Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Event #1
MC: YooChun, I heard you guys always share underpants, is it true?
YooChun: Yes!
JunSu: Can I answer for him? Actually when we can't find our underpants, we just grab one and use it.
JaeJoong: Especially JunSu and I, not only underwear even toothbrush!

Event #2:
MC: I heard JunSu has a S-Line, did it bother you in some way?
JunSu: Bothers me (Thinking)...No!
JaeJoong: But I do!...Every time I wear JunSu's underpants, it's always so big.
JunSu: Hyung~ so embarrassing... (His face turns red)

Event #3: Once during a fan meeting..
The day before debut, all the members are very nervous, and all of them slept very early.
One hour later..
JaeJoong suddenly screams: Ah! Can't sleep!
A while later YooChun screams too: I really can't sleep!
JunSu too: Yea, I don't know why, I just can't sleep!
ChangMin: True...
SO, an hour passed, the members finally wanted to sleep, but YunHo suddenly screams out: Hurry and go to sleep!
then... he was getting lessons from the other members.

Event #4: Second day, right after the concert.
JaeJoong: So excited.. A lot of people came to day, my middle school English teacher came too...
ChangMing: Really? Hyung must have been excited...So, what does he teach?
JaeJoong: English...

Event #5: TVXQ's first live tour was very successful, the members and their manager decides to go eat BBQ, but JaeJoong is picky on food...
JunSu: Hyung, why don't you like pork tongue?
JaeJoong: Think about it, the tongue is inside the pig's mouth, how dirty would that be!
JunSu: Then what do you like to eat?
JaeJoong: (smiles) Egg...
(Manger and the other four members: lmao-ing)

Event #6: SM's trainees have really hard times, once during a interview show the members flashback to their trainee times...
MC: I heard it was really hard during trainee time right?
YunHo: It was really hard, we sometimes don't eat so we don't gain weight.
YooChun: Our stomach often growl when we sleep..
JunSu: We can't sleep because of the sounds of our stomach.
JaeJoong: Yea, once me and ChangMin was so hungry that we can't sleep, so we went jogging on the streets..
ChangMin: I was so hungry that day it feels so bad, and when me and JaeJoong hyung jog pass by a restaurant, the smell of food passed by our noses. Then JaeJoong hyung asked me: "Do you like it?" I nod. Then Hyung looked at me with sadness in his eyes and said, "Okay, then let's walk by it again."
MC: Then what...
JaeJoong: Then, we stayed there till the restaurant closes.


MC: TVXQ's members are like a family, but what about the times when you guys first met? What was it like?
YunHo: I am the leader, therefore, when everyone gathered, I demand everyone to say "Ours" instead of "My".
MC: Really? It must've been happy right?
YooChun: (Smiles) Yeah.. I remember once JaeJoong hyung took a long time in the showers, YunHo hyung then asked him: "What are you doing in there? You took so long!" Then JaeJoong Hyung said: "I am shaving our beard!"
MC: ...

Event #8: On the radio show.
MC: YooChun, I've heard you have a habit of begging presents from the other members, can you explain that?
JunSu: He's always like that.. He always takes the best ones too!
YooChun: Oh, when it's near my birthday, I always ask for presents from the members, but I don't do that anymore.
JaeJoong: Yeah, he doesn't want presents anymore.
YooChun: Actually...Actually, I wanted for a day you guys would automatically give me a present.
Everyone faints.

Event #9: JaeJoong like to record every moment of TVXQ... And this is one of the scene..
During a hot summer night, the members are in their apartment eating watermelons, then their manager came.
Manager: Can I eat with you guys?
YooChun: Hyung, You the seeds, and leave the melon.

Event #10: Super Junior's HeeChul went to TVXQ's apartment to hang out, right was he was about to go.
JaeJoong: Eat first before you go!
HeeChul: Nah, I have a important thing to do.
JaeJoong: What's got you rushing? it can't be more important than dinner.
HeeChul: Dinner!

Event #11:
MC: Saw our photo album from last year, everyone changed so much.
YunHo: Yeah, everyone is slowly changing, but ChangMin is growing fast.
ChangMin: Really? I grew more mature?
YunHo: Not that, but you did grow taller!
ChangMin: ...

Credits: RaRachan @ imeem


Anonymous said...

R all these true ?wa ...they realli r so funny :-p I had a great time laughing at their cuteness :)
It makes me sad to think how tough their training days were .I can't imagine changmin & jaejoong sitting outside a restaurant to smell the food muz realli hv been very difficult for all of them :/

TVXQ fighting !!! stay happy >.<


Anonymous said...

to me
it seems that dbsk is such a fun group to be friends with!

Anonymous said...

lolzz its soo funny~~

but yea the trainee days must have been tough....T^T *sobs*

Anonymous said...

gosh this is so dork and funny
love them when they are in dork mode

Thanks Lynn


Anonymous said...

haha...they really cute! thanks, @pril~~~

Anonymous said...

kyaa~~ so cute xDD are those true? ^^ hehe

Hero's Heroine said...

they're all so cute!!

Anonymous said...

a bunch of cute guys...
maintain good friendship is importance...

Anonymous said...

Why cant they eat during their training days?

Anonymous said...

haha.. how did u find out on these?? they mentioned it on tv prog??

Anonymous said...

5, 7 and 11 are so funny.

Anonymous said...

what an adorkable bunch! u think u couldn't, and then you fall even more in love with them lol <3
the jaemin ones had me rofl and it's 12:06 AM so i have to be quiet ><

Cristy said...

Events #1, 5, 6, and 9 are my favorite. XD

Anonymous said...

lol ^_^ dbsk has too much cuteness!!

Anonymous said...

i dunno whether the info is true or not but i still find it relaly amusin n sweet.

JJ was jsut damn funny "eggs" haha. JJ eggs are worse than tongue! he is such a cute dork. aww when they were talkin abt JaeMin jog, i felt soo bad for them. poor thing, usually only girls do that, cant belive SM even made boys do it. i could soo picture JaeMin standin infront of that restaurant nearly in tears >< im happy that that all those hard times are over..n its time for our boys to shine! "shave our beard" hahah JJ is jsut too adorable ^^

Anonymous said...

omg can't stop laughing xDDDD

"egg" LMAO ~

omg they're really funny xDD

thanks for sharing ^_^

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