Friday, July 27, 2007

DBSK showing their balancing acts

Just wanna share with you guys a funny clip which shows DBSK doing some balancing act...Pay particular attention when naughty Jaejoong pokes at yoochun's ass and the starting of junsu's balancing act. Not forgetting Leader Yunho who never fails to live up to the expectations...(applauds).


DBSKer said...

Girl, you made me wanna roll my eyes at your last comment! ^_^ Hahaha... I'm still loading the clip but I guess Yunho made you proud.. Aww.. HUGGLES!!


Anonymous said...

hehe.. thanx for sharing this here... hehe... Yunho's juzt pure <3
and i like how changmin rush over to jaejoong to chuckle @ junsu.. changmin's mite b d youngest but i think he's happy @ not being d 'target' of tease by d other members... hehe.. coz junsu's d 'it' hehehe
DBSK hwaiting!

Tempest Eru said...

the vid is gone... can anyone uploaded it on YT again? thanks :)

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