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I hope I wont get murdered for taking this out. Internet has been so sucky that I haven't had access to DBSK news in like ages. How deprived I felt. But REJOICE!!! My wish for them has finally come true. Yes! The holiday/break I've been wanting them to have and ranting about in many of my posts has been granted. CHEER! HIP HIP HURRAY! I feel so happy for them. They so deserve it after all their hard work and great achievements this year. YAY!

Anyway, here's a translation of the article i took from AF.

TVXQ who had won 4 Daesang at Various Korea Music Awards during the year end of 2006, will be resting from 1st of January to 20th of January. They will be having complete rest during that period. This is to encourage them to have more achievements in 2007 where they will be targeting the Japan's Music industry. TVXQ leader; U-Know Yoon Ho wishes that he will be able to spend some time with his family members in his birthplace, Gwangju in 2007; whereas the other members also wishes to be able to have some free time with their own friends and family. TVXQ'S Agent, SM Ent expressed: "TVXQ had been receiving quite a number of awards and attending various events since they had debut in 2003. As they had quite been busy during the past year, We thought to allow them to have some rest and spend times with their friends." On the other hand, TVXQ will be heading to Japan at the start of 2007. TVXQ will be filming some Japan CFs in 2007 and will be in Japan from the mid-of-January.

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I'm really glad they get a break!! This kind of reminds me of their "Vacation" movie too. ^^

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