Friday, January 12, 2007

Holiday Cut Short!

TVXQ Short Vacation will be ending soon where they will be heading to Japan the day after tomorrow. They will be having a series of promotional activities in Japan and will only be flying back to Korea on the month of Fenruary for their 2nd Asia 'O' Concert. In other words, it meant that their 20 days vacation had been reduced. Despite that, TVXQ members had spent much time with their friends and family during this short yet beautiful vacation. Credits to: Translation: love*knots @

The vacation of the boys are cut short to practically half and on Jan 11,they are flyingover to Japan for promo works.It seems like the boys are having an enjoyable holiday,spending time with their loved ones.Few days back, Micky went Skiing with his brother, Ricky and along with some friends! The cutest thing is that Micky even brought along his own Snowboard!

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