Thursday, March 15, 2007

Choosey Lover DVD - "Chocolatier Tohoshinki"

As some of you may know, a version of the Choosey Lover Single comes with a DVD. I for one was pretty curious as to the contents of the DVD. Thanks to some dedicated DBSK fans, we have those clips for viewing. TADA!! Its actually a clip of TVXQ baking! Chocolate truffles and cookies. But knowing the boys, those cookies and truffles couldn't possible be your average typed ones. Cringe when you see what ingredients they add to it and who gets to eat the disgusting truffle in the end.

The videos have even been subbed for those of us who don't understand Japanese. Did I tell you guys how much I love the dedicated fans of DBSK? Yeah, well some of us may be pretty insane in our love for them, but it follows with a degree of dedication that never ceases to amaze me. So I'm embedding the video here for your viewing and credits goes to the wonderful BADSTAR for her effort. ENJOY!

Chocolatier Tohoshinki
1/2 of Part 1

2/2 of Part 1

Part 2

Translation: eimii
Subbing: badstar

To download these videos, you can head over to Badstar's Clubbox. For those who can't use clubbox, I'll be posting some alternative links soon at the download post. Hopefully that will help. Note though that these are purely for personal use. Let's not get Badstar, DBSKer or yourself into trouble ya? Enjoy...


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