Friday, July 06, 2007

Summer Dream MV

ITS OUT!! GOSH.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS MV!!! Theme? Hot sweaty sexy DBSK strutting their moves and goofing around under the sun. I'm telling you, this TOTALLy makes up for the lousy MV that Lovin' You was. AHH!!! Firstly, screenshots! But seriously, these shots do no justice to the MV itself. My only complaint? What's with wearing jackets in the summer? Sleevelessness should be the way to go!


Oh Micky, you're so fine, you blow my mind, Hey Micky!

Guess who? Changminnie flashing some skin.


Beautiful Okinawa.. (I think that's where its shot..)

Click HERE for some gifs!

Now for the full MV!



Anonymous said...

haha i just watched this vid
it looked like so much fun
i wish i was there*cries*
thank you for the download
cant wait for the whole single to be out!!

@pril said...

cool the part where they do the breakdancing.and the moves near the ending of the song jz cracks me up..haha...definitely a mv to watch wen i need a boost to lift up my mood

Anonymous said...

thaks lynn!!!

Wahhhhhhhhhh love this MV some much a "to marsh away better" then loving you MV ^__^ the dance and also the dorky's on the end its totaly DBSK's.... ^______^

Thanks for posting this
I really love it.


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