Wednesday, March 14, 2007

DBSK Dance Competition (Sg Wang, Malaysia)

A DBSK Dance competition was held in Sg Wang, Malaysia on the 11th March 2007. Many groups were pretty good and entertaining to watch. But the most interesting observation is the fact that there were many male groups among the girl and mixed groups. Maybe its just me, but I find is amusing to know that many guys have actually took so much time to observe DBSK's "O" Jung.Ban.Hap moves and learn them. There were pretty good imitations and some added their own moves here and there for some spice and originality in their performance. Its a shame that I didn't attend the event personally. But here are two of my favourite performances together with links of other performances. Enjoy!

WINNERS of the Cash Prize. (2nd Group in this clip)

Consolation Prize Winners (from Johor)

Balloons (with Ballet moves)

Other Links
Winners (Another Angle)
Group from Johor (Another Angle)
Mixed Group (Consolation Winner) (Balloons + "O") Breakdancing
Girl Group (Get Me Some)
Girl Group (Balloons + "O" + Phantom) - youngest member is only 12 years old!
Girl Group (Get Me Some + "O" + You're My Miracle)
Guy Group ("O")
Girl Group (Balloons + "O") - Bunny Suits!
Guy Group ("O") - 1st Group to perform (for some reason you can hear laughter when the "Jaejoong" starts his part)
Mixed Group? ("O") - Hip Hoppers as the description states.

To wrap up. Here's the Banner at Sg Wang that day signifying the event.

Oh..One more thing.. I have no idea why they had purple balloons that day. I always thought red was the colour for DBSK. Anyone care to enlighten me?

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Sierra said...

I can't believe it... this time last year... almost no one knew about TVXQ!!! Now... they're all over ^^ Our boys sure are hot stuff now.

Guys dancing? I can't believe that TVXQ actually has hardcore guy fans ^^ Or are they just interested in TVXQ cos they wanna learn dance steps?

Purple balloons... dunno why... maybe they didn't have red... or the purple balloons had no meaning or whatsoever.

DBSKer said...

Yeah..shows that our boys have fascinated even the guys with their dance! WOOT!

Well, truth is, I'm one of those who didnt know about TVXQ myself this time last year. Hehe..


Anonymous said...

good question, now why did the fans bring purple balloons? Maybe they wanted to support Super Junior and DBSK at the same time? what a mystery! and its soo cool to know DBSK has male fans too! XD

Anonymous said...

Wow! They are so gooooddddd at dancing! i really wish I could dance like them.. Maybe TVXQ should try their custom dance too cause sometimes TVXQ's dance looks familiar with their other song.. Well, it really is called 'U-knows dance~'

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