Friday, March 09, 2007

Choosey Lover Single Download

Its out! Download the Choosey Lover Single complete with pictures with the link below.


Or.. Head over to the download post to download the two tracks individually.



Anonymous said...

Hi... I tried your link to download the single, but I couldn't get to it... can you help me? or can you upload it somewhere else that i won't need to register to get to it?


DBSKer said...

Actually its filefront that has deleted my upload that's why u can't access/download. I'm re-upping the file and will change the link asap. But in the meantime u can go to the download post and download the tracks individually from my 4shared folder.

Anonymous said...

I can get to it now!! Thanks so, so, so, soooo much!!

I forgot to tell you last time how much I like your site. It's so hard to find so much DBSK stuff gathered in one spot unless it's a forum or something similar. I really really appreciate it!!

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