Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Crossword Puzzle of DBSK Songs

Okay.. This is really my first attempt at making one. So do forgive the lame clues, etc. Its a Crossword Puzzle of DBSK songs. Think you know their songs well enough? Haha.. Click HERE for the image file. (If you want an excel file to fill in, click HERE to download.) Leave a comment with an email address if you want me to send you the answer. But I think its simple enough. Other than that, enjoy! (Hopefully..hehe..)

Oh yeah, one more VERY IMPORTANT thing. I don't mind if you take this out cos DBSKing is about sharing. But please do credit DBSKer if you're taking it out. Took me a very long time to get this done. Thanks so much.

A small preview on the crossword puzzle


Shu Chyi said...

hi i tried doing this puzzle but there are two number 9 across boxes. maybe it's a mistake? i can do almost all except for the across question 3 and 10! GRRR!!! trying my best here haha. thanks for the puzzle! ^^

Anonymous said...

so I started doing your puzzle and I too noticed that there are two number nine... is it some sort of typo? Also I've gone through all my versions of O and can't find any acapella track. i've pretty much finished it besides the two nines and ten. Still thanks for the making this it was lots of fun to figure out! :D!

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