Friday, May 08, 2009

[POLL] Battle of Pop - Boys vs Girls

Yes, ChannelV is holding, yet another, poll that has DBSK in it. This time it's boys vs girls!! You can see the poll by clicking -->here<-- This time it involves some American musical artists too!!

Note from Kousei (Raven): Yeah... sorry, really really short, not much info, but I'm tired. I think they got smart about who they put on the side with DBSK. Super Junior is on the opposite side and there is no Big Bang in this one. Sad, I was looking forward to a better set up with DBSK, Super Junior, and Big Bang all on one side. Hopefully this doesn't cause a ton of drama, like the last poll did. Anyhow I'll probably read up on thi s when I wake up and edit this post with more info so you can all read what's happening. Please be paitient until then!!


nanito_uknow said...

omo! tvxq is soo far away from suju~!
hrm, tell me how to vote this?
thanx in advanced~!^^
if there's anything please email me

Anonymous said...

UMLOL. Yet another poll, eh?
BOYS vs. GIRLS. Hmm..
I don't like it. o-o
I shall vote for DBSK then.


Anonymous said...

Which website to log in and vote for them? Pls advise, i want to support TVXQ!

jaejoong oppa said...
in this website you will vote..just click the pic of tohoshinki and click the vote pic below the video of dbsk-survivor ..geh gud luck
in this website you will register at the top right side corner..

Niikura-sama said...

I just voted!!! YEAH!!!! XD

Anonymous said...

I think it is gonna end with

rajawali said...


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