Monday, July 30, 2007

2nd Live Tour Japan - FITB (TV Screening)

LINKS! A TV screening of the Concert. How absolutely wonderful!!

Credits to Kayem7289. She's totally awesome. I'll upload the full video in the Downloads post as soon as I finished downloading. Its kinda slow now that I can't use clubbox. Dumb Streamyx.. I've watched some.. Its really AWESOME!! What are you waiting for??? CLICK!!!

Part One

Part Two


Ladysu said...

Thanks,Kayem7289 and Lynn too!!
I've just watch a bit and i was like O.o --> O_O --> XD XD x3
HaHaHa, the clip is so nice !! Thanx!

kitty said...

thx kayem7289 for everything she has done for us all. she is an amazing girl (i will neva say "was")

RIP kay moon

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