Tuesday, April 01, 2008

DBSK concert-sudden price increase for tickets

‘A few days ago the price tickets for the Shanghai concert suddenly went up catching the fans off guard. The organisation explained that because changes had to be made for the stage, production costs increased resulting in the price change for the tickets. However, the fans don’t understand why the most important – stage design – would change now, just as tickets are about to go on sale.

Fans claim that it appears prices are getting cut, but in reality, they’re ‘stealing’ money.

On the 31st of May, DBSK will be holding their concert in Shanghai. Because of the number of fans, demand for tickets exceeded earlier expectations. Some fans were afraid they could not get desired seats so, in groups, they ordered their tickets and remitted money in hopes of getting seats close to the stage.

Tickets are supposed to be on sale on the 2nd of April. Fans were highly anticipating this day but then an accident occurred. The organisation announced on the 26th of March the price changes which would occur.

[assuming these are in RMB Yuan]

From 1880 -> 1580 { I think this is the most}
1280 -> 980 { ” ” }

180 -> 280 {’proper’ seats ie not close to stage}
380 -> 480
480 -> 680
580 -> 980 [so now these seats are the same price as the ones close to the stage]’

{credit: momoko_izaki @ TVXQ Cassiopeia Club HK; source: 晨報記者高磊; translation: candychu @ let’s all eat candy}


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i went to there official site on iple
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별 said...

Hi! I pressume you're not Korean? You can find a lot of Iple tutorials for Non-Koreans online, particulary in Soompi forums. Just search for the official Iple thread there. Hope that helped.


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