Friday, July 13, 2007

Bag Contents from "S" Magazine

Just a quick post because I need to clear up some pictures from my desktop. I think most of you have seen this, but I'll just post it up for future reference in case someone wants to hunt for them later on. I'll be introducing some new sections in DBSKer and the Archive as soon as I'm back from my exam break. Watch out for them!

Leader Yunho first..




Last but not least, Junsu.. (P/s: He's the only one without an iPod? I think I recall them mentioning that he finally got one after begging the manager or something. *shrug* Its okay dolphinnie.. I don't have an iPod either.. ^_^)

The "S" Magazine also comes with a short interview clip. The English subbed version has been released and can be downloaded at the DOWNLOADS post. There's a really cute Junsu moment in it. Enjoy!



alifya said...

thats no fait changmins got two ipods!!!!

Rainie said...

why does changmin need two ipods? dont they hold like....10,000 songs? He must really love music, lolz

peeyuh said...

What they said. Two iPods? Goodness. Haha. And is Micky's ipod... Pink? o.O

DBSKer said...

Haha! Everyone's so jealous of Minnie's 2 iPods. I think Chunnie's iPod is Red. If you click on the bigger picture its Red. Hehe..

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Changmin has 2 Ipods. He should share w/ Xiah since he doesn't have one. I love Yunho's and Changmin's phones though...I want one:(...hehehehehe

Anonymous said...

Why does Xiah's photo got something highlighted? What does it mean?

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