Wednesday, January 31, 2007

TVXQ Joins Tokyo Disney Concert

29 January 2007

TVXQ Joins Tokyo Disney Concert

The five-man band TVXQ has given a performance at the Tokyo Disney Sea in Japan, along with popular Japanese band TRF.

Japan’s Sankkei Sports Daily said Tuesday that the two top bands from Korea and Japan participated in a live concert held at the Disney on Monday.

According to the paper, the concert was organized to celebrate the release of the album “Club Disney 2007,” in which the two groups sang a song. In the concert, they performed “All of Your Life” with famous Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

TRF’s DJ KOO said, “At night, the Disney Sea was like a big disco club. I was very happy to see everyone there enjoying themselves.”

The event continued through Tuesday.

Source: KBS World Radio
Credits: unPrediCtaBLe*mE @ AF

Hope we can watch the official performances soon. Meanwhile, let's just be satisfied with the Fancam (of Yunho I think..) courtesy of yoonhochu@youtube.

Click HERE to download TVXQ's version of "A Whole New World"


I've reuploaded a clearer CD ripped version of the song. Its the new link that's up now. Sorry for the trouble.. Enjoy the clearer version!

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