Friday, May 15, 2009

[BLOG] Zoom In Super MC’s – Oguma Mika’s Blog - Attending TSC Tour

On May 9th, I went to see Tohoshinki’s concert ^^

Usually they always show a light and open persoalities when are interviewed and shot in an open air, but at the concert their serious expression and vigorous dance are really perfect!

Mr. Nishi and I were both impressed by Kiss The Baby Sky, it’s a wonderful song, so touching.

Absolutely great 5 and only people.

No matter in recording room or on stage, wherever they are, they just own it. Even I got my strength from them.

All fans were so worried about JUNSU. However, the injury on his leg is getting better now. Junsu himself laughed and said aloud, “It’s all because your support!!!”

They never forget to thank fans for the support they have. For me, this is one of Tohoshinki’s charisma.

In July, they’ll release a new single, everyone please anticipate it!

Thank you for bringing such wonderful 3 hours.

ZOOM IN SUPER will always support Tohoshinki.

Source: Oguma Mika blog
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Sharing credits: TVXQFever

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