncontrived, there naturally. The secret which comes for a good purpose, not bad one.
Jaejoong: When you know about other people’s secret then you have to keep it, but I often take other people’s secret as our secret code, and somehow it’s can quickly uncovered.

Changmin: Everyone has their own secret, they have to keep it to make it right.

Yoochun: You want to take care somebody.. that makes a secret, there’s bad intention… that’s a secret.. this world itself exists because secrets.

Yunho: To tell it right, a secret is not a negative thing, it’s just a matter of surprise. I like to make surprise gift for others in their birthday, anniversary, etc.

source: What’s In + MR.TVXQ
trans: XiahKing + sharingyoochun@wordpress
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-cryst- said...

OMG! wad happen to yoochun hair again??? o.O

miki_chunnielover said...

dbsk look fat here..

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