Thursday, June 12, 2008

[NEWS] 080612 Yoochun declined expensive gifts

Micky Yoochun (22) of Dong Bang Shin Ki received a thousand of camera equipment for his birthday gifts from his fans. But he denied/refused the offer.

A month ago, fans took out some money as birthday gift for Micky Yoochun but this news makes burden to Yoochun. "All gifts are expensive so please forfeit it." he said. [T/N: I think theyre taking out
some money is buying an expensive gifts]

Now, instead of expensive gifts, Micky Yoochun's fans decided to make a birthday party. A 4-day birthday part, but DBSK stayed in Japan during Micky's birthday until their Dream Concert in Jamshil Stadium in Seoul last June 7th. They decided to do the celebration on that particular event.

Fans set alot of foods, drinks, fruit cakes and rice cakes as a birthday gift. Include a 200 sticker photos of Micky Yoochun's dog that pasted on the field staffs and officials. All other expensive gives are sent back,

Last February, TVXQ's Jung Yunho received digital cameras, laptop, keyboard instument which are all expensives, but Yunho also refused so the fans decided to donate the gifts as social welfare activities.

On SM Entertainment, Micky Yoochun officialy said, "It mostly our young fans. The amount is too much. TVXQ's new album will coming out this coming August. "We will give a greatest gifts to our fans, so please listen to it."

source: joongang korea
translation credits: ichigo
source finder: ichigo


Anonymous said...

in august?
there new release?
my bday's in august
bit it depends on which day

Lili said...

aww yoochun's really sweet (yunho, too ^^)
the DB boys are really amazing in light of everything that's happened lately

thanks for sharing~!

Milli said...

yay!! ^^ Awww
Dbsk are so sweet =)
It's good to see you back, by the way ^^ I love your site so much =D

Anonymous said...


micky micky ur sooo sweet~~~

you just make me love you even more!!!!
dbsk have such warm hearts....<3

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