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Okay.. So this isn't exactly DBSK related nor am I sure how many of you out there that knew Kayem7289 that purported to pass away on December 2nd, 2007. Just an interesting read to those of you who knows or came in contact with her..

Here's are links that work. With people leaving RIP messages, I guess most of you don't know yet that KAYEM is actually a FAKE person created by a GUY. Read more in the link.

Boajjang Forum Link
BWW2 Forums Link

Honestly, I'm a little taken aback having dealt with 'her' personally in some projects. Shocked and astounded would be rather good words too..


Dottie said...

I think losing a loved one, friend or acquaintance is never easy. Knowing that a person you have spoken, touched and loved will never be there again is often beyond any reasoning and comprehension. I have never dealt with her directly/personally but I'm sure she will be missed dearly.

Anonymous said...

T__T it so sad to hear bout it.
I kinda know her coz im one of youtube subscribers of her account.

hmm... & kinda heard bout it from the lj user or mayb other forum but not quite sure coz i dunno her in real life & never contact her directly.

T__T yup kinda shocked also when heard the news last time & now even confirmed by u. hmmm... if u dun mind, may i know wat happened to her? For ur info, i always online & check the update of this blog from time to time. i'll really appreciate if u kindly enough reply me. kamsahamnida & The link is not workin for me. Anyway thx for ur hardwork for organizing tiz blog.

Becky Lee said...

I subscribed to her in youtube too. And the link is not working. What happenend to her?

nickynisa said...

i'm in boajjang and i often visited her thread in boajjang.. i also subcribed to her in youtube.. it was sad.. i didn't know her personally but she contributued alot.. rip kay..

Lili said...

i saw her a lot on soompi and in boajjang... but wow, i had no idea about this. bone cancer? at such a young age... and a rare form, too. she will indeed be greatly missed.

Sher-Li said...

People, Kayem7289 is fake. "She" is actually Kongo89, a guy.

Quote from Kongo89 in Boajjang:
Well, yeah, of course "her" personality and things she wrote came from my mind and my train of thought.
The sarcasm, the anger, the wit, the willingness to share, etc. "Kay" was her own "person" as well because I admittedly did spend a lot of time constructing this person. What she liked to eat, what she did in her free-time, what kind of boys she liked, what kind of music she listened to, what jobs she had, what she liked to watch, etc. Overall, it was more of an experiment that involved a well developed character so that she could easily be accepted into the community. I am not directly writing out my remorse and regret about ever compiling this story because it's not necessary. Would a, "I'm sorry you guys...I'm sorry I deceived you all and caused such excruciating pain just because I couldn't own up to my actions" make the situation better. I'm sure that if I were to write out any kind of apology, I'd be accused of feigning such emotions and remorse, so why bother? This person, she was there every step of the way and I would tell her everything going on in "Kay's" life...I'd tell her about how things were getting too hectic and that I needed a quick way out, and she would vehemently disagree with my tactics, but she also knew that it was the only way to "get out" of the Kayem7289 spotlight. She is young, she is naive, but she is also brutally honest. Although, once again, I'm sure that if anyone got the chance to talk to her, they'd accuse me of coaching her and telling her what to say.

It was a bittersweet test. In some ways, I was relieved that no one figured out sooner, but in another, I was patiently waiting for the investigations to arise. I know what resources are out there, and I knew that the community wouldn't let someone so big go away just like that. I know that my experiment was a failed success.

Anonymous said...

O_O so kayem is actually a fake & is a guy. ^O^ its such a relief tat "she" isnt actually "gone" away. anyway, "she" contributes so much even though "she"'s actually a fake. so tonnes of thanks to "her".

Diana said...

More info about this "Kay":

nickynisa said...

she's total fake..
i'm so mad..
i juz knew about this..
i read the thread in boajjang..
why such person exist in this world???
what a shame..

ps: pls delete my previous comment since i'm not aware about this at that time..

Lili said...

O_o wow, what a turn of events. I wonder why he would go through all that trouble creating a character to close to him instead of just giving out his "true" identity...
but in a way, it teaches us all a lesson about who to trust (the internet certainly isn't the best place).
very interesting change, and i'm glad "kay" isn't an actual person who died. (of course, if this is just another setup and kay was real, then that's different). it's really amazing how well the guy kept kay's identity secret, as well as how long he was able to keep up with the false identity. i'm glad he admitted the truth, though - i think i learned another lesson from him: appreciate people and show your appreciation to them while they're still around.
sher-li, thanks for sharing the info!
DBSKer, thanks for posting the original topic - i didn't realize "kay" had been such a large part of the dbsk community and hearing about her "death" made me go and look up a lot of stuff about her.

JustUNuSUal said...

Ooh wow. Yeah the Boajjang link doesn't work for me either >.<

Well, I think we just gotta thank the guy for like, further ruining the trust in the forums. Trust that the person you're PM-ing or subscribing to is a real person, who appears in real life however they present themselves online. I know i know - that's naive - but I'm sure there were others who felt the same way, and I think we'll be that bit more cynical now.

On the other hand, to have kept up with all this for however long Kay was a TVXQ fangirl. That guy's got brains, and guts *sigh*

Erm. Does that mean he likes TVXQ? Cuz if he didn't, wouldn't it be such a chore to keep updates and post so regularly about them?

This sounds like a split personality thing -.-

Saella said...

gosh, i'd also dealt with "Kay" a couple of times, and she was such a huge part of the online DBSK community. i was upset when i first found out she'd "passed away"...

for what it's worth, though, the character was a real person to me. If i remember correctly, there was even a youtube tribute to Kay purportedly made by her "sister"... wonder if he did that too?

he shouldn't view it as a failed experiment. she was a real person to a lot of ppl, and ppl don't question it when you say that you're so ill that you're going to have to leave. it's generally too serious to joke around with.

i wish he didn't have to make Kay go away. i wish that she could have stayed and continued contributing to the DBSK community.

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