Friday, April 04, 2008

Beautiful You PV

You can download it HERE now for the moment. Its a MQ file but I'l add a HQ one as soon as it is up. Enjoy..

Also.. an audio file ripped from the HQ PV
Download HERE



:)김신해❤김재중(: said...

im srry but i dun understand this megaupload thingy things..
need help here~~

Anonymous said...

Lynn...... san

I can watch the MV... I so excited love you. love you love you

Thanks a million


Anonymous said...

love this song~~~

Anonymous said...

OMG ! i cant believe im suddenly attracted to yunho .esp the part where he stared in to the mirror .He looks so handsome ! his long hairstyle oso looks cool .wow ! >.<

Changmin 's singing totally rox !!!I juz love his singing ...(: his hairstyle looks cool too least no more that curly style like in T album .his style now kinda reminds me of Yoochun hairstyle in T .haha ^_^


Anonymous said...

i think i can see yunho's man boobs here... lol...

J00NGiE4eva said...

I'm very sorry to bother you, but um... somehow Megaupload is like not working for me
It used to. but like now, When i open the page, it's like enter the code thingy, right? but before i can enter it, it disappears... O_O
so i try to like memorize it and then type it in even if it disappears. But when i get to the actual download page, you know how it says "wait __ seconds right" It would start but then that would disappear. So in the end i can't download anything because there's nothing to "download" on...
The premium button disappears too...
So if you can help me with my problem, it will be much appreciated.
Thanks so much for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

it is 12:15, i am supposed to be working on my english project (due in 7 hours) but then i found my internet worked (after a week, it was really random) AND WAS LLIKE ZOMGWTF and immediately came here.

and the mv is SO SMEXY. they've grown up (and changmin is a smex god) and its so moving (and changmin is a smex god) and everyone looks AMAZING (and....yeah. ;])

Anonymous said...

i think its okay
but i very like there music video forever love and begin

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